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The title of the lecture this morning is the Transformation of Energies. This is related with the law of three that is also called the law of the Holy Triamazikamno (Triamazicamno); likewise it is related with the law of the Harmonial-Reciprocal-Nourishment of Matter in all Cosmic-Units, which is also called the law of the Most Great Common Cosmic Trogoautoegocrat.

We always state that any atom is a trio of matter, energy, and intelligence or consciousness. We also have to state that an atom is like a vibrometer that emits waves according to its own kind. Those waves are precisely what many times we call the impressions, forces.

sun energy

As an analogy, so that you can comprehend the law of three, we will say that the human being has three brains or three nervous systems. As we always state, these three nervous systems are the three vehicles for the law of the Holy Triamazikamno, or the three primary forces of the universe to manifest. The Cerebrum-Spinal-Nervous system is the vehicle for the primary forces of creation. The grand sympathetic nervous system is the vehicle for the negative forces or secondary forces of creation and we find the Vagus or the parasympathetic, which is that system that channels the forces that conciliates the positive and negative energies, this is why it is called the holy conciliation.


So in the human organism we have these three primary forces of the Holy Triamazikamno that in religion are called the Trinity, and of course we have to comprehend and understand that these are not people or individuals but forces. We understand this when we analyze that our nervous system is indeed the system that is between, we will say, the physical matter and the ethereal matter or ethereal body. We always state that the physical body is in reality a tetra-dimensional body and that the physical world that we observe through the microscope and the telescope the whole universe this physical universe is a tetra-dimensional universe. Unfortunately, there are only few people that can see the fourth dimension, which is precisely the vital depth of things, in other words, of matter, the physical matter.

So, the nervous system is precisely that system which is in between, as I said, the vital body and physical body. Indeed, the vital body or ethereal body is a thermoelectric energetic body, which has a blue color. This blue color reminds me of the planet Earth as when seen from afar, it gives off a very beautiful electric color, blue color, which we will say, is a reflection of the vital Earth or the fourth dimension of the planet Earth. In relation to the planets we have to understand and comprehend that they also have a nervous system and this is something that in Gnosticism is very important because scientifically, of course, few people understand that the planet or the planets are really living entities.

To comprehend and understand the former statements is very important in order to comprehend the law of the Triamazikamno or the law of three, which is precisely the three primary forces that emanate from the ray of Okidanokh or what in Kabbalah we call the Ain Soph Aur. This Ain Soph Aur, or the ray of Okidanokh, is also called the solar absolute, which is the third aspect of the absolute. So, it is called Ain Soph Aur or limitless light because it is the first emanation of the unknowable, which is called the absolute, which is the uncreated light so this Ain Soph Aur or solar absolute is located in the dimension zero that also is called the seventh dimension.


So, the ray of Okidanokh, the Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Absolute is precisely the source of life from which all matter is sustained, this is what is called the Cosmic Christ. This is something that we have to comprehend and to understand because this Cosmic Christ, this Solar Absolute, this Ain Soph Aur has its center everywhere and its circumference nowhere; and it is because every cosmic unit depends on it. This is why we started this lecture by telling you about the three nervous systems of the human organism because through these three nervous systems is how the three primary forces of the ray of Okidanokh, or the Solar Absolute works in the human organism. This is very important to comprehend because from it or from them we acquire the self-realization of the being.

Think for a moment that any planet is an organism that has four kingdoms; mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and human kingdom. These four kingdoms are organs of this planet and we mention this because we are talking about the planet Earth but imagine any planet. In Gnosticism we know that any planet is inhabited by these four kingdoms unless it’s a moon which is a dead planet.


The mineral kingdom is precisely the most important in this case related to this law. I stated that the mineral kingdom is one of the main kingdoms because in relation with the law of the Most Great Common Cosmic Trogoautoegocrat, or the Harmonial-Reciprocal-Nourishment of Matter in all Cosmic-Units in the space, within the mineral kingdom there is another kingdom that we call the kingdom of the metals. We cannot deny that within the Earth we find mines or veins of gold, iron, silver, etc. These mines or veins of metals are what we would say the nervous system of the planet. It is easy to understand this when we comprehend that in order for us to use electricity in different cities we use the copper, this in order to channel the electric energy. Any metal can be used for this purpose.

Every metal channels, in this case when we talk about the other law, which is the law of the Heptaparaparshinokh, the law of seven, the law that organizes, we know that the seven metals related with the seven planets are precisely the seven main elements in the Earth that channel those forces in order for the planet to have life. The master Adonai stated that there is no fire in the center of the Earth or within the Earth. What there is, are metals, those metals that channel energies like in this case we are stating the example of the copper that is charged with electricity. The volcanoes that we find around the world are mostly close to the waters of the oceans. In this case, the waters of the oceans play a very important function here, in relation with the different short circuits that happen within the veins of the Earth, these short circuits are what melt the different elements of the mineral kingdom and that transform them into magma, which is what the volcanoes erupt, vomit. In reality, it is just a release of energy. So, think about this and understand that really the metal veins of the planet Earth are indeed its nervous system.

So, as we physically have our nervous systems and as we have what we call the chakras or plexuses through which we capture energies in order to be physically alive. We know this because physically we nourish ourselves in different ways, through the mouth, through the nose, and through impressions. So we know that we have the chakras in order to capture those energies. So, likewise, the planet Earth, obviously, has its vertex, chakras, forces but the main elements in reality that helps the planet in order to be alive are the four kingdoms that we are talking here about.

Imagine for a moment the metallic veins of the Earth as a different kingdom or as an independent kingdom that channels the forces of the Solar Absolute as our nervous system channels the three primary forces of the universe. The central nervous system is the primary system that channels the forces of the father, the grand sympathetic channels the forces of the son, and the parasympathetic or vagus channels the forces of the Holy Spirit when talking in Christian terms.

