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In order to understand self-observation and self-remembering we have to study the constitution of the self. Let us begin with the physical body. Remember that our physical body is the outcome of two elements; our mother and father.

Our physical body has an inheritance: the genotype in our genes. When we study the root of the physical body we discover that the original cell has 48 chromosomes. Each Chromosome has about 100 genes and these genes are precisely the vehicle for that which we call ego—our own defects and vices and errors etc—and, of course, the psyche which is bottled up within them.

So, this physical body of oursis the vehicle through which that genetic inheritance can act in this three dimensional world. Remember, it is in the ego that we have that which we call karma, cause and effect. The ego is the origin of karma. The physical body that we have is the outcome of that karma. Our egos need to manifest through those elements that we call genes that will vibrate according with their own level. That’s why we have the parents that we have, because those genes belong to our father and mother. They cooperated in the sexual act in order to mix those genes that would eventually create the physical body that we have. So, the physical body is a house that we have, that we need in order to survive in this three dimensional world. But remember that we are not the physical body; indeed, we were attracted as a magnet from the 5th dimension into it. Normally the habitat of the ego is the 5th dimension. Right now, from the ego point of view, we are in the 5th dimension, this is what we have to precisely comprehend when we want to know about self-observation and self-remembering.

Master Samael Aun Weor always tells us that we have to feel that we are inside of the body. Unfortunately, we think that we are the body, but the body is just a vehicle. However, because we are within the physical body, we sense everything that happens to the physical body, and thus we believe that we are the body. Through the senses of the physical body we receive, perceive pain or happiness or enjoyment. The physical body has 5 senses, and it is through these senses that we experience life; our sight, our hearing, etc... for instance, right now you are reading this lecture with your eyes, you are listening with your ears, you are smelling nature, the pleasant or unpleasant smells of where you are and you can even taste it, yes, if you sharpen your sense of taste you can taste the air in your tongue. If we were eating before, then, we were enjoying our sense of taste. Our sense of touch, which is always manifested and acting through the skin, especially through the hands that have those serpentine nerve sensory receptors that allow our brain or Adam to verify things through the sense of touch... Now, the organ that is more sensitive related to the sense of touch is Eve, our sexual organ. This is why it is written:

Now the serpent (or serpentine nerve sensory receptor of touch) was more subtil of all lives (חית) of the field (Yesod) which Jehovah Elohim (יהוה אלהים) had made. And he said unto the woman (sexual organ), Yea, hath Elohim said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?And the woman (sexual organ) said unto the serpent (or nerve sensory receptor of touch), We (brain and sexual organ) may eat of the fruit of the trees (or three nervous systems) of the garden (physicality): But of the fruit (sperm) of (the sexual organ, or) the tree which is in the midst of the garden (physicality), Elohim hath said, Ye shall not (through the orgasm) eat of it (like a beast), neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.” - Genesis 3: 1-3

So, you can see how the psyche or soul, through the physical body, senses everything in the physical world. So anything we observe, we perceive through the senses. So when we talk about self-observation, it is obvious that we are talking about self-perception through the senses. We know that any impression has its root in our sensorial perceptions. When you want to analyse any ego, firstly you have to go in to your senses. When you go to the very root of those senses you discover how your ego manifests. The physical body indeed is a marvellous vehicle that unfortunately is utilised by the ego. The ego is nothing but a bad transformer. What we carry inside, the ego, it is just a wrong transformation of all those impressions of life that we received through the 5 senses.

The physical body was given unto us in order to understand life in this three dimensional world, because that is the duty of the consciousness, to transform life. When the consciousness transforms life in the right way, then it grows. Our goal is to reach that which is called the Diamond Soul; a soul, a consciousness, that transforms life not only in the three dimensional world, but in the whole Tree of Life. Right now, we are at the very bottom of the Tree of Life, which according to Kabbalah is called Malkuth, which is the physical body.

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Malkuth, our physicality, through its senses, is related with the whole of nature. The problem is we receive life mechanically, automatically, and we do not understand life because we identify with it. So the only way to uncoverour identification with life is by observing ourselves. We have to know what is this “self” that we are observing, because when you discover the nature of the physical body, you understand that this physical body is alive because of your Being, that which we call Monad. That Monad abides in the 6th dimension, but in order for the physical body to be alive, we need that element or we will say, infinite microscopical elements that give life to every single atom of our physical body. Every single atom of our physical body has what we call consciousness, a microscopic part of our Monad. We call them small Monads or microcosmic Monads, that put in to activity the atoms of our physical body.

These atoms form molecules, those molecules form cells, and those cells form organs. So every organ in our physical body acts according to those Monads. Those Monads of course act in accordance to the Law because every physical body that we receive is the action of Karma. That’s why we have the physical body that we have, the life that we have, because our Monad, the chief Monad that is outside of the body applies the Law from above. That Monad obeys the Law, the Superior Law. That’s why we say in the prayer of the Lord:

“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

This means that the Superior Law or will of our God is accomplished or done in heaven, but it is not done on the earth. So, when we start doing the will of god on earth is when we start transforming life through our five senses in the right way. Unfortunately the son of god, our psyche, the son of Man, the Budda-Dhatu or Buddhata, that soul-child that we are, scarcely listens to the voice of the Father, the Monad, our spiritual principle above, because we are identified with this nature, this mundane society.

Self-transformation is precisely the main goalof the Gnostic work; to be in nature, to be in any place in society, transforming life through the senses without forgetting that we are inside, transforming it. Remember: we cannot transform life in the right way if we are not aware that we are inside. Therefore, the self-remembrance is important, but remember that when we say self-remembrance it does not mean to remember the physical body.

The physical body, as well as the ego, have to be observed, that is the “self observance.” The parts that are observed are the physical body and the ego, but the observer is the consciousness, the self. That’s precisely what we have to comprehend intellectually in order to situate ourselves in the Self, which is the place where we need to be, in order that from that point we can observe the false selves. In this case, the selves or egos that are observed are those inhuman elements within which our consciousness is trapped.

We have to remember the Self that is not trapped. Any awakened master, when he or she has no ego, is continually remembering him/her self. We always talk about the different parts of the Self, and we say that we have the physical body, as we already explained that is active accordance to the mechanical law of karma, but we need to be cognizant of that physical body in order to manage that Law consciously, because unfortunately that Law acts in us mechanically. So, when we are cognizant of our physical body, we start managing that Law with cognizance and doing as we stated in other lectures, those negotiations that we need to do in order to manage our life by the will of our God, on earth as it is in heaven.

