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Can We Avoid a Third World War?

From one day to the next, the news becomes more shocking, more troubling. The conflicts between nations and communities seem unsolvable, puzzles without solutions. The horrors that people are experiencing are true nightmares, and the ones who inflict them do so with laughter...

Once again, we seem to be on the brink of a third world war.

What can we do?

First, we have to face the facts.

The Causes of War

"Real peace and happiness cannot exist on the surface of this planet as long as the psychological factors that produce war are still alive within ourselves. It is clear that as long as discord exists within us, there will be discord in the world.

"Society itself is the extension of the individual. What a person is, society is, and what outer society is, so is the world.

"If an individual transforms himself, if a person eliminates the elements of hatred, egotism, violence, discord, etc., this is to say, if someone achieves the elimination of their ego to liberate their consciousness, what will appear instead is love. If every person that lives on the surface of Earth eliminated their ego, then the masses would be masses of love. There wouldn’t be wars or hatred.

"Real peace cannot exist in the world while ego exists. Some affirm that from the year 2001 or 2007 on there will come an era of fraternity, love and peace. But, thinking out loud I ask myself, and even I ask you: From where do you think such an era of fraternity, love and peace among “men of good will” will come? From the ego with its hatreds, rancour, envies, ambitions, lusts, etc.? Do you really think that this could happen? Obviously not!

"If we really want peace in the world, it’s necessary to destroy what we have that is inhuman; the hatred, the envy, the horrible jealousy, the anger that makes us so abominable, the fornication that makes us like beasts. Whilst those causes are still alive in our psyche, the world will not be different, it will become worse, because over time the ego will become more powerful and the world will become more tenebrous.

"To this measure, if we do not work on ourselves, a day will come when we will no longer exist, because we will destroy one another in a violent form. If the ego were to continue to grow stronger without a limit, as we are now, a time would come when no one could have security in his life, not even at home.

"In a world in which violence is fully developed, nobody’s existence feels secure. So I strongly believe that the solution to all the problems in the world is the elimination of the “I.” —Samael Aun Weor, Beyond Death

The facts show that humanity is not interested in eliminating pride, anger, or envy. Instead, everything in modern culture encourages them: modern media celebrates and glorifies anger and violence. Modern culture spreads dissatisfaction, and stimulates envy, wanting what others have, and pushes everyone to do whatever it takes to get it. Humanity is not taught to contemplate the causes of suffering, but to chase pleasure, at any cost. This means that humanity will not get better, it will get worse.

Every conflict in the world today is rooted in envy, anger, and pride, and they worsen because those involved will not renounce those defects.

"The sun is the symbol of the cosmic Christ. Christ is Love. Therefore, the antithesis of love is hatred [anger]. Know ye, O nations, crowds and tongues, that hatred becomes the fire which burns! [..] Hear ye, O nations! Know, that the most terrible monster that exists upon the Earth is hatred [anger]! Since their own hatred will unleash all the wars, who can save this humanity?"  —Samael Aun Weor, The Aquarian Message

Find Hope

We are facing a global crisis, but there is hope.

According to the prophecies, we are supposed to have a Third World War, catastrophes, disasters, and more suffering than one can even imagine. BUT:

A superior law overcomes an inferior law.

Our karma can be negotiated.

For instance, a person who is diagnosed with a terminal illness is going to die. The doctor says, "You have three weeks to live." The one who believes that, who gives up, who continues with their bad habits, will die on schedule, or even earlier. But the one who says, "No. I am going to conquer this," and changes: they drop their bad habits. They adopt an excellent diet, healthy lifestyle, they exercise and keep a positive attitude: it is obvious that they will originate new circumstances. They might postpone the disease. They might even conquer it completely. It is up to them.

The same is true for humanity. The same is true for each of us.

If we adopt superior actions, then the inferior consequences can be avoided or delayed. But if we keep our bad habits, and keep consuming garbage, then the disease will get worse.

The prophets have said this humanity is on the brink of destruction. We do not doubt it: it is obvious that humanity is diseased and dying. However, some of us want to help those who may yet be saved. Some of us are choosing to fight for those who might be able to escape. When we fight hard, the masters (the "doctors") fight hard to help us.

Humanity's karma is waiting to be paid, but when there are people working on themselves, and spreading the teachings to others, it gives the masters who manage karma a chance to help us, to give us more time to work on ourselves in peace, and help others do the same. Once the wars and catastrophes start, it will become much harder.

The more we work on ourselves, and the more we help others find the teachings, the more we can delay the start of the wars. This is why the wars have not happened yet.

Can they be avoided altogether? No. The disease that is killing humanity is too far advanced. This humanity will be destroyed. That is unavoidable. However, the wars can be delayed, and those who earn the right can be taken away from danger. For that, one has to be truly revolutionary, and change very dramatically.

We have to fight. Here is how:

Superior Actions Create Superior Results

The only fight that can save us is not against society or the world. It is against ourselves.

The foundation of this fight is the elimination of our inner defects. This has three aspects:

  1. Every day, study your psychological defects. Change your behaviors: drop those that cause harm, and adopt those that bring benefit to yourself and others. These cannot be merely superficial changes, they must be deep, profound, radical. All of our old ways must die.
  2. Harness and transmute your creative power so you can give birth to the soul.
  3. Be a beacon of love and compassion: sacrifice for others, alleviate their suffering, care for others as if they were your own children. 

Imagine your car is about to speed off of a cliff, and inside it are those you love the most: you have to act fast and with great accuracy.

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