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Chapter 5

There are facts, cosmic and geological events, that are worth studying in these treatises of Gnostic anthropology. There is no doubt that Gnostic scientific anthropology unveils all veils related with the origin of the human being and the universe.

Obviously, the mechanism of nature is portentous. However, we Gnostics will never accept the possibility of mathematics without a mathematician or a mechanism without mechanics.

Gnostics do not want to defend an anthropomorphic god according to the doctrine of the Judaic Jehovah, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” We know very well that such dogmatism brings as a consequence or corollary and by opposition the materialistic reaction expressed by all type of atheists.

It is necessary to understand that any type of abuse is harmful for humanity. In ancient times people rendered worship to the gods, that is to say, to the intelligent principles of nature and the cosmos, to the Demiurge architect of the universe.

The Demiurge architect of the universe is not a human or divine individual. Rather, it is Multiple Perfect Unity, the Platonic Logos.

Unfortunately, in the august Rome of the Caesars and even in ancient Greece a type of religious degeneration occurred. When they abused worship of the gods, then as a reaction monotheism with an anthropomorphic god emerged. Later, that monotheism with its anthropomorphic god produced as a reaction modern materialism. Therefore, the abuse of polytheism brings as a consequence monotheistic anthropomorphism; that is, the belief in a Biblical anthropomorphic god. On the other hand, through time the abuse of monotheism originated materialistic atheism. These are the religious faces though which people always pass.

Frankly, in the name of truth, I consider that the moment has arrived in order to eliminate that monotheistic anthropomorphism that has originated very harmful consequences. If the religious clergies would not have abused that worship then modern materialistic atheism would not exist.

So, monotheistic worship emerged as a reaction. Unfortunately, materialistic atheism was also born as a reaction against monotheistic anthropomorphism. Likewise, the belief in an anthropomorphic god is the outcome of the abuse of polytheism.

Again, when the worship of the gods of the universe is abused, then by simple reaction the outcome is monotheism.

Nevertheless, we need to recognize the intelligent principles of nature and the cosmos. But, I repeat, we are not defending an anthropomorphic god.

It seems, by all means, that the recognition of intelligent principles can be shown through many scientific analyses. Let us observe, for instance, an anthill. There, we see the intelligent principles in complete activity. We see how those ants work, how they build their palaces, how they govern themselves, etc. The same happens with a beehive; their organization is astonishing.

Let us endow each one of the ants or each one of the bees with a Pythagorean Monad or with a Hindustani Jiva, and it is logical that, as a fact, the whole anthill or the whole beehive will make sense, because all of the creatures live through a Monadic principle. Thus, Haeckel, Darwin, and Huxley’s materialism would become completely destroyed in the face of this concept.

We are not rendering cult to any anthropomorphic god. We only want to point out that intelligence must be recognized in nature. It is not absurd for us to recognize that nature is endowed with intelligence. The order that is there in the construction of a molecule or of an atom shows us the intelligent principles with complete, absolute clarity.

We are in the appropriate epoch in order to revise these principles. If we disagree with materialism it is because it does not resist an in-depth analysis. Obviously, materialism is total garbage.

The creation of the human being through mechanical processes is more incongruent than the belief of the creation of the Biblical Adam who instantaneously emerged from the clay of the earth; however, the first belief is as absurd as the second one. Both are incongruent.

We Gnostics recognize that there is intelligence in the whole mechanism of nature. There is intelligence in the movement of the atoms around their gravitational center, in the movement of the planets around their suns.

It is true, no lie, certain, that our Sun, the one that illuminates and gives life to us, is one of the suns of that great constellation that rotates around Alcyone. Since ancient times this constellation has been called the Pleiades.

There are seven suns that rotate around Alcyone; this is not strange. We live in a corner of the Pleiades, on a small planet that rotates around the Sun, a planet that is populated by intellectual animals, a very small world that we named Earth.

Generally, each of the suns from the Pleiades, each of those seven suns, gives life to the corresponding planets that rotate around it. It is true, we do not deny it, our planet Earth is a small world that rotates around the seventh sun of the Pleiades. It is no less true that the Pleiades need an intelligent directrix principle.

Naturally, the pigs of materialism only believe in the fat and in the lard. Materialists are eager to reduce the wretched three-centered or three-brained biped to a simple productive and consuming tridimensional machine. The materialists want to deprive humanity of its intelligent principles; by their own whim they want to deprive the whole human mentality of their eternal values, the values of their Being.

