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From the point of view of Gnosis, in fact, in any real spiritual tradition, we understand that everything that exists has its origin in the womb of the Divine Mother. That womb is a vastness, an emptiness we call the Akash or Akasha.  It is a primordial substance, but it is also not a substance.  You could say it is “undifferentiated matter,” but it is before matter.  It is called Mulaprakriti, which is the great womb of Divine Mother space, and from that womb arises everything that exists, everything that manifests.  So, in synthesis, we are saying that all atoms, all matter, all energy in its root is derived from this womb.

The womb of the Divine Mother space is symbolized in the Book of Genesis as the primordial waters.  Likewise, in many other traditions we have the Great Ocean or the Great Waters from which life emerges; and you have this tradition in Hinduism and in various traditions in central and South America.

Those waters are feminine and they are the raw material or the raw source of all manifestation.

Within the womb is a seed.  The seed is the immaculate creation or the immaculate conception from which life emerges, and that seed is fecundated or impregnated by the power of the Three Primary Forces, or what we call the Trinity.  In Christianity we call them the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  These are the Holy Affirming, the Holy Denying and the Holy Conciliating.  These are the three primary forces which are required for any level of creation in any level of existence.   We call this the Law of Three and this law is fundamental on every level of nature.  So we see in the very, very beginning, before anything actually manifests, the Law of Three is there modifying the very process of creation or what we would call “genesis,” to engender, to generate.

The first impregnation is performed by the Logos.  “Logos” is a Greek word, which means “word.”

In the beginning was the Word (Logos), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.– John 1:1-3

In Gnosis, we call the trinity the First, Second and Third Logos, who all together are the Solar Logos.  This trinity is a tri-unity: three in one.


The impregnation of the Divine Mother causes the condensation or materialization of those forces into a form, and this is symbolized in the ancient image of the Divine Mother with the child in her arms.  This is the beginning of the condensation or materialization of the Divine Mother into form and that form is the child.  We know that child as the Christ, who has also been called Horus, Avalokiteshvara, Quetzalcoatl and many other names.

The child is born in order to be crucified.  The child is born in order to sacrifice himself. This root energy is manifested in order to give itself for the sake of existence.  For existence to be, that force must appear and sacrifice its own nature.

So, in the very beginning of the formation of any level of matter or energy, we have three forces, we have the Divine Mother, and we have the Christ.  One of the primary symbols of the Christ is the cross.  The cross has many levels of meaning and is far more ancient than Christianity.  It is one of the oldest known symbols to humanity.

That light, that Christ, who is the Solar Logos, that light or energy which manifests from the womb of the Divine Mother, is symbolized in ancient religions as the Sun, Ra, the Sun God, or the Solar Hero who emerges in order to sacrifice himself, in order to give rise to new creations.  We say that the Christ is Light, but spiritual Light.  This is the Ray of Creation.  This Ray is really three in one because the Ray in itself, the Christ, the Solar Logos, is really a trinity of three forces expressing as one.  So that’s why we say it is a tri-unity.  It is three forces which, unified and balanced, produce and create.

Those three forces have their own factors and influences that they bring to bear and we understand them as positive, negative and equilibrating, but symbolically we would say that the Father is that first force the essence or the root of the wisdom and that the Son is really the root or essence of Love, and the Holy Spirit, the third force, is the fecundating fire or intelligence.  So that Solar Light, that Solar Logos, when it arises and manifests in order to produce creation, contains within itself these three aspects.

At the very root of matter and energy, the aspect of the Third Logos, the Holy Spirit, produces in all of creation a polarity, a duality, which we know of as opposites, and it is through this duality or this influence that creation can occur.  We see this in the very root of matter; in order to produce light we must have the interaction of hydrogen atoms and carbon atoms, and these are complementary substances that upon interacting with one another, create light.  That creation is a function of the Holy Spirit who impregnates Nature and matter and energy with the essential duality, and within that essential duality arises the opportunity for a new substance to be born.  That is symbolized in the Cross itself, which is made up of two lines interacting with one another, crossing one other, complementing each other, and these two lines symbolize positive and negative or male and female forces which when unified produce something new.

When we look at how matter arises from the point of view of the Gnostic Teachings, we understand that the root of matter itself is this light, the light of the Solar Logos.  If we  visualize this, we first imagine the universal spirit of life, which is that vastness of undifferentiated matter or non-existence.  Below that, separate from that, we have the realms of matter, which are all the different dimensions that we know, separate from the zero or seventh dimension.  Between these realms of the universal spirit of life and matter is a bridge, and this bridge is really the first manifestation of matter, but it exists between these two worlds and this is called in Gnosis, “hydrogen.”  A hydrogen is the first element or first formation of matter. The word “hydrogen” is composed by “hydro” which is water and “gen” which is related to generate or genesis.  Naturally, this reminds us of the primordial waters of the book of Genesis.

