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Self-discovery, self-revelation, exists while we interact in society.

Indeed, during interaction, when the mind is in alert perception, our hidden defects flourish and leap forward. Then we see them as they are.

Deep within, all of us human beings are narcissists. We are in love with ourselves. Just observe a singer on the stage: he is madly in love with himself, he adores and idolizes himself. Thus, when applause pours on him, he reaches the climax of his self-adoration since that is precisely what he wants, what he aspires to. That is what he awaits with infinite thirst.

Indeed, vanity is the living manifestation of self-esteem. The “I” adorns itself in order for others to adore it.

The spontaneous beauty of the child disappears when the ego begins to control his personality. Then the overestimation of the beloved ego commences and the child dreams about dominating the world and becoming the most powerful person on Earth.