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Types of Spiritual Schools

Evil-minded people with a lack of comprehension mistakenly believe the gnostic movement is against schools, religions, orders, spiritual societies and sects. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are not against anyone; we only reveal and indicate where the danger is.

We, the masters of the conscious circle of the solar humanity, are obliged to speak when necessary and to keep silent when necessary. There are criminal silences; there are infamous words. It is equally wrong to speak when we must keep silent, as it is to keep silent when we must speak. This does not mean, however, that we, the masters, are against anyone. We do not hate, nor attack anyone; we merely reveal the danger. That is all.

There are four types of schools:

  1. Schools that teach how to crystallize the soul
  2. Schools that teach how to crystallize the soul and to incarnate the Spirit (the Being)
  3. Schools that assist as a form of kindergarten to humanity
  4. Schools of black magic.

Let us examine these four types of schools in a successive order.

1. Schools That Teach How to Crystallize the soul

To crystallize the soul is something unusual for those who are religious. Many have calumniated us, qualifying us as materialistic people. Really, we are not materialistic. We are esotericists and that is all. The intellectual animal, mistakenly called human, believes that he already has a soul. Do not feel afraid or outraged; observe with patience, analyze, investigate...

The intellectual animal only has the Buddhata [buddhadhatu, buddha nature] incarnated, the inner Buddhist principle, the Essence, the psychic material, the raw material needed to create the soul.

It is necessary to awaken the consciousness, to awaken the Buddhata, to strengthen it, to individualize it. Such an action is called "creating the soul." Schools that teach how to obtain the soul are governed by instructors who already have their soul. Only the one who has a soul can teach others the complete system of creating the soul.

All schools that teach how to obtain the soul know very well that the human being has a pluralized "I", which miserably wastes the psychic material in atomic explosions of anger, greed, lust, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc., etc., etc.

Unfortunately, as long as the pluralized "I" exists within mankind, we will lose the forces of the Buddhata. It is necessary to dissolve the "I" if what we really want is to create the soul. The true work of an instructor with soul is to reform all who accept reforming, to normalize people, to direct a school of normality. Really, only those who are normal can unfold themselves. Only those who are normal can become super-normal. The multitudes do not have soul. They are controlled by the pluralized "I" and, therefore, do not have individuality. They are abnormal. This is hard for many to accept; but it is the truth. We have to speak the truth at any cost.

Every instructor with soul has to teach his disciples the theory of acquiring the soul; however, this is relative. The disciple has to do the work, because the instructor cannot do the work for the disciple. Each one has to follow the path alone. The instructor of a "soul school" will work with embryos of souls, helping them in their growth, development and progress.

Every school that teaches the dissolution of the "I" is a "soul school." There are "soul schools" in the teachings of Krishnamurti, Chan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Sufism, Christian "Quietude," etc. Every soul school teaches the technique for the dissolution of the "I." Really, only through the creative comprehension of all our errors, in all the deep levels of the mind, is the "I" inevitably disintegrated.

The soul schools also teach systems and techniques to awaken the powers of the Buddhata. The soul schools have very effective methods to awaken the Buddhata. The soul schools teach the science of inner meditation, through which the consciousness, the Buddhata, awakens. In this way, we attain inner illumination.

The instructors of soul schools want the annihilation of the pluralized "I": Satan. The instructors of soul schools seek to have one inhabitant existing inside each human being, which is the Buddhata: the soul.

Really, the nature of Buddhata is happiness. Buddhata itself is happiness. Every school that teaches the dissolution of the "I" is a soul school, a school that teaches how to crystallize the soul.

2. Schools That Teach How to Crystallize the soul and Spirit

Every school that teaches how to create the soul and Spirit is a school of regeneration. The schools that teach only how to crystallize the soul do good work, but those that teach how to create the soul and Spirit do superior work.

The one that only crystallizes the soul (does it through the dissolution of the "I") can be mortal or immortal. Such a one is immortal if he enters into a school of regeneration, and is mortal if he does not enter into any school of regeneration. Every school of regeneration teaches the Maithuna or sexual magic; the one that rejects the sacred fire of sex becomes mortal. A soul that does not want to receive the sacred fire of the Third Logos loses its inner forces, little by little, and after many reincarnations, finally dies.

When we work in the creation of our soul, our work is done in the molecular world. When we work in the creation of the Spirit, we work in the solar electronic world (Causal World, world of the Monad). The common intellectual animals really only know this cellular world (the physical world).