Above the physical body, we have the vital body, or we call also the ethereal body, which is the superior part of the physical body. It is the foundation, the life of the physical body, which is being photographed right now by the conventional science of this day and age. Of course, Gnostically speaking, we have known about this ethereal or bio-plastic body for many centuries, many eons. The problem is that, with our physical senses, we cannot see this vital body. We have seen that Kirlian camera that was invented in Russia, which photographs the vitality of matter. Matter is not only related with the physical body, but the animals, plants etc.. If we are a little bit psychic, we can observe around the physical body an aura, a halo of light. Everybody has that and commonly it is a blue light colour. That is precisely the energy that penetrates and co-penetrates the physical body in order for us to be alive. In reality, the physical body is tetra-dimensional, and the vital body is the 4th dimensional aspect of it. Tetra in Greek means four. So we have to be aware also of that, that’s why we have given many lectures in order for us to know how to nourish the vital body. Many diseases that appear here in this physical world are based in the vital body, rooted in the vital body; cancer, for instance, is rooted in the vital body. If we treat the vital body, then we can cure some diseases in the physical body.

The true science of medicine should be based in the 4th and 3rd dimensions, in relation to the physical body, in order to heal it. However, some sicknesses go beyond the vital body. As you know we also have emotions. The first two bodies, the vital and physical bodies, are the necessary vehicles for us to manifest in nature, in society, for us to be alive. But, beyond that, we have our emotions, our feelings. Nobody can deny that we have feelings and emotions, but we cannot see them. We can only sense them, but not with the 5 senses.

If I ask you how you sense your feelings or emotions, you have to admit that it’s not by means of your 5 senses of the physical body that you can observe them; somehow, you feel it in the area between the heart and your stomach. This is where we find the emotional brain, which is related with the grand sympathetic nervous system. We will say that the grand sympathetic nervous system around this area is the vehicle, the physical vehicle for our emotions our feelings to act.

Emotions, desires form a body of emotions or desires, which is what in esotericism is called Kamarupa; a vehicle of desires. Kama in Sanskrit means, “desire.” This is something that we have to understand, because Kama is a word that we talk about, in other lectures, when addressing Kamaduro. Some people mistakenly pronounce this word as karmaduro, it’s not karmaduro, but Kamaduro. Kama means desire. Kamarupa is the vehicle of desires. All of us have a Kamarupa, and our Kamaduro is based on our Kamarupa. Kamaduro, is therefore a strong type of karma that we all have to pay, related with sexual desire. When we study the animal ego, we discover that our lust is rooted in sexual desire. We have to understand that desire, in this area of the lower abdomen, is mainly related with Kamarupa.


Kamarupa, or body of desires, is what many schools of esotericism erroneously call the astral body, but in reality it is not the true, solar astral body; such a body is a luxury that only few people have. You have to build astral body, and in order to build a real astral body which is a vehicle for the soul, you have to control your desires, your feelings, your emotions, your nightmares.

The control of desires, the control of emotions is precisely the most difficult part of this path which we are walking on. We can easily control the motion of our body. If we want to walk we walk, if we want to stop we stop, if we want to jump or be still, we do it. We can easily control the mind, if we want to think on something, then we do it, if we do not, we then do the effort and we stop thinking on that... However, with our feelings, it is not the case. When we are angry and we say “I don’t want to be angry” I want to immediately be cordial, it’s nearly impossible, it’s very difficult. This is because our animal ego is very strong in that area. Really, the great joy or the great goal of a Gnostic is to conquer desire, to conquer emotions, and the whole work we do is mainly related to the emotional area. Those who succeed, build the astral body. But, how are we going to control those emotions if we don’t observe ourselves? It is in this area that we have to observe ourselves: what type of egos emerge from our subconsciousness, the 5th dimension? As you see, the Kamarupa gravitates in the 5th dimension. In your physical body, you feel the Kamarupa in the area of your lower abdomen, but if you go and observe from which dimension or place is this emotion coming from, you discover that it is beyond your physical body. Desires emerge from the lower 5th dimension, which is call eternity.

The 4th dimension is time. The 5th dimension is eternity, it is beyond time. Both dimensions are circular. Time is not a straight line as many people think, time is circular. Eternity is also circular. When we physically go to sleep, we, as psyche and ego, go into eternity; it is there where we have our dreams. When the sleeping state of the physical body finishes, then we, as psyche and ego, return into the physical world. When the physical body is tired, we return to sleep again... this is a cycle that we perform every day.

So, as you see, we dream in the 5th dimension, since dreams, nightmares, are also related to Kamarupa, the body of desires. Likewise, the Kamarupa, the body of desires wants to be satisfied, wants to feed desires through the 5 senses when inside the physical body.

So most of the time when we are in this physical world, we hear, we see, we smell, we taste, we touch, through the senses, that which satisfies our ego, so we have to observe ourselves in order to discover what type of ego we have acting through the physical body at any given moment. That’s why the Master Samael Aun Weor explains that before meditating on the comprehension of an ego, first of all, by self-observing our three brains, we have to catch it; we have to know precisely from which of the 3 brains that ego is emerging from. Listen, any ego always uses our 3 brains, namely: the motor-instinctual-sexual brain, located from the top to the bottom of our spinal medulla and sexual organs; the emotional brain, located between the heart and navel; and the intellectual brain in our head; those are the 3 brains that any ego physically utilises. Thus, any ego always emerges from one of any of these 3 brains, and thereafter utilizes the other two.

An example: if you are in touch with your feelings, that is, when somebody hurts your feelings, immediately an ego will emerge from that area located between your heart and the navel. If you are attentive, if you are self-observant, then you will discover it. But you cannot self-discover if you are not self-observant. You cannot be self-observant if you don’t remember yourself; you have to remember yourself at all times. But, in order to know what is that Self which has to be remembered, we have to understand that it is not the Kamarupa or the physical body. The Self is not any of the bodies which we are talking about here. We are not the physical body, we are not the vital body, we are not the Kamarupa or the body of desires. Are we then the mind? The mind is another body that we have yet to talk about. As you know, here in the head we have the intellectual brain; we utilise the intellectual brain in order to think, in order to rationalise. That brain is the vehicle of another body that in Theosophy is called the inferior Manas or mind. In Sanskrit, the word Manas means. “mind.” From that word comes the word Man. That’s why when we call ourselves men, mankind, etc, what we are really saying, what we are really pointing to, is that we are “mind.” In a certain way we will say yes, we are men because, we are more mind than anything. But that mind is not the Hu-man, itself... here, in this word, we even see that “Man” again. The Hum-Man is a mind that we have to build, which is superior to this common and ordinary bestial mind, that we have. The Hum-Man is in other words, the Om Mani Padme Hum.

