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How should I begin sexual magic? How should it be practiced?

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Sexual magic is an uncomplicated and natural practice, yet at the same time it is delicate. Only short periods of connection are recommended for beginners, because the body must become accustomed to sexual transmutation, and the practitioners must develop willpower to refrain from reaching orgasm. Slowly the period of time can be lengthened, and one should always pay attention to their body as to what is suitable.

Cultivate love between yourself and your partner. Do not become identified with the sensations of sex, yet, do not reject them either. Try to keep the mind in a relaxed state. Do not fall into fantasy or lustful imagination, this is not only a waste of sexual energy, it additionally fuels desire instead of love. Eventually all manifestations of desire must be denied, comprehended and eliminated; this is a method that is learned through time.

The greater one can elevate their state of consciousness while in the sexual act, the more effective the transmutation of sexual energy will be. This involves understanding how to meditate. It is not necessary for a beginner to know how to meditate well, yet eventually it is learned through practice. A beginner must keep the act simple: to cultivate love with his or her partner, to try to empty the mind and open the heart. After some time the couple will separate. If the man loses his erection, then this is the body''s way of informing him that it is time to stop.

Those who practice sexual magic must never reach orgasm or ejaculation. When the sexual organs become hyper sensitive it clear one is approaching the spasm. One should stop well before even this happens. It is vitally important that no release whatsoever occurs. Many years of work can be lost in a single moment if one forgets him or herself.

There are many mantras (sacred sounds) and visualizations taught in the tradition that one can utilize to aid the transmutation of energies; a very simple yet effective one is this: IAO: Iiiiiiiiiiiiii Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Oooooooooooooooooooo

The tremendous mantra IAO (pronounced eeeee aaaa oooo) synthesizes the science of the Arcanum A.Z.F. This mantra should be vocalized during the beloved ecstasy of sexual magic.

I (Ignis, Fire)

A (Aqua, Water)

O (Origo, Principle Spirit) – Samael Aun Weor, The Yellow Book

Another, simpler, mantra is the letter S. Simply vocalize Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss while connected with your partner.

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