Every authentic school of regeneration teaches the three basic factors for the revolution of the consciousness. These three factors are: to die; to be born; to sacrifice ourselves for humanity. The pluralized "I" has to die in order to create the soul.

We have to work with the Hydrogen Si-12 of the sexual energy, transmuting it through sexual alchemy, in order to have the right to attain the Second Birth.

Only when the Angel is born within ourselves do we become immortal. It is absurd to think in the advent of the fire if we do not know how to transmute the sexual energy. The sacred fire results from the transmutation of our sexual secretions.

The one that does not know how to perform the Maithuna (sexual magic) cannot receive the sacred fire. If the soul does not receive the fire, it becomes weak, and after many centuries, dies, little by little.

The Gnostic Movement is a school of regeneration that practices the three basic principles of the revolution of the consciousness.

Other schools of regeneration are: Tantric Buddhism of Tibet, the Yellow Church of the Lamas, Sufism with its dancing dervishes, Chan Buddhism of China, etc.In the past, there were great schools of regeneration. Let us remember the Eleusinian mysteries, the Egyptian, Aztec, Mayan and Inca mysteries, the Orphic mysteries, the mysteries of the Kabirs and Dactyls.

The worst enemies of the schools of regeneration are the infrasexuals, who are enemies of regeneration. The infrasexual considers himself superior to persons of normal sexuality and mortally hates suprasexuality.

The Gnostic movement is a school of regeneration that is mortally hated by the infrasexuals.

The degenerated ones of infrasexuality consider themselves more perfect than the Third Logos and blaspheme against it saying: "Sex is something so coarse," "Sexual magic is materialistic and animalistic," "We work for spiritualization," etc.

The degenerated people of infrasexuality consider themselves more pure than the Holy Spirit and speak horrors against sex and sexual magic.

Let us remember that the three principal forces of the universe are:

  1. The will of the Father.
  2. The imagination of the Son.
  3. The sexual force of the Holy Spirit.

The ones that speak against any of these three Logoic forces are, in true fact, black magicians.

The work with the Hydrogen Si-12 is really tremendous. The initiate has to live the cosmic drama. The initiate has to become the central personage of that cosmic drama.

The initiate who has attained the creation of the soul and the Spirit has the complete right to incarnate his divine immortal triad (Atman-Buddhi-Manas).

"For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath."

It is absurd to affirm that the divine triad is already incarnated. Only by creating the soul and the Spirit can we incarnate it.

3. Schools That Assist as a Form of Kindergarten to Humanity

There are thousands of schools that assist as a form of kindergarten to humanity. Those schools do not lead to Self-realization, but are useful because such schools teach the first elemental notions of esoteric wisdom. Among them, we have the Theosophical Society, the pseudo-occultist schools, such as the one of Max Heindel, the spiritual centers, yoga centers, mentalists, pseudo-esoteric centers, etc. All of those schools have a lot of good and bad, yet are useful. In them, we learn the first words of the knowledge. Through them we get information of the laws of karma and reincarnation. Through them we learn something about the superior worlds.

Kindergarten is always useful. The problem would be to stay in it all of our life. Kindergarten cannot help us to attain Self-realization. What kindergarten can give us is initial, elemental information. That is all.

In kindergarten, we find hundreds of theories, and authors who fight each other. Some affirm to the student that respiratory exercises are good, others say they are bad. Some say to the student that he does not have to eat meat, others say that he can do so. Some say to the student that a determined thing is white, others affirm to him that it is black, etc.

All types of kindergarten schools believe they have the truth. They promise they have the truth; but in reality, no kindergarten has it. The truth does not come to us as a matter of what we believe or stop believing. The truth comes to us only when the "I" has died and when the Being is born in us.

There are thousands of students that spend an entire lifetime in kindergarten. There are thousands of students who live fluttering from school to school, always questioning, always foolish, always ill-advised. Each fills their head with contradictory theories, and if they are lucky not to loose their mind, they reach old age as complete failures, not having attained inner Self-realization.

The fanatical kindergarteners hate the Gnostic movement and qualify us as "black magicians," etc. In essence, they are just ignorant people who do not comprehend us, people who have not yet comprehended the initiatic teachings of a school of regeneration. For this reason, they deserve compassion.