Hydrogen in scientific terms is the simplest component on the Table of Elements and this is congruent with what Gnosis teaches about the nature of matter.  It is through modifications of this one form that all matter exists.  Every atom, every structure, is really just combinations of varying forms of hydrogen.  Hydrogen is modified by the number of protons, neutrons and electrons that it has, resulting in new elements. The variations of hydrogen combine in order to produce more and more complicated forms of matter.   Each of those elements is attracted sexually to its complement so we find, for example, that sodium is attracted sexually to chlorine, which when combined, produces salt.  So this combination of complementary elements resides in the very root of atomic structures and from that level is consistent all the way up to the creation of galaxies and universes.

All levels of creation rely upon sexual attraction from the atomic level to the universal level, and this is a fundamental axiom upon which rests the entire structure of existence.  That is symbolized in the Cross.  Again, the Cross shows us two crossed beams which are interacting with each other, and when that interaction is active the Cross moves; the spinning Cross or inflamed Cross is what we call a Swastika.  A Swastika is actually a very ancient symbol, which has been present in traditions around the world, and unfortunately was misused by some folks in Europe in the last century, but that symbol is far more ancient than those people, and it is a holy symbol.


Now the Cross, if we break it down, really has four parts, these four separate arms that extend from a central point.  Those four points symbolize the basic four elements that we know know – air, earth, water and fire, but they also relate to this word “Tetragrammaton.”  The Tetragrammaton in Greek simply means “the four lettered word” or “the word with four parts” and this refers to the Holy Name of God, יהוה Iod Hei Vav Hei.


These are four Hebrew letters and every Hebrew letter is symbolic. The letter י Iod is masculine and symbolizes the male sexual organ or the phallus. The letter ה Hei is feminine and symbolizes the uterus. The letter ו Vav is also masculine and symbolizes the man, also the spinal column, and the letter ה Hei again is feminine, which in this case would be the woman.  So the Cross, when analyzed from the point of view of Tetragrammaton really demonstrates the sexual relationship that exists in all levels of Nature.

Crucified upon that Cross is the Christ, that Solar Light. Symbolically, we always see the Christic Heros or Solar Heros crucified, which is a symbol of the very point of existence for the Light.  The Christ exists in order to sacrifice itself for the benefit of creation and existence.  Likewise, all the Solar Heros and Solar Gods, the Bodhisattvas, sacrifice themselves for the benefit of all other creatures. That is the very point of the existence of the Human Being: to learn how to sacrifice for the benefit of others.

Now, there are also another four letters related to the Cross: INRI, which is a symbolic term that hides varying levels of meaning.  One very important meaning is Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra, which is Latin. When translated it means “the fire renews nature incessantly,” and that fire, of course, is the fire or solar light of the Christ.  It is that fire of the Holy Spirit which is constantly renewing Nature through its sacrifice and, of course, that is symbolized on the Cross.  So when we see the Cross with those letters INRI, we are seeing a symbol of the very structure of existence: in every atom, in every form of matter and energy, the Christ is there sacrificing it’s forces so that matter can manifest.

Now, for us to understand this a little better we are going to look at it from another angle.  That energy, that root energy or that light which vibrates in the infinite is called in Sanskrit, Prana.  In the process of the manifestation of this energy, it radiates or sounds, it produces a vibration, and every vibration is both of sound and light.

The vibration of Akash, that energy, begins to condense into Akash, which is the next most dense level.  The Akash condenses further into Ether, and Ether then begins to differentiate itself and unfold itself into what we call the Tattvas.

There are four primary tattvas for us to discuss (really, there are seven, but we are focused on four at the moment).  These are Vayu, Apas, Tejas and Prithvi.  Tattva means “suchness” (?) or “essence of” so we understand that a Tattva is a modification of Ether.  Ether, in turn, is just a condensation of more subtle forms of light or energy, namely Akash and Prana.

