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The Wandering Moon by William Blake
The Wandering Moon by William Blake

Kosmos Human

Well, we are going to talk here about the Inner Self-realization of the Being...

First of all, it is convenient to know that all of this humanity is terribly mechanical, one hundred percent. Obviously, such mechanicity originally comes from that satellite that revolves around our planet Earth, and which is called "Moon." We need to free ourselves from its purely automatic, mechanical life, and it is possible to free ourselves from it if we create within ourselves a kind of psychological moon.

The Psychological Moon

Indeed, it is true that we can create a psychological moon.  For this, what is important is to eliminate from ourselves all of those heavy and clumsy elements that control our human personality. I am referring, emphatically, to the elimination of the psychic aggregates of pride, conceit, vanity, hatred, arrogance, jealousy, etc.

If we achieve the elimination of those aggregates, then there will be established in our psyche a center of permanent gravity, a center of cognizant gravity. Unquestionably, that center is what we can emphatically call a "psychological moon."

Obviously, that psychological moon gives us continuity of purpose. Then we will no longer drift about, regarding issues related to working on ourselves; an extraordinary change will have arisen.

The Psychological Solar System

But that is not all. It is necessary to progress even more: we need to create a psychological solar system within ourselves. To do this, we must descend into the Ninth Sphere, the ninth Dantesque circle, to the flaming forge of Vulcan, which is sex.

Unquestionably, within ourselves, any creation is possible through Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury. If one wants to create a solar system within oneself—to make it clear: a psychological solar system that allows one to live freely throughout any solar system—then one must work intensively with the Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury of the sages.

This implies, in fact, a great super-effort. We must begin by knowing a little bit of alchemy. It is necessary to know that the Mercury (which all alchemists speak about) is the metallic soul of the sacred sperm [the sexual seed in both males and females]. But you have to prepare that metallic soul of sacred sperm, and this is a matter of laboratory.

If one does not prepare the Mercury, then with what would the Great Work be performed? In order to perform the Great Work, one must prepare the Mercury of the sages. And how would one prepare the Mercury of the sages? By means of the secret secretorum of alchemy. This is a simple artifice that we already know, which is: connection of the lingam-yoni, without the ejaculation of the ens seminis, because within the ens seminis is the ens virtutis of fire. Thus, this is the simple secret secretorum of holy alchemy.

In beginning, the Mercury is black and filthy. In other words, in the beginning the waters are black.

When the alchemist begins to work, or better said, when the Gnostic couple begins to work, they are represented by the black raven of alchemy, because their mercurial waters are black.

The alchemists say, in a very like-minded and symbolic manner, that "from those black waters one has to extract the white gelatin." What they mean to say is that those black waters must be transformed, become crystalline, white, pure waters. This is possible by refining the sacrament of the church of Romae (the word "romae" is Latin for Rome; when rearranging the letters in reverse, it reads "amore" which means love). The sacrament of the church of Romae is sex, it is within sex. If the sacrament of the church of Romae is refined, then the black waters become white.

So, it is stated that "in the beginning we have to work with the black raven,” or that "we need to whitewash the raven." All alchemists state the same thing: turn the black waters into white waters, transform them by means of refinement...

The great problem that I am seeing in all the gnostic brothers and sisters, in all marriages in general, is that they do not worry about the refinement of the sacrament of the church of Romae, and therefore they are delaying a lot in the awakening of the Kundalini.

There are couples who have ten or fifteen years working in the Ninth Sphere and have not yet received the fire. That is not right. Fire must be received quickly. The culprits are those same couples, because it turns out that they do not refine the sacrament of the church of Romae. They make the connection of the lingam-yoni in a, let us say, animalistic way. They perform the chemical copula too brutally, too animal, thus their waters remain black years upon years and more years, thus they are stagnate. They are stagnate for that reason.

But if the sacrament of the church of Romae is refined, if “coitus is made a form of prayer” as stated by St. Augustine, then the black waters become white. In sacred Egypt, upon reaching that state, the tunic of Thoth—that is, the tunic of chastity, the white tunic, the tunic of white linen—was received.

The black waters have always been symbolized, I repeat, by the black raven, while the white waters have been symbolized or allegorized, to speak more clearly, with the white dove of the Holy Spirit.

Thereafter, one has to turn the black waters into yellow, because the true color of mercury is yellow. That is why the planet Mercury is always represented with the color yellow (the Mercury of the sages).

Upon reaching this stage, it is stated that the waters have become the yellow eagle, or they are allegorized by a yellow eagle. Those yellow waters always receive Sulfur.

And what is Sulfur? Sulfur is the Luciferic fire, the sacred fire. Thus, Sulfur mixed with Mercury, plus the sublimated Salt that rises, then, from the bottom of the Hermetic vessel, constitute, in themselves, the Vitriol of the sages. The word Vitriol is worth analyzing: "Visit Interiore Terrae, Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem," meaning, "Visit the interior of the Earth, which by rectifying you will find the hidden stone.”

And what kind of stone? Well, this is the Philosophical Stone. And which stone is that? The Philosophical Stone is the same Red Carbuncle, it is the Chrestos or Interior Magnes, garbed with the bodies of gold. That is the Philosophical Stone. But it is necessary to "rectify" the bowels of the Earth, to search, to research within that liquid, flexible, malleable glass, in order to be able to manufacture the stone.

So, once the Mercury is already prepared, the superior existential bodies of the Being can be created. In a higher octave, that Mercury serves to fabricate the astral body.

In a second octave, it would give us the basis to fabricate the body of the mind, and in a third octave it would give us the basis to manufacture the body of the conscious will, or causal body.

