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Chapter 3

The hour has arrived for us to make a certain analysis in relation to the origin of the human being. But, indeed, in the name of the truth, we have to state that the merely materialistic anthropology knows nothing about the origin of the human being.

Nevertheless, we Gnostics know the origin of the human being. In our former chapters, based on our Gnostic anthropology, we taught some basic knowledge related with its origin. Yet now we are going to delve a little more into this enigma.

Let us think for a while about the Mesozoic Era of our world, on the era of the reptiles [66 to 252 million years ago]. The human being indeed existed at that time; of course, this is denied by materialistic anthropology. Indeed, the merely profane anthropology ignores the real origin of the human being.

Materialistic anthropology wants us to believe that the human being did not exist before the Quaternary Period [the most recent 2.6 million years]. The possibility that the human being existed during the Cenozoic Era [from today back 65 million years] is denied to him. In depth, this is manifestly absurd.

Nonetheless, some facts make us think: we ask ourselves why certain species such as the plesiosaur and the pterodactyl survived for such a long period of time and then finally became extinct; now, in this day and age all we find from these species are fossil remains located in certain museums.

Meanwhile, in spite of the disappearance of these species, in spite of the fact that they were extinguished from the face of the earth, the human being still continues to exist. Why did almost all of the species from the Mesozoic Epoch become extinct? How is it that human beings were not extinct?

So many species have disappeared, yet the human being continues to be alive. How can this be? What explanation could materialistic science give for this phenomenon? Logically, materialistic science cannot give us a single explanation.

Obviously, if many contemporaneous species of the human being from the Quaternary and Tertiary Periods disappeared, then, human beings should also have eclipsed from the face of the Earth; the human species should have also disappeared. Yet, they continue to exist.

Therefore, the fact that the human being did not disappear in the Quaternary and Tertiary Periods allows us to infer that the human being existed long before the Quaternary Period and even beyond the epoch of the reptiles [Mesozoic], or of the Carboniferous Period [299 to 359.2 million years ago].

Moreover, we have the right to discuss the existence of human beings before the Mesozoic Era [66 to 252 million years ago]. that right is granted onto us precisely due to the concrete fact that all of the species from the Tertiary and Quaternary Periods have disappeared, and nonetheless their contemporaries, the human beings, still continue to exist.

Gnostic anthropology, through superior systems, knows that the other species from the Tertiary and Quaternary Periods vanished and that the intellectual animal mistakenly called “human being” did not disappear because the human being existed before the Mesozoic Era and before the Carboniferous Period. These facts are clear to us; facts are facts, and before the facts we have to surrender.

For example, there is a statement about flying serpents; this is terrifically true indeed, and the Bible corroborates it. The Bible cites the Leviathan in the book of Job. The Zohar emphatically affirms that the tempting serpent of Eden was a flying camel.

It is not irrelevant to remember that in Germany1 a species of flying camel was found; I refer to the fossil remnants that were perfectly organized by anthropologists.  It is 78 feet long, a giant; its long neck is similar to that of present day camels and it was provided with membranous wings.  When the fossil remnants of this body of these are observed, then it is evident that indeed it is related to a flying serpent (similar to a camel because of its long neck).

These fossil remnants might perhaps belong to the Leviathan.  What could the anthropologists state in relation to this matter?  Obviously, this saurus, or its better if we say, pterosaur, is in depth only the remnants of what flying serpents were in the archaic times of our Earth.  We will conclude by stating that the pterosaur has more in common with the ophidioid than with the lacertid.

Delving further within all of this, we find many other pieces within the field of anthropology. In the Imperial Library of Peking there were paintings upon which some plesiosaurs and pterodactyls were shown. We ask ourselves: how is it possible that ancient people who did not know anything about paleontology or paleontography knew about extinct species from the epoch of the reptiles?

If we did not know about the possibility of developing certain capacities and faculties of a transcendental type in the human brain, the former paragraphs would be inexplicable. Such faculties allow us to study the history of nature and of the human being, a history that lies hidden within the very depth of the memories of everything that is, has been, and shall be.

Dear readers, for certain we must know that the present human species is not in any way made up of real human beings — it is true, no lie.

Gnostic anthropologists are in agreement with profane anthropologists only on the issue of the origin of the intellectual animal. The intellectual animal comes from the Quaternary Period or at the end of the Tertiary Period. This is something that we cannot deny in any way.

First of all, it is convenient to make a complete differentiation between a human being2 and an intellectual animal.3 The true human being existed before the Carboniferous Period and before Mesozoic times.

