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This lecture follows the previous two which we gave; this is related with physiology or the way in which the energies relate with our physical body, our mind, psyche and spirit. Now, we are going to enter directly or to repeat something a little bit more in detail about the metals. Remember that we said that the metals of the earth, the metallic veins of the earth, its metallic kingdom, are like the nervous system of the planet earth.


In the Hebrew Bible, in the book of Genesis, we read a sentence that states that the spirit of God was moving upon the face of the waters. Of course, the Spirit of God, in Hebrew, is Ruach Elohim. Ruach is also a word for one of the three souls or the types of souls that any person has. We will say that Ruach is the thinking soul according to Kabbalah, because Ruach is the intelligence of the Elohim. This Ruach Elohim or Spirit of God, or Spirit of the Cosmocreators, is precisely the soul or the energy that we were talking about in the other lecture. We stated that the Ain Soph Aur, which is the Solar Absolute, located in the seventh dimension or zero dimension, manifests itself in this three-dimensional world, in this universe, through the metals. That’s why when we said the metallic planets of Alchemy, we are talking about that Ruach Elohim, that fluid, fluidic light, that emerges from the absolute, from the zero-dimension and that manifests in this three-dimensional world, through the metals. As we said in the other lecture, that the copper is a vehicle for the electric fluid as we use it in this day and age for the electric energy.

the fluid of the Logos is related with the seven main metals

We have to understand and comprehend that the fluid of the Logos is related with the seven main metals, because when we talk about the planets we always refer to the law of heptaparaparshinokh, which is the law of seven, the law that organizes. And that reminds me, or brings into my mind, the Book of Revelation; it is stated there that the lamb, which is a symbol of fire, or that fluidic energy, has seven eyes and seven horns. And it is because the Solar Christ or that fluidic energy organizes itself in this solar system, and in any solar system, through the law of seven, which are represented by the seven planets, related with the week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which is of course a wrong organization, because the right organization of the planets is Moon the first, Mercury the second, Venus the third, Sun the fourth, Mars the fifth, Jupiter the sixth, and Saturn the seventh. So here we find the seven metals of the earth, silver for the Moon, quicksilver for Mercury, copper for Venus, gold for the Sun, iron for Mars, tin for Jupiter and lead for Saturn. So these seven metals are, we will say, in the kingdom of metals in any planet, the seven physical vehicles, in order for that fluidic force of the Logos, of that lamb of seven eyes and seven horns, to manifest in our world, in the earth. This is how we understand and comprehend that the Logos in its septuple activity helps the evolution of every single element in the earth.

grand sympathetic nervous system

Of course, when we talk about the metallic planets, we have to understand that our physical organism attracts those vibrations as we were explaining in the previous lecture, here in the physical organism we have to refer to the nervous systems, related to the three brains. Remember that the cerebrospinal nervous system is related with the Father, the grand sympathetic nervous system with the Son, and the parasympathetic with the Holy Spirit. These three nervous systems act through the law of Triamazikamno, or Triamazicamno, the law of three, in order to organize in the physical organism, the metallic planets of alchemy; which are related of course in the physical body with the endocrine glands, with the plexuses, with the chakras of our internal bodies.

Sequentially, we have to mention now the vital body, or the ethereal body, which is the superior aspect of the physical body. When we are tired physically and we go to bed, we leave the physical body, but the vital body never leaves the physical body, always stays there, floating on top of the physical body, and attracting the prana, the Solar energy, through the chakras. You know that we have many chakras related with every gland in the organism, but we always mention seven, because we organize our system through the law of seven, the law that organizes. Here in the internet in this website you can see the chart related with the nervous systems and the glands, how they are influenced in the different glands of the human organism. The chakras are of course wheels that rotate and attract this fluidic energy from the different forces, from the planet, from the solar system, and the universe. The main energy that we take from the atmosphere is the solar energy that the Sun places during the day in the atmosphere. So during the night our vital body attracts or sucks that solar energy through the chakras, through the plexuses, and transmits into the glands. And the glands transform those forces into hormones. And this is how our metabolism works thanks to the influence of the Ruach Elohim. Because when we talk about the metallic planets we have to understand that these seven main Genii, related with the seven planets, transmit their fluidic influences, or Ruach Elohim, through the metals. That’s why it’s always related with what, it was explained in the last lecture, related with the hydrogen. I remind you that hydrogen means hydro, water, and gene; here we can also refer to our genes. Because in the fifth dimension, in the world of Hod, the astral body, we have these chakras which are in direct relation with the vital body, that transform those energies into hormones. Of course, we receive that according to our health, according to our physiology. Here we understand why, in order to enter into initiation, sometimes we point at the necessity of having a very healthy body, the necessity of knowing how to feed ourselves, physically, mentally, psychologically.

Alchemy means transmutation of the forces of God, Allah, chemistry of Allah, of God, because this is a word that comes from the Arabic origins. And of course, it is energy, divided in seven. The Moon for instance, is related with the Thymus gland. And the Thymus gland has the chakra related with the subconsciousness, our particular subconsciousness, and subconsciousness of nature. Remember that it’s stated that the Moon is the mother of the Earth. Then you can relate how, by putting into activity this chakra, one can remember the past; the vibration of the Moon. There are many practices that are being taught in Gnosticism, in order to develop this chakra, it’s called chakra of the lungs, and it’s called of the lungs because the Thymus gland is located precisely between the lungs and behind the heart. Do not mistake and think that the Thymus gland is related with the Anahata chakra. Because many esotericists, they say that the Anahata chakra is related with the Thymus, but in reality the Anahata chakra is related with the heart. And the Thymus gland with that pulmonary chakra related with the past lives. While in this case the heart is related with the blood, with the Sun, and that gives us that power of intuition, premonition or hunches. And the metal of the Sun is gold. So you find here for instance, in one place, the relationship of the Moon and the Sun very close. The Thymus gland and the heart, intimately related.