So obviously the planet Earth in itself is also channeling these three forces through, of course, the metal veins of the Earth. This is how the planets themselves sustain themselves in order to channel those forces that are coming from the Solar Absolute but every planet in itself is different, depending of course on the intelligence and the evolving intelligence, we would say, of every planet. This intelligence is what in Gnosticism is called Fohat, the intelligent force. For instance we know that the sun is not like the scientists believe; “a ball of gas or a ball of fire”. People think that if we travel in a cosmic ship to the sun when we arrive there we will be barbequed because we will be close to the fire. But in reality the sun is not a ball of fire it is just a huge cosmic unit that is called sun, star, but that has huge enormous veins of metal especially gold. What we see in the space is just the projection of those forces or magnetic electric forces that are sent from the core of the sun and that we see like flames.

Earth corekirlian

As we can see flames in a photograph, when somebody is for instance taking a photograph of a finger or a leaf with the Kirlian camera, we just see energy around the matter and it looks like a sun. We have of course pictures here on the Internet that you can see in order to verify our statements.


These are of course, statements that are far-out or very far away from the science of this day and age because we the Gnostics do not admit, we do not buy that statement that asseverates that the sun is a ball of fire, since for us that is a ludicrous statement. The sun is a planet as this planet Earth is a planet, but with tremendous energy. The metal, the kingdom of metals of the sun is perfect; it is mainly made of gold because it is the center of the solar system; the cosmic unit that has to channel the three primary forces the Holy Triamazikamno directly from the seventh dimension.

celtic cross

Here in the planet Earth as you see the four kingdoms are necessary because the law of the Most Great Common Cosmic Trogoautoegocrat is the law that receives and gives magnetic forces, electric forces, among the planets. Here in the Earth of course this law is applied in different ways. If you see for instance, the mineral is an entity or a unit that is fixed, is placed only in one space and grows without moving; for every atom of that particular mineral is a vibrometer that takes and gives energy, magnetism, forces. Every mineral in the planet Earth is like an antenna that captures Special Forces from the moon, from the solar system, from each planet, from the galaxy that we call the Macrocosmos, and from the infinite that we call the Megalocosmos.

So different minerals exist, they exist in order to attract those forces. This is why the metals exist, in order to channel those forces and to give life to this planet. The metals do not exist in the Earth in order to make rich the greedy ones, the Mammons of the Earth that dig, and dig the Earth in order to obtain the gold or the silver of any metal like Uranium in order to make atomic bombs. Metals exist in the Earth for a purpose, for a reason.

Of course, every living organism on the planet has a different mission; for instance the plants. The plants grow vertically they are also fixed, they do not move, I mean they do not move from one place to another. But if you clairvoyantly examine any tree you will see that it is upside down in relation to us. Meaning that the head is in the ground, the hair, which are the roots go into the Earth and the arms and legs go towards heaven. The sex is precisely pointing towards heaven. The sexual energy of the plants is what we call fruits of the Earth, vegetables, and flowers. They smell nice and taste good, why? Because the intelligence within those plants transform the three primary forces, the forces of the universe in the right way. They obey the law. The different intelligences that transform that energy within the trees are not violating the law. And that is why when you enter into the fourth dimension into those plant kingdoms you see the elementals, creatures that the bible calls creatures from Eden, from paradise, (which is the fourth dimension,) who live happily, there is no pain and suffering because they obey the law. Collectively they do it and they do not break cosmic laws, but unfortunately, the intellectual animal, the three brained centered being, in this planet Earth ignore that every tree has its mission, this is why you find different types of trees.


In astrology, you find that some trees are related to a certain zodiacal sign. Another tree is related to the moon, another is related to Mars, another to Saturn, etc. There are trees, plants that are related to the Megalocosmos, to the solar system to the galaxy. They are like antennas capturing, transforming the energy. Their intelligence, or better said, their head, is in the ground because their intelligence is in harmony with the intelligence of the Earth. This is why it is like that. But here the intellectual animal takes one tree and make of it what they call a grafting, an adulteration; the scientists of this planet Earth adulterate the trees the plants by crossing one species of tree with another one in order to make, they say, “better fruits”. But if you understand now that the fruits are the seed of the sexual energy of the trees, of the plants, obviously the fruit that you take from a grafted plant is an adulterated fruit. The sexual force there is adulterated. So the humanoids, the intellectual animals of this planet Earth are altering the food of the Earth, which is that energy that enters into the Earth and the Earth takes and transforms and sends into space again through the same organs that it takes it from, this what is called Askokin. This is how it is called in occult science Askokin.

Obviously, the deforestation of lands is against the planet that is why you find different trees in different areas of the planet because the planet needs different types of energies in certain areas of the land of its body. Trees plants that grow in the tropical or in the cold areas of the planet are not there just by accident, they have their purpose. Unfortunately humanity is violating nature; this is what is called violence against nature.

Have you ever heard that motto in India “A-himsa – non-violence” well that motto is very extent. It is not only for the human kingdom but for the whole planet non-violence means not to disturb the laws of nature and the cosmos, so, it is not only in the human kingdom and the mineral kingdom. Extracting the petroleum, the oil form the Earth is violence against nature and proof of this violence is creating smog, different sicknesses all because of our ignorance.


We can use, like they do on other planets, solar energy in order to transport themselves in their inventions, their vehicles. Of course, they know that solar energy is related with the law of Triamazikamno, solar energy can be used as the plants, the minerals use solar energy and the animals use solar energy.

Let us now look at the animals; the animals have the ability to physically transport themselves from one place to another. In the national geographic television show and many other television programs we see beautiful programs on how the birds, how the animals, how the fish move from one place to another. Why do you think the animal moves from one place to another why do they precisely inhabit certain parts of the Earth like the polar bear in the North Pole, the penguins in the south and North Pole. Why do certain animals, like the deer, have horns like antenna? Because, every animal, every insect captures different types of cosmic vibrations that the Earth needs in different areas, that is why they move; they transmigrate from one place to another. That is why the animal is horizontal, it is not vertical like the tree, and it is horizontal because they have to move. Even a bird moves horizontally in the air in order to travel from one place to another. So every species has its particular mission cosmically speaking and there are intelligences that are moving them in order to feed the planet. That energy of course is shining through the kingdoms of the Earth and is transformed in the core of the Earth within its metals, which is what is called the law of the Most Great Common Cosmic Trogoautoegocrat. This law is fundamental for the survival of all the cosmic units and it must not be broken.

