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Who can practice sexual transmutation?

Sexual transmutation, sexual magic, or white tantra, is a very sacred and holy act, and therefore it is not something to be taken lightly. Those who wish to enter into this practice should feel that they are ready to enter into a pact with God. This is a permanent resolution to never again fornicate, never reach orgasm, never spill a drop of semen, not just for a month or a year, but forever.

The full and complete work of sexual magic can only take place between a man and woman in a serious, committed, and loving relationship. This may mean you are married according to the laws of your locale, but not necessarily. Really, the true sacrament of holy matrimony is the sexual act itself, because this is how one actually becomes married to the other. Karmic relationships are created and sustained through sexual relations, thus it is stated:

"Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." - Genesis 2:24

With all of this in mind, anyone who is able and willing can begin practicing sexual magic.

Single people who wish to begin sexual magic must first cease all forms of sexual misconduct (fornication), renounce the orgasm, and begin purifying their hearts and minds through the methods of psychological annihilation and sexual transmutation, such as through pranayama, runes, rites, and other methods. These aspirants must wait patiently until their karma provides them with a partner. The student must wait until he or she has found someone to love. Sexual magic is useless if the man and woman do not love each other.

At What Age Can One Begin Sexual Magic?

It is also important that the physical body has reached the appropriate stage of development.

In our development between fourteen and twenty-one years of age, we pass under the influence of Venus. It is stated that this is the age of falling in love. Men and women begin to experience sexual restlessness, because the sexual glands become activated. The third testicular zone in the male develops and produces sperm, but the latter are still not sufficiently mature, because the male who is between fourteen and twenty-one years of age has not completed his process of development. The seed has not concluded its process of development.

Therefore, it is very serious that a seed, which has not finished its natural process of development, enters into the field of sexual commerce. Undoubtedly, sexual intercourse is not advisable for seeds that have not yet completed their development.

It is not proper for a male who is undergoing his second infancy or adolescence to copulate. It is obvious that copulation between seeds that have not completed their development, or in other words, by teenagers or adolescents, undoubtedly, irrefutably, seriously damages their physical and mental health.

These damages, if not felt during youth, are felt during old age. This is how and why it is normal today for a man to begin losing his virility between the ages of forty and fifty years old. Why? Because of the abuse in his adolescence and during his second childhood.

We have already stated that the first childhood is from birth to the age of seven and that the second childhood is between seven and fourteen years of age.

Unfortunately, although it is pitiful to realize it, nowadays many children of twelve and thirteen years of age are already copulating.

For adolescents to have sex is absurd, because they are mere seeds which have not yet completed their development.

Development, in itself and by itself, concludes at the age of twenty-one. That is when adulthood really begins, the “responsible age” as it has already been called. —The Metallic Planets of Alchemy

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