But of course we have the other planet which is the second one, which is Mercury. Mercury relates directly with the whole brain, and also with the pineal gland. Related with the pineal gland we know that also we have another planet but which goes out of the seven, which is Neptune. But if you find and study the relationship of Neptune with the waters, and Mercury also with the waters, you find the relationship with the brain, the pineal gland, in relation with the sexual forces. That’s why Mercury is related with the science of transmutation, many topics that we are going to talk continuously in different lectures. Mercury of the wise is something that we have to understand. And remember that Mercury is called in Greek terms or Greek words Hermes, and from that word comes hermetic, related with the mind. And it is stated that Hermes in Egypt was called Hermes Trismegistus, the God Ibis of Thoth, which of course was a great master that relates with the mind, with the brain, pineal gland. There in the head of course we have a lot of senses. But related with the pineal gland we have the polyvoyance, or what the master, or esotericism, call the Eye of Dangma, which is polyvison, the power of seeing within the akashic records. We can study the study of the Earth, the history of the Earth, the solar system, even the universe, with the Eye of Dangma.

There, in the Thyroid gland, we find Venus, related with the copper metal. The Thyroid gland, and the parathyroid gland, they are the two glands that are together. One is influenced by Venus and the other by Mars. Then you find the relationship here with this chakra of clairaudience which is also related with the power of the Word; Iron and copper, Thyroid and Parathyroid glands. So, the power of the Word is related with Mars, Samael. Here it’s good to remember the seven Genii, related with the seven planets; from the Moon to Saturn: Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, Samael, Zachariel and Orifiel. Samael, the fifth, is the Logos, the lamb; the fifth horn and fifth eye of the lamb. Here you have to understand why in the Book of Revelation, the lamb has seven horns and seven eyes, because really, all of them seven are that which is called Ruach Elohim, because Elohim means Gods and Goddesses. In this case, when we talk about the Ruach Elohim in relation with cosmocreation and with us, we have to understand that we are talking about the seven Genii, the seven Logos that organize. Because in any solar system, you find many Elohim, Gods and Goddesses, many Cosmocreators, because we have to understand that in Gnosticism, we affirm that our Solar system has twelve planets, the Sun being the thirteenth, in the center. And every planet has its own cosmocreator. But related to the law of seven we only talk about seven. That’s why in ancient times the wise men, the sages, were talking about seven. Not because they didn’t know about the other five, but because they were talking about the Human being, the Solar Man. And when we talk about that we talk about only seven. So the ancient people knew about all of the planets of the solar system, and more. So that’s why the lamb, or the Book of Revelation talks about seven horns, seven rays, or seven fluidic forces that work through the metals of the earth and any planet in the solar system, even the Sun.


This is how the forces are organized, because every planet has its own metallic kingdom. And the fluidic solar force of this Logos or seven genii, are everywhere in the solar system. That’s why we said: What is iron? It’s the Ruach Elohim of Samael evolving in the mineral kingdom of the earth and any planet of this solar system. But here when we work in the self-realization of the being, and we start transmuting the sexual force, then Samael works in different places of course; because they are one. As we said, the holy trinity, three in one, we can say the holy septuple unity, because they are one. I repeat, this is why, in the Book of Revelation the lamb is represented with seven horns and seven eyes, because it’s one entity that organizes. Christ, Avalokiteshvara, or whatever name we want to give it, to that fluidic energy that is always sacrificing itself for matter. For the power of the word is Samael, that’s why it says that when you acquire that you rule the multitudes with the rod of iron. Iron as it’s written in the Book of Revelation, because iron is Samael. And from his mouth protrudes a sword. In English it’s beautiful to associate this, because if you take the S which is the symbol of the serpent, the fire, out of the word sword, you find the word Word. So that sword that protrudes from the mouth of the fifth of the seven is the word that hurts the multitudes, in the way that it’s teaching the truth and telling everybody that we are demons, but that we can transform our seven demons and make a God of them. But it’s not easy of course. That’s precisely the Alchemy, transmutation, of the lower metals into higher metals, especially in gold, which is the symbol of the Sun. That’s Alchemy. This is how you understand now that the Alchemists hide that, and people think that when they were talking about metals they were talking about the vulgar metals that are here and that people take from the mines in order to make business. Of course, in the veins of the earth they are like the nervous system for the earth. And that’s why we can utilise those metals in order to attract the forces. That’s why the master said that the best magnetic pentagram that you can elaborate is with the seven metals; because the seven metals are the vehicles for the seven fluidic forces of the Ruach Elohim. And this is how you understand how we develop this clairaudience and power of the tongue. This is how Christ made the deaf to hear, because here is the magic ear in the Thyroid gland. When you transmute the energy you then start hearing and understanding the knowledge; however, if you are mute, dumb, you can also talk after that. Christ gives the power. That’s why he says; if somebody asks you anything; don’t think, just talk; the Holy Spirit will talk for you. But that is a fluidic energy; it’s not about believing in anything, it’s just Alchemy.

Sequentially, we find the Sun, which of course in our organism is related with the heart with its intuition, with the atom Nous that organizes the whole transmutation. That’s why we said that the master talks in one of his books that the seven Genii are in the Sun, in the center of the Sun. Well, the seven Genii are also in the center of the Earth, in the center of Mars, in Venus, in any planet of the solar system. Because they are Ruach Elohim, do not think of Elohim like a person, but a fluidic force; Ruach, intelligence.

Following, we find the planet Jupiter. Always we refer to the pituitary gland that gives us clairvoyance. Jupiter, Zeus, the king of the Gods. Here we find again Christ, as a symbol. You can name Christ in any of the seven, and then you find the meaning of it. So Jupiter of course, is related with the Inner Christ. Clairvoyance is the way in which Ajna, the chakra of clairvoyance, capture the light and color waves, not only of this three-dimensional world, but the fourth dimension, fifth dimension, sixth dimension and seventh dimension. Because with our eyes here in this physical world we only capture the waves of this physical plane, some of them; I said some of them, because they are color, and light waves that can be captured by television, but we can not see them here, unless we have a television. And the television will help us to see those waves. So they are of course passing here in this very moment, but we don’t see them. We also, in this very moment, we have the waves of sound from radio, even the Internet. But can you see those waves here? You can not deny that those waves exist because we have the computer that proves that they exist, television and many other devices. So how many waves, how many waves of sound, color, light we don’t perceive? Many!