The most difficult organism that the planet creates or develops through evolution is the humanoid; this organism has 3 brains in order to channel the three primary forces. The humanoid is the only one that can retain its three primary forces and comprehend its three primary forces, unfortunately, people ignore the function of these forces … Commonly, we violate the three primary forces, this is why plant crafting is just like destroying the plant kingdom, and the animal kingdom and the mineral kingdom... These are destroyed because of the ignorance of this transformation of energies. We of course as human beings, or better said as Humanoids, grow vertically also but not like the plants because our sex is facing towards the Earth and our head towards heaven. This way we have the opportunity to comprehend and understand why the human organism is created in this way, vertically, in order to take advantage of the forces of the Earth and the cosmos. On top of our head, we have the chakra Sahasrara, the crown chakra that is related to space, with the forces of the cosmos. Here in the solar plexus we have that which we call the telepathic plexus, that plexus puts us in contact with nature, with the natural magnetic forces of the Earth, animals, and plants. We learned in other lectures that we are always in communication through the solar plexus, the telepathic plexus, and how sometimes we meet other people unknowingly, or without us being aware of that in our brain. But this area of the solar plexus where we have the grand sympathetic nervous system is the one that attracts relationships among humans that later on, we acknowledge through the brain, this is what we call the subconsciousness. If we awake, of course, we discover how to take advantage of these forces in nature and how to transform these energies.

In our feet we have the chakra of our feet, I mean, the chakras that put us in contact with the Earth. But we have other chakras, other plexuses that put us in harmony, in contact, with the universe, or with the magnetic forces, electric forces of the Earth.

When we walk on this path, we always hear that we have to practice A-himsa, non violence, and that is precisely one of the mottos that in order to become a human being, as the Dalai Lama stated, we have to work with. Ahimsa means non violence in order to be awakened, in order to know how to be in balance with the law of the Most Great Common Cosmic Trogoautoegocrat because within ourselves unfortunately we have the ego that breaks this law, the ego violates nature in the mineral kingdom, in the plant kingdom, in the animal kingdom and in the human kingdom. This entire human society is the outcome of a wrong transformation because of ignorance, and that is the root of our society.


Ancient people knew about this and students were asking us to talk about mythology and how ancient Nordics explained the creation of nature in relation to Wagner’s opera called The Ring of the Nibelungen. So, precisely such a myth, as the bible talks about, tells us how in other times or in the past, the origin of this root race in which we live in right now came to be. When we talk about the transformation of energies we have to understand that the planet Earth, physically speaking, became physical in this fourth round, this is explained in the Ring of the Nibelungen.

The Ring of the Nibelungen

In this opera you find how in the beginning there is only the word, the sound, and how the forces of the Absolute descend and finally establish themselves in the fourth dimension. When you know Kabbalah you know that the fourth dimension is the world of Yesod. Because when we study the tree of life we discover the symbol of the four inferior Sephiroth; Malkuth symbolizes the Earth, Yesod symbolizes the Water, Hod the fire and Netzah the Air. So, there in the world of Yesod, which is related with the element water is where the first scene in Wagner’s opera the Ring of the Nibelungen appears. There you see the three mermaids or Nereid’s swimming in the water and in the center of Yesod you find precisely the gold, the Rheingold. A beautiful way in order to describe that the ninth sphere is in the very center of the Earth and in the very center of the Earth of course is the vital depth, which is Yesod, which is the sexual force. And the three maidens, or Nereid’s of the Ring of the Nibelungen, are the three primary forces in relation with creation.

Many times in different lectures, we have stated that creation is related to the feminine force. But of course we are not saying that the masculine force is not in activity within the three primary forces, we are only saying that when we talk about development of creation we talk about the feminine aspect or as Genesis states about Eve. Wagner or Norse mythology uses three maidens. Of course, that remind us of the Atlantean epoch in which the planet Earth was starting to crystallize into Malkuth or to become physical, and the Rheingold in the center, which the maidens or the mermaids worship and took care of, is precisely the solar force. And that solar force we have in our sex because in the final synthesis the three primary forces that we channel in the three brains or three nervous systems, crystallize in that which that we call sperm and ovum in the sexual center. The sexual organ is what we call Eve in Hebrew Mythology. In the beginning of this opera you see the Nibelungen - nibel means mist. Into my mind comes the Spanish word niebla, which means mist, combined with lungen (which means child) Nibelungen, the child of the mist. These children of the mist, the Nibelungen, are the Atlanteans, which in this opera in Norse mythology are symbolized by dwarves, a symbol of the development of cunning.


Nordic Gods

And you find for instance other symbols, the giants for example; the giants look dumb in relation to the dwarves, according to this myth. But if you analyze and meditate on this symbol of how the forces descend into the physical plane you will then understand that in the time of Lemuria the life of the planet was not tridimensional or physical but more tetra dimensional. So, life was more in the fourth than in the third dimension, it was semi-physical semi ethereal. This is precisely the point; this is why you see that these two giants are always in touch, in contact with the Gods. In this case, the Gods represent the three primary forces; Odin the Father, Balder the Son and Thor the forces of the Holy Spirit. Of course, in this opera they are named differently Wotan, Donner and Froh but there also exist other names that are given to these three primary forces, intelligences forces.

In addition, there you find, in that opera, the feminine forces, which are also related with these intelligences of the universe, which are played out there in the role of creation. But these two giants, of course as it is written in this mythology, are the remnant or the final giants that existed there because the rest of them were annihilated by the Gods and only two remained.

