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The Individual and Society

Society is the extension of the individual. If the individual is covetous, cruel, pitiless, egotistical, etc., then the society will be likewise. It is necessary to be sincere with oneself. Each one of us is a degenerate; therefore, our society inevitably has to be degenerated. This cannot be resolved by the terrible monster of materialism. This can only be resolved by the individual on the basis of his integral revolution.

The hour to reflect on our own destiny has arrived. Violence does not resolve anything. Violence can only lead us to failure. We need peace, serenity, reflection, comprehension.

The problem of the world is the problem of the individual. Bloody revolutions do not resolve anything. The problem of having the consciousness bottled up can only be resolved by means of intelligence.

Only by means of intelligence is it possible for us to convert the intellectual animal first into a Man and afterwards into a Superman. Only by means of the revolution of the dialectic is it possible for us to overcome the terrible monster of materialism.

The human society is the extension of the individual. Therefore, if we really want a radical change, if we want a better world, we need to then change individually. We need to change within ourselves; we need to alter within our own individuality the abominable factors which produce misery and pain in the world. Let us remember that the human-mass is the sum of the individuals. If each individual changes, then the human-mass will inevitably change.

It is urgent to terminate egotism and cultivate Christ-centrism. Thus, only in this manner can we make a better world. It is indispensable to eliminate the covetousness and the cruelty that each one of us carries within. Thus, only in this manner, by each individual changing, is how society will change, because society is just the extension of the individual.

Pain, hunger and confusion exist. However, none of this can be eliminated through the absurd procedures of violence. Those who want to transform the world based on bloody revolutions and drugs, or with coups-d’etats and executions by shootings are totally mistaken because violence engenders more violence and hatred engenders more hatred. We need peace if what we want is to resolve the problems of humanity.

Darkness is not dissolved with blows or with atheism, but rather by bringing about the light. Neither is error dissolved by fighting it face to face, but rather by disseminating the truth without having to attack the error. How ever far the truth advances, in that same measure error will have to retreat. One does not have to resist what is negative, but instead one has to unconditionally practice the positive and teach its advantages by practicing. By attacking the error, we will provoke the hatred of those who err.

What we need is to disseminate the light of the revolution of the dialectic in order to dissipate the darkness.

It is urgent to analyze the fundamental principles of Marxist dialectics in order to demonstrate to the world the tremendous reality that indeed the principles from Marxist dialectics do not resist an in-depth analysis and are absolutely nothing but cheap sophistry.

If we want to overcome the darkness let us make Light. Let us not spill blood. The hour of being comprehensive has arrived.

It is necessary to study our own “I” if we really love our fellowmen. It is indispensable to comprehend that only by putting an end to the factors of egotism and cruelty (that each one of us carries within) can we create a better world, a world without hunger and fear.

Society is the individual. The world is the individual. Therefore, if the individual fundamentally changes, the world will inevitably change.

The consciousness is in critical danger and only by radically transforming ourselves as individuals can we save ourselves and save humanity.

To the Consciousness

Sleeping consciousness...

How different thou would be if thou would awaken...

Thou would know the seven paths of happiness,

The light of thy love would shine everywhere,

The birds would rejoice within the mystery of thy forests,

The light of the spirit would gleam, and happily in chorus the elementals would sing verses for thee.


In an orderly way you must practice the teachings of the revolution of the dialectic. From this very moment initiate your integral revolution. You must dedicate time to your psychological-self, because the way you are, as alive as you are, with that tremendous “I” within, you are a failure.

I want you to resolve to radically die in all the levels of your mind.

Many are those who complain that they cannot travel in the Astral World at will. Astral travel ceases to be a problem when one awakens the consciousness. The sleepy ones are good for nothing.

I have delivered the science that is necessary in order to achieve the awakening of consciousness within this book, The Revolution of the Dialectic. Do not commit the error of reading this book like someone who reads a newspaper. Profoundly study this book for many years; live it, practice it.

I advise patience and serenity for those who complain of not having achieved enlightenment. Enlightenment comes to us when we dissolve the pluralized “I”; when we have indeed died within the 49 levels of the subconsciousness.

Those who go around coveting occult powers, those who utilize Sex Yoga as a pretext in order to seduce women, are totally mistaken. Such people march in the opposite direction, opposite to the goals and disciplines that Universal Gnosticism establishes.

You must work on the three factors of the revolution of consciousness in an orderly and perfect manner.

Do not commit the error of committing adultery and fornicating. Abandon the habit of being like a butterfly, that is, those who like to flutter about from one flower to the next, from one school to another school. Indeed, those who act like that are candidates for the abyss and the Second Death.

Abandon self-justification and self-consideration. Become enemies of yourselves if indeed what you really want is to radically die. Thus, only in this manner will you achieve enlightenment.

Start from scratch, from point zero. Abandon mystical pride, mythomania, the tendency to consider yourselves super-transcended, because all of you are merely intellectual animals condemned to the pain of living.

It becomes urgent and unpostponable to make an inventory of yourselves in order for you to know what you really are.

Be humble in order to attain enlightenment. Thus, after attaining it, be more humble still.