When we study meditation, we mention that the goal of meditation is to quieten the mind, after of course quietening the emotional center or the Kamarupa and after having relaxed our physical body; this is what we have to do when we meditate. First you relax your body, then you relax your emotions, your mood and then you go on to your mind, the donkey, which is always telling you “what are you doing here, get up, go there and make some money” or “go and eat” etc.The contents of our mind depends uponwhich ego is advising you to do, what desires to fulfil, etc. We want to comprehend ourselves, but the mind is not interested in that; our animal mind wants to fornicate, to indulge itself in food, to go and play basketball or volley ball or Ping-Pong... Meditation is a discipline for the mind, thus, you have to control your mind.

So, we have to observe our mind too. The mind is another vehicle: do not commit the mistake of saying “I am the mind” because you are not the mind, that is, when talking from the higher, real point of view. If we talk from the subjective point of view, we are the mind of course, because most of the time we are mind, but what is critical to understand is that the Real Self is not the mind. Thus, this is precisely what we have to understand: we are not the mind! Yet, we have to observe that mind, because our mind is a self-centered body. Comprehend: the mind is a self-observed element that our true Self needs to observe. This is what we have to understand; we have to self-observe and we have to self-remember, and the mind is simply another part of ourselves that needs to be observed, but it is not the Self, itself. Do you understand this? The ego is mind, it is that false intellectual self that we have, unfortunately.

The mind, the ego, often acts though the intellectual brain because as they say, we are Homosapiens, “Homo” the Latin for “Man,” in other words, mind and Sapient meaning “Wise.” Thus, we are a Mind with Sapience, a wiseman, a human, a Hum (Sanskrit: “spirit”) that thinks. The Hum-mind elaborate spiritual thoughts; indeed, the true hu-man, spirit-mind, is really a vehicle of the spirit. Our mind should really serve the spirit on earth as in heaven, and transform life in the right way, but in order for the mind to transform life in the right way it has to be like a lake, calm. When you see that your mind is calm, it then reflects the light of the being, which is the sun, in a perfect way. That’s why they say that the macrocosmos is reflected in the microcosmos. That’s why they say that the man is the micro of the macro. That micro is the mind that should reflect the macro, the spirit. That spirit is “Hum” in Sanskrit.

Many monks in eastern Asia vocalise the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum in order to be in contact with their own particular individual spirit. With this mantra they want to put “Aum” in their Mani, Manas, their mind as a (Padme or) lotus flower (which represents sapience, wisdom) under the service of their Hum, Spirit. They want to reach the level of Hum-Man, Human. Nevertheless, in this world everybody calls themselves a human being, when their mind doesn’t even believe in their own spirit, since they are atheists. These are intellectual devolving animas (Latin for souls) who dare to call themselves humans, they are really a human joke, a bad joke. Atheists should not call themselves human, they should call themselves modern apes, or if they prefer Latin, homo erectus (who have human-like body proportions) but are not true humans. Their animas need to evolve again because present atheists are devolving animas.

A true human is an individual whose spirit and mind are united, and this union is precisely what we want. But, for that, we have to eradicate that inferior mind that we have, which is bestial, and to create a superior mind, a solar mind. That is only possible after creating the superior emotional body which is called the astral body. So a real human being is a being that has solar mind, an astral solar body, acting in the intellectual brain and the emotional brain respectively. Their intellect and emotion are always acting in union with the spirit, but to reach that level of being we have to work psychologically; this, in order to observe that which is against us, the adversary (Satan שטן in Hebrew) which is inside.

Inside of us, in the mind, in the heart and in the sex, in the 3 brains, we have a lot of enemies. Satan שטן is legion, and represents all our enemies. The gospels of the bible called those 3 enemies Judas, Pilate and Caiaphas, the 3 traitors of Jesus. Or as in the Exodus the 3 traitors of Moses, namely, Korah, Dathan and Abiram. In the bible, as well as in every single story or any religion, you will find these 3 traitors. For instance, the 3 daughters of Mara that were tempting Buddha when he was meditating under the Bodhi Tree, or whatever name you want to give to those 3 elements that we carry inside of us. When you are in meditation, those 3 elements come to bother you, to stop you from meditating, to stop you doing any type of spiritual work on yourself and this is precisely the great battle that you have to perform when you are meditating. But, if you are disciplined, you will start to feel a lot of courage in order to analyse, to comprehend those defects, but first you have to observe.

Just as a police officer patrolling the streets of any city, you first have to go and catch those breaking the law... but you cannot go to the neighbourhood and say “you come here, you look like you are a thief, come with me.” It is not like that right? You have to be observant, to find those delinquents in the very act, “to catch them red-handed" in other words. Then, you have proof. You say “Ah ha, you were stealing that, come here, and I will take you to the courts, before the judge.” The judge will ask you, “Well, why is this individual here, why did you bring him here?”

“He is a thief!”


“I caught him red-handed!”

“Do you have proof?”

“Yes, this is what he was stealing and I have his fingerprints here and I have now because we are in the 21st century this camera, look I have caught him red-handed!”

“Oh yeah, the judge will say! You are a thief! I sentence you to prison!”

As the thief has to pass his trial, likewise when we go to meditate, first through self-observation during the day, and then through meditation, we place our egos on trial. However, if we are psychologically asleep all day, what negative psychological element are we going to catch? If all that policeman did all day, was to go and eat doughnuts, he wouldn’t catch a thing. Thus, we have to be self-observant in order to see in which town, which precinct we are pratrolling, namely, the intellectual town, the emotional town or the motor-sexual-instinctual town.

Often, once we catch an ego, we say to ourselves, “I caught you! I will put you on trial... but not now, because I am busy.” Andwe keep doing the chores, performing the responsibilities of our life; if we are self-observant, we catch another one and another one and another one. Then,when we enter into meditation we say, “Oh my goodness, I caught a lot of delinquents today, in the morning, in the afternoon, in midday, in different places!” If we want toplace all of them on trial it becomes impossible. We have to only dedicate ourselves to one ego, and when that is trailed and executed, we make time to do another one.

So then you sit down in meditation and you do your retrospection, your analysis. We ask ourselves, “Which one deserves to be trailed and comprehended right now?” That is precisely what you have to apply to your meditation.

We have to understand that the ego always acts through the 3 brains. For example, “I caught an ego in my emotional brain but I noticed when that ego took my intellectual brain! When I started thinking this and that, and thereafter that ego was acting through my body.” Listen, we can only be aware of that if we were observing ourself! Then we go deep down into our psyche, or our subconsciousness, into our unconsciousness, but for that we have to remember our Self! Unfortunately we are 97% delinquents and 3% observers. The observer is 3% and the observed is 97%. So, the poor Kaom or interior police are really weak, because the gangs are legion within us.