We comprehend perfectly that when humanity is deprived of the values of their Being, then it frightfully degenerates. This is what is happening in these moments of world crisis and bankruptcy of principles. The know-it-all ignoramuses of materialistic anthropology are obstinately precipitating the wretched people of this century onto the path of the most obvious perdition.

The Pleiades need a directrix principle; however, in order not to fall into anthropomorphism this time, it is better that we state what the directrix principles are, because anthropomorphism has been very fatal due to the fact that it produces materialistic atheism. Anyhow, the directrix principle of the Pleiades is plural, yet it has a representation that in no way would the pigs of materialism accept. I want to refer to the equatorial astral sun of the Pleiades. This sun is invisible through the lenses of our telescopes, yet it is visible for those who have developed the most extraordinary type of vision. This is the intuitive Prajnaparamita type of vision in its more elevated degree. The term Prajnaparamita is abundantly difficult, since it is Sanskrit and it is unacceptable for atheistic anthropology, yet it is real in its transcendence for true human beings.

The equatorial sun of the Pleiades intelligently coordinates all of the cosmic, human, plant, animal, and mineral labors and activities. It coordinates even this group of celestial bodies known as the Pleiades.

Indeed, the equatorial sun is the sum of intelligent principles that the partisans of materialism abhor. Yet, the world is a world and will always be…

Materialism always produces degeneration of the brain and the mind, devolution of the human principles, total decadency, and incapacity for the development of the objective reasoning of the Being.

The Pleiades with their sun constitute a beautiful panorama of the universe. The sun of the Pleiades is not a visible sun; it is the astral sun located in the fifth coordinate.

If we, the Gnostics, would accept but only three coordinates, if we were bottled up within the three dimensional geometry of Euclid, then we would be enemies of the Eternal One, just like the materialistic atheists who are like donkeys that only believe in the grass they see.

The intelligent principles of that astral sun maintain the Pleiades in perfect harmony. This is something that we do not ignore since we have methods and procedures for the development of certain transcendental faculties of the Being that allow us to see beyond the simple telescopes and allow us to penetrate beyond the microscope.

We must take into account not only the Pleiades, but the whole galaxy in which we exist. This great galaxy (the Milky Way) has a capital, which is the sun Sirius; a hundred billion suns, millions of worlds, moons, and meteorites are controlled by Sirius in an extraordinary way.

Unquestionably, the sun Sirius is gigantic. Close to Sirius there is a moon that is five thousand times denser than lead. That moon rotates around Sirius. Extraordinary radiations come from Sirius that affect cosmic matter. Yet, we must not deny that from that moon five thousand times denser than lead also emerge terribly infrahuman vibrations.

It can be stated that the radiations of Sirius affect all of the supra-heavens of any cosmic unit. On the other hand, the tenebrous infra-radiations of the satellite that surrounds it affect the infra-infernos that produce chaotic states in the mentality of human creatures. It engenders materialistic atheism, etc.

The galaxy in itself (the Milky Way) with all of its extraordinary organization, with its spiral shape, has the sun Sirius as its capital. Undoubtedly, the Milky Way needs the intelligent principles that govern it.

The polar sun comes into our memory right now. Obviously, in the polar sun are the intelligent principles that wisely control, govern, and coordinate this galaxy in which we live, move, and have our Being. It is related to a marvelous Spiritual Sun that completely directs the whole Milky Way.

Obviously, without the intelligent principles of the polar sun (even when the whole of this galaxy is controlled by its capital star Sirius and even when it would be intelligently governed) something would be lacking from it. It would lack the intelligence of the spiritual sun or of the polar sun that is the very foundation of all of those intelligent principles of the Milky Way.

Still, the whole matter does not end here; we have to go far beyond that. Einstein already stated, “The infinite has a limit.” He also asseverated that the infinite is curved.

There is no doubt that there are many infinities. Beyond this infinite, there is another infinite, and much further beyond, there are many empty spaces between infinite and infinite. There is no limit to the many infinities. Our infinite, the infinite of Einstein, has around one hundred thousand galaxies; each one has approximately one hundred thousand suns, and millions of corresponding worlds. This is what is possible to perceive through telescopes. Yet, indeed, this infinite in which we live needs intelligent sovereign principles that coordinate it in order to avoid many types of collisions and failures, as much as possible.

Fortunately, the central sun exists, the sacred Absolute Sun. The intelligent directrix principles of this infinite are within this sacred Absolute Sun; within it, I repeat, we live, move, and have our Being.

Intelligence governs the whole cosmos, whether it is within the infinitely small or within the infinitely large. There is intelligence in the macrocosm and in the microcosm, in a system of worlds, in a beehive, or in an anthill. Cosmic intelligence abides precisely in each particle of this great creation.