These four Tattvas further condense themselves and become what we know of as the Four Elements of physical matter.  Vayu is Air, Apas is Water, Tejas is Fire and Prithvi is Earth.  These Four Elements crystallize in the physical world and form the very basis for all the forms of matter that we know of physically.  This is why when you examine the philosophies of the ancient Greeks, they always refer to the Four Elements, and when you refer to the Alchemists of the Western Traditions, they also refer to the Four Elements.  They understood, but may not have written, that the Four Elements are simply modifications of Tattvas, which derive from Ether, which derive from Akash, which derive from Prana.  This becomes important because all of these varying levels are really forms of energy or light, which fuel the proper functioning of creation.

The first material, concrete element that crystallizes from Prana is hydrogen, and that is the first crystallization of light.  The hydrogen, is as we said, the simplest element and is the root of all existing matter and energy.  In Alchemical Science we call all forms of matter “hydrogen,” but we assign them different numbers according to their relative density.  The reason we do this is to understand how matter is differentiated not so much by the content of its atoms, but by its relative density or weight.

The three primary forces crystallize in hydrogen and from that come all the other elements and those root elements, of course, are the very nature of our own wellbeing.  All elements that exist are the result of transformations of hydrogen, different forms or combinations of hydrogens.

Within everything that we as a physical organism interact is the Christ, that Solar Light which sustains everything that exists, but that energy is always being modified according to the processes through which it passes.  So, for example, our physical body requires elements in order for it to be sustained.  Likewise, our psyche, our consciousness, requires elements in order for it to be sustained.

We need food, we need air, we need water, we need these elements in order to fuel our continued existence and this is an exchange or transformation of energy, which is required in order for us to remain manifested in this level of Nature.  We know very well that if we stop eating, we will stop being manifested in this level of Nature.  We know very well that if we stop drinking water, we will cease to exist in this level of Nature and the same is true of air.  What we examine in Gnosis is precisely how this impacts the purpose and point of our existence.

The Law of the Octave

To ingest food is a requirement for us to live.  Food, in Gnosis, is assigned the value of hydrogen DO 768.  DO is a note.  DO is the first note on the octave of seven notes.

The Law of Seven is the fundamental law of creation which organizes everything that The Law of Three produces.  We have light, but that light is modified by The Law of Seven; we have sound, but that sound is modified by The Law of Seven, the Law of the Octave.  This is why we discuss the seven Chakras, seven bodies, seven notes, seven bodies.  There are many levels upon which The Law of Seven is manifest.

When we look at the scale DO RE MI FA SO LA TI, we can examine how energy is managed by the Law of Seven within our organism.  The first note is DO.  When we eat food to sustain our physical body, we take food and that food is assigned the relative value or density of DO 768.  The number 768 refers to the relative weight or density of that food or that substance in relation to Prana.  If Prana is the simplest form of substance, which manifests as hydrogen – hydrogen has a value of 1 – then 768 is 768 times away in modification or in relative density or weight.  You could also put it another way, 768 could be described as the number of laws or modifying factors.  In synthesis we can say that hydrogen DO 768 is very complex, it is very dense, and that is why our body needs to digest the food.  This is why we have the digestive system.

We have the digestive system in order to break down compound elements and to extract from them the elements that we need to sustain the physical body.  Our entire digestive system is a physiological process managed by the intelligence of the Being through our Instinctive Brain, and that energy directs itself onto that hydrogen in order to break it down, to extract the important elements and to throw away the ones that are not needed.

Through the process of digestion, the hydrogens the body is working to process are assigned the note RE, which is the second note, and the relative density of 384.  That is, the food is being broken down, simplified, into a more pure form of energy.

If we take in bad food or food that isn’t really food, like fast food or coca cola or alcohol, those elements do not contain the pure atoms of the Solar Logos because they are not real food or they are rather poisonous so we will not extract anything beneficial from them.  In fact, we may be drawing in harmful elements from those substances in the same way as when we breath air that is not clean, or we smoke; we are drawing in elements that are not beneficial for the organism, in fact, they are harmful.  So the process of extracting pure atoms for the wellbeing of our organism is arrested and corrupted by the very elements that we take in.  We all know very well that we are what we eat, and the truth of this is going to become more and more clear to you.

If, however, we manage to eat some good food and breathe clean, decent air, the extracted elements are then passed on to another system, which we know of as the Circulatory System.

The heart in combination with the lungs purifies the blood.  It purifies the elements that are processed through the Circulatory System in order to feed the organism with those elements.  The air and oxygen that we breathe in through the lungs is combined and added into the circulation of the blood through the body; in the blood we have the elements that the Digestive System has extracted, and so the hydrogens that the body is working to transform are at this point at the note ME with the relative weight of 192.

