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Serenity and Patience

The Second Mountain: The Mountain of Resurrection

It is clear that I and the other brothers and sisters of the temple of the “Twice-born” had eliminated from our psyche various infrahuman, subjective elements. However, after already having passed through the eight initiations, we were longing with all the forces of the soul to enter into the esoteric magical works of the “Mountain of Resurrection.”

Once in the temple, it was indicated that we must wait with infinite patience for the abbot of the monastery. But, evidently, the passing hours were very long and boring, and had an unbearable monotony. Certainly, the venerable abbot did not seem to be in any hurry whatsoever.

Some of those veterans of the First Mountain were moving extensively, here, there, and everywhere, and were impatiently complaining because of the singular delay of the superior.

There are events in life that are surprising, and one of these is the astonishing entrance of the abbot into the temple. We, all the brothers and sisters of the sacred order, were dumbfounded, since some of us had already lost all hope of seeing the master.

Before the sacred confraternity, the venerable one spoke and said, “All of you brothers and sisters are lacking two virtues that this brother has.” He said this while he was pointing at me with his index finger.

Posteriorly, in a simultaneously sweet and imperative way, he commanded me, saying, “You, brother, tell them which are these two virtues.”

“There is the need to know how to be patient, and there is the need to know how to be serene,” I exclaimed with a slow and clear voice...

“Do you realize this? Are you convinced of this?” broke forth the abbot with great solemnity. All the adepts, simultaneously frightened and marvelled, chose to keep a respectful silence.

Unquestionably, all of the members of the congregation, with the exception of myself, had then to be deferred, because only my insignificant person who has no value was victorious in the difficult ordeal.

The austere hierophant then gave me a beautiful orange as a gift. Immediately, I captured its deep significance...

Much later in time, I had to appear before a brotherhood of another monastery of the universal White Fraternity, with the definite purpose of receiving orders and signing documents...

At that time, I was warned with the following words: “You must be very careful of lunar coldness.”

After a long recess, it was urgent for me to return into the “flaming forge of Vulcan.”

Unquestionably, there always exist long periods of sexual abstinence between mountain and mountain.