Once these bodies have been created, the animic and spiritual, or etheric, or buddhic principles are received, which in fact make us humans, in the fullest sense of the word. That is to say, with those existential bodies we have, in fact, already created the solar system in miniature (within ourselves, here and now); we become a solar system in miniature (a microcosmos, to be more exact, a microcosmic human); we would have created our psychological solar system, just as we created our psychological moon.

Whosoever possesses the psychological solar system is a real human. Before one possesses the psychological solar system (within oneself), before having created it, one is not human. Even if one thinks one is a human, one is not; one is rather an "intellectual animal,” but not a human.

The best sages have understood that, but they do not dare to say it. They do not dare because of fear: they fear, they fear to be ridicule, they fear the reaction of the people, they feel shame, they do not say it; they give it to understand, and nothing else. To me, frankly, it seems that we have to put the cards upon the table and tell the truth with courage, whatever the cost: while one has not created the superior existential bodies within oneself, one is not a human but an "intellectual animal."

This has been said in the faculties of medicine. Here in the Federal District of Mexico, a professor of medicine, in full chair said: "We are intellectual mammals", or "rational mammals", which is the same. He said it, and the curious thing was that the disciples did not react, everyone accepted it (the professor said it, and "what else", so everyone "shut up"); but since this was said in the faculty of medicine, there is no problem. The serious matter is when this is said in a lecture room. And yet, in the faculty of medicine it is said and it is accepted...

Indeed, the rational mammal has not created the superior existential bodies of the Being. In order to create then, we must prepare the Mercury of the sages.

So, once one has created a psychological moon and a psychological solar system (within oneself), if one wants to move a little further one have to define oneself... Define oneself, since one are presented with two paths, when one reaches that stage of being: one path is the nirvanic spiral path (this is a good work); the other path, is the direct, the direct path that leads to the Absolute (this is a superior work).

Many are defined by the nirvanic spiral path, and since the fruits are minor, the sufferings are also minor. Those who are defined by the direct path suffer more, because their triumphs are greater. Therefore, the pain is more tremendous.

As for what concerns me, I am a walker of the direct path, and the doctrine that I teach is the doctrine of the direct path, for those who want to go on the direct path. Those who do not want to go for direct path, well, I’m sorry, but this will be the point where everyone will have to define themselves. To those who follow the spiral path, we will have to tell them "good bye," since, we, those who follow the direct path, we go to the Absolute. So, this is the harsh reality of the facts...

The Psychological Sun

Now, the advantage of we, those who follow the direct path, is that we become solar humans. But, in order to become solar humans, we have to fabricate a psychological sun within ourselves, here and now; this is obvious... The psychological sun… But, how are we going to create the psychological sun within ourselves? This is possible to create, but only by eliminating the Dry Mercury and the Arsenic Sulfur. And what is the Dry Mercury? Could any of you tell me? Could any of you answer me?

Student: That is the psychic aggregates.

Samael Aun Weor: Correct! The psychic aggregates are constituted by the Dry Mercury. And as for the Arsenic Sulfur, what would you say?

Student: That is the negative sexual fire.

Samael Aun Weor: The fire of the lower atomic infernos of the human being, the fire that comes from the abominable Kundabuffer organ. That has to be eliminated. If one eliminates the psychic aggregates and the Arsenic Sulfur, one makes gold, gold of the best quality, gold more perfect than that which is in any mine on Earth.

Of course, in order for there to be gold within us, we need a great artificer, an Hermetic artist. I want to refer, clearly, to the Antimony.

Antimony is not merely a substance, as many claim. In alchemy, antimony goes far beyond: antimony is one of the autonomous and self-cognizant parts of our own Being, since our own Being has many autonomous and self-cognizant parts. Antimony is one of them. It is an alchemist. That part works actively, fixing gold on Mercury.

We already said that the solar bodies are constituted by Sulfured Mercury, plus a little sublimated Salt; but then to fix the gold in that Mercury is the important thing. You know very well the relationship that always exists between gold and Mercury in the mines… Mercury is very fertile where gold is fixed. Well, within us there is also a relationship between Mercury and gold, and gold and Mercury. As we are eliminating, for example, the psychic aggregates or the Dry Mercury related to the astral body, it is clear that the Antimony is fixing the gold in that body, and there comes a moment when, truly, the sidereal or astral body (the famous Eidolon) becomes a fine vehicle of pure gold of the best quality.

Upon reaching that stage, it is clear, the serpent devours, swallows the astral body. And then we come to enjoy the power of the chakras. Before this, it is not possible. Because one thing is to awaken the serpent, to put it into activity, and another thing is to be able to enjoy the chakras; to be able to enjoy the chakras it is necessary, indispensably, to have been devoured by the serpent.

After the astral body has been swallowed by the snake, comes the work with the mental body. Many can progress to the astral; when they get to work with the mind, they fail. The mind is very difficult... Do you know what it means to turn one's mind into a golden mind, a divine mind? If the mind is very difficult, what about to make it gold? How difficult it is to make the mind of gold. Many arrive there and there they fail, hence they do not pass further...

In my present existence, when I got there, I was warned. I was told, "Up to here many have arrived, but from here to there it is difficult for them to pass."

I just said, "Well, I will try…” Thus, I set out to work: to eliminate the Dry Mercury from the mind. I got it through supreme sacrifices and great efforts, and after that mind turned into a vehicle of gold, it was swallowed by the snake, then my mind remained in Isis...

The third body, in a third octave, that we have to work with is the causal. It seems incredible, that we also have Dry Mercury in the world of natural causes, but we have it. Eliminating the Dry Mercury in the causal world is very difficult, because in general, the psychic aggregates of the causal world or of the causal body are linked to karma, and this is the serious thing. Here, there must be negotiations in order to eliminate certain aggregates; terrible, super efforts beyond normal, terrible repentances; here is where we have to "wash our feet with the blood of our heart"; all of this is very serious...

