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Daily Life on the Path

"If a person begins his day consciously, then it is evident that such a day would be very different compared to other days.

"When the day one is living is taken as the totality of one’s life, when one does not leave for tomorrow what one must do this very day, then indeed one gets to know what the work on oneself really means.

"A day never lacks importance; therefore, if we really want to transform ourselves radically, we must then see, observe and comprehend ourselves daily." —Samael Aun Weor, Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology

Gnosis is lived. Here are some practical guidelines to make your life spiritually practical.

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FAQs about Daily Life on the Path

How Does My Home Influence Me Spiritually?

The home of Gnostic initiates must be full of beauty. The flowers that perfume the air with their aroma, beautiful sculptures, perfect order and cleanliness make of each home a true Gnostic sanctuary. - Samael Aun WeorThe Perfect Matrimony

The home of the Gnostic student, no matter how grand or humble, becomes a sacred temple and place of worship when it is magnetized by the continual flow of uplifing energy generated though constant spiritual practice. 

Flowers, perfumes, symbolic pictures, and beautiful music contribute to creating an environment filled with wisdom and love. - Samael Aun WeorThe Yellow Book

What Should My Daily Schedule Be?

Our daily schedule must balance our responsibilities, both spiritual and terrestrial. Since our daily responsibilities are highly variable and will change throughout our life, our schedule will also vary and change. Nevertheless, there are certain fundamental elements that will contribute towards ensuring spiritual progress.

Generally speaking, it is advisable to rise early to meditate and pray. Many students find that Runes and Rites are effective complements to their morning observances.

Of course, throughout the day, one must be strengthening self-observation and self-remembering.

In the evening, it is essential to practice retrospection meditation and contemplation of the day's experiences. Without this, progress is impossible.

Where should I live to be truly spiritual?

Many students believe they should move to another country or leave the cities to live in remote places in order to become "spiritual." The reality is that your spiritual life does not depend on where your body resides in the physical world, but only on where your consciousness is from moment to moment. Gnosis is not found in physical locations, but in oneself. Study the teachings and study your self; that is all you need to perform the work. Furthermore, in these moments, those who are truly spiritual actively serve suffering humanity, and the best place to do that is where humanity is suffering, which is not in isolation in the wilderness. Serve humanity where you are, and work on yourself where you are. 

What church, movement, or group should I attend?

"In the remote past, there were authentic mystery schools in the physical world, but today those schools of internal instruction must be sought within our inner universe. The current spiritual schools of the physical world are all, absolutely all, dens of black magic...

"Nevertheless, the parrots of spirituality cover their weaknesses with that parochial statement that they need these so-called schools to learn the basics. What fools. Twenty centuries have passed since the Christ came to earth and they still have not learned the basics, the first letters... These fools are believing that they can mock the holy doctrine of the Nazarene with impunity. These fools believe that learning theories is how they will free themselves. These nonsensical ones do not want to realize that maxim of Christ that says thus:

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” —Matthew 6:33

"Who among those nitwits has fulfilled the greatest commandment of the law of God?

“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and thy neighbour as thyself.” —Luke 10:27

"Do you not know that you are the temple of the eternal living God, and that the Most High dwells in your heart?

"You were taught the Our Father precisely so that you would learn to converse with your inner God, and yet you are looking for loopholes within schools. How foolish you are!

"So what is the need for schools if the master is within, and he calls us?" - Samael Aun Weor, Secret Notes of a Guru

How do I know a teacher, book, or group is authentic?

This question reveals certain tendencies in students. First is the mistaken assumption that we at Glorian have full and complete knowledge of everything that has ever been written about spiritual traditions, movements, and contemporary leaders. Second is the mistaken belief that we have consciously investigated within the superior dimensions all the world’s great spiritual thinkers and can thereby give them the assurance of support, the recognition and admittance of their inconsequential obscurity, or even their outright public defamation. Third, building on the prior point, is the mistaken belief that we are authorized to tell the world who is legitimate or not.

We seek to uphold and follow a precious maxim: “Respect the religion of your neighbor. Those who criticize others violate the law of the tranquil heart.”

We do not have more knowledge than your inner Being. Your unique needs can only be discerned by your own Innermost.

Here, we teach self-reliance, investigation, experimentation, and verification of spiritual facts. You cannot learn this essential skill if you do not test the validity and teachings of a particular school yourself, or if you merely rely on what others have told you. People are more or less erroneous in their beliefs, assumptions, and experiences. To remove any possibility of error on our part, we need to rely on our inner divinity to rightly guide and orient our afflicted heart.

To investigate any teaching or teacher, study the teachings, and learn to meditate.

To appease your hunger and thirst, even if but temporarily, you can rely on the following resources that can help you to discriminate what you read and see amongst the various spiritual schools, movements, and teachers. We invite you to seriously meditate upon them, not merely reading like you would a newspaper, but internally tackling, wrestling with, and struggling to intuit their meaning within your very soul: