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Order and Esoteric Discipline

The Gnostic must be temperate. He must not slander people. He should not be gluttonous or lazy.

As a rule, the Gnostic must retire to the bedroom at 10:00 p.m. daily, in order to practice internal meditation. The Gnostic must rise at dawn in order to practice all of his esoteric exercises.

The Gnostic must be a clean, tidy, decent, honest and upright person. He should always be punctual and happy, never angry with anyone, nor should he be against anyone in any way. The devotee should shower or wash himself daily, and he should dress presentably.

The Gnostic who never washes himself or is in great disorder causes damage to humanity in such a way that with his bad taste may drive people away from the Gnostic studies. For example, people might say, “If this is what Gnostics are like, I don’t want to enter into these studies. I don’t want to degenerate myself,” etc.

The Gnostic must not be a fanatic. We must study everything in order to reject the useless and accept the useful. Gnosis is not against any religion, school, order, or sect. We have fought for the moral purification of many religions, schools, orders and sects. We have never been against any religion, school, or sect. We know that humanity is divided into groups and that each group needs its own system of particular instruction. All religions, schools, orders, and sects are precious pearls that are strung on the golden thread of divinity.

We must build churches in order to serve all religions without distinction of names or creeds. Truly, all religions are ineffable and divine. All religions, schools, orders, and sects are necessary.

Religious jealousy is equivalent to passionate jealousy. It is a shame to be religiously jealous. The Gnostic brother or sister must overcome such jealousy, for it is a very vulgar passion. The Gnostic movement is structured for people of all religions, schools, orders, and sects.

Neurosis is a very terrible sickness of the soul. In this epoch, people have become neurotic. Neurosis is satanic. We must cultivate sweetness, patience and love. We must educate our children with wisdom and love. In our homes we must cultivate happiness, sweetness, and love because you must know that neurosis damages the lotus flowers of the soul. We must teach our children with examples; we should always be happy and joyous. Gnostic homes should be sanctuaries of love and happiness. Neurotic shouts and screams, weeping and crying destroy happiness, thus the white dove of love leaves the heart forever. This is the disgrace of many homes. Live with wisdom and love.