That reminds us of the same symbol in Genesis, about Cain and Abel. Genesis also states that in that epoch of creation the children of God, which in this case are the bodhisattvas physically speaking that existed in Lemuria, crossed themselves sexually with the daughters of man and they created giants, but these giants that are being explained here is another symbology of Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel is just a symbol of the separatism in that epoch. In which humanity fell into the mistake of not handling the gold, meaning, not handling the three primary forces in the right way. If you remember the temptation under the tree of knowledge of good and evil then you will understand how humanity was tempted, temptation that is also symbolized by that dwarf Alberich. Alberich takes the gold and drags it into the inner layers because the Nibelungen live within the inner layers of the Earth. This is a symbol, of course, of the crystallization of the Waters of Yesod into the world of Malkuth, the physical Earth. This is how the Earth was crystallizing this is how it is symbolized. But of course it is written that after the fall, as you know, there was a problem with the intelligence of the human being, thus, these Lemurians, these giants or Cyclops became of course stupid. In which way were they stupid? Well, they were more in contact; with the internal worlds because they saw the Gods with their cyclopean eye but they could not see like the Nibelungen could, the physical world, more concrete.


So therefore, the Nibelungen, or the Atlanteans were more cunning in this way, like in the Greek mythology The Odyssey, we see how Odysseus says that his name is nobody. Thus, as nobody he cheats the Cyclops, which is a symbol of a Lemurian (not lemur because lemur is an animal). Lemurian is of course a giant, because they were giants. Physically we will say semi-physical, semi-ethereal and they were of course transforming the energies according to the laws. But because they fornicated the Gods were fighting against them. This is how it is shown in symbology of course in that myth of the Ring of the Nibelungen.


You know how Cain killed Abel of course in that opera you see how one giant kills the other giant or how Fafner kills Fasolt. In this case, the giant that survives is the most cunning one that becomes Cain of course according to the Bible. Thus, this Nordic Cain (Fafner) transforms himself into a dragon and keeps the gold for himself. Then the drama develops in how to conquer the dragon, well that dragon (Fafner) is inside everybody. Is not Cain inside of us with that gold? Of course in the beginning in the Lemurian epoch when the giant Fafner killed the other giant Fasolt, when Cain killed Abel, he had the form of a human being but with time it was transformed into a dragon, the black dragon. And everybody is wondering where is that dragon Fafner? Well that dragon is inside of us and is keeping the gold of the spirit. This is why we have to understand that we have to kill the dragon. We have to build inside of us a Hero with the help of the Gods because Wotan or Odin is always working here and now, helping us build the Hero. How does he perform his help in us? Well, this is precisely the beauty of mythology, and the way it explains to us how to do the work and how it happened, how the problem on this planet Earth happened. Because now everybody violates, even the Gods are in trouble because many bodhisattvas fell and the bodhisattvas are the physical, mental, emotional vehicles of the Gods. Thus, this is the big struggle, the big fight, that is always happening and of course this is why the whole planet Earth is now in a big mess.

It is written that when humanity at that time ate from the forbidden fruit, when that humanity took the gold of the Rhine, and started working with that metal in the wrong way they were performing black magic of course, these people are called the blacksmiths, the name Cain means smith or artisan, in Genesis 4:22 a man named Tubal-cain was the master of all coppersmiths and blacksmiths or those who work with metals in order to acquire selfish powers. They started to transform the energies in the wrong way, just for the physical nourishment or for physical enjoyment. Are you following this path?

Fafner killing Falsot

Where are you? This is what Jehovah asked Adam, that Adam in Lemuria, who was made into his own image. Where are you? Could God not see the man? Was God blind at that time? That reminds me of Wagner’s opera while the giants are building the big castle Valhalla, Wotan/Odin is sleeping. Of course the being has to self-realize himself and awake. That fort that the giants were building while Wotan was sleeping has the same meaning to what is written in the Bible, which is that humanity was expelled from Eden. This means that humanity fell asleep because of its downfall and during its sleep something was built, meaning, a division between the superior dimensions and the inferior dimensions. Now the Gods or Monads live in Valhalla surrounded by strong walls, we would say, by the walls of the intellect, or the walls of the mind, that the giants created because of their downfall. But those walls were created to protect the superior worlds from the degeneration of the mind and for the Gods to control the evolution in a different way because of the downfall of humanity.

Thus, when Jehovah, in Genesis, asked, where are you it is like asking, where is my image? Because the human being was created into the image of God; so, where is that image? That is, where is that image that was perfectly transforming the energies and keeping the world in harmony? Where is that harmony or where is that image that was not violating nature? That image disappeared because of the fall and of course, fear was born because of the fall.

Fear was born when we discovered that we were ignorant of many laws, meaning, we were naked, this is how it is written. Now we can see that physically, we are naked even when we are dressed. The image of God is not within because that image that God created into his own image is not physical, but spiritual, it is internal. That image does not exist anymore. When looking for his own image that human being that was in the beginning our inner God is always asking, where are you? Instead of finding his own image, what he finds is a naked beast, an intellectual animal that violates nature. This is why it is written that when one discovers and hears and understands this knowledge one feels ashamed because one discovers that one is naked. One is really a beast and this is why one says, I am naked before my God, I am nothing so I have to hide and what is the worse sometimes we do not want to see the reality of our own nakedness.

On the 4th of February 1962 between 3 and 4 in the afternoon the Age of Aquarius began. As we always say in our lectures, this Aquarian age started in order to help, in order to assist the few that want to be assisted before the total destruction of this humanity.

Because as we follow the sequence of the downfall in which this giant killed the other one, Cain kills Abel and is transformed into a dragon, obviously this dragon is, as the book of revelation states, very dangerous, it is the beast, 666. And it is destroying not only the human kingdom, but also the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and it is polluting the entire Earth. Therefore, the intelligences of the Earth are going to erase these dwarves, these pygmies because the giants in the time of Lemuria were in contact with the Gods, but now we are not in contact with the Gods. The walls that those giants built in that epoch, symbolically, are getting very thick and we can no longer see the Gods.


