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The human being who allows that which is called self-judgment or inner-judgment to express itself in a spontaneous manner within will be guided by the voice of the consciousness. Thus, he will march on the upright path.

Every human being who is subjected to self-judgment becomes in fact, by his own right, a good citizen, a good husband, a good missionary, a good parent, etc.

In order to know our inner contradictions it is necessary to self-discover ourselves. The one who self-discovers himself can work successfully in the dissolution of the pluralized “I.”

Inner contradictions are based on the plurality of the “I.” The tremendous contradictions that we carry within make our lives painfully bitter. We are laborers yet we want to be the monarchs; we are soldiers yet we want to be generals. We think of acquiring our own house, and then when we have obtained it, we sell it because it bores us and we want another one.

We are not content with anything. We seek happiness in ideas, however ideas eventually pass. We seek happiness in interaction with friends who are with us today and against us tomorrow. Therefore, we see that everything is illusory.

Nothing in life can give us happiness. With so many contradictions we are miserable people.

It is necessary to terminate the pluralized “I.” It is only in this manner that we can terminate the secret origin of all of our contradictions and bitterness.

Those who have already dissolved the “I” possess, in fact, the PCC.

There exist many schools and systems in the world and many people who live like butterflies, fluttering from one school to the next. They are always full of inner contradictions, always dissatisfied. They are always seeking the path yet they do not find it, even when it is in front of their eyes. Their pluralized “I” does not let them see the path of truth and life. The “I” is the worst enemy of illumination.

Once, a Master was asked, “What is the way?”

“What a magnificent mountain!” he said of the mountain where he was having his retreat.

“I did not ask you about the mountain, but rather about the way.”

“As long as you cannot go beyond the mountain, you will not be able to find the way,” replied the Master.

The “I” can also do good deeds and gain many merits which improve its psychological character. Nevertheless, the “I” will never be able to reach illumination.

We must seek only illumination, for the rest will be added onto that. It is impossible to reach illumination without having the PCC.

It is impossible to have a Permanent Center of Consciousness without having dissolved the pluralized “I.”