The problem with kindergarten, the negative aspect of these schools, is that they are full of infrasexual people, of people who insult the Third Logos, saying that "sex is something cursed, dirty, materialistic," etc. We do not want to say that all the students of kindergarten are infrasexuals; however, we affirm without a doubt that there is an abundance of infrasexuals in kindergarten.

4. Schools of Black Magic

There exist three kinds of tantra: white, black, and grey. The schools of white magic are based in white tantra. The schools of black magic are based in black tantra. The schools of grey tantra are confused, vague; yet lead the aspirant to black tantra.

White tantra is the sexual connection without ejaculation of the ens seminis. Black tantra is the sexual connection with ejaculation of the ens seminis. Grey tantra is the sexual connection in which the ejaculation of the ens seminis sometimes occurs, and sometimes does not.

The schools of regeneration forbid the ejaculation of the ens seminis; the schools of black magic do not forbid the ejaculation of the ens seminis, and even justify (in their way) ejaculation, with phrases and religious sentences.

The Initiates of the tantric schools work with the Hydrogen SI-12 (this is the hydrogen of the sex). This hydrogen is processed in the human organism, in accordance with the laws of the musical octaves, from Do to Si.

The entire human organism is gestated among the matrix with the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si. The verb, music, originates all creation.

After being intelligently processed within the human organism, the Hydrogen SI-12 (through the Maithuna, without ejaculation of the ens seminis) can receive an additional shock that will put it in the note Do of a second superior octave. Then, after completely saturating all the organic cells, it will crystallize in the splendid form of an independent, luminous and shining body: in the astral body of the adepts and angels of the great White Lodge (the solar astral body).

The average human being does not have an astral body; he only has the ego that travels through the astral world during the common state of sleep, and after death. The ego replaces the astral body.

Really, the astral body is a luxury that very few possess. We need to transmute the lead into gold; we need to create the astral body. This can only be possible with the Hydrogen Si-12.

The astral body is controlled by 24 laws and its basic food is the Hydrogen 24. The one who already possesses the astral body can place the Hydrogen Si-12 (through sexual transmutation) into the note Do of the third superior octave. Then, the marvelous Hydrogen Si-12 will crystallize in the splendid form of the mental body. In this form, the Initiate will have the Christ-Mind of the Gnostic Arhat.

The mental body is controlled by 12 laws and its basic food is the Hydrogen 12 of the mind, which must not be confused with the Hydrogen Si-12 of sex (I clarify this in order to avoid confusion).

The mind of the Gnostic arhat shines marvelously in the world of the universal fire; it is the mind that does wonders and prodigies, it is the mind that can do miracles.

Every initiate in possession of a healthy physical body and the astral and mental bodies has to generate an additional shock to the Hydrogen Si-12 (through Sexual Magic, without ejaculation of the ens seminis), in order to pass it to the note Do of a superior octave. Such an action will produce the crystallization of the Hydrogen Si-12 in the form of the body of the conscious will. Upon reaching this height, we possess the superior existential bodies of the Being, of the Spirit.

The body of the conscious will is referred to in Theosophy as the causal body. They mistakenly suppose that all human beings possess it. In truth, only the adepts of the great White Lodge possess it. Such a body is controlled by 6 laws and its basic food is the Hydrogen 6.

Only the one who possesses the superior existential bodies of the Being can reach the incarnation of their divine immortal triad (Atman-Buddhi-Manas). That one is a true human being, a master of Major Mysteries of the great White Lodge.

A white adept is, of course, the positive crystallization of the Hydrogen Si-12; however, we have to explain that there exist negative crystallizations: the adepts of the black lodge. They also work with the Hydrogen Si-12. They have black sexual tantric rituals. They ejaculate the seminal liquor during the sexual connection. They also project additional shocks to the Hydrogen Si-12, which puts it in musical octaves (inferior to the ones of this world in which we live). Then, the Hydrogen Si-12 crystallizes in the ego, strengthening and developing it with all its tenebrous, submerged, diabolic powers...