We live here, as we have already stated, on a small planet from this infinite universe, in a minute world that rotates around the seventh sun of the Pleiades that has its mechanism governed by intelligent principles.

Unquestionably, the geologists who have studied a lot do not know about the living mechanism of this planet Earth. The belief that the continents on which we exist are fixed, firm, and immovable has always existed, but that concept is mistaken. We, the Gnostic scientists, know very well that the Earth is more similar to the structure of an egg than to a firm mass. If we open a bird’s egg and observe it, we will then see that it has a yolk that is movable and that it sustains itself over the egg white. The same happens with the Earth; the continents are similar to the yolk. These continents sustain themselves over a clear, pasty, fluidic, and gelatinous substance. This continental yolk is not static, it periodically moves and rotates over it own axis.

The entire continents of America and Europe were once connected and now they are separated. This is what the materialistic anthropologists state about Pangaea. Yet, they ignore the rhythms, periodic movements, and true geological history.

There is an abundant amount of proof in order to demonstrate the movement of the continental masses. Once, Atlantis was in the ocean that bears its own name. The followers of materialism have placed a question mark about the existence of this continent. Nonetheless, Atlantis’ existence has been duly demonstrated in a conclusive way by the true sages that from time to time have appeared upon the Earth.

The learned ignoramuses stubbornly assert that continent sank like a milk-layer sinks, yet that is absurd. Atlantis sank as a consequence of the revolutions of the axis of the Earth. Yet, the materialistic addicts do not know this.

The Atlantean catastrophe left our present continents in a very bad situation. Observe the continent of the Americas and you will see that from the side of the Pacific Ocean, the Americas incline as if they want to sink into the ocean; while on the eastern side they rise. This is similar to when a boat is sinking; it never sinks vertically, but always on one side.

The very Andes mountain range inclines towards the Pacific Ocean. Let us see Europe: there is no doubt that it wants to sink into the Mediterranean; it is more submerged towards its profundity. The same happens with Germany and Russia. The Asiatic continent is inclined as if it wants to sink into the Indian Ocean.

The continents were left damaged because of the great Atlantean catastrophe, which unbalanced the geological formation of our world.

We have spoken a lot about suns and catastrophes and about many such things. Yet, the suns of Anahuac (from the Aztec calendar) invite us to reflect because these are very interesting, namely the Sun of Fire, the Sun of Air, the Sun of Water, and the Sun of Earth. These suns mark terrible cosmic catastrophes.

It is stated that the Children of the First Sun, the Protoplasmic root race, perished when they were devoured by tigers. The tiger is a symbol of wisdom, this is clear!

It is stated that the Children of the Second Sun, the Hyperborean root race, perished when they were demolished by strong hurricanes. This is in reference to that humanity who lived on that horseshoe shape land that is around the North Pole.

It is affirmed that the Children of the Third Sun, the Lemurian root race, perished by the Sun of raining fire and great earthquakes.

The Children of the Fourth Sun, the Atlantean root race, perished by the waters.

The Children of the Fifth Sun, the Aryan root race, we, the people of this epoch, will perish by fire and earthquakes. This is how it will be, and this will be fulfilled shortly.

The Children of the Sixth Sun, the Koradhi root race who will inhabit the future Earth of tomorrow, will also perish.

After having spoken to you about the suns of Anahuac, we will now pass into a minor cycle. Naturally, there are always Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary ages.

We will not base these ages on the five root races that existed. This time we will base them on something distinct. We will base them precisely on the movements that the terrestrial yolk undergoes. We will base them on that geological movement that is processed periodically upon its own axis, on the movement of the continents over that pasty and gelatinous substance.

So, from the former points of view we can talk about the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary ages. Likewise we can talk about the Eocene, a Primary Period unknown to people — Eocene, Miocene, and Pliocene.

We do not deny that among these types of catastrophes there have been other catastrophes also, like the terrible glaciations.

Atlantis marks the end of the Tertiary Epoch (at the end of Atlantis to be more specific). So, that Tertiary epoch was very beautiful because of its Edens; it was delectable because of its great paradises.

Many glaciations have occurred and there is no doubt that we are approaching another glaciation. There are catastrophes caused by the verticalization of the axis of the Earth, caused by the verticalization of the poles of the world. There are catastrophes that are the outcome of the movements of the continents, and then earthquakes occur, followed by the start of glaciations.

Five glaciations are mentioned that were processed in accordance with the movements of the continents. Yet, we must know that glaciations have also been produced because of the verticalization of the poles of the Earth. It is obvious that the catastrophes and glaciations are multiple.