The synthesis or the ultimate extraction from the process of the purification process in the Circulatory System is a kind of food or energy which is then passed on to the Brain.  The transformation of energies that occur in the Brain is related to the note FA and the relative value of 96.  So you can see in just 4 steps how quickly the weight of the hydrogens has decreased.  We are dealing with more and more subtle, more and more pure forms of energy.

Now the energies that the Brain relies on to be nourished and to be healthy are derived from the Circulatory System, from the Respiratory System and from the food that we take in.  This means that whatever the Heart processes directly affects the health of the brain.  Our heart is closely related with our emotions, and our brain is closely related with our thoughts, so we can understand then how important it is to have a good sense of what is going on in our psyche, to have a good idea and have control over our own feelings and our own thoughts. We know very well that people who are sick in their heart end up sick in the body and sick in the mind as well.

The brain is the vehicle of the Mental Body.  The brain is the vehicle of thought.  The brain is not the mind itself, it’s the organ that the mind uses.  The brain is closely related, of course, with the Central Nervous System and this nervous system is a processor of energy, a transformer of energy.

Through the Central Nervous System and through the brain, we receive the impressions of life.  As life happens, the impressions of life enter into us through the five senses.  These impressions are received by the nervous system as energy, vibration, sound, light.

The impressions we receive from life influence not only the health of our body and mind, but how energy is transformed within our organism.  As the body is transforming the energies from the food, from the air, from the water, all refined and sent to feed the brain, those purified elements are combined with the energy that we take in through the impressions that we receive from life.

Clearly, if we are taking in impressions that are lustful, violent, hate-filled or filthy in any way, we are receiving a strong impact not only on in our psyche, but in the quality of the transformation of energy performed by the body.

If we are watching images of violence or pornography or we are feeding ourselves with negative emotions, negative thinking, defeatist types of thoughts, or critical, skeptical thinking, or blaming others, that energy directly influences and impregnates the transformation of hydrogen inside of the organism.

In many cases, people are so identified with the intellect and are so addicted to negative impressions that there is no energy clean enough to pass on to the next note.

However, if we listen to beautiful music, surround ourselves with beautiful images and sounds, and live in a balanced, peaceful way, then the impressions we receive will be of a very high quality.  These in turn will stimulate the transformation of hydrogen to a great degree.

tree-of-life-bodiesThe result of the transformations that occur at this level, whatever energy can be purified and sent on to the next level, then descends through the spinal column, which is related to the note SOL and has the relative value of 48.

The spinal column is related to our motor processes.  It is also closely related to the Grand Sympathetic Nervous System and this system is directly related with our emotional wellbeing and with the Astral Body.  Most of us do not actually have a Solar Astral Body.  We have a Lunar Astral Body, which is also called the Kama Rupa.  The Kama Rupa is a Sanskrit term for the body of desire.  If we are enjoying the influences of our own desires that process through our animal nature related to the spinal column and through the desires that arise in our Heart, then the energies of those desires will influence the transformation of hydrogens within our organism.  That is, if we are identified with our anger or our envy, the energy of those feelings corrupts the transformation of the hydrogens.  Negative emotions corrupt the transformation of energy.

So, whatever pure energy can be extracted at this level is then passed on to the Endocrine System, which is closely related to the Vital Body or the body of energy.  The Endocrine System is where we are producing hormones and this is the note LA with the value of 24, so this is already a very refined energy.

We know that our system of hormones, the Endocrine System, is an extremely powerful and potent energy in our organism.  The Endocrine System is where we find all the hormones and those forces which push and generate many types of behavior and forms of creation within our organism.

This level of our psyche is related to dreams, to the health of our Vital Body.  The Vital Body, being the superior part of the physical body, is the body of energy, the vehicle through which all the metabolic and chemical processes are enabled in the physical body. When the physical body is sleeping, the Vital Body charges itself with Solar Light through the chakras.

The energies which fuel the Vital Body are used to restore the physical body and are combined with the energies that we create and transform through the processes that we have already described – eating, breathing, circulatory system etc.  So at this level, at LA 24, we have this combination of energies, the result of all the digestive, respiratory and circulatory processes through the spinal column and the brain combined with the energies that the Vital Body is drawing in, all that energy is very refined, very powerful, very potent and if you compare that with fuel that we use to drive vehicles, we would say that this is already an extremely high octane, very potent, very powerful, very volatile type of energy.

This level of energy, the note LA, is related to our Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is the Instinctive Nervous System which manages, of course, all the previous processes which have arisen in our discussion.  That system controls the Motor/Instinctive processes of the body under the intelligence of the Vital Body and is directly related to the Holy Spirit.

