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The Holy Sepulchre

It is written with characters of fire in the Book of Splendors that when Jesus, the great Gnostic priest, exhaled his final breath, the philosophical earth, his very human person, did quake when comprehending the difficult task that destiny reserved for him; and the rocks of the path of the razor’s edge rent, making the path even more difficult. (This is only integrally comprehended by those masters that, after having died within themselves, are preparing themselves for the Resurrection).

As an astrological planet, Mercury is even more mysterious than Venus itself, and is identical to the Mazdeist Mithra. Mercury is Buddha, the Genie or God who is situated between the Sun and the Moon. He is the perpetual companion of the Sun of wisdom.

Pausanias, in his fifth book, shows Mercury sharing a common altar with Jupiter. Mercury displayed wings in order to express how he assisted the Sun on its sidereal course. Mercury was called Nuncio and Wolf of the Sun: “Solaris Luminis Particeps.” “He was the chief and the evoker of the souls, the arch-magi and hierophant.”

Virgil describes Mercury holding the caduceus or hammer of two serpents in his dexterous hand in order to evoke the souls to a new life; those souls, those unhappy, innocent creatures who are precipitated into the Orco or Limbo: “Tum Virgam Capit, Hac Animas Ille Evocat Orco,” with the purpose of having them enter into the celestial militia. 

After these explanations the following (defined) verses become clear: 

And the graves were open; and many bodies of the saints which slept [in the Orco or Limbo] arose, And came out of the graves after his [esoteric] resurrection, and went into the holy city [the Jerusalem from above], and appeared unto many. - Matthew 27:52, 53

Unquestionably, many saints wanted to intimately Self-realize without the holy sacrament of the church of love (Sahaja Maithuna). These unhappy souls always fall into the Orco or Limbo of ignorance, darkness, and pain...

Only by dying in themselves is the resurrection possible (this death is with the cross, a completely sexual symbol).

If the seed does not die, the plant is not born. The path of life is formed by the hoof prints of the horse of death.

Mercury, the Aurean planet, the ineffable one, is the one the hierophants prohibited to name. In Greek mythology, Mercury is symbolized by the famous hare-hunting dogs, or guardian dogs of the celestial cattle that drink from the very pure fountains of occult wisdom.

This is why Mercury is also known as “Hermes-Anubis,” the good inspirator, or Agathodaemon. He flies over the Earth like the bird of Argos, thus the Earth mistakes him for the Sun itself. Respectively, they both represent the Hindu Sarama and Sarameya.

Traditions state that the emperor Julian prayed every night to the occult Sun through the intercession of Mercury, for as the very wise Vossius stated: “All theologians asseverate that Mercury and the Sun are one... This is why Mercury was considered to be the most eloquent and wisest of the gods, a fact which is not strange since Mercury is found so close to the wisdom and to the Word (or Logos) that was mistaken with both....”

Mercury is the Third Logos, Shiva, the Holy Spirit, the First Begotten of creation, our authentic, particular, individual Monad...

Mercury, Shiva, the great hierophant, nuncio and wolf of the intimate Christ, is the supreme hope for those who sleep within the holy sepulcher...

I acknowledged the phallic sign on the “boat of Ra” when passing through the Eighth Venustic Initiation. Then, I exclaimed with a great voice:

When the first trumpet shall sound, then I will resurrect from the dead.

Hail, oh great divinity, who navigates on thy boat! Transported until here, I appear before thee!

Allow me to go up to the bridge of command and direct the crank of the boat, as do thy servants, the Archons of the planets.

Litelantes was a little distressed when contemplating my holy sepulcher. “Do not be afraid,” a Mahatma told her, “His physical body will not die yet.” These words integrally calmed her. 

In that forgone epoch of my present existence, I had not even died within myself. I was still with my ego very much alive. That sepulcher was then merely symbolic, as the coffin of every Masonic lodge.

Yes, even though I comprehended the sepulchral symbolism in an integral way, I knew that I must die within myself in order to have the right to the resurrection of “Hiram Abiff,” the secret master within my heart temple...

That initiation concluded with precise instructions related to the mission that I am presently accomplishing in this world...