We think that we are isolated and this is why we are destroying this Earth nonetheless, we think that we are the kings and queens of the universe; so therefore, this pigmy humanity has to be erased from this planet in order to create a new Root Race. However, before that happens they are giving us an opportunity, to transform ourselves with the vibration of Aquarius. And this is why we are now teaching this doctrine. We have to comprehend that the forces of Aquarius, which the Master called the Dionysian vibrations, are vibrating in the whole of nature since 1962. We as physical human beings are receiving that tremendous vibration through our bodies in order for us to do something that is to transform ourselves, to create Seth, or to create that one who according to the Opera the ring of the Nibelungen is named Siegfried. We have to build or to create a sword Nothung or Needful (nothing - AIN), when we know the transmutation of the sexual forces, in order to fight the dragon Fafner.

Do you follow me? Well, if you like Nordic mythology, I advise you to see and listen to that opera of Wagner and enjoy it when it is showing the creation of this planet and its development and finally how we can conquer and return into our place, if we follow the doctrine or the forces. Remember that the ring is always a symbol, as it is also stated in the opera “this is the ring cycle”, the ring is really a cycle. Everything that comes into our hand is like a ring; this is why the ring is placed on the finger related to the sun because it is related to the solar forces. However, now we have that ring on the left hand because we are transforming the forces of the Triamazikamno in the wrong way, and generating only destruction for ourselves. We have to create the real ring of the Gods, which is related with the Seal of Solomon or the Star of David, which is the real gold ring that you receive when you attain the self-realization of the being.

The Master stated that the Star of David has six points which are masculine and six vertices between the points which are feminine. So in total we have twelve rays in the six pointed star, which are related with the 12 zodiacal signs, or the 12 constellations, related with the 12 apostles or with the 12 Gods of Olympus that we have to develop in the self realization of the being in order to return into the level of the true image of God.

So on this path of the self-realization of the being we have to meditate very profoundly in order to discover how not to violate nature.

Obviously, the work starts within us.

If we start respecting the laws of nature in our bodies, in our minds, in our hearts, then we will repeat that in nature.

Yet, humanity in this day and age is polluting the oceans, polluting the air, extracting the metals digging, transforming this planet into a huge corpse in agony, the deforestation of the plants, and the killing of animals is because we ourselves are violating nature within ourselves.

We have to control our nature in order to control the nature outside of us by obeying the law (of our inner God).

sigfried and fafner

Blood and Sacrifice

The whole work is to study the transformation of the energies in order for us to cooperate with nature and not to do the same thing that was done in the time of Atlantis, even in the beginning of this root race, those priests that were awakened in that day could see the Gods or the intelligences of nature and they knew that the energy or the Askokin is also related to the blood. Because if you study your physical organism you discover that your heart is the sun of your organism and the blood is the energy that circulates in your whole organism that carries the energy or the solar force.

So, in that time humanity was fornicating, degenerating themselves by spilling the sexual seed, breaking the law in different ways, thus, the priests performed (Black Magic or) great animal sacrifices.

In history, you find many animal sacrifices not only in the bible (Exodus Chapter 29) but also in many other regions or religions that are still performing (Black Magic) those sacrifices in which they release the blood in different rituals in order to appease the forces of nature.

animal sacrifice

When I say this, England comes into my mind. Somehow, England managed to kill a lot of cows [related to "mad cow disease"]; with the excuse that they were of course mad they made a big holocaust. This is one way (Black Magic) in order to appease the forces of nature, with animal sacrifices.

It is stated that before the First World War some dervishes from Asia were giving lectures and pronouncing themselves against (Black Magic) animal sacrifices. They asked, why do animals have to suffer the consequences of the degeneration of people?

It is better (White Magic) to teach people how to obey the law and how not to violate nature and not to sacrifice animals (through Black Magic) in order to appease the forces of nature.

Because as you know, those rituals release Askokin into the atmosphere and this is how the forces of nature (through Black Magic) feed themselves because the planet is alive. So this dervish or the dervishes pronounced themselves against that (Black Magic) and finally many rituals or sacrifices of (Black Magic) animals were suspended in the world. But people continued with the same violence, fornication, adultery, and destruction. Then nature needed Askokin and since it was not receiving it through rituals (because they were suspended,) a great holocaust or the First World War occurred in which nature took by force that which was denied to it through these (Black Magic) holocausts, soon after, the Second World War occurred.

nepal animal sacrifice

Of course we disagree with (Black Magic) animal sacrifices but we know that the Earth needs Askokin in the atmosphere, it needs Askokin in the inner layers in order to survive, in order to be alive but we continue to squander the energy of the Earth in many different ways.

This is why when people ask if we should pray to God in order to avoid tsunamis, in order to avoid earthquakes, in order to avoid hurricanes, we answer, this is not the way. You can pray as much as you want, meditate as much as you want in order to appease the world, but nature has to be balanced and if we are violating nature, destroying nature in different ways, nature is going to balance itself no matter what.

Nature demands the energy of its main organ, which is the human body; humanity is the main organ of nature. The body is a machine, many times, we say, we are physical machines that transform forces and nature takes energy from us, but look how we are right now, thus, if we do not obey the law then nature will destroy us; because either this degenerated humanity will be destroyed or the life of the whole planet will be.

When a planet dies it becomes a moon but this planet still needs to have the 6th root race and the 7th root race, two more root races in order to become a moon. However, if the intelligence of nature becomes so attached to this humanity, and does not destroy it then this planet will be a moon before hand and the other two root races that need to exist (according to the evolution and to the laws of this cosmic universe) will stop existing or will not exist at all.

But the 6th root race has to exist and the 7th root race has to exist therefore this humanity has to be destroyed, because it is no longer good.