Notice that in FA, SOL and LA, we have the three nervous systems of our organism, the three forces of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and the Mental, Astral and Vital Bodies.  The Law of Three is layered here in a very powerful way, and what that Law of Three is harnessing through these different vehicles is all the energies that we have been receiving and transforming as an organism both physically and on more subtle levels.  What is the point of that?  All of that energy, all of that work, all of that mechanical nature which has been given to us as a gift, has as it’s purpose the creation of the next most powerful level, the most subtle element, the most potent element which is the note SI or TI.  The Hydrogen TI 12 is sexual energy.

The sexual energy is the end result of all the transformative processes which exist in our organism.  We combine together and analyze the digestive system, circulatory, respiratory, and all three nervous systems (meaning: all the intake we have of thought, feeling, emotion and will) all of that combines to produce in us what we have as our own, personal sexual force.  The purity and potency and value of that sexual energy is derived from our behavior.

The purity and potency of our sexual energy is a direct result of the food we eat, the air we breathe, the thoughts we think, the feelings we have and the behaviors that we engage in.

When we eat anything, the physical body through its varying processes extracts the best of that food and the end result of that is sexual energy.

When we breathe, the same process occurs.

When we drink water, the same process occurs.

However, when we begin to bring our own will into the equation, we begin to change the natural functioning of the organism.  Our will, as manifested through action, is the key factor.


This whole transformative process is Alchemical.

Alchemy is a compound word.  The first part is “Al”, which is related to the Arabic word for God, Allah or Spirit and that, of course, is closely related to the Hebrew term “El” which means God.  “Chem” is derived from a Greek word “kimia” which means “to fuse or caste a metal.”  Alchemy means “to fuse our metal with God”.  The most important metal that we have within is Mercury, the symbol of sexual energy.

Our own Mercury is the stone upon which the Temple is built.  The Temple is the Soul.  If the Mercury is impure, the Temple cannot stand.  The Mercury, the Stone, must be made pure and strong, in order to make a house for the Lord.

The purity and quality of our Mercury is an end result of our own behavior.  If we eat impure food, if we drink impure liquids, such as alcohol, or chemical food like Coca Cola, sodas and all these “convenient” foods that are being manufactured for us, then what elements are we gathering for the building of our temple?

These things do not have any nutritional value.  They do not have any Solar Light because they are sterile chemicals, at a very heavy density, which contain no Solar Light.  These foods are not made by nature, they are made by scientists who know nothing of the creation of the soul.  When we ingest these types of foods, we feed ourselves nothing.  That’s why when people eat and drink these substances they become sick.  The physical body falls into decrepitude, into illnesses and the mind degenerates.

If you examine the history of this humanity, you will notice that since the time that we began to eat heavily processed, chemically altered food, the psyche of humanity has transformed radically.  What is the result?  We have lost our modesty.  We have lost our sense of what is upright.  We have become very degenerated.  We have become fat, crude, sarcastic, violent, and terribly offensive in thought, word and deed.

In Gnosis we understand that we have the obligation to try to take in pure food, pure water, pure air and these are a good foundation to begin to produce a better energy, a more healthy body, a more healthy mind, but it is more important is to work with and control our psyche because the energies that we receive and transform through the impressions of life that we receive from external sources, and the impressions that we generate within ourselves, are more subtle, are more powerful than the energies derived from food and air and water.  Those energies and impressions have a direct effect on the quality of the transformation of our sexual forces.  When we examine this in detail we understand that what we really need is to comprehend how to transform energies in a balanced and healthy way.

There is a teaching in the Hindu Tantras called the Panchatattva Ritual.

The Panchatattva Ritual

“Pancha” is a Sanskrit word which means “five,” and “tattva” is a Sanskrit word which means “truth”, “suchness”, “true being.” We understand that a “tattva” is a vibration of the Ether, which in its place is a transformation or vibration of Prana or Solar Light.  So Panchatattva refers to five vibrations or five types of energy.

A ritual, of course, is any science to transform energy.  The Catholic Mass, the Buddhist Ritual, the Aztec Ritual are all forms of science which exist in order to transform the Solar Light, to transform Prana in order to sustain something important.  In this case, we are discussing rituals to transform Solar Light, the Prana, the energy of the Christ into a type of food or fuel which will feed the consciousness, and feed the Soul.  There are other types of rituals which transform those energies in a harmful way, but we do not discuss or teach such things.

