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Chapter 4

First of all, it is good to know that anthropologists speak to us about three very important epochs: first, the Paleozoic Era, second, the Mesozoic Era, and third, the Cenozoic Era.

They emphatically affirm that during the Paleozoic Era the first unicellular beings, the microorganisms, the molluscoids, the mollusks, the fish, and the first reptiles were in the waters of life. This is affirmed with incredible conviction by the materialistic anthropologists as if they were present in those archaic epochs, as if they saw, smelled, touched and even heard all of that which occurred in those ages.

Nonetheless, as I have already stated in previous chapters, the anthropologists from materialism always asseverate that they only believe in what they can see. They state that they will never accept anything that they have not seen with their eyes or touched with their hands. Although I have reiterated this statement many times, I have to repeat that such an affirmation is absurd, completely false, since they believe in what they have never seen. They affirm in an absolutist way their false suppositions.

When did they see the Primary Epoch? When were they present during the Paleozoic Era? Did they live during the Mesozoic Era? Did they per chance exist during the Cenozoic Era? They affirm mere hypotheses that they have never witnessed. They affirm what they have never seen. Nonetheless, they believe themselves to be eminently practical.

They have never seen the Paleozoic Era. What do they know about it? What do they know of the life forms that existed in that first age, and about the events of that archaic epoch of our world?

They also talk about the Mesozoic Era, the epoch of the great antediluvian reptiles. We do not deny that the reptiles existed on the Earth. It is clear that the epoch of reptiles existed, that is a fact. Our Earth was populated by enormous reptiles, this is undeniable. Let us remember the brontosaurus or bronsaurus, the plesiosaurus, the pterodactyl, etc.

All of those were indeed gigantic, enormous monsters that were one or even two street blocks in size. They existed; however, it is very difficult for the ladies and gentlemen of false science to have ever seen all of those reptiles from the Mesozoic Era. How did those dinosaurs live? How did those dinosaurs reproduce themselves? Were the ladies and gentlemen of false science witnesses of it?

The Cenozoic Era followed. It is stated that many reptiles evolved towards the state of mammals. It is asseverated that from the primates came the hominids, which are the ancestors of the intellectual animal mistakenly called a human being.

There is no doubt, state the ladies and gentlemen of false science, that the hominids were born of the primates, which gave origin to the human being, and also gave origin to the branch of great gorillas or chimpanzees, etc. When they talk like this, they practically use Darwin as their base.

However, we know very well that Darwin did not state in any way that the human being came from the ape. He only clarifies that the human being and the ape have a common ancestor.

Nevertheless, the materialistic anthropologists state that their common ancestors are the primates. They state that the first hominids were born of the primates as well as the great apes from ancient epochs, from the period that we call Cenozoic. This is how they arrange their theories so that these can coincide with Darwin’s statements in some way.

Yet, did those primates exist by chance? Have the materialistic anthropologists ever seen, at any time, the first hominids? Can they swear that from the hominids were born the gigantic apes on one side and the human beings on the other? Can they affirm that from the primates the hominids were born and that these are the ancestors of the human being? Can they dare state that from those primates, all of the species of gigantic gorillas and chimpanzees which populated the face of the Earth in archaic epochs were also born? What do the ladies and gentlemen of materialism know about this?

On the other hand, as usual with his theories Haeckel assigned about seventeen or eighteen genealogies onto the present humanoids. He states that these genealogies come from marsupials or mammals. He states this theory with so much conviction as if he himself had indeed witnessed it. Haeckel and his partisans believe in phantasmagoric utopianisms of the mind that cannot be demonstrated.

The mammals, the marsupials, and all of those genealogies from Haeckel are extremely absurd. Amongst those genealogies, the anthropologists do not discard the famous lemurs with a discoid placenta. Yet, where is this placenta of the lemurs?

In these present times, they affirm that we come from the lemur; other certain pseudo-sapient anthropologists, who allege that our ancestor is the mouse, do not go unnoticed either.

Frankly, the materialistic scientists of this epoch have dedicated themselves to too much research. Their boasted materialistic culture from this century is indeed shameful; first they have us descending from the lemur, then all of a sudden from brother mouse.

Through ancient traditions we know very well that the human race was formed by the giants of Atlantis, of Lemuria, of the Hyperborean epoch, and of the Polar.

Yet, an excessive amount of ignorance has to exist in order to establish such theories that allege that we descended from the mouse, since in Atlantis the same mouse was not as small as it is in this day and age.

To state that the human being was tiny and that he kept on growing, that his stature was so small because he is a child of the mouse, is frightfully ludicrous in depth.