If we were to state that the human being did not exist during the Miocene, Pliocene, and Eocene epochs, we would be asseverating something false. It is remarkable to see that while the archaic species of animals were extinguished, the human being nonetheless continued to exist. I am mentioning the word “human being” in a merely conventional sense, since we already know that the intellectual animal is not a true human being. Obviously, when speaking of people, we have to describe them in some way.

Terrible changes have occurred; yes, they have. Let us think about the human race that emerged from the Eocene, with their tropical weather. Likewise, let us think about that race that developed and unfolded during the Oligocene, with its mild temperature. Finally, let us think about that race who lived in the Miocene, with its cold weather, with temperatures so low they were approaching the last glaciations. What is fascinating is that in spite of so many glaciations and catastrophes, human beings continue to exist.

The Paleolithic human being still exists; incredible, yet it is true. All of the species of archaic animals disappeared, the enormous reptiles of the Mesozoic, and nonetheless, human beings continue to exist. How is this possible? How is it that all of the archaic creatures have died and the human beings are still alive?

The Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary epochs passed by and still we see human beings walking on the streets. This gives us enough authority in order to tell Darwin, Huxley, and Haeckel — who with their materialistic theories exercised too much damage upon humanity —that the human being existed a long time before the Paleolithic Era.

In the third chapter I commented about the navel of the universe, about the Omeyocan. I then compared it to the cosmic seed from which this planet was born. It is clear that before the Earth could physically exist, the Omeyocan developed itself in various dimensions. I want to state that within the Omeyocan, the navel of the world, the whole planet was gestated. This planet passed through various periods of activity in diverse dimensions before crystallizing in the present physical form.

The human being as a seed was developed from the Omeyocan and began crystallizing little by little through diverse dimensions until finally taking on physical form in the Polar Epoch.

Here we are stating subject matters that upset the materialists. They say they only believe in what they see. Nonetheless, they believe in all of their utopias. They are searching for the primordial human being within the subterranean layers of the Quaternary Period. Each day they invent more and more theories and they believe them without ever verifying them. They are going around uttering lies. They believe in what they do not see, therefore they are falsifiers.

We can prove what we are stating. We have systems of investigation by means of the technique of meditation. Through meditation we can develop certain faculties, such as Prajnaparamita, a type of intuition which allows us to study the Akashic Records of nature. The whole history of the Earth and of its races is found in those records.

If the pigs of materialism would leave their fanatical attitude and resolve themselves to enter into the Gnostic disciplines, then they would develop certain faculties which will grant them access to the history of the Earth and of its races.

The hour has arrived in which each one of us must reflect upon ourselves and the universe.

The human being existed upon the Earth far beyond the Primary Era, much prior to the Paleolithic Era. The concrete fact that we continue to exist in spite of the fact that the animals of forgone times have disappeared in their majority gives us the right to affirm the former statements. So if the former statements are a fact, then we have the right to state that we are as ancient as the Earth itself, as nature itself. Facts are facts and before the facts we have to surrender.

If we have not perished, if we have not disappeared from the scenario of the world in spite of so many catastrophes, if we have not disappeared even though the creatures from the Mesozoic times are extinct, then this gives us the authority to state that we are very special beings. We existed on the Earth before the creatures of the Pliocene or of the Mesozoic times ever appeared upon the face of the Earth. This right is given to us by the fact of existing, by the concrete fact that eternities have passed and we still continue to exist.

The contemporaneous creatures died and nonetheless we are still alive. All of them perished, yet we continue to exist. Therefore, we have a basis in order to laugh in the faces of Huxley, Darwin and Haeckel, personages who were lethal for humanity.

The different scenarios in which this humanity has developed deserve to be studied and to be kept in mind.

How marvelous and wise are the Nahuas’ suns; they not only contemplate the root race who was devoured by the tigers of sapience, they also contemplate the Hyperboreans who were demolished by the strong hurricanes, the Lemurians who perished by the sun of raining fire and great earthquakes, and the Atlanteans who perished by the waters.

These Nahuas’ suns go further; they contemplate those movements of the yolk over the egg-white; in other words, they contemplate the periodic movements of these continents that suddenly split or diverge, and then suddenly produce great glaciations where all life perishes, and then all of a sudden they originate new activities.

These Nahuas’ suns work throughout the Tertiary, Secondary, and Primary periods. Finally, every period of fifty-two years, they are elevated in the changes of fire. We are now in the fifth of those changes, the fifth sun. The secret doctrine of Anahuac contains precious treasures that the enemies of the sacred land of Anahuac, the anthropologists of the atheistic materialism, would never accept.