The consciousness that is free, the 3%, has to perform super efforts to remember that it is inside! That remembrance is what the Master called in a book “Filial love.” You have to put into activity that 3% in order to feel that you are a child of God. In order to feel that you are a child of god, you have to remember God; thus, remember that God is not outside but inside of us. God is our Monad. We have to remember that God is always there. That’s why, when talking with the Master Samael Aun Weor, I asked him one time “What is the best mantra Master in order to remember my Being, in order to observe myself in the correct way?” The best mantra with concentration in order to remember your Being is “Ommmmmmm Tat Sat” vocalizing, repeating all the time in your mind. As you pronounce “Ommmmmmm Tat Sat” the remembrance of “Thy Self” is strengthened, because the sound reverberates in the pineal gland. That is precisely where you, as soul, have to be seated. Physically, you are seated on the floor, on the benches, chairs or pillows, etc, but where you, as soul, have to be seated is in your pineal gland, because you are not the body. Your body is seated there, but YOU have to be seated in the pineal gland because you are the soul, you are the consciousness and by being seated there is how you remember, “I am the child of god, a child of my Monad, my spirit, my Hummmm.” By feeling yourself there, in your pineal gland, you go into your intellectual brain, you observe your mental body. Then, from the pineal gland, you go a little further down and you observe your emotional brain, you see your emotional body, your Kamarupa. And then, deep down into your motor-instinctual-sexual brain.

Thus, you observe your movements, actions, emotions, thoughts, from the pineal gland; this is how you remember yourself and observe yourself. Then, during meditation, you analyse that particular delinquent that you caught in any of your 3 brains. However, where before you were simply observing yourself, and the activity of your three brains,now, in meditation, you have to comprehend that delinquent that you caught. I repeat: when you are in meditation, you have to prolong that self-discovery, because self-discoverying is comprehension, and to know yourself is precisely what we have to do; we want to know ourselves.

Then, as the police, after doing all of that, we present the proof to the judge, in order for that delinquent to be sentenced. When you have comprehended that ego of yours, and you are sure you have comprehended it completely, that you didn’t miss any detail about that particular psychological aggregate, then, you self-comprehended it, now you can annihilate it. Now the poor delinquent can be killed easily, YOU cannot kill it; you can comprehend it, you must comprehend it, but in order to annihilate that delinquent you have to evoke a superior power to your mind, a superior power to your consciousness. You have to appeal to your inner being, in this case your Divine Mother, because She, as the Hindu Mother Kali Ma, has the power to kill.

As you see, your Monad, your Father abides there, in heaven: “Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name.” This is how we remember our God... that prayer is marvellous. But, you have to remember that you are a child of God when performing it.

“Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, thine kingdom come.”

You want the kingdom of God to be born in you? Well, open your mind. But, if you ask for that while your mind is full of thieves, filled with criminals, then what do you expect to happen? God doesn’t mingle with thieves, with criminals. So, clean your mind; that is precisely the goal of meditation.

The divine mother, which is the feminine aspect of your God, is always descending into the physical body. She transforms herself for the love of her child. She has no form; she is life and she is nature. She enters through your nose, through what you eat, through what you hear; through all of the senses is how she enters. She transforms herself in to blood; she is the blood. She becomes sexual matter, but then she hides in the sexual matter, in the sexual organs. Unfortunately people ignore this, that the creative power of God is found there.

As you see, when we are talking about the creative power of God, we are talking about the Divine Mother. You cannot deny that we were created in the womb of our mother. We were gestating 9 months there, she created us. So, that force is in our sexual organs. Unfortunately, people spill that force, eject it from their bodies.

If we expel that force from our bodies, we cannot appeal to that force. In reality, God appeals to that force, which is called the Divine Mother, the creative power, in order to destroy any psychological aggregate, provided that we have comprehended it in meditation. Therefore, we have to accumulate, to receive that Mother Nature every single day. If we are single, we have to practice pranayama; if we are married, sexual transmutation. Then, the Divine Mother enters us as fire, because she hides herself in that sexual matter. That is what in the East they call Kundalini.

Kundalini is the fire of the Holy Spirit that rises in the spinal column. If we are single, it rises as 2 polarities: Ida and Pingala. Of course, when you ask your Divine Mother, who is in heaven, for the annihilation of any ego, that is the energy that she utilizes in order to destroy the defect. Indeed, she uses the same element to destroy that particular psychological aggregate that you comprehended, but you have to save the energy because if you ask her, “Mother of mine, destroy for me this ego.” She will say: “Give me the weapons; I have the power, but I need fire!” If you don’t have fire there, how is she going to do it? That is why the Master Samael says that any single person can destroy 50% of their own ego, but not beyond. The Divine Mother can utilise the sexual energy of a single person for 50% of the egos, but there are certain egos, certain psychological elements inside which are very heavy, very strong. For these egos, theDivine Mother needs a stronger weapon, and that weapon is the energy that rises in the Sushumna canal. You see, raising the sexual energy up the channels of Ida and Pingala can be accomplished by single people; however, for married people, they can access Ida, Pingala and Sushumna.

The fire of Sushumna awakens with the union of man and woman, when they put together, when they mix together their 2 polarities. When you ask your Divine Mother—in the sexual act, if you are married—“Mother of mine, destroy for me this ego that I have comprehended.” Then a triple power descends from heaven to hell, which is us. No ego can resist that, it is pulverised immediately! But, it can only be pulverised if you have comprehended it completely. Why is this? It is because when you are comprehending your ego, in that process you are extracting your trapped consciousness from that ego; in other words, you are learning how to transform life in the right way, because that ego was transforming life in the wrong way. You have to understand that the ego is a bad transformer of life, the free consciousness united with God, the spirit, is the right transformer of life.

So what we are doing in meditation is seeing life as it is, and through comprehension we see life as it should be, we are seeing life in the right way, we are transforming life in the right way; because it is obvious that life as it is on this planet is wrongly transformed; all of us, are transforming life in the wrong way that’s why this society is in chaos. We are individual chaoses, thus, we have to destroy the chaos that we carry within, that is, we have to make from the life that is, that new life that should be by comprehending it.

So that’s why a married couple, when they are united in the sexual act, the husband says “Mother of mine destroy this ego of jealousy that I felt when my wife was talking to somebody else in such place” the wife has to repeat the same thing “Yes mother of mine destroy this ego of jealousy.” You don’t have to give so many details, if you don’t want to get more in trouble with your wife, just say that. Don’t give too many details! Or just say the ego, then the wife, has to repeat the same words in the sexual act that her husband is saying and when he finishes then it is the turn of his wife. Then she has to say “Mother of mine destroy for me this ego of anger, that I have towards my poor husband always.” And then the husband has to repeat the same thing. In this way, husband and wife are acting with 2 forces; in this way, the ego is destroyed, even the very heavy ones.