So as long we are creating, inventing instruments that allows us to see those waves, the only thing that we just say is I don’t believe or I believe. The main thing is to develop our inner senses in order to see them, without any help of any instrument.

And finally, we have the last one, Saturn. The Ancient of Days is called Saturn, related with Saturday, the day in which we are right now. Sabbath it’s called by the Hebrews, holy Sabbath. But the Romans and Greeks call it Saturnalia. You know that, holy Saturnalia. This is something you have to understand that Saturday is really related with esotericism. Its color is black, lead its metal. Related with the human organism we find that Saturn is related with the spleen. But here, in this area, the spleen you know is the gland or the organ that transforms the solar light that the vital body takes from the atmosphere into red cells. They are how that fluidic force passes into the nervous system, and you find the relationship of the spleen with the kidneys. And the kidneys, above the kidneys we have the suprarenals. When the suprarenals are influenced by Saturn, what happens with the suprarenal glands above the kidneys, the suprarenal glands? So there you find that fluidic force that is called adrenalin. Do you know what the adrenalin is related with? When you are for instance afraid of something, your adrenalin is being emitted by the suprarenal glands. And any animal can smell that, that’s why it’s said that any animal can smell fear. But what the animal smells is that adrenalin from the glands. Then you find the relationship of course with Saturn, is death. Many people are afraid of death, of being killed. When you are acting, or your glands are hyperactive in that way, then Saturn which is concrete related with the earth, crystallise that vibration into what we called in the kidneys, kidney stones. So that’s why, in the book of medicine, the master says if you want to get rid of those problems with the kidney stones you have to meditate in fear, anxiety, and many other of those egos that we have in that area that creates those stones in the kidneys. But it’s Saturn the one that is doing it, you know. Meaning that Karma, cause and effect.

Saturn is always related with great ceremonial practices. It’s coming into my mind now something very good for all of you, that I precisely wrote. The master talks about in one of his books, the Revolution of the Dialectic, about the sacred pools of ancient temples, the temples of mysteries, that in this day and age they have become pools for swimmers. But if you go into the different religions of the past you find that they were having always ceremonial pools, rituals, that is still in this day and age the only ones that I know, that are practicing this, are the Jews, related with the Mikvah. The Mikvah is a pool that was taught of course in the past by the initiates, or in Kabbalah; a pool that had the shape of a Vav, the letter Vav or Vau. The letter Vav or Vau of Hebrew is like a little comma projected down. That’s the letter Vav. It is a Iod, they say, projected down; symbol of the human being; Vav, or Vau, the number six, related with sexuality. What in reality ancient people, Kabbalists were teaching to humanity, is related with Saturn; because you go to the Mikvah in Saturday, and practice a ceremonial, a Kabbalistic ceremonial, that many of Kabbalists in this day and age ignore their meaning. Or they interpret that in the wrong way. We can say that this is a Mikvah Minit, the latter is a Hebrew word which means sexual. A sexual bath in other words. A kind of symbol related to the baptism in other religions. You know that when you go and you baptise yourself you always do it with the water. Submerge yourself in water or pour water into your body, in order for you to receive the forces of Binah, the Holy Spirit, which is ruled by Saturn. Of course, in Kabbalistic language there is something that you must pronounce when you go into Saturday and submerge yourself in that pool that has the shape of Vav, you pronounce: Kuma Adonai, or Kuma Hashem. Hashem means the name. Adonai means the Lord, Kuma means arise. But if you understand this you will understand why it’s written like that. It literally says: Kuma Iod-Havah Veyafutzu Oyevehha, Veyanusu Misanehha Mipanehha.

The meaning of these words is:



Arise Iod-Havah, and let thine enemies be scattered, and let those who hate Thee flee before Thee. - Numbers 10: 35

If you don’t know esotericism you think that you have to go physically and to conquer the Earth. How the Lord is going to rise? When entering into Alchemy, these enemies refer to the enemies of our internal God. Those who hate God are our psychological aggregates that transform the metallic forces of the Ruach Elohim in the wrong way. They hate Hashem, the Word, the Name, the Holy Verb within the sacred sperm. Because in the beginning was the Word.


Mikvah Minit

And if any man's seed of copulation go out from him, then he shall wash all his flesh in water, and be unclean until the even.  The woman also with whom man shall lie with seed of copulation, they shall both bathe themselves in water, and be unclean until the even. - Leviticus 15: 16,18

In fact, fornication is the initial hatred of Hashem or Adonai that originates all kinds of hate to the divinity, to the divine. Of course, when you practice this type of ritual, if you don’t practice physically what we call the Mikvah Minit, or the sexual bath, because that is a symbol. Remember that Saturn is Binah that rules the parasympathetic nervous system, related with the sexual glands. To submerge yourself into the water of Vav, or Vau, meaning, to practice sexual transmutation. That is why it is stated in Kabbalah that you have to practice sexual magic in Saturday. Not that you have to fornicate only in Saturday, that’s wrong. Because in order to set Kuma Adonai, in order for the Lord to rise in you, the Lord has to rise in the spinal column, because it is a fluidic force. The Lord, Adonai, in Kabbalah, it says that it’s the name of God in Malkuth. And of course, if we ask you, what is Malkuth? We know that Malkuth is the physical body. Malkuth is the Earth, physically speaking. And that Adonai is the fluidic force of Binah, which is ruled by Saturn. And that’s why you go in Saturday, and you submerge in the pool, in the Mikvah Minit, and you say Kuma Adonai, and repeat the other sacred words that are already recorded here, which are sacred words, that you can even repeat when you are united sexually with your wife, or with your husband. Because, they are words that not only have to be repeated when you submerge physically in the pool, but also when you are practicing sexual transmutation. It’s something sacred. There are many, millions, that perform that Mikvah every Saturday, but they don’t know the meaning of it. They think that the enemies of the Lord are the enemies of Israel. But Israel is another word that is Isis, the divine mother, and Ra the Solar Logos, and El is God. So it’s all the parts. Hashem Israel, the name Israel, is the name of our inner God, all of the parts that we have to collect by annihilating the ego in Saturday; because Saturday is death. That’s the holy practice of Saturn, related to the kidneys; because the kidneys are related also with the sexual glands.