Well, when one has managed to eliminate the psychic aggregates of the causal, the gold has been fixed completely in it and the serpent can devour it; then, one is admitted in the world of natural causes as qualified adept, and is received, then, in the temple of the causal world as qualified adept.

Much later, then, it will be necessary to work with Buddhi, the buddhic or intuitional body, so sung of by many authors, and that is called the valkyrie, the beautiful Sulamite, the wife of King Solomon, the beautiful Helen of Troy, etc…     

Converting that vehicle into a gold vehicle is not so easy; in order to achieve this, we must eliminate all those atoms that were, we would say, deformed by our mistakes. Each atom of those implies a different, deformed, atomic consciousness.

In other words, we find here, we might say, malignant intelligences (not properly in the buddhic body, but in its counterpart by antonomasia). This implies a certain descent into the infernal worlds, therefore terrible, in order to be able to eliminate frightful inhuman psychic aggregates that are related to the consciousness. Once this has been achieved, then the buddhic or intuitional body shines with the gold of the sages.

And finally, comes the work with Atman the ineffable. Thus, once Atman is converted into a  vehicle of gold, one is firmly established in Isis; one can exclaim, "I am a serpent!... I am a serpent!"...

All of this work that I have been talking about to you is done in the Ninth Sphere, in sex. It is in the Ninth Sphere where one has to wield the spear in order to disintegrate the inhuman psychic aggregates that we carry inside. It is in the forge of the Cyclops where the Divine Mother Kundalini Shakti wields the weapons of Vulcan for the destruction of all the Dry Mercury.

Thus, after a human being has managed to make gold within oneself, one is ready, one is prepared so that the Christ can resurrect within one.

The Inner Christ must resuscitate in the heart of the human being. Thus, once Christ has resurrected, he will be clothed with those bodies of pure gold, which together constitute To Soma Heliakon (the solar bodies) of the solar human.

Christ coated, covered with that fine metallic vesture, shielded with pure gold, comes to the manifestation in order to work in the Great Work of the Father. So, the vital thing is, then, to reach resurrection, and this is possible if one works as one should work in the Ninth Sphere.

So, if we need to create a psychological moon, if we need to create a psychological solar system within ourselves, we also need to create the psychological sun within ourselves.

But that is not all. Do you believe that if one is a solar human, one must remain stagnant as such? The solar human has the right to become a galactic human; one has the right to march towards Sirius, because the ray of the revolution of consciousness leads us to Sirius, to the central sun Sirius, the capital of the Milky Way, around which millions of constellations revolve.

The Psychological Galaxy

If someone, if a solar human, wants to become a galactic human, one will inevitably need to create a psychological galaxy within. And in order to create it, one has to go down again to the flaming forge of Vulcan in order to work there with water and fire; one will need to work in the forge of the Cyclops, in order to create those very fine vehicles of the Nirmanakaya, Sambhogakaya (which has three degrees of perfection more than Nirmanakaya), Adikaya, Dharmakaya... vehicles that allow one to be a galactic human, in the galaxy, and to live in Sirius.

tree of life twelve

In order to become that, one must go down: to create the bodies that one needs in order to become a galactic human.

One could not be a galactic human without possessing the four kayas of alchemy. Well, once you have created them, you become a galactic human.

Therefore, on one occasion, a certain lady adept asked in Sirius, "Could I reincarnate here, in this world?"

The answer was, "Impossible, you are only an embryo. To be able to live in Sirius is very difficult!" Yes, only galactic humans can live there, no one else. Keep in mind that Sirius is the capital of this Milky Way.

Now, would the inhabitants of Sirius — the galactic human beings, to speak more clearly — have the right to progress even more? I say, yes. They have the right to become infinite humans.

The Psychological Infinite

If in order to have the right to be galactic humans a psychological galaxy must be created, so too to have the right to live in all this infinite that we know (which I would call "Einstein's infinite," since he said "the infinite tends to a limit, since space is curved "), so in order to have the right to live in this infinite, in which we exist, we need to create a psychological infinite with new appropriate vehicles, and for that, we must go down to the forge of the cyclops, to the flaming forge of Vulcan. Then, a galactic human is also obligated to descend to the Ninth Sphere, if what one wants is to become an inhabitant of all this infinite.

This infinite, perceptible with the most powerful telescopes, can have an average (I speak of a general average, not detailed) of one hundred thousand galaxies, each galaxy with a few hundred thousand constellations... (It is a very general average, because it is impossible to detail it). But in any case, to have the right to live in all this Infinite, one has to create the appropriate vehicles.

Beyond this infinite there is an empty space. And beyond this empty space another Infinite opens up. In The Pistis Sophia, this is documented, it is spoken of as the "various firmaments"...

Yeshua Ben Pandira, could and can enter into other firmaments, that is to say, other infinites... The various infinites have esoteric documentation, they are the various firmaments of Pistis Sophia...

Questions and Answers

Let's see... You there, speak…   

Student: Does that have to do with the Aeons?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, this is beyond, this already transcends the state of the simple Aeons. There are thirteen fundamental Aeons. Below the Aeons is the submerged region, is not it? We might say the world of Pluto, the Tartarus. And beyond the thirteenth Aeon is the Eternal Common Cosmic Father.

tree of life aeons col opt

But, let us separate for a minute from the Aeons and think about the various infinities. This brings mathematics, because the number 8, lying down or drawn in the horizontal manner, means infinite, so if we add another, it gives us the following result: infinite plus infinite is equal to infinite, or infinite minus infinite is equal to infinite, or infinite multiplied by infinite is equal to infinite, or infinite divided by infinite is infinite. It admits the four operations, it admits addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of infinites.

Student: Master, does this have to do, then, with the seven cosmoses?

