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Why do doctors, scientists, and priests recommend orgasm?

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Quite simply, very few doctors and priests know anything about transmutation, thus they reject what they do not know. This fact reinforced by abundant evidence that forceful repression of the sexual energy (in so-called abstinence or "celibacy" as practiced by priests, nuns, and monks) is very destructive and results in massive psychological damage expressed through sexual abuse of one''s self or others.

In fact, doctors and priests have advocated and defended the orgasm because 1) they do not know anything else, and 2) they enjoy it, and have no interest in changing. What is most disappointing is when they claim that retention of sexual energy is dangerous or harmful. Upon what evidence they state such things is unknown, since they have no experience or scientific studies to support their views. They would be well-advised to study the scientific evidence that supports retention of the sexual energy and the next step, sexual transmutation. The ancient tradition of sexual transmutation has thousands of years of history, and from it have emerged some of the greatest human beings (as evidence of this, one only need to begin studying the scriptures).

We present as evidence the experience of millions of serious individuals and couples from around the world, from a variety of spiritual traditions, who undertake the transformation of the sexual forces through retention and transformation. These individuals do not suffer any of the proposed "illnesses" and "problems" proclaimed by the supposed medical and spiritual authorities. In fact, followers of this method experience improvements in health, the healing of mysterious and persistant illnesses, sharper cognition, better sleep, more relaxed daily life, and most of all, a dramatic increase in the love felt in their heart, and the abolishment of sexual guilt.

The position of doctors and priests is understandable, because they can only know what their physical senses tell them, which is very limited.  They are not members of the Gnostic Church; they have not awakened their consciousness, and they have not entered into initiation.  If we want to enter heaven, we have to rely on those who have been there, who know that realm--and those are the great prophets, the avatars, the great spiritual illuminates: Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, and more.  They all universally teach: do not orgasm. That is the basis of the teaching, the basis of the tradition.  Many people come up with a huge variety of excuses why they cannot give up orgasm, why they should do it, why it is "healthy."  They are free do that.  Yet, they have to bear the consequences of it, which can be seen in the state of humanity today.

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