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The Avatar

Avatars [messengers] cannot forget the social matter; this is why Quetzalcoatl manifested himself in two aspects: the social and the psychological.

In my case I have been concerned with these two aspects: human problems (intended to be solved by means of the revolution of the consciousness in a dialectic manner) and the problems of capital and labor (intended to be solved by means of POSCLA).


“They gave him a flagstaff which represented problems; they made him enter into a secret sanctuary and he found the Patriarch St. Augustine in that sanctuary. The Patriarch took a voluminous book from the bookcase and told him: ‘I will teach you a mantra in order to make the fire blaze.’ He opened the book... He lit the coals in the brazier... He pronounced the mantra “M” and the fire became inflamed. When he came out, he learned to sing the mantra in order to stir up the flame.

“St. Augustine, the Patriarch dressed with his priestly robes, returned towards the front of the altar of the temple and the Master Samael also... They placed a frying pan in his right hand... as if to say: ‘You have everything you need in the palm of your hand.’

“Together, they performed a great chain...

“‘We will accompany you by forming this great battle.’”

“Thus, in this manner, the White Brotherhood accompanies him...”

Disgracefully, the younger Gnostic brethren have not studied; they have not lived my doctrine which I have delivered throughout so many years in order for them to attain the psychological liberation. Thus, they themselves have wanted to sabotage the Great Work of the White Brotherhood...

We have delivered the keys of revolutionary psychology and of POSCLA. However, through them, we do not want to climb to positions; we do not want to live on the national budget either. The only thing that we want is to be useful to humanity, to serve by giving psychological norms which I myself have experienced so that the intellectual animal can achieve integral revolution...

The mission of an Avatar is not only related with religious matters but it also includes the political and psychological matters of nations.