Samael Aun Weor: No, no! We are exclusively talking about the various infinites. So, these various infinites can exist thanks to the infinity that sustains everything, but if a human who has created the psychological infinite (and who can well live freely in any world of this infinite, since he is the king and lord in any world of this infinite), wishes to pass to the next infinite, that human would need to descend to the forge of the cyclopes in order to create, in its intimate constitution, the necessary conditions to be able to enter into the other infinite.

So, every time one tries to enter a new firmament one must descend to the flaming forge of Vulcan, that is the harsh reality of the facts. Each time one try to move to a new higher level of the Being, one must go down to the flaming forge of Vulcan.

Student: And the entrance to the Absolute?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the Father is the one who comes to define that, not the Son. For example, as far as I am concerned, I would like to go directly into the bosom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, that is to say, into the Absolute, into the bosom of the omnimerciful, into the infinitude that sustains all. But could I define myself to do that? Obviously not. Because the boss is the Father, not me. He is a cosmocrator, because he is the regent of the planet Mars. Could I go there to command him and tell him, "Lord, I am going to the Absolute, you stay there." He would tell me, "You insolent boy! Why do you disrespect me?" And with just reason. He will know why he does it, because one cannot command the Father, the Ancient of Days, the Old Man of the Centuries; he knows what he does and we have no choice but to bow reverently to the will of the Father. That is the harsh reality of the facts: Whatever he says we do! Because, what can we say, if he is the one who commands, the superior part of the Being? How could we command him? So, we, those of us who follow the path of cosmocrators, then, we have no other choice but to go from firmament to firmament...

Student: Behold Master, and the twelve hours of Apollonius, or thirteen... are they twelve or thirteen, are they works too?

Samael Aun Weor: Thirteen what? ...

Student: The thirteen hours of Apollonius?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the hours of Apollonius are twelve, the twelve Aeons. Because whoever wants to go into the thirteenth Aeon has to leave the physical body, and therefore can no longer serve humanity. That one will have to live in the thirteenth Aeon, which is the region of Atala (speaking in pure Sanskrit), preparing to enter the Unmanifested Absolute. But if one wants to serve humanity one must stay in twelfth Aeon, this is obvious.

Student: And in that twelfth Aeon is where all the infinites are given?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, every infinite has its Aeons. So, our infinite has its twelve Aeons, and its thirteenth Aeon too. The next infinite also has its own twelve Aeons, and its thirteenth Aeon too. Each Infinite has its Aeons.

Student: The truth is that we are so far away ...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, indeed, we find ourselves very far away from the sacred Absolute Sun; the radiations of the sacred Absolute Sun scarcely arrive here.

Student: The moon that we have to create, that psychological moon, is not it, we might say... is it not a negative factor in our lunar situation?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, presently we are organic machines, mechanical entities governed by the rays of the moon. Therefore, Hahnemann gave a principle that is basic: "Similia similibus curantur," "Like cures like." If the intellectual animal, mistakenly called human, depends strictly on the Moon (if he is a lunar creature), then if we want to be free from the Moon, one must create within oneself a psychological moon so that Hahnemann's principle can be accomplished.

Thereafter, one will need to take the next step: the creation of the psychological solar system. Then it will continue with the creation of the psychological sun, much later with the psychological galaxy, and finally, with the psychological infinity. When one reaches these heights, one will have to define oneself between entering the bosom of the Common Cosmic Eternal Father or moving on to the next infinite.

Student: Master, this is always if the Father wants it?

Samael Aun Weor: If the Father wants it. Because we cannot command the Father. Now, if the Father has placed all of us on this path, it is for us to work on ourselves, so that we can achieve the intimate Self-realization of the Being. But we have to make creations, we also have to eliminate that which is useless, to remove all the Dry Mercury and Arsenic Sulfur.

Student: Each time that one descends into the forge of the Cyclops, as you say, does one descends with the same technique or with different techniques?

Samael Aun Weor: The foundation of the entire work of the Great Work is in that simple artifice that constitutes the secret secretorum of alchemy, in that simple formula: connection of the lingam-yoni without ever spilling the cup of Hermes Trismegistus, the three times great god Ibis of Thoth. That is where the formula is, that is the formula for the entire cosmos.

If one tries to enter into an unknown solar system and become an inhabitant of it, one must study it even from a distance, to receive some report about that solar system; to know what bodies or what vehicles, or what special conditions are necessary in order to enter into it. To prepare oneself in order to have the right to enter, and one prepares oneself in the forge of the cyclops, one has to go down in order to create what one needs in order to enter into that new solar system.

Student: Does it always have to be with the Priestess?

Samael Aun Weor: Always, because one force cannot create. For this, three forces are needed; the Holy Affirming, the Holy Denying, and the Holy Reconciling are needed. If one does not work with the three forces (positive, negative and neutral), one cannot make any creation.  

Student: Well, master, being the fifth of the seven and the one who has suffered the most, is it a sign that you have come down several times in order to work with the three mountains?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, within me is the fifth of the seven, who is the Being. He is the fifth of the seven. Yet, my insignificant person, I consider that has no value, it is not worth even "five cents." What matters is the Being. The Being is what counts, what is worthy, and not we, who as personalities, are worthless.

Student: Venerable master, how, in which one of these stages is it possible to transcend the zodiacal sign, the planetary influences? In other words, is there a stage in which one can leave the zodiacal sign one already has or the planetary influences, can one neutralize them? Can one do it when the psychological moon is already achieved?

Samael Aun Weor: No, not even with the planetary psychological system is this achieved either, but it is achieved when one becomes a solar human...

Student: By creating the Absolute Sun?

Samael Aun Weor: One has to create the psychological sun within oneself. Once the psychological sun is created within oneself, one then can become independent of the zodiac.

