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The Mystery

The Dharmapalas are the tremendous Lords of Power who have launched themselves against the materialistic aberrations of the Chinese communists.

I will personally be in Tibet because great things are gestated in this sacred place. I will be helping the Tibetans to put an end to the traces of abominations that the Chinese have left.

Shangri-la is located within the fourth dimension and it is a city in the Jinn State. The Venerable Master Kout-Humi is found there.

Tibet is very similar to Egypt; the monks do not ignore the works of mummification. In the past, the Tibetan monks carried their mummies to the volcanic craters where the monasteries are found.

I do not have any type of fear in order to affirm that I am a Tibetan lama. You may ask yourselves how is it that I am here and there. Well, this is possible by means of the power of ubiquity.

Yes, momentarily I am here in Mexico, and at the same time in Tibet, in the valley of Adi-tattva. In this valley, sacred processions are performed. The monastery is located on the right side of the valley. Before, the monastery was located in the third dimension. Now, it is submerged within the fourth vertical. In its interior, the building has large halls where objective works are performed. As a lama, I have a small work room. The Dharmapalas meet on the patio of the monastery.

The order is formed by 201 members. The superior rank is constituted by 72 Brahmans. This order is the one that governs the destinies of humanity.

Tibet has always been invaded by the English and Chinese, but they have always had to leave due to the tremendous power of the Dharmapalas.