So, as you can see, there are 3 steps that we have to go through, in order to liberate the consciousness from the ego. They are: to catch the ego; to comprehend the ego, in order to trial it; and then to destroy it with the power of the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother has the power to destroy any ego, if you comprehend it; if you do not comprehend that ego fully, and there is still something missing in your psyche, the Divine Mother will not destroy it, because when the Divine Mother destroys an ego, it is immediately sent to hell, to the infra-dimensions, in order to be annihilated little by little. But, if the genie, the consciousness is still bottled up in part, then the Divine Mother will not destroy it, because then your consciousness would go to hell and this is what we are trying to avoid here, the Second Death. We want to die, but we do not want to go to hell.

This process is the work of mastery. In this process, we always have observe these 3 elements, however, there is another element that haven’t spoken about, regarding the vital body: the personality. The personality is another vehicle that we utilise in life in order to be functionin society. If you are a doctor then you have in your personality the knowledge, the necessary intellectual elements to give advice, and this lives in our personality; it is having the knowledge of being a doctor, or being an engineer or being an architect, whatever is your profession. In your personal life you have the language(s) that you speak or the languages. For instance, I have in my personality the knowledge that I utilise in order to communicate, but also the knowledge that in our personality has to be cognizant knowledge, and for that we have to meditate, in order to comprehend what we know.

Of course, we have to remember that the ego always acts through the personality, and the personality utilises the 3 brains. That is why we have to be aware of ourselves, when we are in activity in any place and especially when we work, because the personality learns how to do things mechanically. Indeed, most of the time we are mechanical, especially when we are performing actions, tasks, etc, that we already know very well what to do. So, we have to observe ourselves, to observe that personality—which is the vehicle within whichwe store the knowledge of everything in relation toour work, our job, our culture, societyetc.—in order for us to not act mechanically, in order to utilise the personality consciously.

It is not easy, but we have to do it step by step; this is how we learn to place ourselves under the guidance of our own particular individual God. This is how we die in ourselves. This is how we apply to our lives that statement that says; “Whosoever wants to come after me, let him deny himself.”

Of course, this work is only part of the denying of the self; in order to deny the self, you have to observe the self, in order to observe the self you have to remember your true Self, those are the steps. It is good, at first, to know this intellectually, in order to apply it practically. In practical life you have to be present, conscious, attentive all the time. If you are eating, you eat; if you have to walk, walk; if you have to talk with somebody, then talk with that person, but do it consciously. Even in the simply act of talking, even face to face, we can all of a sudden say, “Excuse me what did you say?” or “I didn’t hear.” But the truth is that our consciousness was not there, we were outside of the body thinking of something; we may have been physically present, but our consciousness was out of its place, not seated on the pineal gland.

Descartes said that the pineal gland is the seat of the soul. The pineal gland relates to the chakra Sahasrara.

In Mexico, Master Samael gave us an example of how to be here, to be present. He said: “To what can we possibly compare the consciousness? It is like a flash-light that we direct from one place to another.” At night, when need to search for something in the darkness, you turn on your flash-light, and you direct itin whatever direction you need to find that thing. It isthe same with your consciousness. In daily life, we are in darkness, because we don’t know ourselves; if we apply that light, the flash-light of the consciousness, we can begin to illuminate, to become conscious of that dark. But, this can only occur if we make the effort to be present, to be attentive, to be aware. If you are not present as consciousness, that light will flitter aimlessly, wandering here, there and everywhere, like a sparkling light of a nightclub... we have to be present. That is why many people are identified with the sparkling ball, with those different lights that comes from the outside; we must never identify with that, we have to be inside, knowing how to apply the light.

Remember that it is written “In the beginning Elohim created the psyche and the physical body” or in other words, “In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth.” These are the same thing. “And the earth was empty,” light was not there, “and formless.” This is what we are, formless, in chaos. This earth, our physicality is in chaos, it is formless, it is a pitch-black void that has no light. “And darkness was upon the face of the abyss,” what is that abyss? It is the subconsciousness, unconsciousness and infra-consciousness: that is our abyss. When we close our eyes we only see darkness. However, when we apply this exercise, when we practice this every day, then we, as a child of God, remember God, and our God can say “let there be light,” and the light of the consciousness is guided. Then, little by little, there is light here, and light there; the light keeps growing and growing, expanding and expanding until we become illuminated, a completely enlightened being, a Buddha, that is the process.

Do you have questions?

Audience: How Lucifer is administered by the Being, in order for him to help us?

Instructor: Your question is about Lucifer. Listen, Lucifer is a part of our being, of “Our Father who is in heaven, hallow be thy name,”  Lucifer carries the lightning in his hand. Lucifer means "light-bringing," from Latin lux, lucis, leuk "light, brightness" and ferre "to carry, bear," also "to bear children." it is written:

In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was formless and void; and darkness was upon the face of the abyss. And (Lucifer) the Spirit of Elohim moved upon the face of the (sexual) waters. And Elohim said, Let there be light: and there was light.” - Genesis 1: 1, 2

In other words, “and there was Lucifer," 

Lucifer is "INRI," Lucifer is Jesus, Zeus, Jupiter holding the lightning in his hand. Lucifer as Jesus is crucified on the equal armed cross of Malkuth. The Latin Lucifer is the Hebrew Satan (שטן) who serves, obeys the commands of Jehovah (יהוה) according to the book of Job,  The book of Job states:

"Now there was a day when the sons of Elohim came to present themselves before the Lord Jehovah (יהוה), and Satan (שטן) came also among them. And the Lord Jehovah (יהוה) said unto Satan (שטן), Whence comest thou? Then Satan (שטן) answered the Lord Jehovah (יהוה), and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it. And the Lord Jehovah (יהוה) said unto Satan (שטן), Hast thou considered my servant Job (Jesus), that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth Elohim, and escheweth evil? Then Satan (שטן) answered the Lord Jehovah (יהוה), and said, Doth Job (Jesus) fear Elohim for nought? Hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side? thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his substance is increased in the land. But put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse thee to thy face. And the Lord Jehovah (יהוה) said unto Satan (שטן), Behold, all that he (Jesus) hath is in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thine hand. So Satan (שטן) went forth from the presence of the Lord Jehovah (יהוה)." - Job 1: 6-12

I saw Satan as lightning falling from heaven

And Jesus said:

"He that heareth you heareth me; and he that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me (the Father who is in heaven). And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through "thy name".

And Jesus said unto them, I beheld Satan (שטן - Latin Lucifer) as lightning fall from heaven" - Luke 10: 16-18.