Student: Does this refer to the zodiac of the first system?

Samael Aun Weor: It refers to all the solar systems, to the zodiacal system in which we live. Because the zodiacal system in which we live is like a great womb within which many solar systems are gestated. If one wants to free oneself from that zodiac, one needs to become independent, and one can only become independent by means of the creation of the solar human.

A solar human is a king or queen of the zodiac. A solar human can rule the entire zodiac. But to be able to become independent from the zodiac, one must create within oneself the psychological sun.

If one wants to go further, then one has to become a galactic human. One could not become a galactic human except by creating the psychological galaxy within oneself. One has to create new vehicles, one has to create the four kayas. If one has not created the four kayas yet, then how can one afford to become an inhabitant of Sirius? The inhabitants of Sirius possess the four kayas mentioned in Sanskrit esotericism.

Student: Venerable master, please clarify for us, in a more accessible way, what are the four kayas in themselves, for our understanding?

Samael Aun Weor: They are four vehicles of superior order. For example, a Nirmanakaya is one who has renounced nirvana for the love of humanity. Thus, Master Blavatsky says after many nirvanas gained and lost for the sake of humankind, one gains the right to live in a world of supernirvanic happiness."

A Sambhogakaya has three degrees more of perfection than that of Nirmanakaya. Far beyond Sambhogakaya (which has three degrees of perfection) is, then, the Adikaya, which is a vehicle, then, of intelligence, a vehicle of genius. And far beyond the Adikaya is the Dharmakaya (of reward, total prize). Whosoever has reached this height, in fact, can live in the entire galaxy; that one has created the psychological galaxy within oneself.

Student: Very grateful thanks, venerable…

Samael Aun Weor: Therefore, brothers and sisters, there are degrees and degrees. But I say to you a great truth: if one does not eliminate all the Dry Mercury that we carry inside, that is to say, the inhuman psychic aggregates that we carry inside, one will fail lamentably. One would become, in fact, a hasnamuss with a double center of gravity, a cosmic failure, an abortion of the Divine Mother Kundalini. One needs to eliminate all the psychic aggregates that personify our errors. As long as one has not done so, one will have to live in an unconscious state.

Student: Is every fallen bodhisattva a hasnamuss?

Samael Aun Weor: In fact, indeed, because a hasnamuss has a double center of gravity: one of the bodhisattva, and the other of the ego. Therefore, they have or possess a double center of gravity, and they go badly...

Student: In the work of the forge of the cyclops, the complement, when one has married, let's say, well, a little mechanically, what is the situation when one enters this path, to this path, and there is no perfect or approximate complement... I do not know how to say it ... What can be done or what one has to do?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, indeed, the mechanical marriage is the "dish of the day", because the whole Earth is full of mechanical marriages. But if one enters the path, one has to become cognizant of it, one has to understand, first of all, the doctrine; to comprehend it thoroughly through study and reflection. Now, if the couple does not complement each other well, if they do not understand each other well, then we must try to cope as best we can.

Student: To cope as best we can, even with the one whose understanding does not match us?

Samael Aun Weor: And what are we going to do? One could not give a divorce to a spouse who is not doing any wrong to you. If our wife is not unfaithful to us, why are we going to ask her for a divorce? Or vice versa: If the husband is not being unfaithful to the woman, if he is not adulterating, why does she ask him for a divorce? Only for reason of fornication or adultery is permissible, is it lawful.

Student: And by mutual agreement, too?

Samael Aun Weor: What did you say?

Student: By mutual agreement ... If the couple decides we do not complement each other, we are not sexual complement or whatever...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, that is modern law, right? Yet, this is not stipulated by the world teacher. We must be interested exclusively in the doctrine taught by Christ. He is the instructor; only the instructor can show us the way. Thus, he said only fornication or adultery is a cause for divorce, only then is lawful to give the spouse a divorce letter.

Student: ... divorce letter?

Samael Aun Weor: Motives? Adultery, yes, yes, only for that reason can one give a divorce letter.

But, just because they do not understand each other, or as we have read some ads there (I've seen very curious ads), a woman divorced the man for one reason only: because the man snored a lot!

Student: Did he snore a lot?

Samael Aun Weor: Because of snorting, because when sleeping he snored too much. Small insignificant details like that serve today, in modern life, for divorce. Therefore, in view of that, we must be reflective...

Student: Pensive…

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, many women write to me telling me that their husband does not provide for them, and that if he provides for them, he hits them, but sometimes he does not hit them," in short, fifty thousand things of the sort. And many men tell me what can they do with their wife since they cannot have her, because she is very ill-tempered, or because she fights a lot, or because she does not cook food for them, in short, many things of the sort. Do you believe, my estimable brothers and sisters, that people are taking advantage of their time? I understand that they are badly taking advantage of their time, because in practical life, it is in the psychological gymnasium where we must discover ourselves.

A man who, being a Gnostic, complains about his wife because his wife has a bad temper, complains about her defects in general, do you think that he is really prepared for the inner Self-realization of Being? On the contrary. The more difficult the home environment is, the better the psychological gymnasium. It is precisely in the midst of psychological difficulties that we can discover ourselves.

How beautiful is the moment in which our spouse is insulting us! Observe yourself carefully in order to see what part of oneself, which part of the ego is reacting. Sometimes self-esteem is hurt, sometimes the “I” of self-importance feels annoyed, sometimes the “I” of selfishness blasphemes and protests.

The psychological gymnasium is valuable. It is formidable. And that should not be a reason for divorce.