The Pancatattva Ritual is a science to transform energies to feed the Soul.  This ritual refers to what are called “the five M’s”.  The first is “Madya” in Sanskrit.  Madya means “wine” and what we are talking about when we talk about wine in this case is the grape.  Grapes and wine are very symbolic in many traditions.  Wine is a symbol of the blood of the Christ, a symbol of that fire or that energy we need in order to sustain ourselves. In the terms of Madya, this Sanskrit term, what we are talking about is the vibration of that Solar Light which manifests through the tattva of Vayu, which we know of as Air.  So, the Alchemist or Tantrika consumes the grape or grape juice and does so in order to receive the purest and most potent hydrogens related to the tattva Vayu. That pure energy is consumed as part of the process of transforming the energies of the organism in order to produce the purest and most potent sexual energy, which in turn becomes the foundation stone of the temple of the soul.

The next “M” is “Mamsa” which means “meat.” Meat is related to the tattva Tejas, which is fire.  So, the Alchemist or Tantrika consumes red meat, beef, lamb, goat, this type of animal flesh, which contains the fire of the tattva Tejas.


Further, we have “Matsya” which is related to fish, and this is the tattva Apas, which is related to the Waters.  Fish contain hydrogens which our organism needs in order to produce the purest and most perfected sexual energy.

The next “M” is “Mudra” which is related to the grains of the Earth and this, of course is Prithvi or the Earth Element.  So Mudra is related to grains, vegetables and fruit.

These four “M’s”, Madya, Mamsa, Matsya and Mudra relate to four types of physical food, each of which contains hydrogens related to four of the main tattvas. Those hydrogens are very pure energies which can help in the creation and elaboration of the sexual force that we have in our organism.  These four are combined with the fifth “M” which is “Maithuna”.  Maithuna means intercourse or sexuality and this is where we have the transmutation of the Ether itself.

These five M’s are condensations of the Akash, the Prana, the Solar Light.  By eating these five modifications of the Akash, we are taking the full range of the vibrations of the Solar Light in matter because all matter is derived from those four elements, those four tattvas, and combined with the Ether, we then are taking into the organism the root hydrogens of matter itself.  This is how we develop an equilibriated influence.  The equilibriated energies are a complete set of energies that we need in our organism in order to transform the sexual energy.

By this means, the Alchemist, the Tantrika, is able to realize the very purpose of his or her life.  We exist in order to fulfill the mission of that Solar Light.  The Solar Light or the Christ has sacrificed itself and produced creation in order to create Solar Humanity.  A Solar Man or a Solar Woman is an embodiment of that Christic force, the very reflection of that Christic force, and as we are now, we are a Lunar manifestation, that is, we are mechanical, we belong to the processes of the Moon or Nature, we have not conquered Nature.  We are slaves of nature, and we suffer intensely because of it.

In order to conquer the elements of Nature, to have power over the creatures and animals and processes and functions of the Fire, the Water, the Air and the Earth, we have to command those elements within ourselves and we gain that power, we gain that intelligence by consuming those forces and being instructed by the Christ himself through his messengers in how to command the elements of Nature.  If we do not work with the grain, how can we command the grain?  If we do not work with the Waters, how can we command them?  We have to work with them, comprehend them, digest them, conquer them in order to be what the Bible has called us to be, which is Kings and Queens of nature.

The journey of the Solar Light from the undifferentiated Absolute through all the varying levels and dimensions, ends in the sexual energy within our organism.  The human physical body is supreme creation of mechanical nature.  Lunar mechanical nature reaches its peak within the human organism, but that is not the peak of existence, it is not the peak of all creation.  Beyond the human organism we have many levels of existence but one can only enter those levels if one conquers Lunar mechanical nature and transcends those laws.  That is accomplished by commanding and controlling nature within ourselves, and that work is fueled by the most potent and powerful energy we have available to us, which is naturally the sexual force.

When we work with the power of the Cross, we use the forces of the Holy Spirit, the fire which manifests the attraction of opposites when we work with the power between a man and the woman; when combined they activate and inflame the Cross which becomes that living, inflamed Swastika, and that is the root of creation.

If the male and the female have worked to perfect in themselves the body’s creation of sexual energy, meaning they eat right, they manage the impressions they take in, they work with their own consciousness from moment to moment, and they transform and transmute their sexual force, then combined, male and female, that sexual energy enters a new octave.

The first octave we have described from DO to TI is an octave of mechanical nature.  If we spill the sexual energy, meaning we experience the orgasm, we extract that pure energy from the body and we lose it.  We no longer can work with it, it’s gone, and as such we remain in the level we currently are.  We remain a slave of the forces that currently control us, the forces of Nature.