We can see how these cynical anthropologists from materialism act. One minute they are stating that we come from primates, then, all of a sudden they are stating another thing. When they get tired with brother mouse, they then appeal to the mandrill, based on the fact that this poor primate has red buttocks. Alas, these pseudo-anthropologists are so ignorant.

These pseudo-anthropologists are the ones who have precipitated this world towards the path of devolution and degeneration. They are the ones who are corrupting this humanity, the ones who are depriving people of their principles and the eternal values of their Spirit. When the eternal values of the Spirit are taken away from the human being, he then frightfully degenerates.

These pseudo-anthropologists are the ones who send their partisans (those scoundrels of materialism) to teach all of their nonsensical theories to the people of the villages. They are the ones who have converted themselves into the instructors of the wretched people who live in those villages.

We can consider these pseudo-anthropologists the corrupters of minorities, since with their display of fallacies they corrupt the simple individuals of the villages. They are the ones who harm the minds of people. They are the ones who structure educational plans, eliminating all of that which has the flavor of spirituality. Nonetheless, they do not have enough of a foundation to pronounce themselves against the mystical teachings of humanity.

It is abundantly ludicrous to asseverate in any given moment that we come from the mandrill or from the mouse or from the first primates of the Cenozoic Era.

The materialistic ladies and gentlemen from the North or from the South or from any of the different countries of the Earth laugh about the father Manu from whom the entire human race came forth. They laugh about the Dhyan Chohan who seems to be a utopian personage to them. Yet, they do not have any trouble believing in the fallacy of Haeckel. They believe in Haeckel’s stupid pithecanthropoid with a speaking capacity that is a thousand times more fantastic than the assertion of Manu or Dhyan Chohan.

Despite the ignorance of materialistic anthropology, humanity still believes in the Dhyan Chohan, even when these illustrious materialistic anthropologists are upset about it. Still millions of people in the world accept the father Manu; people from Asia believe in him. The father Manu is the man-spirit; he is the prototype man who is placed in a very superior level of the Being.

Indeed, if we could perform retrospective investigations with procedures very much different from those of carbon-14 or potassium argon, then we would discover that truly, the prototypes of this humanity come from the superior dimensions of nature and the cosmos.

We have to judiciously analyze what this present materialistic culture that serves as a foundation for countries and nations)actually is. We must search for the origin of all this corruption and all this perversity. It is not possible for this humanity to continue being a victim of ignorance. To agree with their theoretical nonsense is one hundred percent absurd.

To state that those lemurs, those small animals with very enlivened eyes, had placentas and that they could be considered as one of our ancestors is an absurdity. It is an unforgivable zoological mistake, because lemurs never had placentas.

Indeed, Haeckel has harmed society a great deal. This is why we once stated (as a parody to Job the Prophet), “Let the memory of him be forgotten by humanity; neither let his name be uttered in the streets.”

The science of embryogenesis was unknown in the epoch of Haeckel. This is why he dared to speak about lemurs with placentas; his statements were indeed incongruent.

When one investigates these things, one feels nothing more than repugnance for the school of materialism that is presently corrupting our culture. Schools of materialism are currently taking away the eternal values from this present culture; they are precipitating our society onto the path of perdition.

Which indeed is the ancestor of the human being from the Cenozoic Era? Which are the ancestors of the paleolithic human being and which are his descendants? Did Darwin ever meet them? Did Haeckel or Huxley ever meet them? What does materialistic anthropology base itself upon in order to speak with so much authority about Homo Sapiens, the primordial man? To which epoch does Homo Sapiens belong?

Intending to find the fossil remnants of the primordial man, Huxley searched within the subterranean layers of the Quaternary Period; yet he searched in vain since these fossil remnants were never found. That is because the human being is more ancient than what the pigs of materialism suppose. The human being existed during the Cenozoic Period, as well as in the Mesozoic Period and in the Paleozoic Period.

The former statement will not be accepted by the materialists. They want the human being to come strictly from the Quaternary Period and in no way will they admit that the human being existed during the Cenozoic Era.

The moment has arrived for us to delve deeply and reflect, to have a maximum analysis. What do the pseudo-anthropologists know about life? What do they know about the processes of life during the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary Periods?

Indeed, conventional anthropology is a building without a foundation. Just observe all human beings with their Monads and we will see how the whole little theater of Haeckel, Darwin, Huxley, Marx and their partisans would fall to the floor and be made dust.

I stated in my third chapter about the navel of the universe. What, our planet Earth has a navel? Why not?! When we are born, when we come into the world, we also come with a navel. As is the macrocosm, so also is the microcosm; as above, so below.