Now, there is a little problem, which indeed is a big problem: the work, in itself, in the Ninth Sphere, the sexual issue. There are women who do not want to work in the Ninth Sphere for anything in life, who hate it; that is very serious, very serious, very serious. There would be only one way out: to work with that type of woman without talking about Gnosis or alchemy ever, because if she does not want to hear about it, if she hates that, then why are you talking about that? It is pointless. Do not say a word. The husband would have to become a kind of actor, because he would have no other choice than to fake that he is in a profane connection, even pretending that he has spilled the Glass of Hermes (without spilling it, of course). That is, to become a comedian — right? — during the alchemical work.

And if the case is the other way around, if it is the husband who does not want the doctrine, the one who does not want to transmute, and if the poor woman wants to transmute, then she will have to do the same: become an actress, go with the flow of her man, and fake it. Make him believe that yes, she is fornicating, yet no, she is not. Thus, mentally they will chant the mantras, the I.A.O., and will do all their works inwardly, without saying a single word. So, they have no choice but to fake it.

But, if in spite of all of this the husband becomes too clever, in that case, what could the poor woman do? Or if the woman were very clever for the man, what could the poor man do? Their case is already so serious that there would be no more time for their Self-realization, thus there would be no other choice than divorce. Divorce or failure. Of the two, which is preferable?

Student: Divorce!

Samael Aun Weor: Of course, there would be no other choice...

Student: But first one has to exhaust all the possibilities?

Samael Aun Weor: One has to exhaust all possibilities, completely! And if in spite of the fact that all these possibilities are exhausted and there is no possibility for a remedy, and one wants to become Christified, then one has to leave everything for the Christ: either he goes with the Christ, or he goes, in that case, with the tenebrous forces. One has to decide, because there is no other choice.

Student: A couple normally, in today's life, at sixty years of age, man and woman, in their normal, current condition, do they perform the Great Work, just as they would perform it, potentially, at fifty, or at forty?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, that depends, you know, that depends... There are men who at sixty can barely "chew the water", you know? That is to say, they can no longer do the Great Work. But there are men who at the age of sixty are beginning to live, have a great sexual power. What is the difference between the one and the other? Well, simply, that the one who has squandered his creative energies, which has been wasted in fornication and adultery, at the age of sixty is an impotent, inevitably. But if a man has saved all of his energies throughout his life at age sixty, he is new.

Student: And in the case of the woman?

Samael Aun Weor: In the case of the woman, it is the same. There are women who at the age of sixty have already succumbed, and there are women who at the age of sixty still have strength and energy.

Student: Does menopause influence this, master?

Samael Aun Weor: I have seen many cases of women who have gone through menopause and after having gone through menopause they follow their normal sex life. They pass their critical age and then they continue the work.

Student: That is, they can perform their transmutation work perfectly.

Samael Aun Weor: Perfectly.

Student: But since the female hormone is no longer produced after menopause, are there no problems in effecting transmutation?

Samael Aun Weor: No. She will not produce the female hormone, but the sexual energies, the energies of the Third Logos, are active.

Student: Which are the energies that must crystallize, are they not?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes! On the other hand, there are women who, at the age of forty, succumb because they abused sex.

Student: And that fits in the question?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, that fits... Those who abuse sex reach a certain age in which their sexual organs are already atrophied, or develop different diseases, anomalies, disorders, and cannot work even if they want to work.

Student: ... People who have had an operation for different reasons, but still work with Sexual Energy, that is, they do not have their organs; So, there is a doubt that has been raised with an instructor who has said categorically in ... ... that the person who has suffered the amputation of his sexual organ has no possibility of working. I would like to hear your word, master.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I am going to tell you a great truth, applicable to the two sexes: if a man is made a eunuch, that man can no longer work in the Ninth Sphere, for how would he work? Or if a woman has her ovaries removed, in what situation would she be? Is it not the same as that of a eunuch? Can a eunuch, male or female, work with the creative energy of the Third Logos? Obviously no, that is not possible.

In this case, the woman or the man has no choice but to dedicate themselves to work on the dissolution of the ego as far as possible. Take advantage of the time so that in the future existence you will be born with more awakened consciousness and able to continue in your work. That is the reality of the facts.

Student: Venerable master, related to the same topic, there are certain interpretations that we do not clearly conceived, in relation to the homosexual state, can you please define this in a radical manner? A declared homosexual, or a declared lesbian, do they have a chance to regenerate themselves, even working in the Great Work? The possibility, the possibility?

Samael Aun Weor: The answer is a little painful: have any of you ever met in life, a perfectly regenerated homosexual?

Student: Master, an homosexual who regenerates himself, stops being homosexual...

Samael Aun Weor: Have you met any homosexual who in life has ceased to be homosexual, really, one hundred percent? There is not one, because it is a degenerated seed, it is rotten; it cannot be grown again, because it is rotten! It is like those degenerated plant seeds that do not germinate, although they are sown in very good soil and in the best conditions: they do not germinate, because they are degenerated. So, too, there are human seeds, degenerated human germs...

Student: Even if they are young?

Samael Aun Weor: Even if they are young, but they are degenerate germs, which cannot be fixed in any way.

Try to regenerate a seed, a plant germ (after it is shown to be degenerate), and place it in magnificent conditions so that it can germinate, to see if it is true that it germinates; it does not germinate. The same are the germs deposited in the sexual glands: a degenerated germ never germinates; hence a human being cannot emerge from it; it is a lost case.

Student: But in the next returns after they have accumulated ... ... I mean, you have karma, right? of course. So in the next return after paying that karma, can that seed change and already be? ... that is, in future returns can it come already normal to be able to work, or are they already in complete devolution?

Samael Aun Weor: That case could happen. Perhaps through a great repentance and great pain, in the future existence they could have a normal body. After having gone through a great pain, that is possible ...

Student: Master, I have a friend who has dedicated herself to treating homosexuals, to see if she can regenerate them, and in her long life of experience as a psychologist she has never been able to regenerate any of them.

