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The world of Intuition is the world of mathematics. The Gnostic who wants to elevate himself to the world of Intuition must be a mathematician or at least must have notions of arithmetic.

Mathematical formulas grant us Intuitive Knowledge.

If the Gnostic practices with tenacity and supreme patience, then his own internal God (bound cathexis) will teach him and instruct him in the Great Work. Thus, he will study at the feet of the Master. He will elevate himself to Intuitive Knowledge.

Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition are the three obligatory steps of the revolution of the dialectic. Whosoever has followed these three steps of direct knowledge has achieved Supraconsciousness.

In the world of Intuition, we only find omniscience. The world of Intuition is the world of the Being. It is the world of the Innermost.

The “I,” the ego, the loose cathexis, cannot enter into the world of Intuition. The world of intuition is the world of the Universal Spirit of Life.