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How do I know a teacher, book, or group is authentic?

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This question reveals certain tendencies in students. First is the mistaken assumption that we at Glorian have full and complete knowledge of everything that has ever been written about spiritual traditions, movements, and contemporary leaders. Second is the mistaken belief that we have consciously investigated within the superior dimensions all the world’s great spiritual thinkers and can thereby give them the assurance of support, the recognition and admittance of their inconsequential obscurity, or even their outright public defamation. Third, building on the prior point, is the mistaken belief that we are authorized to tell the world who is legitimate or not.

We seek to uphold and follow a precious maxim: “Respect the religion of your neighbor. Those who criticize others violate the law of the tranquil heart.”

We do not have more knowledge than your inner Being. Your unique needs can only be discerned by your own Innermost.

Here, we teach self-reliance, investigation, experimentation, and verification of spiritual facts. You cannot learn this essential skill if you do not test the validity and teachings of a particular school yourself, or if you merely rely on what others have told you. People are more or less erroneous in their beliefs, assumptions, and experiences. To remove any possibility of error on our part, we need to rely on our inner divinity to rightly guide and orient our afflicted heart.

To investigate any teaching or teacher, study the teachings, and learn to meditate.

To appease your hunger and thirst, even if but temporarily, you can rely on the following resources that can help you to discriminate what you read and see amongst the various spiritual schools, movements, and teachers. We invite you to seriously meditate upon them, not merely reading like you would a newspaper, but internally tackling, wrestling with, and struggling to intuit their meaning within your very soul:

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