Samael Aun Weor: Because that is completely impossible; they are degenerate seeds. Tell your friend, tell her not to waste her time foolishly, since that is impossible! A degenerated seed is a degenerated seed!

Student: Then, in the question he asked about if the homosexual is young ... ... does this mean that the boy come already degenerate because of his degenerations from previous existences?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, degenerate, and that degeneration is due to sexual abuses, because if an individual abuses sex, it can in a new existence come already degenerated; as a germ degenerated because sexual abuse.

Student: What awaits him, the Second Death?

Samael Aun Weor: Normally, the infrasexuals of homosexuality and lesbianism enter into the submerged devolution of the infernal worlds. Very rare are the cases in which, through supreme pain, they repent and in a new existence they are born with a normal vehicle. These cases are very rare; they can be scarcely counted with the fingers of one hand and some fingers there will be left.

Student: Is there a possibility that an homosexual, who for example, realizing, based on his spiritual longing, begins to work correctly with sex; for example, an homosexual who arrives at the gnostic knowledge, and who realizes, well, all his error and begins to work and to do totally the contrary to his homosexuality, can there be something of regeneration upon his degeneration?

Samael Aun Weor: There can be possibility. Until now I thought a lot about that, and sometimes I agreed with your concept: The case that such regeneration could happen. But over time I have seen some homosexuals who entered the Gnostic movement and never, ever regenerated themselves, not even with the Gnostic knowledge.

There was a case of an homosexual who repented in the open temple, who swore and even signed with blood not to be homosexual again, yet he did not fulfill his oath. He was told to take a woman to regenerate himself, and he never took her. Already, at this time of life, he must be an old man and he continues to be an homosexual. So it is seen, to satiety, that even being in Gnosis, they do not regenerate.

Student: Are there certain areas of the brain or glands that do not work for him?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, it is a degenerated germ, and that is all.

Student: Venerable master, can we think that a humanity (like the state of our present humanity), if it has more time ... ... before the end of the cycle of closure, of races, would end up all in homosexuality? That is, today's humanity, in the process of fornication, would end up in homosexuality, if a cycle that cuts the existence of this humanity does not come before?

Samael Aun Weor: Indeed that is it. Keep in mind the statistics. In the United States and in England, for example, where it is already terrifying the percentage of homosexuals and lesbians. That is frightful, to such an extent that homosexuality is legalized. Homosexuals and lesbians are already married to each other.

So that, as humanity goes, if a great catastrophe did not come, it would almost end up becoming homosexuals and lesbians.

The degeneration is frightening. It is about a failed humanity. We must bear in mind that today's humanity is failed, unfortunately. It is painful to say it, but it is the truth: This humanity failed.

And we, we are fighting to try to form a salvation army, to be able to establish a new root race, because this one has no remedy; this race is a lost case.

We are doing work on a large scale, struggling to get what little it serves (which is relatively little), so that it serves and can serve as a nucleus for the future Great Root Race.

Student: Master, does perversity increase when humanity fails?

Samael Aun Weor: Indeed, it becomes continually more perverse (and cynical besides). This humanity came to a stunning, frightening cynicism. It does not matter anymore, for example, the word murder it is no longer an obstacle to crime. The murderers, who are many, have it as a word and nothing else. They say: "Either alive or dead", but nothing more; "Or live or die", and nothing more. Today, homicide is a word ... ... that does not matter at all ...

Student: Is the final cycle of the Lemurian age now being repeated?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, in the end always all humanity is degenerated. For example, Lemuria had seven subraces. In the end it had reached the maximum of degeneration, but never to a degree of degeneration like that which reached Atlantis at the end of the Atlantean continent, at the end of the Atlantean race, the seventh Atlantean sub-race reached a degree of degeneration millions of times more terrible than that of Lemuria.

Now, presently, we are at the end of the Aryan root race, and in these precise moments the degeneration is millions of times more terrifying than the degeneration of Atlantis.

It goes by degrees: each race has seven sub-races, and in the last sub-race the maximum degeneration is reached. For example: Polar race: in the end, then, the degeneration was reached. Hyperborean race: in the end a degree of degeneration was reached. Lemurian race: at the end, degeneration was reached. Atlantean race: final, degeneration. We are in the fifth race, final: degeneration. Nowadays, degeneration is much denser and more terrible.

Student: And that is due to the law of eternal return and the law of recurrence?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, they are due to the spirals and recurrence. Return and recurrence, but in this the spiral plays a great role. The five races are staggered, from the superior, which is the first, to the fifth. It's like a five-story building. We are currently on the fifth floor; the fifth floor below, the ground floor.

For example: Let us investigate Lemuria. When I set out to investigate Lemuria, I investigated it in the Akashic records of nature, in the Akashic memories.

First of all, in order to do the esoteric research, to that effect I asked permission to the Father ... Thus, I managed to extract Lemuria, through the tantric invocations, from among its Akashic archives; I got out, let's say, its memories. Or to speak in a more esoteric language, we would say: I managed to remove the tapes, the Teleooginooras, which are living films of the real, of what has already happened, as they are written on the tablets of the Akasha, according to the "Legominisms" of Ashiata Shiemah ...

Thus, Lemuria emerged, then, in the center of the Sahasrara, and I had the good visit of a group of Lemurs, all men of a height of four and five meters, clad with their typical lemuric folk costumes: Their mantles, strange metallic hats, etc.

They took a seat, just as you took it here. Then I spoke to the principal of them, with the purpose of investigating the issues related to sex.

"Who is the boss, I said, of all of you, the head of this family?"

One of them took the floor: "Me."

"Okay, how did you perform the sexual act in Lemuria? How did you reproduce in your time? " (Well, of course, in parentheses, I was speaking with an inhabitant of the seventh subrace, from the degenerate ones) ...

