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The Auto-idea

Intellectual information and other people’s ideas are not living experiences. Erudition is not experimentation. The exclusively tridimensional rehearsal, test, or demonstration is not unitotal.

Opinions, concepts, theories, and hypotheses do not mean verification, or experimentation, or full consciousness about this or that phenomenon.

A faculty that is superior to the mind, that is independent of the intellect, must exist, a faculty capable of giving us direct experience and knowledge about any phenomenon.

Only by liberating ourselves from the mind can we truly experience that which is real, that which exists in a potential state behind any phenomenon.

The world is nothing more than an illusory mental form that will inevitably dissolve at the end of the Great Cosmic Day.

Myself, my body, my friends, my things, my family, etc., are in the end that which the Hindus call “Maya,” illusion. They are vain mental forms that sooner or later will be reduced to cosmic dust.

My affections, the most beloved beings which surround me, etc., are simple forms of the cosmic mind. They do not have a real existence.

Intellectual dualism, such as pleasure and pain, praises and insults, victory and defeat, wealth and misery, constitute the painful mechanicity of the mind.

Auto-idea and true happiness cannot exist within us as long as we are slaves of the mind.

No one can develop the auto-idea and true happiness as long as he is a slave of the mind. That which is Real is not a matter of textual assumptions or other people’s ideas, but rather of direct experience.

Whosoever liberates himself from the intellect can feel and experience an element that transforms radically.

When we liberate ourselves from the mind, the mind then becomes a ductile, elastic, useful vehicle through which we can express ourselves.

Superior logic invites us to think that to emancipate oneself from the mind, to terminate with the automatism, is in fact equivalent to the awakening of the consciousness.

But let us get to the facts: who or what is it that must get away from others’ mortifying ideas? It is obvious to answer these questions by saying: the consciousness (that which is part of the Soul in us) is what can and must be liberated.

Ideas from people of pseudo-literature only serve us in order to make our existence bitter. Authentic happiness is only possible when we emancipate ourselves from the intellect.

However, we must recognize that there exists a major inconvenience for that longed for liberation of the consciousness. I want to refer to the tremendous battle of the antitheses.

Unfortunately, the Essence or consciousness lives bottled up within the exaggerated intellective dualism of the opposites: yes and no, good and evil, tall and short, mine and yours, pleasure and displeasure, joy and woe, etc.

By all means it becomes intelligent to comprehend in depth that when the tempest of borrowed ideas in the ocean of the mind ceases and the struggle of the opposites terminates, the Essence escapes and submerges itself into That which is Real. Then the auto-idea, the seed-idea, emanates with all its splendor.