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(1866-1949) Writer and mystic who spent his early years searching for esoteric knowledge in Eurasia. In his later life he wrote several influential books and traveled throughout the West teaching what he had learned about consciousness and psychology. Although his teachings and guidance were useful during his era to inspire Westerners to question their spiritual ideas, unfortunately he made several criticial mistakes that many of students have been unwilling to recognize, but that are easilty resolved with wider study of the teachings, especially those of Jesus, Krishna, and Tibetan Buddhists.

"...many have been bottled up in the literature of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, and no longer want to get out of there. Thus, they become more Gurdjieffists than Gurdjieff, as if Gurdjieff was the last word. Listen: Gurdjieff is nothing more than a beginner in these studies. The doctrine of Gurdjieff is incipient, completely incipient; if we stay bottled up in it we will never move forward. Keep in mind that now we are going to give you the Pistis Sophia, and that is where we will realize that Gurdjieff is just kindergarten. So do not get stuck in Gurdjieff. He is good for documentation, but not to stay bottled up there. The Gnostic teachings are greater! We are going to study the Pistis Sophia which is the entire body of the doctrine of Jesus of Nazareth, just as he delivered it on the Mount of Olives." —Samael Aun Weor