The planet needs Askokin to survive. And if we are destroying the plant kingdom with deforestations, with adulteration of plants, how is the planet going to take the energy from the Megalocosmos, from the Macrocosmos, from the solar system, from the moon from the planets, how? If our physical body is degenerated, polluted with many sicknesses, how is this physical body going to be a good antenna? If we are destroying the animals, animals are being killed as well because different parts of the Earth are becoming extremely polluted. The mineral kingdom, the oceans are polluted. So do you understand this? Do you comprehend that the whole planet is an organism and we are like cells to this planet. Of course, when every single human being in any planet is perfectly accomplishing the law of the Most Great Common Cosmic Trogoautoegocrat and does not violate the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom or animal kingdom, it is because this human being is a human being made into the image of God. Then, such a planet becomes a sun, which is perfect in all of its kingdoms and the center of a solar system.

This is why in the beginning I said if you go physically to the sun you will not find a ball of fire; you will find a planet with a tremendous vibration, a tremendous energy that you obviously cannot handle. It is like when you are listening to loud music with many speakers. if When you do that there is a cat there what would the cat do? He would run; he goes away because his ears cannot tolerate the sound. Now imagine our senses, the vibrations of the sun are so strong, so powerful that we cannot endure them. Only the solar beings who live there can transform those forces.

I remember a story of a friend of mine that when he went into the astral plane he asked his being, my God, my being; please take me to the sun Sirius. Sirius is a huge star in this galaxy. My friend jumped in the astral plane towards space flying towards Sirius with his Astral Body. When he reached the star Sirius he felt an orgasm, a sexual spasm and he awoke in his bed as if he had a wet dream. He said to me, “I don’t understand, I was going to that Sun and I felt an orgasm”. Yes, I answered, that happened because unfortunately you have your animal ego within and that tremendous vibration that you were receiving in the astral plane was not transformed by your consciousness but by that giant, which is a dragon within you. Of course, your dragon is accustomed to transforming the forces of the Triamazikamno in the wrong way so therefore, you had a sexual pollution, you had an orgasm, a spasm, and this was logical. Now you can better understand why on those stars or planets only Gods live. In order to have a physical body on one of those stars of the galaxy you have to be a God, in other words you have to be a bodhisattva without ego, a self-realized being, a solar man. But even if we created the astral body, mental body, causal body we are not solar man; if we have ego we are not solar, we are lunar and obviously “Luna” or the moon reflects the sun but doest not transform it perfectly.

So what is it that happens when we physically see the sun? Of course, we see a ball of fire, explosions. However, if you develop your clairvoyance and see somebody angry, you will also see those atomic explosions of fire around him, you may think that he is in flames, but yes, he is in flames or surrounded by energies, yet he is not physically burning but of course, he is hurting himself. So what we see here in the planet Earth is the tremendous vibration and magnetism, the electro force of the veins of the sun which are pure gold mines as well as other metals.

However, this is something that is difficult to understand because scientists of this planet Earth state that the sun is a ball of helium, hydrogen in constant explosion. We do not deny that the main element of the sun is hydrogen but also we find hydrogen here in the earth’s atmosphere. One day we will understand other laws in order to comprehend what the energy and magnetism and electricity is and how we have to build the To Soma Heliakon, the body of gold of the solar man. Have you heard that the resurrected masters have solar bodies or bodies of gold? One thing is to create the internal bodies: astral body, mental body, and causal body. When you create those bodies they are called mercurial bodies because they are the crystallization of the mercury that we have in our sexual force. But to place the gold in those bodies is precisely the higher transformation of energies that any human being can ever do. In order to place the gold into the bodies, the existential bodies of the being, you need to annihilate the ego, and to resurrect. If you do not have solar golden bodies, you cannot resurrect. Only those who have golden bodies can resurrect. But with the ego alive, it is impossible to resurrect.

Only those with golden bodies are perfectly transforming the energies and making of a planet a sun. However, in order for this planet Earth to become a sun it needs a long time really because indeed this planet has many monads which are failures. It is very rare to find a solar man on this planet Earth but if you want to find a whole humanity where all its Beings are solar men, well any sun any star is just that.

Questions and Answers

Question: What are black holes?

Answer: Black holes are planets, which are dying, or stars, which are dying or returning, we will say, into the uncreated light. There are many black holes, where you see that the energy and the matter are being swallowed up. Swallowed by what? There are many theories but really, as we said in the beginning in the beginning, the center of the absolute is everywhere and the circumference nowhere. Obviously this sun when it eventually disappears will enter into the unknowable, a black hole.

Question: Please explain exactly what Askokin is.

Answer: Askokin is the food of a planet that is the outcome of the mixture of the different energies that are channeled through the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, human kingdom that are coming from different directions in space, and that the planet transforms through the metals, in the kingdom of metals within the core of the Earth and sends back through the mineral kingdom, to the plant kingdom, to the human kingdom, to the animal kingdom into space in order to be taken by other planets. This is what is called the Reciprocal Nourishment of all cosmic units. So we receive different types of forces, for instance as human beings physically speaking, we have our own particular Askokin which is our vital body which in this case, of course, are different energies that we transform (what we eat, what we breath, and what we think, impressions). In the end, gnostically we transform those forces and create other bodies. So the whole planet itself has that energy in order to create or to transform, to create organisms that will be in harmony with the solar absolute.

Question: Thor (the God of Thunder) being the Holy Spirit what does his hammer represents?


Rune Gibur

Answer: The hammer of course is the cross that you see in its shape. In other explanations, we find that the hammer of Thor is the Swastika, which is the cross or the hammer in movement; because really Thor the Holy Spirit is that centrifugal force that is always in activity. That is why Thor creates storms with his hammer, with his power. It is the same cross the Swastika, the cross in movement, because there are two types of crosses. The Swastika is formed when the cross is in the hands of Thor (the Holy Spirit) it is his hammer, which of course is also the symbol of willpower; the Willpower that we need in order to transmute the sexual energy, and that of course is the Swastika which is that cross that is always rotating, always active. However, the cross of the fornicators is not rotating; it is standing, above the head without movement.