The strength of the kidneys give you strength in the sexual force. And this is how you find how Uranus is related with Saturn, right? And are not perhaps Uranus and Saturn the two planets that you find in the sign of Aquarius? Any Aquarius person will know that Uranus rules the sexual glands, and Saturn is also in Aquarius. So here you find the relationship how Uranus helps Saturn in order to work in your nervous system so that the fluidic forces of the Ruach Elohim rise in you in order to work, and to have that outcome, which is the transmutation of the metals of the earth, Alchemy, or the metallic planets. Of course, you understand that the physical body then has to be clean, in order for those fluidic forces to move in harmony, not only in the earth but in the physical body and in the solar system they have to freely move in harmony. But if we put in our bodies wrong elements, as we were explaining in the last lecture with the pancatattwa ritual, obviously we are obstructing the move of that energy. Not only in the physical world, in the physical body, but in the internal bodies.

The Microcosmic Man

The Microcosmic Man

We have to take care of our sperm and ovum if we want to have healthy childre

In order to create a body as this that we have, that is beautiful, in the sense that it’s a wonderful body, not beautiful because… I don’t want to go ahead in this meaning of the word beauty which means soul, Tiphereth. What do we need in order to create a physical body like this which is very complicated and marvellous? That’s why nature gave us this body in order for us to take advantage of it. What do we need in order to create one like this? Only two elements, no more; Sperm and ovum, this is it. But we know that in order to have a good sperm we have to know how to live, how to feed ourselves, how to think, how to feel. Remember that the only people that I know that take care of the sperm, the physical sperm of animals, are people that have horses, people that have cows, that have bulls and that have sheep. They always select the best males to mix them with the females. But in the human kingdom, or the so called human kingdom, what is it that the human does? They collect money to pay a prostitute, to pollute their sexual force and sequentially their soul. And the prostitute pollutes their sexual force too, with adultery. That’s very common. What we eat, and if we take drugs, we alter of course, our seed and not only the sexual seed in the sexual glands, but also the other chakras, the other glands are altered. So what kind of physical organism we have? No wonder why people are having children in this day and age that need transplants. That’s the shame of this humanity, children that need transplants when they are babies. If we take care of our seed before having the copulation and having a very mature seed of course, we will have good healthy children.

We need sexology, study of sexology. But not the garbage that they teach in school and universities, meaning, that you need to use condoms, which are good only to abuse sex, shame on us, no wonder why this human race is degenerated. If people say we are really evolving, well, I don’t see evolution in a child that needs a liver transplant or a kidney transplant or a heart transplant. That’s showing us that we don’t take care of ourselves. Unfortunately this is our case. In order for us as men to have good sperms we have to know how to feed ourselves physically and psychologically; to study in depth this. And of course the woman is the main aspect here, because the woman has to develop for nine months that sperm within her womb. Her glands will attract the fluidic forces of the planet, mechanically of course, but if her glands are in health that child will be strong; but as healthier as the woman can be, if the sperm is no good? So the cooperation between man and woman has to be always perfect. We have to take care of our sperm and ovum if we want to have healthy children; then you understand here the meaning of this.

The influences of the Ruach Elohim of the twelve Zodiacal signs are happening in the womb of the woman. Did you study how the twelve Zodiacal signs are related with some parts of the body? Aries with the brain, the head, and Pisces with the feet, and many other things, because you know that Neptune is related with the pineal gland; Virgo related with the pancreas, stomach, and all of those organs, that make you a glutton, if you don’t know how to transform them. So then you find there that the twelve Zodiacal signs are related with the making of that organism, physical organism that is called the microcosmos. Because the Ruach Elohim of the planets or the solar forces, and the Zodiac are making their little microorganism that they need in that physical body in order to create eventually the solar man; if that soul that will receive that gift will take advantage of it.


So, you know that after nine months, that creature goes out from the womb of his mother, or her mother, and appears in the physical world. And here we find the heptaparaparshinokh, the law of seven organizing in different steps every seven years, the physical body. The first testicular layer in the male in combination with the Thymus gland helps the development of that creature, physically speaking. And of course, the Thymus gland is in direct relation with the mammary glands of the woman. That’s why no milk of any animal or any chemical milk can substitute mother’s milk. Because the Thymus gland attracts the vibration of the Moon, the fluidic forces of Gabriel, that always are related with birth. And the mammary glands give that milk with the hormones that will help the metabolism of that child. And of course here you find the relationship with the motor brain. The motor brain related with the Moon. The child starts developing that, knowing how to walk, how to talk, with example. And of course from the zero to the seven in childhood, which is the influence of the Moon in our physical body, you find the development of the personality. So we have the personality in accordance with the examples that we receive in childhood from zero to seven. The strength of the body, for instance in ancient times you find those, how do you call those maids or women that were prepared only to feed babies? Wet nurses! And that’s why many men loved those women as mothers, because they were receiving the strength of their bodies. Those men were strong, strong muscles, strong bones. And when you find in the ancient times the story of the battles, the wars that they had, and you find in museums the big swords that they were holding in those battles. How were they doing it? In this day and age, you need like three men in order to hold those swords, so why are we saying that we are better than people in ancient times? We are wimps. We cannot hold a sword like that. It’s because they were fed very well, not with chemicals as in this day and age. Women that deny their breasts to their children because of vanity and many other ignorant things that unfortunately are very popular. If you want to have strong children, well, do not deny mother’s milk to your children, unless the woman cannot develop that milk. That’s very rare.