"For as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man (the one who has that lightning incarnated) be in his day."  - Luke 17: 24

In the fifth initiation of major mysteries, when the initiate chooses the direct path, it is because his earth is already formed and organized, then, he receives the Venustic Initiation, he receives Lucifer from his Father who is in heaven. Lucifer then brings the light of the Solar Logos, because the initiates void, that is, his subconsciousness, unconsciousness and Infra-consciousness, his abyss, is in darkness from the face of Chesed, his Monad to his feet in Malkuth. In other words:

And (in the causal world) the fifth angel (Samael) sounded, and I saw (Lucifer as) a star fall from heaven (of Chokmah) unto the earth (Malkuth): and to him (Lucifer) was given the key of the bottomless pit (of Yesod). And he (Lucifer) opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit (of Yesod in Scorpio), as the smoke of a great furnace (of fire and water); and the sun (Shin) and the air (Aleph) were darkened by reason of the (lustful) smoke of the pit (of sex). And there came out of the (lustful) smoke locusts (lecherous egos) upon the earth (physicality of the initiate): and unto them was given power, as the scorpions (people) of the earth have (sexual) power. And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass (personality) of the earth, neither any green thing (virtue), neither any tree (nervous system); but only those (lecherous) men (egos) which have not the seal of God (the Holy Spirit) in their foreheads. And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months (until kamaduro and kamasaya are paid): and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a (fornicator) man (in the heart). And in those days shall (initiatic) men (who) seek (psychological) death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die (psychologically), and death shall flee from them (until kamaduro and kamasaya is paid). And the shapes of the (lecherous) locusts (lustful egos) were like unto horses (night-mares) prepared unto battle; and on their heads (intellect) were as it were crowns like gold, and their (horse) faces were as the faces of men. And they had hair as (homosexuals who had hair as) the hair of women , and their teeth (kindred) were as the teeth of (lustful) lions. And they (their evil will) had breastplates, as it were breastplates of (goodwill) iron ; and the sound of their wings (thoughts) was as the sound of chariots of many (lustful nightmares) horses running to battle. And they had tails (kundabuffers) like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails (in order to stab their victims with them): and their power was to hurt men five months (karma). And (in hell) they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but (the initiates of the direct path) in the Greek tongue hath (a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit whose) name is Apollyon.” - Revelation 9: 1-11

So, Lucifer is not some external individual, as many think. Lucifer is inside. It is only one part of the being that can enter into an individual, whose earth is already formed and organized, but whose consciousness is like us, a mess, in chaos. God cannot enter into such a mess, but when we begin to walk this path, and we are truly serious about this path, then God sends an element into us, the only element of that divinity that can mix with that darkness, with that abyss,in order to help the initiate in the psychological work. The element is called Lucifer, who mingles with darkness. Lucifer is then mingled with us, and mingles with our lust, our pride, etc and that is precisely the sacrifice of Lucifer. It is part of the Monad, a Monad that needs to become a master Monad.

Thus, in order to master the consciousness, which is identified with this life as it is, he sends Lucifer. Lucifer means “carrier of light.” Thus Lucifer as light mingles with Tiphereth, the human soul in Tiphereth; thereafter Lucifer descends into Malkuth and mingles with the animas of the stable, those bestial inhuman elements or egos that have our soul trapped within; here is when the lightning "Lucifer" is tranformed into Satan, the adversary,  Satan is a very cunning guy, because he knows that in order for you to make light in the darkness, you need to catch the devil. It is important to understand that Lucifer is not the devil, the devil is the ego in us that when mingled with Lucifer becomes Satan. Lucifer is only here to help us. We need to catch the devil, the psychic aggregates, the little delinquents and in order for us to catch them, they need to emerge from within to the surface of the 3 brains. And, in order to for those negative psychological elements to emerge from within, we need the proper psychological gymnasium. We say there are 3 gymnasiums; home, work and relatives, and then in the street with acquaintances, with people that you don’t know sometimes. Normally, the gymnasium, if you are a man, is your wife because she knows you very well, and for the woman it is normally her husband and between them they have the Mahabharata, a great battle.

TheLandofNod EastofEden

Husband and wife reveal the defects of one another very easily. In your job and with your relatives, they too help reveal all the different elements that we carry within, though this is often a smaller battle, not as strong as the one in your home, but it is still strong. Then, our daily life, in the streets of the world is the 3rd type of gymnasium the circumstances that happen in your life; sometimes you get upset because in the post office the teller is treating you disrespectfully, maybe there is a big line there and a lot of people are angry because it is taking too much time, etc etc... you have to be patient, but sometimes you see that happens naturally. But when you are serious about your work Lucifer comes and says “Ok, I am going to help you now” and goes and puts you in a situation you really need for the anger to come out, and this is because you are entering into the path. That happened to Adam and Eve in Lemuria. Lucifer was released but the poor Adam and Eve were naive at that time, and were tempted and defeated easily. You have to be aware in your life that Lucifer is there to test you, sometimes trying to make you fall and even performing the unbelievable in order to make you fall, but if you triumph, deep down he becomes happy, he says; “I am becoming a good coach”.

That is why Master Samael says Lucifer is a golden friend, but sometimes he can appear cruel, especially when he places before us ordeals in relation with the heart. You might be trying to control those egos of your heart, and sometimes you might cry and say “leave me alone don’t give me ordeals right now, I have to meditate on that, just leave me alone for one week please.” He is always ready to help us.

Unfortunately this humanity treats Lucifer in the wrong way. You have to love him. He is always there to help us, and the only way to help us is to makeour egos emerge from the depths of our psyche, in order to show us what we have, what we need to annihilate. When he shows your anger, because someone is touching your feelings, your self-love, your self-esteem, your pride, your vanity and you feel really bad, he is doing so because it is the only way for us to see how that element really works in us. This is how you have to understand that element of Lucifer. It is not as people think, that he is some bad guy trying to conquer humanity... No!He is trying to help. Unfortunately, every single element of this humanity has fallen into temptation. We the Gnostics know that he always puts us in front of temptation, but we have to defeat it, in order to develop virtues, and the only way to develop virtues is this way: meditate, comprehend and then Lucifer becomes our best friend, and in doing so, we transform him into an archangel of light. But first, the Holy Spirit as Aima-Elohim-Binah, has to emerge from the waters of Yesod (the river  Jordan of life) all the way up to Tiphereth, Israel, the Causal Body and from there to work within the initiate, as it is written:

These are the words which Moses spake unto all Israel beyond the Jordan in the wilderness (Tiphereth).” Deuteronomy 1: 1

And Jesus being full of the Holy Spirit returned from Jordan (Yesod), and was led by the (Holy) Spirit into the wilderness (במדבר Bamidbar - Deuteronomy), Being forty days tempted of the devil (Satan, the ego). And in those days he did eat nothing: and when they were ended, he afterward hungered. And the devil (Satan, the ego) said unto him, If thou (Tiphereth) be the Son of God, command this stone (of Yesod) that it be made bread (of wisdom). And Jesus (Tiphereth) answered him, saying, It is written, That man (the mind) shall not live by (the) bread (of the transubstantiation) alone, but by every word of God. And the devil ( Satan, the ego of pride), taking him up into an high mountain (of initiation), shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil ( Satan, the ego of pride) said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that (in Kali Yuga) is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me (instead of your humble God), all shall be thine. And Jesus (Tiphereth) answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou (Satan) shalt worship the Lord thy God (Jehovah Elohim, Binah), and him only shalt thou serve. And he (Satan) brought him to Jerusalem, and set him on a pinnacle of the temple, and said unto him, If thou be (Tiphereth) the Son of God, cast thyself down from hence: For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee: And in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone. And Jesus answering said unto him, It is said, Thou (Satan) shalt not tempt the Lord thy God (Binah). And when the devil (Satan, the ego) had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season.” - Luke 4: 1-13

Understand that when Lucifer, as lightning, becomes mingled with your ego, he becomes Satan within you!

