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Is sexual magic affected by vasectomy, hysterectomy, tubal ligation?

In the practice of sexual magic, we preserve and transmute our sexual energy in order to regenerate ourselves, awaken consciousness, and eliminate our defects. When the physical body has been damaged or modified, this naturally affects our sexual transmutation. As it says in the Bible:

"He that is wounded in the testicles, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of יהוה." —Deuteronomy 23

Entrance into superior levels of life - to be born again - depends upon sex. All birth originates from sex. 

It is very sad that modern humanity is unaware of the importance of the natural sexual functions of the body, and seeks to modify the sexual organs for convenience. This is a very profound and grave action, and it is recommended to avoid it.

Student: ... People who have had an operation for different reasons, but still work with sexual energy, that is, they do not have their organs; So, there is a doubt that has been raised with an instructor who has said categorically in ... ... that the person who has suffered the amputation of his sexual organ has no possibility of working. I would like to hear your word, master.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I am going to tell you a great truth, applicable to the two sexes: if a man is made a eunuch, that man can no longer work in the Ninth Sphere, for how would he work? Or if a woman has her ovaries removed, in what situation would she be? Is it not the same as that of a eunuch? Can a eunuch, male or female, work with the creative energy of the Third Logos? Obviously no, that is not possible.

In this case, the woman or the man has no choice but to dedicate themselves to work on the dissolution of the >ego as far as possible. Take advantage of the time so that in the future existence you will be born with more awakened consciousness and able to continue in your work. That is the reality of the facts. -Kosmos Human


Question: Is it possible to have a perfect matrimony and practice sexual transmutation after a vasectomy?

If you cut your nasal passages, would your breathing be affected?

If you cut your esophagus, would eating be affected?

Any damaged or modified organ in the body results in a change in the flow of energy. Since spiritual development depends upon sexual energy, if the sexual organs are modified, then spiritual development is also affected. The amount of the effect depends upon the extent of the modification.

We recommend against such procedures.

If someone has already had it performed, they can investigate having it reversed. If it is not possible, their only recourse is to appeal to God for assistance.

Of course, someone who has modified, limited, or even lost their sexual function still retains the ability to meditate and work on the ego, and sacrifice on behalf of others in order to help humanity. Great sacrifices and dedication to others well-being, in combination with mystical death (elimination of our inner defects), will create enormous benefit for everyone. This is a vitally important work, and can be pursued until a new physical body is acquired.

As explained in the examples above, transmutation is still possible, albeit limited and more difficult. Because in such a case the sexual energy can no longer move physically throughout the sexual organs, it also cannot be fully harnessed. Therefore, the person will have to work with more focus, patience, and subtlety. The non-physical aspects of the energy can still be utilized, but this requires more skill, attentiveness, and delicacy.

Question: Will a husband's vasectomy have a bad effect on his wife?

She is practicing Tantra with the man she loves. Therefore, they will both benefit from transmutation, since the sexual act will strengthen their marriage and their spiritual lives. Obviously, his condition will result in a limitation, yet he can still do his best. Consider it this way: does someone who had a vasectomy still have interest in sex, and capability to perform the sexual act? If so, then they should do so, in accordance with the guidelines of alchemy. In this way, they can do their best.

Let it be clear: the creation of the solar bodies is not the most important part of the work. Eliminating the ego is the most important part.

Question: I had a vasectomy in the past. Is it still advisable not to orgasm?

Yes, you must still refrain from orgasm. The creative energy is electronic, molecular, and cellular within your body, it is not just the physical sperm, but also the hormones, and non-physical, vital currents of energy. By retaining all these forces, you regenerate yourself. Because of this preserved energy, you can still work to eliminate your ego, and a great deal of spiritual development is still possible.


Question: If I have a hysterectomy will I still be able to practice sex magic?

If one still has interest and capability to perform the sexual act, then one should, and it one is going to have sex, one should have it ethically. You can fortify the love of the couple, and dedicate oneself towards doing what is right, especially eliminating inner defects.

Question: I had a full hysterectomy due to cancer. What are the consequences to practicing alchemy and raising my kundalini now that my ovaries are gone?

There are many people who are suffering through this type of karma, and there is no doubt it is difficult. However, do not lose hope. First of all, you are still in your physical body. This itself is a remarkable fact, and should give you courage and will to proceed. Secondly, remember that the physical body is the lowest part of the tree of life, and is impermanent and unreliable, and will eventually be discarded anyhow so that you can receive a new one. This is a normal process and does not impede our work towards the light.

Nevertheless, since your ovaries have been removed, there will be an unmistakable change in the functionality of sexual energy. Fortunately, the vital aspect is still there. People who lose an arm or a leg still feel the limb is there because the vital aspect is there; the same is true of the ovaries. The physical part may be removed, but the vital part remains in place. Therefore, you should continue practicing as before. Pranayama harnesses prana, which is not physical.

"The sexual energy is not only in the ovules, but also in all of the female sexual system." -Samael Aun Weor

Question: Are hysterectomies advisable?

In some cases a hysterectomy is necessary to preserve health and life; this is a case by case situation, like anything else. The general guideline is that we use what is useful; sometimes conventional medicine offers methods that can help us preserve our lives so we can continue working. That said, the best source of medical advice must come from your own innermost, acquired through meditation and dream yoga. Healing is always a matter of karma.

Everyone is guilty of mistakes and crimes. The remedy is to do good deeds to pay the debts. For example, if one causes pain, then one must heal the injured. If one has caused hunger, one must feed the starving. So in this case, find some way to help educate those who are ignorant about upright sexuality. This can be directly, by teaching, or indirectly, by supporting those who teach. It could also be by volunteering someplace appropriate to your situation, in which you can work face to face with those who need help.

Question: What can I do as a woman whose sexual organs are damaged, such as through a hysterectomy or tubal ligation?

The only solution to our suffering is to harness all the power we have available inside of us, and direct it towards creating benefit for ourselves and others. No matter how terrible our suffering and mistakes have been in the past, or how limited our circumstances in the present, since we are still alive there is a chance to turn everything around and move in a better direction. The key to this is to genuinely understand what is beneficial behavior and what is harmful. The most important aspect of this is sexual, since sexual behavior accesses the greatest power within us.

It is stated in these teachings that a superior power (law) will make an inferior power (law) inert. By adopting positive, beneficial behaviors, we can eliminate the harmful influences within us and around us. In synthesis, no matter how bad you may have been, become very good now, and your previous actions can be forgiven or paid.


Question: Can women transmute after reaching menopause?

Yes. Menopause is normal and is no impediment to working on oneself. In fact, with maturity and the changes that accompany it, one is often better suited to comprehend things, at least as compared with the how hard it is during youth.

Student: Does menopause influence this, master?

menopause and after having gone through menopause they follow their normal sex life. They pass their critical age and then they continue the work.

Student: That is, they can perform their transmutation work perfectly.

Samael Aun Weor: Perfectly.

Student: But since the female hormone is no longer produced after menopause, are there no problems in effecting transmutation?

Samael Aun Weor: No. She will not produce the female hormone, but the sexual energies, the energies of the Third Logos, are active.

Student: Which are the energies that must crystallize, are they not?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes! On the other hand, there are women who, at the age of forty, succumb because they abused sex.

Student: And that fits in the question?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, that fits... Those who abuse sex reach a certain age in which their sexual organs are already atrophied, or develop different diseases, anomalies, disorders, and cannot work even if they want to work. -Kosmos Human

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