If, however, we save that energy, we transform it, we transmute it, that energy can enter into a new octave and realize new creations. Those creations are called the Solar Astral Body, the Solar Mental Body and the Solar Causal Body.

This is how one is born again.  “That which is born of flesh is flesh.” That is, it is a physical body.  “That which is born of the Spirit, (the Holy Spirit), is Spirit,” that is the Soul.

So, the synthesis is that we have to learn how to work with the five “M’s”.  We consume the foods related to these four primary Tattvas and when we consume them we have to do so consciously, with conscious attention, meaning being present, being aware of what we are doing because the consciousness is our only connection with our own inner Divinity.

If we are not aware of ourselves, if we are not present, observing ourselves and remembering ourselves, we are asleep.

By bringing the force of the consciousness, we bring that energy to bear upon all the transformations that we need to achieve.  When we are fully conscious and present, observing our three brains, we bring the influence of the Being into the transformation of the hydrogens.

The effort of the Gnostic student is to do everything with full consciousness.  When we eat, we consume these elements, we must do it with active consciousness, and that allows us to have a more pure, more effective transformation of those hydrogens. We combine that conscious attention with a mantra: KREEM.  This mantra helps to bring those forces to focus on the transformation of those elements.

The Alchemist, the Tantrika, eats, drinks and breathes with that mantra.  As we eat the food, we eat our meat and our fish and our grains, we pronounce that mantra inside and we vibrate with that sound in order to influence the transformation of those elements.  Likewise, we use this mantra KREEM in the Maithuna, in our sexual transmutation.  This mantra is very potent.  It is especially good for dissolving unwanted elements and extracting the wanted ones.  In other words, you want to transform a food and take what’s good from it, use the mantra KREEM.  If you want to destroy an ego and extract the consciousness, use the mantra KREEM.

By means of this panchatattva Ritual, the five “M’s”, we are in truth worshipping the Divine Mother.  That’s why she is pictured in the center of the graphic.  If you read any Hindu tantras, they will tell you that the panchatattva Ritual is for the purpose of worshipping Devi, the Divine Mother, and now you will understand why.  By properly transforming and receiving all the elements, the hydrogens related to the Tattvas, we are using the gift of the Divine Mother in the right way.  We are receiving it consciously, with gladness and recognizing the sacrifice that she has made and her Son, the Christ, has made on our behalf.  If we proceed in life the way we are, asleep, we do not recognize that gift and thus we are not fully able to take advantage of it.  So the Panctattva Ritual in its synthesis expresses to us how to take advantage of the energies in Nature and in ourselves in order to transform ourselves into something greater.

Questions and Answers

Audience:  What can you say about the Tattvic Timetable?

Instructor:  There are certain writers who have described an occult or Tattvic Timetable, which is a way of codifying or making into a diagram the manifestations of the Tattvas in Nature around us through the course of the day.  In fact, in one of Samael Aun Weor’s books he described a Tattvic Timetable.  He later renounced it, and wrote that the best Tattvic Timetable is to simply observe Nature, because when it is raining, the Tattva that is manifesting is Water, Apas.  When it is hot out, you have Tejas.  So he simplified, he said you don’t need complicated timetables in order to calculate which Tattvas are most predominant.

Audience:  So you are saying that in order to have a good quality of energy, we need to consume all of the Tattvas?

Instructor:  Right.  In order for us to take advantage of the mechanical nature that we have, we need to feed it the best possible elements.  So, if you want to build something you need to make sure you have the best possible parts otherwise the end result will not be strong, it won’t be robust.  The sexual energy is the most perfect refinement of the Solar Light within mechanical Nature.  That energy is the result of that condensation or materialization of the Akash and the Prana and the Tattvas.  So when we take those varying modifications of the Prana and we combine them back again in order to be resolved into one perfected form, then we are making the strongest possible end result.

Audience:  When the energy enters the new octave does the hydrogen T12 break down further to 6 or 3 when you transmute it?

Instructor:  The energy transforms into a new octave so the notes change and the values change.

Audience:  What about vegetarians?

