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Learn from the greatest human beings.


The teachings we study here have been safeguarded by the greatest human beings who ever lived. We call them "gnostics," since they taught gnosis: the knowledge of spiritual reality that they acquired through personal experience.

Gnostics: those who embody the highest ethical and spiritual values, such as temperance, diligence, humility, chastity, generosity, etc. and who can at will have personal experience with divinity.

Throughout our entire history, there has been a protected and difficult to acquire knowledge that transforms the average person into an incarnation of divinity. Those who received it had to prove themselves worthy through their ethics and their capacity for sacrifice for others. Thus, those who received this knowledge, and in turn carried forward to the next generations, were the greatest artists, philosophers, musicians, scientists, religious leaders, and more, both men and women, and from every culture and civilization in the world.

The highest, the greatest among them, are those who reached the full and complete development of the human being, and in doing so became divine.

They are:

Resurrected Masters

"All the masters who have resurrected live with their physical bodies for millions of years... Only the initiates who have reached these summits can live and direct the current of life of the centuries. Only here the initiate no longer needs a spouse. The initiate’s physical body remains in Jinn state; this is the gift of Cupid. Nevertheless, the initiate can become visible and tangible in this tridimensional world wherever is necessary, and works in the physical world under the commands of the White Lodge. As a Resurrected Master, the initiate commands the great life, and has power over the fire, air, water, and earth. Yes, all of Nature kneels before them and obeys them." -Samael Aun Weor, The Major Mysteries

Here are a few notable examples of these exemplary people:

Other Important Masters of the Gnostic Tradition

There are too many great human beings to name here, and truthfully, most of the greatest never sought the attention of the public, and so even were we to name them, no one would recognize them. The examples we cite here are but a few of those who you might recognize, who knew and practiced Gnosis, even when it was known by other names, such as Dharma, Torah, Daath, Jnana, Tantra, etc.