And of course, the fact that a child reached the seven year old doesn’t mean that he is fully developed. Master Samael tells us that from the seventh to the fourteenth years of age we start developing not the emotional brain but the intellectual brain, which is related with Mercury. That’s why it’s easy to learn from the seven to the fourteen years of age many things, many languages; because Mercury is the Word. If you find the relationship of Mercury, Hermes, it’s with the mind, with the Word. We can learn many languages at that age. And of course the second testicular layer in the man gives us certain forces in combination with the brain. When the fluidic forces are not flowing very well in the brain, well, it’s because one abused of Mercury related with the brain. But unfortunately you find that in this day and age it’s very popular that children from the seven, and even before, to the fourteen year old they are masturbating. Masturbation is really very bad. Because when you study sexology related with Alchemy you know very well that the most sensitive organ in the organism is the phallus in the man, and the vulva in the woman. Those organs transmit and take energies, because the synthesis is there, of all the forces of the Ruach Elohim. When in the sexual act a man and a woman reach the orgasm, the spasm, they lose those substances. So, instinctually, each organ absorbs the fluidic forces of the other in order to replace their own vitality that was expelled with the orgasm or spasm. Then the human organism transmits that into the different glands, especially to the brain. That’s why people that fornicate with years and years, they become alike. If you notice it that they have the same way of thinking, the same way of being, the same defects, even physically; their fluids are transmitted in this way. Men loses approximately, well a hundred percent in the spasm, and attracts, let’s say maybe three percent of the woman. But the woman is more receptive, so she attracts more than the male, we will say that the woman takes like ten percent or fifteen percent more; after the orgasm of course. But in the vice of masturbation you don’t find any other force there, it’s only a private vice, in which the sexual organ after the spasm or the orgasm attracts cold air that ruins the whole system, especially the brain. That’s why the brain, in this day and age, it’s degenerated.



"Mens sana in corpore sano (e perche'se il cervello)": A healthy mind in a healthy body (and the brain per se).

Several brain areas enter into activity with classical music. The primary motor cortex and the cerebellum, which are involved in movement and coordination, are active in people who play classical music. The area that connects the two sides of the brain, the corpus callosum, is also active in people who enjoy listening classical music.

People think that the brain is evolving, no, it’s devolving. Why do people despise classical music? It is because their brain is degenerated. Those parts of the brain related with that music no longer are active because of different vices, especially masturbation. Many people are in mental hospitals because of masturbation. That cold air destroys the brain. That’s why the great men of the past that were influencing a lot of people, the populaces of the world were pinealists, having a very strong pineal gland; because, the sexual hormones were feeding their brain and the pineal gland.

From the fourteen to twenty-one we have another septuple cycle. It’s Venus, and here we find the influence of the Thyroid gland with the sexual glands. In the man, his voice turns grave, strong. The woman also changes. The third testicular layer starts creating sperms in the man, and the woman starts ovulating. Women develop before that age. The bodies of women are more complicated than the male. Of course, those hormones that are being created with the ovum and the sperms, is what makes a man a man, and a woman a woman. And that’s why you feel the attraction, sexual attraction, at that age; because your sperms are being distributed in your entire organism. If you know how to transmute it, that will be very good. But unfortunately the vice of masturbation continues in both sexes. In ancient times masturbation in the female body, in the female sex was not so common like in this day and age. And the worst of it is that doctors advice that; they state that masturbation is natural and normal and healthy, we don’t see any healthy in that. To be stupid is not to be healthy. To be dumb is to be with all our chakras not in activity. Is not to be wise! That’s why we are very three-dimensional, and very sceptical, because of that.

So the fact that somebody is between the fourteen to the twenty-one in his childhood it does not means that he is ready for sexual activity. But here are many people that are sexually active before fourteen. And that’s why our root race is as it is; because the sexual act is normal and logical after twenty-one, not before. Nonetheless, because women develop faster they are mature at eighteen sometimes at seventeen. Then we can marry, and then we can start taking advantage of alchemy. But unfortunately we abuse in the younger ages and when we reach the twenty-one we don’t have the strength in order to develop in the solar epoch which is three, because the Sun is in relation with the triamazikamno, so it’s three times seven, twenty-one years, the longest period in which we have to conquer nature, conquer our life; to take advantage of the solar forces. Thus, if we know how to take advantage of our own particular pool, if we know how to practice the Mikve Minit, or the sexual transmutation of our own waters; then we can say Kuma Adonai. Arise, Lord, in my spinal column and destroy my enemies, so I can conquer the Promised Land. For at that age, as you know, men and women continue their fornication, adultery. Men, in order to feel that they are men they go to prostitutes; they drink alcohol in order to show their friends that they are men. Or if they are cool they smoke marijuana, or they take cocaine. They ask: did you ever take LSD, did you ever take this or take that? And they feel so proud when they talk about it. Proud about how we degenerate our bodies; unfortunately, that's a sad thing. If a woman takes ten or fifteen percent of the values through the sexual act of the man who has sexual intercourse with her; obviously, in that sexual intercourse she takes emotional aspects, intellectual aspects, psychic aspects, Karma, in other words. So obviously, a young man that is just reaching maturity and wants to experience how to be a man he goes with a prostitute. And she teaches him how to be a fornicator and how to handle after that the different diseases, vices, not only physical, but psychological, mental, that we receive because a prostitute has a lot of every man that had intercourse with her. But when we talk about this we talk also about adultery. You don't need to go with a prostitute in order to get the different karmas of different men or different women; you just go and practice adultery, which is very common. And then you get into your system the karmas of other men that were with your woman. Or if you're a woman you take that karma that that man attracted from different sexual acts that he had in the past. Now you understand why we are in this society, in this day and age, like a big web, worse than like the website or the Internet.