In Tibet, the Drukpa clan practice black tantra. The black initiate Drukpas ejaculate the ens seminis mystically; the Drukpas of the red cap have a fatal system of re-absorbing the ens seminis (charged with feminine atoms) from the very vagina of the woman. With the force of the mind, they re-abosrb it through the urethra, sending it to the brain. In this way, the adepts of the left-hand path pretend to mix the solar and lunar atoms, with the purpose of "awakening the Kundalini." Their intentions are good, but the procedure is bad, because the spilled ens seminis is charged with atoms from the Secret Enemy. The negative consequences of such a procedure is the negative awakening of the Kundalini (the Kundabuffer organ is developed) and the negative crystallization of the Hydrogen Si-12. In the western world, the schools of black tantra hide themselves with talk of the Christ and the Gospels, speaking ineffable things, blessing and mystically spilling the ens seminis. They obtain the same failed results as the Drugpa clan.

There are thousands of schools that seem to be whiter than the snow, yet are blacker than coal. It is most difficult to recognize the black schools. Their tenebrous instructors, who are demons, pretend to be living Christs, and naturally fascinate their parishioners. One becomes amazed listening to those wolves, dressed in sheep's clothing. Often these sincere, well-intentioned, yet mistaken individuals speak ineffable things and appear charitable and sanctimonious. How can one doubt them, in the presence so much sweetness? How can one doubt their kindness? How can one doubt their tenderness and charity? The most curious aspect is that these adepts of the left-hand path usually speak against black magic (how can one doubt them?); however, they are blacker than coal (this is a terrible problem).

There are schools of black magic that practice emptying the mind. They want an empty mind without knowing Zen Buddhism, without ever having used a Koan, without ever having studied the science of pratyahara and the law of mental bipolarity, without knowing the law through which the Essence of the mind is liberated from the battle of the antithesis, in order to mix itself with the Monad and thus reach Satori (illumination).

The fanatical ones of those black schools believe that the empty mind (or better if we say the quietude of the mind) is something as easy as blowing and making bottles, waiting for the moment when the Great Reality will enter in them in order for the animal, bestial entities that form the pluralized "I" to be expelled from them. They want the divinity to enter into them, without possessing the solar vehicles (those vehicles are only possessed by those who have worked intensely with the Hydrogen Si-12). To try and incarnate the Great Reality without possessing the solar vehicles is like wanting to saddle a horse without having the horse. The fanatical ones of those schools want to become conscious of the subconscious, without eliminating the "I" and without even working with the Hydrogen Si-12.

It is frightful to see them falling on the floor, foaming at the mouth, in the middle of epileptic attacks (they are possessed, but think they are doing well). There are as many of them in the Subub, as there are in the spiritualist centers, "Cherenzians," etc.

These poor fanatical ones of the black schools do not want to realize that they are still embryos who do not possess the astral body, who instead only have the ego. In the physical world they appear as human beings, while in the molecular region they are merely dreaming, subconscious, cold, and phantasmal shadows.These poor imbeciles ignore that they do not have a mental body. They only have the pluralized mental "I" that utilizes the mental substance as a vehicle.

These poor foolish people ignore that they do not have the body of the conscious will and that they only possess the force of desire. Such tenebrous, fanatical ones believe that they are demi-gods and that divinity can express Itself through them, even though they do not have the superior existential bodies of the Being.

The black magicians are one hundred percent lunar. We have to free ourselves from the lunar influence and become solar human beings. We have to work with the Hydrogen Si-12, transmuting it in accordance with the law of the octaves, in order to create the superior existential bodies of the Being. In this way we transform ourselves into authentic and true human beings.

The Schools of Yoga

In these times there is plenty of literature regarding yoga. Groups of yoga appear everywhere.It is necessary to clarify this aspect, for the good of all disciples of the Light. In the Hindustani tradition, there exist seven great schools of yoga, and all of them are useful because they assist as a type of kindergarten to humanity.

There is much that is useful in the schools of Yoga and much that is useless. It is necessary to distinguish between the useful and the useless.

The serious students that have gone to the Hindustan know very well that the best of all those schools, the most transcendental one, is Sex Yoga, White Tantra.

Hatha Yoga is a type of kindergarten when only practiced for physical purposes, when practiced as a type of gymnastics; however, tantric Hatha Yoga is not a type of kindergarten. In its own right, it is a school of regeneration because it is related with the Maithuna (Sexual Magic) and all the tantric sadanas or wise Sexual Magic positions.

Raja Yoga is a type of kindergarten when it is only related with the chakras or magnetic wheels of the esoteric anatomy of the human being; but when it is combined with Kundalini Yoga and Sexual Magic, it is no longer a type of kindergarten and, as a fact, becomes a school of regeneration. Jnana Yoga is a type of kindergarten when its main concern is just the mind and its powers; but when it is combined with White Tantra, it is no longer a type of kindergarten, and actually becomes a school of regeneration.