In the previous chapter I commented about the Omeyocan. But, what is the Omeyocan? The Omeyocan is nothing more than the navel of the universe. The Earth-Moon existed in a forgone cosmic day. The Moon had seas and mountains filled with life and vegetation. Moreover, it also had its Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic Eras.

All the worlds that are, have been, and shall be, are born, grow, get old, and die. The Moon is a dead, cosmic corpse; this has been demonstrated by the astronauts who descended upon the lunar ground.

However, lunar life in itself, the living substance of matter, did not die; it continued processing itself in the fourth coordinate, in the fourth vertical, along with all of the seeds of all things existent. Later on that living substance processed itself within a fifth coordinate, then within a sixth and subsequently within a seventh. When that living substance immersed itself into the seventh, then it submerged itself within the bosom of the Abstract Absolute Space. That homogenous living substance, that Mulaprakriti of Eastern people, that primordial Earth, continued to exist. That living substance was a seed that could not be lost; therefore it was deposited within profound space. Thus, life continued to exist, yet in a dormant way within that seed.

That seed, the living substance, slept for seven eternities within the Chaos. To be more specific, this living substance slept for seven eternities within profound space. Much later, the electric whirl, the electric hurricane, the darkness and the wind (as it is stated by the people of Anahuac) made that primeval world, that primordial Earth called Iliaster, inhabited. Then the two functioned with its opposites: positives and negatives, masculine and feminine. The Chaos emerged from that Iliaster; the sleeping living substance awoke. This is why it is stated that the hurricane, the tempests and the darkness prevailed within the Omeyocan, Yoalli-Ehecatl.

Yoalli-Ehecatl is the god of the wind, of the hurricanes, of the electric movement. Yoalli-Ehecatl is the macrocosm endowed within the microcosm. Everything is in incessant activity. This is how the Chaos is. It existed within the Omeyocan; the Chaos was the Omeyocan itself. Nonetheless, all of the possibilities will abide there until the Wholeness can make the Chaos fecund.

So when the Wholeness made the Chaos fecund, then the Limbus, that extraordinary Limbus, gave origin to all that is, was, and shall be. Since then, from the navel of the universe and throughout many dimensions, there were successive unfolded manifestations. Thus, evolving and devolving life passed through many dimensions; the merely germinal human being passed into the protoplasm and finally crystallized in the protoplasmic Earth.

The first manifestation was in the world of the mind, in the region of the cosmic mind, the universal intelligence. The second manifestation of all that is, has been, and shall ever be manifested itself in the second period. Then, as an outcome of the second, a third manifestation appeared in an ulterior dimension. Therefore, before life appeared in this physical world, it developed and involuted in three superior, extraordinary dimensions.

It is obvious that before life appeared upon our protoplasmic world, a creature very similar to any mammal or to any simian, yet indeed very different from apes, appeared from the species of animals. When the original or primordial human being achieved crystallization in a dense form, he then passed through a transformation in his morphology and appeared in the northern Polar Cap that in an aforementioned time was situated in the equatorial zone.

In my next chapter I will talk about the movements of the continents. We will factually tell the world what Pangaea is. Now, we will only limit ourselves to state that before life became crystallized in the physical world, life was already developed in other dimensions. However, I want to emphasize the following statement: the real human being existed in the first, second, and third root races, prior to the existence of the intellectual animal mistakenly called a human being.

The intellectual animal, the one who appeared in the Quaternary Period, is by no means a human being, but an intellectual animal.

In my former chapter, I stated that in Lemuria the real human beings lived splendidly, yet some of them degenerated at the end of their epoch; thus, they sexually mixed themselves with beasts. This present humanity is the outcome of that sexual mixture; the result is the intellectual animal.

This is the moment to understand these very delicate matters, to understand that the human being is prior to the Quaternary, Tertiary, Secondary, and Primary Periods. Proof of this is that even though all of the living species of archaic times disappeared, the human being — or better said, the humanoid – continues to exist.

The intellectual animal mistakenly called a human being was capable of surviving in spite of many storms, in spite of the revolution of the axis of the Earth, in spite of the events of Pangaea. If the animals, the reptiles, etc. from other Mesozoic Periods were capable of surviving, then this shows us that the human being is prior to all of these periods that have been designed by materialistic anthropologists.

We must profoundly and seriously reflect upon the Gnostic anthropological studies. Endow the intellectual animal with a Monad, which is that spiritual entity of which all the partisans of Darwin, Haeckel and Huxley have intended to deprive us, and we will see how their materialistic circus will definitely fall.

These are the times to unmask materialistic anthropology. It is the moment to restore the eternal spiritual values to humanity.