Many of us now have to face the consequences and not to say oh, it's God, his fault. We have free will. From the twenty-one to the forty-two years in our young age is the solar epoch in which the Sun influences us. But after the forty-two, it's forty-two to forty-nine, is Mars. And Mars gives us the strength in order for us to conquer our place, or to prepare place for our old age. People receive the influence, the strength of Mars from the forty-two to the forty-nine. But because they were abusing the solar epoch, in the Venus epoch, in the mercurial epoch they are very weak, their glands are not as strong. Mars' energy is strong, but if our glands are weak, then we fail, and we have to work very hard in order to conquer and to have a home, something to prepare ourselves to reach an old age.

From forty-nine to fifty-six enters Jupiter, the father of all Gods; give us the sceptre of the kings, or queens. Then we have abundance, a lot of people that approach us, they take benefit of our dharma. But if we didn't know how to live in the Martian epoch, in the Solar epoch, in the Venusian epoch, in the Mercurial epoch whatever, people approach us in order to give us alms, because instead of the sceptre we have the staff of the beggars. You see the two polarities? We're always surrounded by people in Jupiter. People are feeling pity for us and giving us alms, or people are around us and taking advantage of our work that we performed in the previous periods.

Thus we will reach the old age which is from fifty-six to sixty-three, and then we find Saturn, and then we will be an elder, and everybody will look for us for advice. Grandchildren, if we have children; or people that will ask for advice, knowledge, wisdom for life. But it's very rare to find someone like that. Usually people at this age, their families are looking for a place, a special place, a house for old people to take them out of their sight, because they are a burden for them. It's not like they say I'm going to go with my grandfather, because he's a rich man and I will take some loan from him, right? Most of the cases they say get rid of this person here; we have to have our private life, whatever. Only those who knew how to live wisely have money, and benefits their children and grandchildren. When reaching that age of sixty-three Saturn then enters again in combination with the same seven planets again; Saturn in combination with the Moon, Saturn in combination with Mercury, Saturn in combination with Venus. Only those that overcome the mechanicity, and know how to transmute the metallic forces, can go beyond Saturn and enter into the Uranus period, the Neptunian period, then Pluto, etc. Otherwise we are submitted to the law of seven. But remember, that's why an old man from sixty-three to seventy becomes like a child, because the influence of the Moon, the fluidic forces of that Ruach Elohim, are entering again, by the law of seven, into his organism or her organism; then Mercury. This is how you have to understand that your nervous system is always attracting the fluidic forces of the Ruach Elohim.

This is how you have to understand how the different practices in Gnosticism help you: Runes, different runes, in which you take the fluidic forces of nature, of the cosmos, in order to make that transformation in your body, in your psyche, in your mind, in your spirit. This is how God works. It's not a matter of believing, it's a matter of knowing how to work with that fluidic force that in the beginning was floating upon the face of the waters.

Questions and Answers

Audience: What if you already have messed up those previous influences of planets; can you receive those benefits again before you're sixty-three?

Instructor: Of course, that's why this called the path of regeneration. That's why we open the doors of this knowledge to humanity; because it's the only way to regenerate. That's why in the beginning when people enter into this studies they say well I have one month, I have sixth months, I have one year, and still I don't have certain experiences, what is going on? What is going on is that your body was degenerated, was polluted, you degenerated it, now the Holy Spirit, the forces of the fluidic forces of the Ruach Elohim, are regenerating first your physical body in order for it to work normally as it should, right? This is in order for you to see or to grasp the other forces, so remember that in the beginning the sexual transmutation regenerates all the stupidities that we performed in the past.

Audience: Obviously the whole Karma has to apply to, you're saying through alchemy, through good sperm, that you're going to get this perfect child, but isn't there a lot of karma applied to any child?

Instructor: Of course, that's why if you want to be the vehicle of the karma of a drug addict, then degenerate yourself and you will have that soul as a child. but if you want to change your karma and to bring into your home a genius, like Mozart, then prepare yourself, transmute, transform yourself and then the sperm, your vibration psychologically, physically, mentally, spiritually, will be in tone with that. And then you will bring another child that will have another type of karma. Karma is always there, but you don't want to bring into the world a child with a terrible karma. It depends on you. The law of affinity attracts souls according to your psyche. Of course, we are vehicles of karma or dharma, it all depends on us. Do you have any other question?

Audience: There's a question about, why is it that some initiates believe that the order that the planets change is related to the tree of life? For example, some say that Hod is ruled by Venus.

Instructor: Well, it is because of lack of experience. Anybody knows that Hod is influenced by the Moon. But also you have to understand that as we were explaining in the beginning. The lamb with seven horns which are the seven mighty archangels; and even though Hod is related with the Moon, mainly, also you find the forces there of Venus. Because Hod is the prana, the astral light, related with the fire, with that fire that we call Hod, the Glory of God, which is in synthesis divided in three which also we name when we do the exorcisms of the fire. We say Michael, king of the lightning, and of the Sun is Hod. Samael, king of volcanoes, is Hod, but in different way, And Anael, prince of the astral light which is Hod. But we are naming there the forces of certain Logos or Ruach Elohim in relation with Hod. But if we know directly what planet is ruling that, it's the Moon. And then Netzach is ruled by Mercury mainly. But as I said, the lamb with seven horns are everywhere in every sephirah.

Audience: Can you go over the characteristics of the seven rays? Mars is war, Saturn death, what are the others?