Instructor:  Vegetarians eat all the elements except perhaps fish and meat.  The end result is that their sexual force lacks potency.  They, of course, still produce sexual energy.  It simply does not have the same value as the sexual energy which has been incorporated with the hydrogens of meat and fish.  That means that the vegetarian will not have as much force, they will not have as much fuel, as much energy.  Now, vegetarianism has been widely admired in many spiritual and religious traditions.  In fact, Samael Aun Weor himself was a vegetarian for a period of time but he later discovered in order for him to make good progress in his work he needed Fire.  The work itself is founded upon Fire and for him to realize and manifest that Fire fully, he needed that element, the tattva, so he consumed meat.  In like manner, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, made more or less the same type of statement.  He said he admires vegetarianism because on an ethical basis it is a good idea, but practically speaking he is not a vegetarian because he needs the fuel of meat.

Audience:  Do the Solar Bodies form automatically when the energies are transformed correctly?

Instructor:  No, mechanical Nature stops at the level of the human organism.  To create beyond that level requires the intelligence of the Holy Spirit, which is not mechanical.  It is a Divine intelligence, it is God.  You cannot get God to manifest through any mechanism or mechanical process.  He has His will.  The Solar Bodies are produced by the wisdom and intelligence of the Christ through the Being and by means of the powers of the Holy Spirit.  That creation is a creation based on conscious works and voluntary sufferings or sacrifices in the example of the Christ.  That means that one can transmute, one can use the panchatattva Ritual, but if one is not satisfying the requirements, moral requirements, ethical requirements, initiatic requirements of the Christ himself, those creations can never be realized.

Audience:  What are those tests?

Instructor:  The creation of those bodies is related directly with what we call the Four Ordeals.

Question from Audience:  What is that?

Instructor:  We will discuss them later in more detail, but in general we say that the Four Ordeals are types of tests related to the Four Elements and, of course, those Elements are the basis of creation, the basis of matter, so when we are trying to create bodies or entities in more subtle levels of nature we are also founding them upon the balance of those Four Elements.  But, in this case, it is psychological and we will get into that in more detail later.

Audience:  Should you have all the Tattvas in place in each meal or can you have a breakfast of Earth and Air and then a dinner of Fire and Water?

Instructor:  The way you combine the Elements is really up to the individual.  There are codified versions of the panchatattva Ritual where you actually use a representative of each Tattva within a ritual as a symbol, but in terms of your daily dietary requirements, it’s up to you.  Just make sure that over a weekly basis, or bi-weekly basis, that you are consuming the variety of those foods in balance.

Audience:  How do we know when the elements are transformed?

Instructor:  When you are hungry, you are hungry for more elements, right?  So, if you eat a meal, a few hours later you will be hungry, which means those elements have been consumed.  In the same way for the creation of the sexual energy and the superior bodies, we need to be constantly drawing in energy.

Audience:  The Master Samael stated that the best time to eat a meal is during the Tattva Prithvi, did he renounce that?

Instructor:  Insofar as I am aware, the best time to eat a meal is when you are hungry.

Audience:  In some of his writings, Samael Aun Weor says not to eat meat every day.  Does this apply when performing the panchatattva Ritual?

Instructor:  Meat is something that has to be managed with discretion.  The reason is that it contains Fire which is a very potent element.  If someone is a beginner in their transmutation practice, it’s wise for them to be cautious about how much meat they consume because eating too much can give them too much Fire and cause them to fail and have problems.  On the other hand, someone who has experience of transmutation and has learned about their own psychological limits, is able to consume more Fire.  So, it is really a matter of individual experience.

Audience:  What about pork?

Instructor: Pork is the flesh of a degenerating animal, which means that it is an animal descending upon the devolving side of Nature.  Generally speaking we undertand in Gnosis that pigs are bodies taken up by souls who were very recently human, but lost their opportunity to continue in a humanoid body.  Therefore, that soul is very dirty, very sensual.  Pigs fornicate incessantly.  The flesh of the pig contains the hydrogens related to the psychological elements embodied in that creature.  Therefore, to consume that energy is very damaging for the Alchemist or Tantrika who wants to Self-realize.  It’s highly advisable to avoid pork if possible because that hydrogen or those forces will complicate the perfection of your own sexual forces.

Audience:  In the book Introduction to Gnosis it states there are two other Tattvas named Adhi and Samadhi.  Can you explain where these fit into the chart?

Instructor:  Yes, Adhi and Samadhi Tattva are two superior forms of Tattvas.  They are superior modifications of the Ether which are related to the superior centers that we have within and they will be discussed in a later lecture.

Audience:  Where does chicken fit?

Instructor:  Chicken is just a food like many others that we all eat.  The Master, as far as I know, didn’t address it as having any particular value beyond simple nutrition.  In terms of the Tattvas, when we say meat, we mean red meat.  So the Master ate chicken, but in terms of it’s Tattvic value, I have no clue.

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