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"Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into his side, I will not believe."
Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into his side, I will not believe." -John 20

Proof of Spiritual Teachings

In the books, lectures, and videos made by Glorian, we present in depth teachings about everything related to spirituality and religion: the existence of divinity and other dimensions, suffering and its causes, the truth of our ancestors, and most importantly, the dire situation we are in today, its roots in our sexual habits, and how to change it all.

Since these teachings contradict popular beliefs and theories, people demand proof, evidence, and they are right to expect it. No one should just believe something because it is what others say, or because other people believe it.

There are so many lies and half-truths that are firmly held as truth all over the world. Billions of people believe things that are not true, and the pressure to go along with the crowd is immense. But when the very future of your consciousness is at stake, it is very dangerous to simply believe

Reliable Knowledge

The difficulty is in finding proof of something spiritual, like the existence of God, the soul, other dimensions. Is it possible to prove or disprove their existence? We say that it is, but it is not possible to prove it to others. Why? Because gnosis, knowledge acquired from experience, can only be acquired for oneself.

We acquire experience through our own perception, and the understanding that comes from that perception.

When you see the face of your child, you experience something that no one else can experience: it is your own experience, and is incommunicable. Other parents may feel something similar, and you may share that in common, but the experience, and the understanding that comes from it, is yours alone. That is a mundane example of gnosis: knowledge from personal experience.

Real gnosis relates to conscious personal experience of that which is beyond the physical senses.

When you realize you are dreaming, and you become fully conscious in the world of dreams, away from your physical body, that is a personal conscious experience that you cannot convince anyone to believe is true. But you know it, because you experienced it consciously. Friends and family may doubt you, doctors and scientists may mock you, priests and religious believers may condemn you, but you know what you experienced.

The Right Tools for the Job

When you want to prove or disprove something, you must know how to gather relevant facts. You would not look for atoms with a telescope, or look at the Moon with a microscope, so why do people demand physical proof, with their physical senses, of things that are not physical?

When you want to see the truth for yourself, you need to know how to look for it, and which tool will work. To see the evidence of what is not physical, one needs tools that are not physical.

That is why truly practical spirituality requires meditation and the ability to travel consciously out of the physical body. With these tools, we can investigate the truth for ourselves.

You can prove through your own experience that divinity exists. You can investigate what really happened in the past, the existence of other dimensions, what happens to us after death, and much more. You can talk face to face with divine beings. You can review your past existences. From such experiences you will no longer believe or disbelieve: you will know from experience what is real and what is not.

To do so, you simply need to learn how to use the tools. They are within you, but humanity has not learned how to use them. This is the purpose of the teachings: to show us how to investigate the truth for ourselves.

Beliefs vs. Facts

What you believe, who you follow, what group or religion you like, do not matter. Beliefs and theories are just concepts in the mind, and have no reality. So whether you are deeply religious or vigorously atheistic, it makes no difference: reality remains what it is, no matter what you think or believe about it. Your future, the result of your life, depends not on what you believe, but on what you do.

What truly matters is conscious experience of the truth. Usually people just repeat what they have been told by others, and believe whatever they have heard. It is rare for anyone to confirm the truth for themselves.

What we teach In our books, lectures, and videos is not based on our opinions or beliefs, but on facts investigated and confirmed by meditation and conscious work in the internal worlds, and are in harmony with the ancient secret teachings hidden in every religion and myth. This makes them very distinct from what you may have read elsewhere, or heard about in videos, books or lectures.

How Our Books Were Written

The books in particular were written as a result of authentic meditation. Here is how Samael Aun Weor described his writing process:

“Do you want to know about Atlantis? Here is what you can do. First, before starting any practice, we have to pray to our Divine Mother Kundalini, asking her with all our hearts to take us to Atlantis, that we want to know about Atlantis.

"Then we sit for practice. Bring the mind to stillness and silence.

"Once the mind is still and silent, then the Divine Mother Kundalini will take us to Atlantis, and we will see it. We will see it as consciousness, essence, spirit, not through the process of thinking, through intellectualisms, which are of no use. Nothing is achieved through mere theories.

"Let us see it as it is; in meditation, you can relive the lives you had in Atlantis, past existences; that is the way to know, right?

"For my part, I am going to tell you something. When I want to investigate, for example Lemuria, the first thing I do, in my own way—if it suits you, then follow my example, I am telling you how I do it—I go to bed very calmly, with the flaming star position (arms and legs open), the body totally relaxed. I close my physical eyes so that things from the outside world do not bother me...

"I concentrate on my Divine Mother Kundalini. I tell her I want to know about such a thing, for example, about Lemuria. I want information. I beg and ask with true love, naturally, because one is not going to address one’s mother in a dictatorial way (“asking for alms with a shotgun” as they say around here), no; but with true love. The child should address the mother with love.

"After the supplication, I seek to make my mind still and silent.

"If any memory comes to me in those moments when I try to do the practice, I comprehend it, I analyze it, and I forget it. If any desire arises, any idea, then I do the same: comprehend, analyze... comprehend, discern, and forget.

"Finally, the mind is still.

"Once still and in the deepest silence, then my consciousness is unbottled. It comes out of the mind. Then I am going to experience Lemuria, see the facts of Lemuria, and relive existences that I had in Lemuria.

"Afterwards, I come out of the meditation with the information, I write it down, and I give it to you in books.”

We advise you to do the same: learn how to liberate your consciousness from the body, intellect and emotions, and you, free and awake, unfiltered by ego, desire, fear, beliefs, theories, can see reality, investigate anything, to see the truth of it. This is why all the great masters rely on profound meditation: not to escape the world, but to understand it. Learn to meditate properly, and you no longer need to merely believe. You will be able to investigate the truth for yourself.

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This book is a great example of what he explained; it is filled with stories from his experience.


Gazing at the Mystery by Samael Aun Weor

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