Instructor: Well, the Moon is related with life obviously. That's why Gabriel is always related with annunciation of the entering or the birth of any master, and related with manual works, imagination. But Mercury is in relation with the intellect, a lot of wisdom. Remember here Hermes Trismegistus, everything related with the hermetic science is Mercury. Venus is art; you find here for instance, music, and painting. What else? Anything related with art. But I repeat, even in Venus you find Martian artists. But they are using the force of Venus, the third horn of the lamb, either way. Like Beethoven for instance, is very strong, he's Martian. But it's in Venus. And the solar force is in relation with the law, is in relation with judges; with karma, police, like Mars also; Army, police, the power of the Word; Many great people that performed good surgery doctors, are Martians. You see, and it's Mars, but it's in relation with Mercury, because medicine is in relation with the science of Mercury. And the great doctors related also with the Martian ray that works in Mercury. And we find Jupiter related with kings, presidents, governors, principals, anything that is related with direction, conducting. We have the master Altotas, of the ray of Jupiter for instance, which erroneously some ignoramuses are saying that belongs to the seventh ray, Saturn; but belongs to the sixth ray, the master Saint Germain. And it's in relation with politics, you see? The ray of politics is the sixth ray which is also related with the master Jesus, with multitudes. So Saint Germain, Cagliostro and many other great master of the ray of politics belong to Jupiter, not to Saturn. There are people that ignore all of this because they don't study that internally, the influences of the Ruach Elohim. Saturn is in relation with inheritances, with land, with death. For instance, if you want to receive or to work with inheritance that you might receive, or if you are having problems with inheritance you have to work with Saturn; this is lands, estates, Death. And also medicine, there is a great master of the ray of death that we mention in the internet which is the master Kamasotz, he's the Bat God. He's a great doctor, a great physician. He handles not only death, but life, because in order to handle death you have to know what life is.

Audience: Is it useful to do esoteric practices during the zodiacal sign related to that specific practice, whatever it might be?

Instructor: Of course, any practice of the zodiacal sign is good, any time. But especially when the sign is vibrating like in this moment for instance we are in the sign of Gemini, right? So the practice of Jupiter is good, in relation to astral projection as well. Do you have any other question?

Audience: What's the difference between the story of the revelation of the seven heads and the ten horns, because now you mention revelation seven horns, really to...

Instructor: Well the lamb, in revelation the lamb has seven horns and seven eyes. And in this case the seven eyes of the lamb is related with the chakras, related with our physiology; and the rays as well, with the seven serpents or kundalinis that we have to rise; and also with the seven mighty rays that we were talking about in relation with the metals, or the forces, the fluidic forces. But the beast 666 that has seven heads, of course they are the opposite of the seven mighty rays. These seven heads are lust, anger, greed, envy, pride, gluttony, and laziness; the seven sins. But the beast has ten horns that are related with the world of Klipoth, because when you study the world of Klipoth you find the ten inferior spheres, beginning with Malkuth, and the nine inner layers of the earth. Those are the ten horns which are of course in activity in this day and age.

Audience: But they're related with the Ten Commandments, obviously?

Instructor: Obviously, they are the opposite of the Ten Commandments; because the Ten Commandments are related with the tree of life. And the opposite of the Ten Commandments are the ten horns of the beast. And you find for instance that the opposite of every commandment, that you find that each horn is in the ego. The name of blasphemy that is written in the head of the beast is the name of the seven capital sins. Of course, there is a lot of wisdom there, because each one of us is the beast with ten horns and seven heads. Obviously the whole humanity is also that. And there’s another symbol there that is not related with this lecture. Do you have any other question?

Audience: You mention that the earth has its metals that collect the vibrations of the different planets, but also you mention that beneath the earth there are like layers of... Those layers that you mentioned just now? How can there be both those different layers in the earth, and at the same time metals?

Instructor: Well, when we talk about the nine layers of Klipoth, we're not talking about physically. Remember that the earth has three aspects. The physical aspect we were talking here about the metal veins which are like the nervous system of the earth, where the Ruach Elohim or the fluidic of the Logos, circulates, gives life not only to the human kingdom, but to the mineral kingdom, to the plant kingdom, to the animal kingdom etc. Then we have the second aspect of the inner layers of the earth, which is the inferior Klipoth where we find hell. That's the infradimensions; it's not physical but Infra. The nine layers are related with that. And then we have the other aspect which is the supradimensions, because did you hear that many times we said that in the centre of the earth is a temple of the Genie of the Earth, whose name is Melchisedech. Is he in hell? No, he's in the supradimension within the inner layers. Now you can understand. Do you have any other question?

Audience: Since Leo is related to the Sun, could you go over some of the characteristics of that sign?

Instructor: What characteristics?

Audience: The characteristics of the sign Leo.

Instructor: Well, Leo is very intuitive, positively. Negatively, very proud; Leo wants always to rule, and always fighting like lions. But if we take advantage of Leo of course, he's very intuitive. And Leo people, no matter if they are very poor, they always have abundance in their poverty; because Leo is abundance. I never found any Leo person that lacks something. Even if he's very poor, he's happily living always with abundance; abundance in their own level of course. It's good, positively, it's the best.

Audience: How are the metals related to the elementals?

Instructor: Oh well, the book of astrology that eventually we will publish, we will have there the relation of the elementals, and for instance Saturn is in relation with the gnomes. Mars is in relation with the salamanders. But we find then Venus, Mercury, even Neptune is in relationship with the undines and Nereids of the water. And the Sun is also related with the gnomes. There are many solar creatures that act like gnomes, like for instance the Aloe Vera. That's a plant related with the Sun. And there's a gnome there. We have another gnome which is, for instance, the Agave Americana. It's a beautiful gnome, but it's ruled by Jupiter. So you find then that Jupiter, the Sun and Saturn are related with the Earth in that way. And Mars of course, the salamanders; the sylphs of the air, with Mercury. Metals? Well, you associate the metals and then you find it. Obviously, the metals are related with it too. Iron in relation with all the metals really, we will say that when you have all the metals, the seven main metals in a pentagram, you are controlling all the forces. Because the seven Logoi influence every kingdom, every single elemental, not only of the fire, but the earth, the air and the water, etc. Remember they are fluid forces, of course. If you study the metals in relation with astrology you find how they are related with the Sun. In this case we will say; if the Sun is in relation with the gold, and then we find it’s also related with the earth. But the Sun that is Michael is sort of related with the fire. So we find the salamanders. The only planet that is related in direct relation with one element, very strongly, is Mars, is fire. Which is iron, of course.

