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Human Problems

The cunning and repugnant Luciferic intellect creates problems, yet it is not capable of resolving them.

Many theories exist which resolve nothing and complicate everything. The vital problems of existence continue as always. Meanwhile the world is very close to the Third World War.

The intellectual animal, falsely called a human being, feels very proud of his subjective and miserable reasoning which resolves nothing and complicates everything.

In practice, the tremendous battle of thought has demonstrated to be the least indicative to resolve problems.

In this day and age of worldly crisis, the “know it alls” who want to resolve everything (yet resolve nothing) are very abundant.

The “know-it-alls” harm the fruits of the earth with their absurd hybrids. They also infect children with their vaccines of tuberculosis, poliomyelitis, typhoid, etc. Those “know-it-alls” boast of knowing everything, yet they know nothing. They cause harm with everything that they have created and they boast of being sapient. The mind creates problems which it is not capable of resolving. The game of the mind is in bad taste.

It is true today (as it was yesterday) that the poor human biped (like a wretched and miserable simian) is nothing more than a mechanical toy that is moved about by forces which he ignores.

Any cosmic event, any sidereal catastrophe, produces certain types of waves. Thereafter, these waves are captured by the unhappy animal mistakenly called a human being; he then converts them into world wars where millions of human machines unconsciously launch themselves to the stupid task of destroying millions of other human machines.

The comic and the tragic always walk side by side. Thus, the comical things of this situation are the flags, the mottoes and all the phrases which are invented by all of those unconscious machines. They proclaim that they are going to war because they have to defend democracy, freedom, their country, etc.

The great thinkers who are known in the world as journalists (the prostitutes of intelligence) ignore that these wars are the outcome of certain cosmic waves in action and that the armies on the battlefield move like automatic puppets under the dynamic impulse of those unknown forces.

The minds of these poor intellectual animals have never resolved a fundamental problem because the intellect is the faculty which allows us to comprehend that everything is incomprehensible.

The great intellectuals have totally failed; this is being demonstrated to satiety by the catastrophic state which we are in... Mr. Intellectual, there you have your world, the chaotic and miserable world that you have created with your theories! The facts are speaking for themselves. You proud intellectuals, you have failed!

The struggle of reasoning within its intimate nature is egocentric. We need a new faculty that is not egocentric.

We need the battle to cease so that thought will remain still and serene. This is only possible by deeply comprehending the entire mechanism of subjective and miserable reasoning.

While in the serenity of thought a new faculty is born within us. The name of this faculty is Intuition. Only intuition can resolve problems.

It is obvious that if we want to develop this new faculty, we first need to comprehend in depth the complicated associative mechanism of subjective reasoning. The basic center of mechanical reasoning is the psychological “I.” Such center is egotistical. This is why it can never resolve problems.

Intuition has nothing to do with that basic center of reasoning. Intuition is Christcentric.

Every problem has been created by the mind and exists as long as the mind sustains it. Every problem is a mental form which the mind sustains. Every mental form has a triple process: emergence, subsistence, and dissipation.

Every problem emerges, subsists, and then dissipates. The problem emerges because the mind creates it; it subsists as long as the mind does not forget it, and it dissipates or dissolves when the mind forgets it.

When thought ceases, beatitude is then born within us, and later, illumination comes. Before arriving at illumination we must first pass through beatitude. Three are the phases of transformation: non-thinking, beatitude, and illumination. Intuition is illumination. Every enlightened person resolves the most difficult problems.

Indeed, problems cease to exist when we forget them. We must not try to resolve problems, we must dissolve them. They are dissolved when they are forgotten. The problem is an ultra-sensible mental form with two poles, one positive and the other negative.

Do not be afraid; forget the problem. Thus, in this manner, the problem will be dissolved. Do you know how to play chess? A game of chess would not be a bad idea in order to forget the problem, or drink a cup of coffee or a good cup of tea and then go to the swimming pool and swim, or climb a mountain and laugh a little; it feels good to laugh. This will cause you to forget the problem. At any moment, a hunch comes and the problem is then resolved. Perhaps the solution is not to your liking, yet the truth is that the problem is resolved, or better said, dissolved.

A sage once stated, “Take care of the thing before it comes into existence, therein is where any solution lies, because let us not forget that the problem has been born and has its existence within the mind.” The fact that it is raining and that you have left your umbrella at home is not a problem indeed; neither is it a problem the fact that you have debts or that you have lost your job and it is urgent for you to pay your debts. These facts are relatively true in a relative world. However, problems are something that you must kill before they are born, or solve them later, bearing in mind that the more time we allow to elapse, the greater the giant (the problem that we will have to overcome) will be.

Fear is our worst enemy. The demon of fear does not like us to resolve problems. Are you afraid that you will be thrown out on the street because you do not have money to pay the rent? Okay, might they throw you out? So what? Do you by any chance know what new doors will be opened for you? Intuition knows it and that is why the intuitive person is not afraid. Intuition dissolves problems.

Are you afraid of losing your job? Okay, you might lose it, so what? Do you by any chance know what new job there will be for you? Intuition knows it and that is why the intuitive person is not afraid.

When the battle of thought ceases, intuition is born and fear ends. Intuition dissolves problems no matter how difficult they may be.