Question: How can you know if you are transforming energy properly?

Answer: If what we think, if what we feel, and what we do is perfectly balanced. If what we are thinking, what we are feeling and what we are doing is right then that is precisely the right transformation, but if we are doing something that we feel in the heart is wrong then something is wrong. In order for Upright thought, upright feeling, upright action to be, one needs a lot of observation, meditation, in order not to be a violator of the law. Because the whole thing, the whole problem that we have as human beings is precisely that we are violators of the law. To begin with the sixth commandment which is you shall not fornicate. We are violating that law and therefore we are transforming the gold that we have in our Yesod, sexual glands, in the wrong way, meaning, lustfully.

Question: Were animal sacrifices always black magic in ancient times or were they done positively in order to balance nature?

Answer: When any type of animal sacrifice is done, whether black or white, it is always in order to appease the forces of nature. Of course, there are other ways, as other religions state, in order to appease the Gods, to please the Gods, but who are the Gods? They are the intelligences of nature that can be tough on us when we violate nature. Therefore, in ancient times they were killing animals in order to release Askokin from the blood in order to appease those forces. Moreover, later on, they even reached the breaking point of killing human beings or sacrificing human beings and in that way of course, they were also breaking the law. Because they were appeasing the forces of nature but breaking another law, which is Katancia that goes against this, to understand Katancia is very difficult. Even now, you find in India, and many other areas of Asia, and even in America the so-called Voodoo or Santeria in which they kill animals in order to have benefits for something. The ritual always works but you always have to pay if you violate any law. So it is better to sacrifice the animals that we have within. That is precisely the great sacrifice that the Gods want, the sacrifice of those animals. Why sacrifice innocent animals, which are not yet on our level of evolution, why should they have to suffer the consequences of our stupidities? However, this is precisely what this humanity does, every one of its members. I repeat again, when I was studying that killing of cows in England I thought, well who knows, who knows, maybe that is the way they are trying to avoid the destructive forces of nature from reaching them. Nonetheless, sooner or later these forces will reach them; because such a holocaust is always against the law. What the Gods want, or what God wants, or what divinity wants is the annihilation of our ego and that is the beast or the dragon that we have to kill, that we have to sacrifice.

Question: What are runes? Can they be used to balance nature?

Answer: Obliviously the Master Samael Aun Weor delivered different practices to us. The Runes allows us to take advantage of the energies of nature in order to have a transformation in ourselves, to awaken the consciousness in a positive way. This is why the runes are a gift of the Gods, in order to assist us. This is why when people say that God abandoned us to our fate, they are wrong. Because God is Gods and we receive through many ways different practices, exercises in order for us to balance ourselves, to be equilibrated in order not to violate the law, in order for nature to obey us. Because that precisely is the goal, when nature obeys us it is because we are balanced. The runes, of course, are the practices of the Norse that help us to balance our psyche.

rune Gebur

The main rune is the rune Gebur (Geburah), which is related to the swastika. The rune Gebur is a cross but when it is in movement, it is a swastika. The Master always associated Gibur, or rune Gebur (which is sexual magic) with that word Gebur-Altar, which if you modify it a little bit is Gibraltar; the mystery of the strait of Gibraltar or the altar in which you perform your transformation of forces. Any type of rune is good because it teaches us how to transform the forces positively.

Question: Why would a person’s inner being allow him to go to the sun knowing he could not properly transform the energy?

Answer: One time when I went into the astral plane I asked my God, my Being to please send me where I belong, At that point the Earth opened and I was sent to hell. Do you see that? Of course, the ego thought I belonged in heaven, why did not my God send me to heaven or pull me into heaven? There are many times when I had experiences that He called me, and I talked with my Superior Being. However, that time when I said send me to where I belong and I was sent to hell, I understand that next time I would not ask him to send me to where I belong because I will be sent to hell again. That individual who asked God to take him to the star Sirius was not prepared but Go let him go. The experience was rough but then, he needed to understand that in order to be there he needed to be well prepared. Many people want to experience heaven but you need to gain those types of experiences, to prepare yourself.

Question: Did he lose any Kundalini from that experience?

Answer: In dreams, you lose sexual energy you lose matter, energy. However, you lose degrees according to the magnitude of the fault. Sometimes when it is unconscious in this way you do not lose anything because it was a way for the being to teach him. The difference is when you do it willingly whether in the physical plane or the internal planes. If you fornicate willingly, oh well then you lose, a lot.

Question: Is it jewelry bad?

Answer: always the initiate receives jewelry internally, metals, and necklaces. If you look, for instance, in Egyptian mythology, or Mayan mythology you find many sculptures related with jewelry, related with gold. For instance Mummies in Egypt were always found with a lot of gold and it is because there is an occult symbolism or procedure to preserve bodies for something that people do not know about. Moreover, the gold of course is something very important in these cases. The Master Samael talks about the mummies for instance. Most of the mummies were always found with a lot of gold and sometimes the gold was placed inside the cavity of the heart of the mummy. Because the mummies were preserved by ancient initiates in Egypt with the objective of getting the wisdom of the personalities of those mummies in the consciousness of the future bodies of those Initiates according to the law of reincarnation, thus, to acquire that ancient wisdom in order to help humanity.

There are two types of mummies, alive and dead: The dead mummies are being found by many Archeologists but the mummies that are alive, meaning, that the Viscera of those mummies is not out of the body but within, therefore, they are alive. Preserved for the future according to initiation in order to have a type of reincarnation that is unknowable for this human race, something that is a secret. The Master Samael talks about his mummy, which is alive, and that he was using, or he probably is using now.

Question: Related to the earlier story about the astral plane, is that one reason that we sleep in the astral because we lose a lot of energy to get there and don’t have enough to replace it?