Audience: Do you have anything to say about the extraction of oil?

Instructor: The extraction of the oil, well you know that. The extraction of the oil is very bad. The oil is like the blood of the earth. Taking that blood or substance from the earth of course, is ruining and polluting our planet.

Audience: Can it be rejuvenated? I mean through practices of gnosis, right?

Instructor: You mean the planet?

Audience: (No, of oil itself. can the planet rejuvenate itself of the oil, or if it's once extracted it's gone?)

Instructor: No no no, the planet will be rejuvenated, transformed; it will be with the great catastrophe. The fire, INRI, will renew nature. That why the great catastrophe that is approaching, is something indispensable for the earth. People say oh, we can do it... No no, we need the great catastrophe. We need the fire to burn, not only this humanity, but all the kingdoms, to transform. The planet will be new again. Because it's dying now, it's in agony. Obviously, you know that, it's in agony. And that's why we are teaching this in order for you not to be a victim of the circumstances. Tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, many things will happen in the future, because this planet needs that very much, despite our beliefs.

Audience: Is it right to say that the Ruach Elohim is the one who utters the Logos?

Instructor: The Ruach Elohim is the Logos, the Logos is the Word.

Audience: The Ruach Elohim...

Instructor: It's in relation with the Word as well, obviously; because the Ruach, that fluidic sound, light and heat. It's the Word. In the beginning was the Word. That Ruach Elohim is the Word of course, it is sound, it is heat, it is light, it is color. It is everything.

Audience: Is the blood the seat of the consciousness? Because the blood carries the metals of the body.

Instructor: Well the blood takes all the metals and all the vibrations of the fluidic forces of the planet to different places in our organism and also to the internal bodies. You know that the blood influences directly the development of the sperm, and the ovum, in our sexual glands.

Audience: What happens when you get a, say you get a transfusion, right? Is that totally messed up?

Instructor: Well, now you understand why some religions or religious people refuse transfusion. Of course, sometimes you can use your own blood in a surgery. So, if you can avoid transfusion, because you don't know what type of blood… You know that some people that didn't know what type of blood they were receiving they were with AIDS after that. Of course, the karma is transmitted there. If I need a surgery and I need a transfusion of blood well, I would like to have the blood of Jesus, please, right? But not the blood of somebody else, you know what I mean? Unfortunately where is Jesus? You find only beggars here with a lot of polluted blood, as our blood too because we don't have to pose here as we are saints and our blood is good. Our blood is also polluted, but we have to purify it with alchemy.

Audience: It's a life and death situation right? And you have to make that choice obviously.

Instructor: Oh yes, of course.

Audience: Do you inherit actually the karma of that person that you had the transfusion from?

Instructor: Obviously you are absorbing, absorbing the blood. You see, if you perform a sexual act you are also absorbing that karma. That's why we are just a mess, you know what I mean? Because of ignorance.

Audience: So it's better for us, if I was about to get a transfusion, to get it from a Gnostic?

Instructor: Well, yeah, if your type of blood matches the type of blood of some gnostic that is degenerated as you, but at least is doing something, well it will help you; because at least you will have that impulse too. But if you take the blood of this atheist, this sceptical one, don't take that blood. I mean, he's no longer in contact with his Being, he doesn't believe in God. Why do you want to take that blood for? But people in this day and age don't think in that. But if you are regenerating yourself you have to think about it. If you are not regenerating yourself and you live like everybody, well, don't worry, you will go to hell anyhow.

Audience: What about giving blood, is it so bad to give blood?

Instructor: Well, I don't know, that depends on the personal beliefs of the person right? If you want to give your blood in order to help somebody else then that's good.

Audience: And organs? (???)

Instructor: Listen, if eventually I become sick and my kidney or my liver or my heart doesn't work anymore. And the doctors ask me do you want a transplant? No thank you let me die and to have a new, brand new body. Why do I have to be attached to a body that is already degenerated, right? But people are attached to bodies. And they want to transplant this organ to replace this sick organ. Obviously in the organ there are also the atoms, the forces of the other person. So it's up to you. And sometimes people get elements from pigs, you know? Well, it's their business if they want those in their body, feel free; because we have free will.

Audience: Well, say you have a transplant and then you find gnosis. To work on yourself. What's wrong with that?

Instructor: I don't say that it's wrong. You just have to fight against other elements that you didn't have, and that is it. If you know this then you have to be careful, with what you eat, with anything that you do. But if you come here in the knowledge and you had already a transplant, whatever. Well, now you have to face the consequences. It's not that the doors are closed for you, they're open, but you have to fight more, that is it. Do you have another question there? You have to understand this. That this knowledge is open for everybody, but everybody’s free to do whatever they want. In my case for instance I said, if I need a heart transplant in order to be alive, no thank you, let me die. And let me have a brand new body. This is my way of thinking. Why do I have to be like a plant there in order to be, to be attached to this physical body that no longer is good?

Audience: And you would lose a lot of the work that you achieved, say you achieved a certain level in gnosis, and you did get a transplant, you would lose a lot of that... You know.

Instructor: No, you don't lose anything. Whatever you do in your psyche, in your spirit, that work stays there. But of course if you are, let's say you are... I know a person for instance, a woman, that was working very hard whatever, and suddenly she has some problems in her ovaries. She has an operation, and all the ovaries and womb, out! Well, it was her business, her choice, now she has to wait until next life, because without the sexual organs she cannot do anything more. Maybe she can meditate, and many other things, and annihilate her ego, but no sexual transmutation, if there is no sexual organs, where is that sexual energy going to flow? So you see, it's up to you, up to us. That's why we have free will, a little bit but still we think.