Audience: Why is comprehension related with the three brains?

Instructor: Well comprehension is always related with the three brains because life, wrongly as it does in us, enters through our five senses and into our three brains. You have to comprehend in which way that impression of life enters into your psyche, and how, through comprehension, that our interaction with and response to lifebecomes as it should be, in the right way. This of course is namely, right thought, right feeling and right action: the three brains. What is the right way? Upright thoughts, upright feelings, upright actions. If, in your meditation on a defect, you discover upright thought, upright feeling and upright action there is comprehension. No justification, no condemnation. If you meditate there and you say “I am an evil guy, I am very bad!” That is not comprehension, that is condemnation, self-flagellation. There is no comprehension there; you don’t have to condemn what you see of yourself.

You might also say “I saw this beggar as I was walking the streets, and he asked for alms and I gave him 10 dollars. I am a good guy.” No, you justified to yourself that you were good. Go and meditate and comprehend if that good deed was really good or bad, because maybe that beggar was a drug user and took those 10 dollars and bought drugs, and thus, through that action you were cooperating with evil, with vice, enabling desire.

Love is a law, but cognizant love, not mechanical. Many people love and do what they believe to be good things, but in the end the outcomes are bad... so, where is the love, true love cognizant love in those actions? This is why we have to meditate, to truly comprehend our actions, in order to understand the consequences of our actions. In every meditation that is the discovery of virtue: upright thoughts, upright feeling and upright action, and that which is the opposite, the ego, acting in the 3 brains in the wrong way. Thus, understanding this, practising this is how we come to know how to life consciously.

Audience: Can you explain about the dissolution of the personality, when and how does it occur?

Instructor: That happens after you have annihilated the entirety of the ego. Only then can you annihilate your personality, and thus, after this only your being remains. But, for that, you have to annihilate the ego completely. Before that, the personality is necessary, it has to be utilised. We need it in order to participate in society. Master Samael annihilated his personality at the very end. When you were talking with him there was no personality there, only Samael Aun Weor.

Audience: Can you use the example of the person who bought drugs, that some people might apply that to every beggar and say, “Well the last person I gave money to used it for drugs, so, I am not going to give money to this person.” How does one know how to differentiate or know when it is right or when it is wrong….

Instructor: When is it right to give, when is it wrong not to give…

Audience: Do you sense it...

Instructor: This is precisely the point. That is why this morning we were vocalizing the mantras IIIIIIII, EEEEEE, OOOOO, UUUUUU, AAAAA, MMMM, SSSSSS. This in order to put into activity your seven chakras. Sometimes there are people who are asking you, and you feel it in your heart really, your being tells you “he really needs it,” and then you give because you feel it, you sense it, you intuit it, right? You are sure, but you are sure because you are being guided by the Being. However, if we are guided only by the ego, well, maybe sometimes you might do good, but most of the time we are being deceived or deceiving ourselves. Indeed, there are a lot of thieves these days, making themselves rich, asking others to send them money, and in the process becoming very wealthy. And people fall for this, thinking they are doing good... However, there are some people in the street who need it, need help, but to know what the right thing to do, you have to feel it in your heart. You have to know because you cannot cooperate with a beggar that is going to drink a bottle of liquor, because you are just cooperating with vice. That is why we work on the awakening of our inner faculties, through the use of mantras, etc. The more that we develop the capacity to sense, to feel the impulses of our inner Being, the more we can be guided by that, and thus, learn to do the right thing.

Audience: Why do we begin with retrospection?

Instructor: Because you have to choose what it is you are going to work on. When you sit down, and you start your meditation, what you first have to do is the retrospection of that particular day. Then you see all your actions and reactions, all the egos that appear in the different parts of your body, and then you say, “Well this is the stronger one.” You have to know, to discover which ego is the most pressing in order to be worked on, and we can only do this through retrospection.

Question: Do you go more for the stronger one or do you go for the weaker one?

Instructor: Well you have to go for the stronger one... you can choose the weak one if you want but then you are giving favouritism to yourself. Why are you keeping the stronger one? You know what I mean. The thing is, sometimes in meditation you can meditate on one ego in 10 minutes. Some others take 5 minutes, others half an hour, sometimes one hour. Sometimes you have to rest, because itbecomes a little too much... it depends on the circumstances.

Audience: Could you speak about developing intuition?

Instructor: Intuition is developed by doing good, but conscious good. Sacrificing for humanity. For instance, here we are performing a sacrifice for humanity, that is good, that is conscious good, it is good for you. No way are you going to apply this in the wrong way. The ego is the enemy, and it has to be annihilated. Of course, by supporting any type of sacrifice you really know that it is good for humanity that it is going to help that hum-manity, not the ego. Some people call themselves humans, but they are not. That is part of the consciousness that needs to be developed and to know how to do it. And, of course, vocalising the mantra; OM MASI PADME HUM helps develop intuition; vocalising one hour daily helps.

Audience: I want to clarify, I thought I heard you say earlier that every ego encapsulates a part of all the 3 brains?

Instructor: Acts! It acts through the 3 brains, because the 3 brains are in the physical body. The ego comes from the sub-consciousness and when it appears, when it surfaces, it acts through the 3 brains. If you find an ego outside of your body, in the astral plane, you will see that it also has 3 brains because all these bodies of nature in the humanoid kingdom—whether in the physical plane or the astral plane—always have what the Master calls the 3 brained biped body. However, some of them have their habitat in a particular one of the three. In other words, they utilise all three, but they hide in one in particular. For instance self-esteem is here, in the heart, but when hatred comes it takes your mind and starts analysing what you should say to this person in order to defeat them or hurt them, so it is in your mind. Then, if you act and punch the person in the face, well it is in the motor brain.

Audience: So when you have comprehended it once you catch it...You have discovered it in one brain…. Then, thereafter you have to comprehend it in all three?

