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The Nine Degrees of Mastery

To capture, learn, and grasp in an integral, unitotal way the deep significance of the nine masters who went in search of Hiram, as well as those who assassinated him, is urgent and undeferable.

Unquestionably, none of the nine masters went towards the regions of the north; instead, they intelligently organized themselves into three groups of three, and they respectively distributed themselves towards the east, towards the south, and to the west. Clearly, the latter were the ones who discovered the tomb and the assassins.

This symbolic, esoteric peregrination of the nine masters specifically refers, as a consequence, to the individual pilgrimage that every initiate has to execute in the “Second Mountain.” This is achieved by passing through the nine steps or successive degrees, which are totally enumerated and defined in the nine spheres:

  1. Moon
  2. Mercury
  3. Venus
  4. Sun
  5. Mars
  6. Jupiter
  7. Saturn
  8. Uranus
  9. Neptune

We can and must issue the following enunciation: “Only by means of these intimate pilgrimages from sphere to sphere is it possible for us to be in the condition of vivifying and making the secret master Hiram, Shiva (the spouse of our Divine Mother Kundalini), the arch-hierophant and arch-magi, the particular, individual Monad, our real Being, to spring up again within each one of us...”

Any esotericist who builds “To Soma Heliakon,” the “wedding garment of the soul,” in the “forge of the Cyclops” is converted, for such a cause, into a human being and therefore into a master. However, perfection in mastery is something very distinct.

When the number nine is applied to rhetoric, then it puts us into intimate, mystical relation with the nine eternal Muses.

It is good to cite in this chapter each one of these ineffable deities of ancient classicism:

  1. Clio
  2. Erato
  3. Melpomene
  4. Caliope
  5. Euterpe
  6. Thalia
  7. Urania
  8. Polyhymnia
  9. Terpsichore

Vivid experiences are something very important to relay with the goal that our beloved readers can better comprehend this doctrine...

Listen to the following: one particular night (the date, day, and hour do not matter), being splendidly dressed with the “wedding garment of the soul,” I left my physical body by will...

I floated with complete softness in the aura of the universe while experiencing a certain exquisite spiritual voluptuousness in the whole presence of my cosmic Being...

While being in this supreme bliss, as if I was a celestial bird, I had to lodge my feet upon the mire of the earth, under the green leafage of a taciturn tree...

I then happily invoked with a great voice the adepts of the occult fraternity...

Unquestionably, I was assisted...

Amiably, the brethren conducted me to the marvellous Temple of the Transparent Walls...

A mahatma was seated before his desk, as one would be if receiving many people...

“I want to know,” I said, “what I am lacking...”

Afterwards, the venerable one took from within one of the drawers of the desk a certain secret book and consulted its pages, then he answered, “You need fifty-eight (58) minutes. You must present here thirty-six (36) bolivars, each one of them of twenty-three (23) kilograms. And the eight (8) acquired initiations must be qualified.”

“Thank you, venerable master.” Posteriorly, I withdrew from the temple with infinite humbleness and veneration...

Kabbalistic analysis of this question:

58 minutes: 5 + 8 = 13. This Arcanum signifies the death of all of the subjective elements which constitute the “I.”

36 bolivars: 3 + 6 = 9. This signifies the breaking of the chains and shackles in the submerged worlds of the nine planets cited in this chapter... It is an intense work performed in the “flaming forge of Vulcan...”

23 kilograms: 2 + 3 = 5. The work for liberation must be perfected under the splendors of the flaming star of five points... (Opportunely, it is good to remember the Rishi Baha-Deva and his 23 prophets).

Qualification: Each one of the eight initiations must be qualified before achieving the authentic resurrection. This is processed in eight years, during which we have to experience the book of the Patriarch Job in its whole crude reality.

We solemnly emphasize the following enunciation: “The eight initiations could not be qualified in a lesser period of time than the already indicated period of eight years...”

Obviously, one year corresponds to each one of the eight. Therefore, as a corollary, we have eight years to qualify the eight initiations...

I clarify: the aforementioned time exclusively corresponds to the epilogue of all mystical, successive, and profound esoteric works, performed in all and each one of the nine formerly cited planets.

Undoubtably, such works are processed in different times, and they truly become excessively delicate.

It is clear that due to such a cause, every one who enters into the Second Mountain does not receive more degrees or initiations.

Perfection in mastery only occurs with the esoteric, transcendental resurrection...

The complete manifestation of the Monad within the Resurrected Master grants extraordinary magical powers...