"We united sexually, man and woman, for reproduction; we normally made the lingam-yoni connection. "

"Did you spilled the cup of Hermes?"

"Yes, we spilled it to be able to create children, but we only realized the sexual union exclusively when we wanted to create a child, and nothing else, never for pleasure, always when we wanted to create, and we did it with complete veneration with deep respect; we did not spill the sacred sperm ever outside the sacred vessel. "

And then, I continued, saying, "But do not you realize that spilling the cup of Hermes is a sin?"

"Well, we did it with complete respect…”

"That was what you did in your time, when you were inhabitants of the seventh sub-race, in Lemuria, but the inhabitants of Lemuria did not always reproduce themselves in that way. When the division of the sexes took place (by the middle of the Lemurian epoch, there by the third sub-race), the reproduction was done inside the temples and the cup of Hermes was not spilled. Then human beings were reproduced through Kriyashakti, by the power of will and yoga. "

He said, "That is unknown to us."

"Do you want me to prove that to you, gentlemen?"

"Yes, we would like to know that…”

This kind of work is very important. Then, I invoked in fact, through a Tantric invocation, an old inhabitant of ancient Lemuria, of those who reproduced themselves by means Kriyashakti (by the power of will and yoga), exclusively within the temples. A giant of four or five meters in height, a venerable old man with white hair and white beard, attended my call (I could see, perfectly, that this old man must be fallen at this time, he has a physical body somewhere in the world, which place? I still do not know, but he has a physical body)... He wore his sacred vestments and sandals. He brought, then, some strange hats, one over the other, which is why I had to scold him, to reproach him.  

I told him, "What is it that which you bring upon your head, what do all of those hats of the twentieth century mean? Do not you feel ashamed of that? Do not you realize that you are asleep and that what you are bringing are mental formations on your head? Remove them, dissolve them, discard them!"...

He disintegrated them instantaneously. Indeed, he disintegrated them. But with all that I could see that his consciousness was already asleep, that is, in spite of having been a sacred individual, now he is asleep at this time. He must be fallen, indeed he is, I certainly tell you he is fallen, in these times.

"Well," I said, "we're talking here about sex, about reproduction in ancient Lemuria. Give testimony here in this room about the reproduction mode of the old continent Mu. How did people reproduce in your time? The ones who you see here, are only people of the seventh subrace, of those who were already degenerate. Now answer, how did the people of your time reproduce themselves, when they were not yet degenerate?”

He said: "Lord, we reproduced ourselves through Kriyashakti; we reproduced in the temple, exclusively, and we never spilled the sacred sperm, never."

"Did you hear, gentlemen, the testimony given by this gentleman, which is from times older than yours?"

They said, "Yes, we heard, but we of the seventh subrace knew nothing about that.”

"Well, those of the third subrace knew it. They reproduced by means of will and yoga in the temples; they were not fallen; They lived in the Edenic state...”

I said to that old elder, “Do you feel capable of witnessing this to the world?”

He said, "Yes, I do. I will gladly give this testimony to humanity."

"Good, let us go out…”

Then, in the Akashic records of nature, the five races were also projected, we might say, in a staggered manner. Obviously there was a need to appeal to a symbolism to represent this building of the Logos of the universe. As I told you, a five-story building; each one of those floors corresponds, naturally, to a root race. There are five races. On the fifth floor below, we could see the people of this era, dressed in these horrible suits that we carry, how ugly they make us look to each other, and I felt a great pain ...

I said goodbye to that old elder; I only regretted that he also had his consciousness asleep, a sleeping Lemur, obviously, he is fallen in these times, this is clear.

So behold the two systems of reproduction; behold how the inhabitants of Lemuria, not degenerate, reproduced themselves by will and yoga, and see how those of the seventh subrace, already degenerated, spilled the cup of Hermes because they were already degenerated.

However, despite being already degenerated, they never reached the degeneration in which we are. At least, they only joined sexually when they wanted to create a child, and if they committed the crime of spilling the cup of Hermes (that was their degeneration), at least they knew that sex was sacred and assumed an attitude at that moment, let us say, dignifying and essentially edifying.

And if that was their degeneration, that was at the time when they were already degenerate, what will we say of our time, of these times in which we are living? Where have we arrived? Homosexuals and lesbians were not known at the time of Lemurian degeneration. No one would have committed the crime of homosexuality or lesbianism, and yet they were already degenerated, thus, they were destroyed, destroyed by fire and water. Now, what shall we say about our times?

Each root race has seven subraces. Our root race, for example, had a glorious era that was during the first sub-race, in the golden age, glorious. In the golden age people had returned to the path of regeneration and there was innocence and there was beauty. Thereafter came the silver age, then the copper age and now we are in the iron age.

Because really, a root race does not last longer than the solar system's journey around the zodiacal belt. That trip is known as a sidereal year. Just as there is a merely terrestrial year, which is the time that the Earth takes to travel around the Sun (365 days with fractions of minutes and seconds), so there is also the great sidereal year, which is a huge year during which develops a root race.

Thus, as there are four seasons in our earth year (spring, summer, autumn and winter), so there are four seasons in the great sidereal year: spring, the golden age; summer, the silver age; autumn, the copper age; winter, the iron age.

Always when we get to winter, to the iron age, comes Hercolubus, which brings a cataclysm.

Now we are in the iron age and the cataclysm is approaching. Hercolubus is already traveling towards us, it is coming. It is being seen through all the telescopes in the world.

Student: Are the astronomers seeing it right now?

Samael Aun Weor: All astronomers are seeing it, this is official. In Mexico, we have a map of it in our institution; in other words, the map that the astronomers have made of the catastrophe that is going to happen is there in our institution, but we did not make it, it is not us who made that map, the astronomers made the map of the catastrophe...