Answer: Obviously in order to be conscious in the astral plane we need to save a lot of emotional energies. And for that we have to control our Grand Sympathetic nervous system in order to not be angry, or to be jealous, or to be fearful, or with hate. I mean all of those egos related with this area of the heart; fear, jealousy, anger, pride, self-esteem, self-importance, and hatred, whatever. All of those egos steal a lot of energy from the emotional center. That is why it is important to love our enemies by transforming the negative forces of our fellow man through meditation, in order to save energies, in order to awake in the astral plane.

Question: How does the mantra Krim or Klim help during the Pancatatwa ritual? This helps to balance energies as well?

Answer: Well the mantra Krim is the mantra that you utilize in order to extract the energies of what we eat and to place them not only in the physical body but in the vital body, in the astral body, in the mental body and even to God. That is why it is written when we eat it has to be like a ritual mostly when we eat we have to remember God and pronounce the mantra Krim in order for that energy to go to the higher level of the seventh body. The human being has to be nourished in the seven bodies. That is why we say if you eat a grafted fruit, you are only feeding your physical body because an adulterated fruit does not have the energy necessary for the astral body, for the mental body, for the causal body, for the spiritual body. This is why when humanity eats this kind of fruit they lose their morals because they are not feeding their heart (emotions), their head (mind) only their physical body.

Question: How does the abuse of the planet affect our Gnostic order?

Answer: Well in this day and age you need to be careful in order to find the right food. In order to nourish not only your physical body but your internal bodies, meaning, to know how to select fruit that is not adulterated and to know how to feed yourself. Because obviously the outcome of that transformation of energies of what you eat, breathe; etcetera will become sperm and ovum. That is why we have to go, if we live in cities, occasionally into the forest, and to the sea, and to the river in order to breathe the Prana, the energy, the solar force. In order for us to have good sperm because the quality of sperm and ovum is precisely what builds the solar bodies.

Question: So is food from supermarkets safe or should we try to eat food from health food stores? What about organic foods and are nectarines grafted?

Answer: Nectarines pure garbage; they look like tangerines. Nectarines are just the outcome of some crossing. This is what I know, when I go to the supermarket, I buy only fruit that has seed, like natural apples, natural tangerines, natural oranges, fruit or vegetables that are not grafted. Unfortunately, in this day and age, this type of food that is crossed or grafted is very abundant. And they are abundant in the supermarkets; even if they call it organic, “oh this is grafted but it is grown organically”, it is garbage; just because it is organic it doesn’t mean that it is not adulterated.

Question: What about dinner parties?

Answer: Sometimes if you are invited to a party and they are serving that type of food, well you have to eat it; you do not have to be discourteous. So, eat it even when you know that there is nothing there but if you buy your food choose the best.

Question: I thought organic is good

Answer: It does not matter. If it is grafted it is bad. If you take the seed of the fruit that is grafted and plant it, it does not grow into another plant. That is the clue. It is a dead seed because it is already adulterated. So the transformation of energies starts by being aware of what we eat because our stomach is going to transform the food into energies. And we need those energies not only physically, or for the physical body but for the astral body, for the mental body, for our spirit. If you do not feed yourselves in that way, meaning, properly, little by little, you will lose your morals and this is what is happening in this day and age. People feed themselves with canned food so then they lose their shame. People show their sexual organs without shame and there is a lot of degeneration, sexually speaking. They have no shame to show their sexual organs because the type of food they eat is not feeding their own inner spiritual forces.

Question: So what about who prepares the food, if you say sometimes when the chef is preparing the food in an angry state that you are not going to get the same, you know, values out of that when you prepare the food at home with loving care.

Answer: Well you remember the last supper when Jesus was distributing his solar force through the wine and bread of the Eucharist. That is precisely a symbol of how we have to eat. Every way that we eat needs to be a ceremony in order to take the energy. Unfortunately, in this day and age we go to a restaurant and maybe the chef or the cook is angry making the food, because he has to work, or maybe he is sick. Obviously the food is impregnated with the vibrations of the people that cook it. This is why you have to prefer always, to cook yourself and be happy when you are doing it. You cannot compare the food that is made in your home with a restaurant when people are just making it because they need to make money. It is hard to find a place where you can say; “oh this cook is really making food with love”, right? Most of the time they are just sick and tired of working and just watching the clock because they want to leave and then you eat desperation or impatience. And what about, oh I don’t want to talk clearly about that, but sometimes when I see the cook and I see how degenerated this person is, I say, and I don’t have to be prejudiced, but if he really or she really is a violator against nature, sexually speaking, the worst of them, I don’t eat I prefer to starve; because food is always impregnated with forces. One time somebody asked me if I eat pork, and of course pork is bad, but what about for instance if you are in the Sahara desert for one week without eating and somebody comes and offers you pork, oh well then I would eat all of it because I am starving. You do not have to be a fanatic but after that, I won’t eat it anymore. Because you have to survive as well, if you are going to die because the only food they are giving you is pork, well what can you do? But if you have the way to choose and to reject that, then do it. Besides that, I said I am not in the Sahara desert yet so why do I have to worry about that, right?

Question: So is it best to just grow your own fruits and vegetables?

Answer: Well if you can do it, do it. If you have your own orchard grow your vegetables and fruits.

Question: So if angry vibrations negatively charge your food can you play Beethoven when making your steak to make it better?

Answer Yes of course classical music is always good. You have to be in a good mood. Remember that you are impregnating the food with your mood. That is why when you see your wife is cooking for you and she is happy then eat, but if she is angry while she is cooking it is like poison. So you just go and relax her, massage her shoulders, while she is cooking, kiss her then she will be happy cooking. Then you eat good food, right?

Well friends I hope this lecture helps you to understand that everything is alive and has intelligence. And if we interfere in the intelligence of nature and the cosmos, when it comes into the Earth, obviously we are going to damage ourselves, hurt ourselves. Ok if there are no further questions thank you very much and the next lecture will be added onto this in order for you to understand the sequence of the transformation of energies.