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A Bet with the Devil

Napoleon would have succumbed to the devil. It is one thing to be on the battlefield fighting against other males; it is quite another thing to be in a battle against oneself.

Satan is a golden enemy and he is very useful. The devil is a ladder in order to descend and it is also a ladder in order to ascend.

The Twelve Labors of Hercules are with the devil. The pact with the devil is the bet itself, and the triumph is the ability to fabricate gold.

The electric force is the cross in movement or the swastika. It is the continuous movement, the transcendent electricity which spins around like a vortex. It has served me in order to form the Gnostic Movement.

The cross in the profane and the profaners is not a swastika because the movement ends once they conclude their chemical copulation. On the contrary, in the Gnostic cross, the movement does not end because the electricity itself is transmuted continuously.

The normal duration of sexual work must be a minimum of one hour.

In India, the degree of culture is measured according to the time-span that the chemical copulation is endured. Whosoever endures three hours is respected and is a “lord.”

The swastika in movement generates the transcendental sexual electricity.

Hitler understood these things. This is why he chose the swastika as the symbol of his party. However, Hitler let himself be dazzled by the “man with the green gloves” who belonged to the Drukpa clan. This man was the one who taught Hitler to crystallize everything negatively.

When Von Litz capitulated, the monks in Lhasa (of the Drukpa clan) launched themselves upon the streets and celebrated the capitulation of Berlin.

The Second World War was a duel between the teachings of Gurdjieff and that of the Drukpas. This duel was imported from Tibet and it was a true struggle between the white and black magicians of Tibet.