Bhakti Yoga, or the devotional path, is a type of kindergarten when it is only related with devotional practices; but when it is combined with the Maithuna, it no longer is a type of kindergarten. It is then a school of regeneration.

Karma Yoga is a type of kindergarten when it only studies the path of the straight action (in theoretical form), when the devotee is unable to modify the circumstances of life, when the devotee does not possess the Being. Let us remember the one who acts is the Being. The intellectual animal only has the illusion that he does so, when in reality he does nothing: everything happens through him. Only the Being can modify the circumstances of life. In order to have the Being within, it is necessary to practice Sexual Magic, to dissolve the "I," and sacrifice ourselves for humanity.

Laya Yoga is a type of kindergarten when it only works in the field of respiration and meditation. It is no longer a type of kindergarten when it is combined with the Maithuna (Sexual Magic).

Samadhi Yoga is a type of kindergarten when it is not combined with the Maithuna, because the most elevated form of ecstasy is attained with the Maithuna (Sexual Magic).

Those who have traveled through India, Tibet, China, Japan, the Great Tartar, etc., know very well that the most serious form of yoga is found in tantra. In reality, without tantra (Sexual Magic) it is absolutely impossible to reach Initiation.

The exoteric or public circle of every school of yoga is a type of kindergarten. The esotericism, or secret circle of every school of yoga, is not a type of kindergarten, but a school of regeneration.

In ancient times, the Maithuna was taught publicly in all the ashrams of the Hindustan. Unfortunately, the little brothers and sisters were abusive and created scandals. The gurus of those ashrams had to close the curtain of esotericism, and today the Maithuna is taught only in secret in some ashrams. Such a dramatic decision, made by the gurus of those ashrams, transformed their ashrams into a type of kindergarten; however, those gurus practice the Maithuna and teach it to the most prepared (in order to avoid scandals).

In the western world, yoga has not been comprehended correctly, and naturally many infrasexuals have appeared, who hate sex.

Really, yoga without sex, without the Maithuna, is like a garden without water. Yoga without sex is a type of kindergarten, not a school of regeneration. Yoga without the Maithuna cannot Self-realize anyone.

Let us remember the school of Yogananda. We know the Kriya of Yogananda. We have studied it profoundly and it is incomplete. It lacks tantra, it needs the tantra of Tibet. Yogananda did not receive the complete Kriya. For this reason, such a Kriya cannot Self-realize anyone. We are not saying with this that such a Kriya is useless; it is clear that it is useful as a type of kindergarten, and that is all.

It is absurd to adulterate Gnosis, to adulterate the knowledge by putting such a Kriya within the Gnostic movement (adultery is absolutely forbidden in the Christian gospel).

Really, the Kriya of Yogananda is just a branch of the Laya Kriya, or tantric sadhana of Tibet. Without tantra, such a Kriya is incomplete. Thus no one can attain Self-realization with that Kriya. Not even Yogananda attained Self-realization. Yogananda needs to reincarnate and work with the Maithuna; only in this way will he attain inner Self-realization...

The grave situation with the fanatical ones of infrasexuality is that they are completely convinced that they can attain Self-realization through renouncing sex, or by fornicating.

The Theosophical and pseudo-Rosicrucian schools have made the pseudo-occultist students believe that the intellectual animal already possesses the seven bodies. Such a concept is false. The reality is that due to a lack of cosmic Initiation, the clairvoyants of the Theosophical Society have given deficient information, confusing the astral substance and the ego with the legitimate astral body. They have also confused those who mistake the legion of "I's" for the authentic mental body, and the Essence or Buddhata for the causal body, etc. In this way, and with such hypotheses in the mind, it is clear that the fanatical ones of yoga, pseudo-esotericism or pseudo-occultism, etc., have not comprehended the necessity of creating the inner bodies (they believe that they already have them, due to misinformation).

If they could profoundly comprehend the inner bodies and based themselves in the law of the philosophical analogies, they would work with the Maithuna or Sexual Magic, because they would comprehend that "as beyond, so below" - if with the sexual act we engender children, then (by the law of analogies) with that same act we engender the inner bodies.

Unfortunately, our pseudo-occultist brethren are terribly misinformed. Ignorance is the mother of all errors...