Instructor: Yes, precisely. You have to discover it in any one of the three, but then comprehend it in all three and ask for annihilation in all three as well. When you imagine your Divine Mother applying the lance, which is the symbol for the sexual force, you have to see her with your imagination killing the ego in your head, your heart and your motor center. You have to imagine that you are a flame, the sexual energy enveloping you and the ego being burned. In the sexual act it is better, because then there is a lot of fire. This is how the ego dies. Yes?

Question: Does the comprehension of the ego involve some kind of strong internal experience? So how do you know if you have fully comprehended an ego?

Instructor: Oh that is easy, if you are in the same circumstances, in the same event and if you react differently it is obviously because consciousness is there. But, if you act in the same way, well you didn’t comprehend it fully, and thus you need more comprehension. The same events of life will give you the tests you need in order to see what you have truly comprehended. That is why, on this path, when someone is receiving initiation, degrees etc. at the end comes a test, the qualification, in order to see if you have really comprehended. Then the trails come to you in abundance and you have to show that you are really an angel among devils, but if you discover a devil among those tests, then you still need more comprehension.

Question: Could you talk about comprehension in the 49 levels of the mind?

Instructor: Comprehension in the 49 levels of mind? Every psychological element manifests in the 49 levels of the mind. In the end, all the bodies that we have are mind, manas, matter and have 7 levels each. In the beginning we have to start with the 7 levels of the physical body. The first level of the physical body is called the intellect. So, first you comprehend intellectually. When you go down deep into your sub-consciousness, you comprehend your egos in another of the 7 levels of the physical body. Beyond that of course you have to awaken in the other bodies, in order to annihilate other aggregates of the same ego, but in the other levels. In the beginning, you cannot comprehend and annihilate egos at the level of Chesed, the Spirit, where defects disguise themselves as virtues. How are we going to annihilate in the 49th level if we are not even awakened in the first level? That’s why you go little by little. As you awaken in this level, the consciousness expands more and more, then one day you will reach those levels. When you do, you can begin to work on, to comprehend, to annihilate those egos deep in the 49 levels. Of course, it is possible for someone, through meditation, to have an awakened experience, a Samadhi in Chesed and go and see the matter of that world.

Audience: (Inaudible)... and some go all the way.

Instructor: Yes, as my friend says here, some roots of some egos are very shallow or they are very deep. There are egos, as we were explaining yesterday that are created with 96 laws, in that which is called limbo. If we annihilate those egos related with limbo, then we can go deeper, into the infra-dimensions into different levels. But, in the beginning, just be aware of the physical plane. If you have experiences in the astral plane, with other levels of consciousness, when the ego is acting through your dreams, well, if you can comprehend your dreams, do it, because those are deeper levels.

Sometimes there are egos here on the physical plane, that because you are aware, always on guard, you don’t allow them to be fed, and thus you are just comprehending them. But, when you go out of your body they act there, in the astral plane, committing adultery, fornicating, fighting, etc. Then, when you return to your body, you say “Oh my goodness I am still a devil there.” In other words, here, physically, we might be able to control ourselves, but there, in the astral plane, etc, our egos control us. So then you enter into meditation in relation to those dreams, in order to control them. Remember Plato said “man is known by his dreams” and women too, they are known by their dreams.

Question: Could you clarify how the Divine Mother will not destroy and ego until it is comprehended? So that’s on certain levels? If we comprehend it in the physical world she will not destroy it if we have not comprehended it in the astral world?

Instructor: The question is similar to that which our sister asked before. Listen, there are 49 levels and in each level there are many aggregates hidden in many corners of that level. As you patiently comprehend and annihilate all the aggregates on one level, then you go on to another level, and so on and so forth. So, your Divine Mother will annihilate many aggregates of that ego, related to the intellectual level, yet it still exists within you, in deeper levels. It is the same ego, but in other levels, right? So that’s why to annihilate the whole ego of lust, in the 49 levels of the mind, you have to patiently comprehend and annihilate all the aggregates of lust from the intellectual level and likewise all the way up to the 49th level. All of this is achieved through meditation, initiation, trials etc. The same process is applied to the rest of our “family,” our egos that we carry within. Regarding this, it is written:


Said Arjuna:

I do not wish to kill my relatives, spiritual leaders, and friends, even though they stand ready to kill me. I desire neither victory, nor pleasure, nor kingdom. For what is the use of a kingdom, or enjoyment, or even life when all those for whom we desire kingdom, enjoyment, and pleasure are here in this battle, ready to give up their lives?

Lord Krishna replied:

The wise grieve neither for the living nor for the dead. There was never a time you or I did not exist, nor shall we ever cease to exist in the future. The Spirit is neither born nor does it die; it is not destroyed when the body is destroyed. After the death of the body, the Spirit is reborn in a new body until Self-Realization is attained. Death is certain for the one who is born, and birth is certain for the one who dies. Therefore, you should not lament over the inevitable but pray for Self-Realization that you may be at peace.

Simply do your duty to the best of your ability without becoming discouraged by the thought of the outcome, which may be success or failure, loss or victory. You have control over your actions, but no control or claim over the result. Fear of failure, from being emotionally attached to the fruit of work, is the greatest impediment to success because it disturbs the equanimity of the mind. A farmer is responsible for working his land, yet has no control over the harvest. But if he does not work his land, he cannot expect a harvest! By doing your duty, you will not incur Karmic bondage.” - The Bhagavad Gita - The Song of God

And Jesus said:

And ye shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends (in the 49 levels of your mind); and some of (the egos of) you shall they cause to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all (those psychological) people (you carry within) for my name's sake. But there shall not an hair of your head perish. In your patience possess ye your souls.” - Luke 21: 16-19

Question: So to be chaste in the intellectual level does not means to be chaste in the 49 levels?

Instructor: Indeed, as I said, we identify too much with the intellect, and we are unaware of the other 6 physical levels. But, if you put into activity the other senses, the 7 chakras you will become aware of them. That is why Master Samael insisted that we have to put into activity the 7 inner senses, in order for us to know the other levels of your physical body. You will perceive the other levels through self-observation. For instance, sometimes in the physical world, people don’t say anything when someone insults them, but in other levels of the physical plane they are killing them, stabbing them or insulting them in their mind. Those are the deeper levels. Observe yourself and you will see them.

Sometimes I hear from some men that they want to control their lust. So if some beautiful women pass by them, they don’t physically look at them, but lust inside them moves the head like this, so then they still look at them. So, the lust is still there right? So, observe how women do likewise. In order to finish with this lecture let me tell you something. One day a woman asked the Master “Is that right master, that we women are not as lustful as men?” and then the Master said “The devil is the devil, whether with skirts or with pants, it is the same devil!”