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This matter of identifying, imagining and valuing oneself correctly must not be confused with the marvelous doctrine of non-identification.

We need to re-educate ourselves instead of retaining in our mind an obsolete and degenerated culture.

We need to have an exact concept of ourselves. Each person has a false concept about himself.

To reencounter our own selves, to correctly self-know, re-self-educate and re-self-evaluate ourselves is unpostponable.

The mind bottled up within the ego ignores the authentic values of the Being. How could the mind recognize that which it has never known?

Mental freedom is only possible by liberating the mind.

The false concepts of self-identity bottle up the mind. The exterior is merely the reflection of the interior.

The image of a person gives origin to his exterior image. The exterior is the mirror where the interior is reflected. Any person is the result of his own mental processes.

The human being must self-explore his own mind if he wishes to correctly self-identify, self-evaluate and self-imagine himself.

Human thoughts are 99% negative and harmful.