This true human being lived during the epoch of the reptiles. Unfortunately, some authentic human beings degenerated terribly at the end of the Tertiary Period, during the Miocene. They absurdly mixed themselves with some beasts of nature, as we have already stated in previous chapters. Several gigantic simians were the outcome of that mixture; that species in turn mixed themselves with other subhuman beasts. Thus, the outcomes of all of this were the simians that we know, and the evolution of certain humanoids.

During the Quaternary Period these humanoids continued reproducing themselves incessantly. Subsequently, they continued reproducing themselves incessantly, and they are the humanoids of this epoch in which we live. This present humanity is a mixture of authentic human beings with animals of nature.

Now, we see the difference between the real human beings of the first, second, and third root races and the intellectual animals of the fourth and fifth root race in which we are presently. However, we must not be disappointed. The seed for the human being is still in our sexual glands. There is not a single person who does not carry these human sexual elements, since this is the outcome of the crossing of human beings with animals.

Therefore, the possibility exists for present day people to elevate themselves to a true human state since they carry within their sexual glands those human seeds. Of course, we have to develop those human seeds. Indeed, in order to create the authentic human being within ourselves, we need to know the mysteries of sex.

Unfortunately, materialistic anthropologists believe that they are human beings. They do not know anything about the mysteries of sex. They invent multiple theories about the origin of the human species that are in no way useful. I think that all of the speculations stated by the materialistic anthropologists are causing great psychological damage to people. It is lamentable that materialistic anthropology is corrupting this human race. It is already enormously degenerated, and with such fantasies this humanity continues to degenerate awfully every day.

We Gnostic anthropologists have to severely judge the materialistic anthropologists who state that they only believe in what they see. Nonetheless, they believe in what they never have seen. They believe in absurd utopias, such as the one which states that we are the children of mice, or that the mandrill (the baboon) is the ancestor of those elegant ladies and gentlemen.

We have to search for the origin of this fifth human race, which is this present root race to which we belong. We must find its cradle around Kashmir on the central plateau of Tibet, around the Euxinus, etc.

I do not mean to say that the entire cradle of this present root race had its origin only in those cited regions. Yet, in the name of the truth I have to state that those places of the Earth constitute a very important origin for this human species. I am clearly referring to the people of this fifth root race.

There have been five root races in the world. They correspond to five different epochs. We have already stated that the Protoplasmic [Polar] root race came first, afterwards the Hyperborean root race, thereafter the Lemurian root race, more recently, the Atlantean root race, and finally our Aryan root race.

Throughout these chapters we will summarily develop the history of each root race, yet we will include a complete description of the scenarios upon which each root race was developed.

Now I want to state that the human beings of the first root race existed at the northern polar cap on the Sacred Island. At that time, the northern polar cap, the two poles, were located on the equatorial zone.

Unquestionably, the form of life of that root race was very different from that of our present one. Materialistic anthropology does not know anything about this whole matter. Moreover, our assertions will not in any way agree with the famous Pangaea or great primeval continent. Therefore, when we state such declarations, we expose ourselves to only one thing: the mockery of profane anthropologists.

Indeed, profane anthropologists do not totally know about celestial mechanics. They do not know there is a process of the revolutions of the axis of the Earth. They think that the Earth has always had the same position in relation to the sun. Thus for this reason they have invented their Pangaea, since the theory of Pangaea is more comfortable for them than the study of astronomy.

The Hyperboreans had their scenario on those horseshoe-shaped lands that go around the North Pole. Obviously, England itself and even Ireland were lands that belonged to the Hyperboreans. Alaska also belonged to that land, since all of those regions form a horseshoe around the northern polar cap, although some even of these parts have been under the waves and have come up again since then.

Later on, Lemuria was in the area that now occupies the Pacific Ocean. It was an enormous continent that covered the whole area of the Pacific Ocean.

Subsequently, Atlantis was in the ocean that bears its name.

Therefore, the physiognomy of our terrestrial globe has changed many times. The world has had five aspects or scenarios upon which its five root races developed.

However, we do not expect that the ladies and gentlemen of materialistic anthropology will accept all of this. Unquestionably, this will be something impossible since they believe that they know everything. Nevertheless, not only do they ignore these things, but worst of all they ignore that they ignore.

Materialistic anthropologists who are partisans of absurdity propose to attack the Biblical Genesis. Thus, with their anticlerical efforts they have invented those speculations that are abundant here, there, and everywhere.

They do not even want to understand what the word Eden signifies. Ed-en signifies “voluptuousness” [“giving pleasure to the senses”]. Its etymology is explained from a Greek basis. Therefore, Eden signifies “voluptuousness.”

Eden is sex itself. The whole Biblical Genesis is a work of alchemy that literally has nothing to do with history.

That Eden that in former times was situated in Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers much later became the school for Chaldeans and Magis, the Alehim. That Eden seems to be related to the famous Adi-Varsha of ancient Lemurians and even to the Garden of Hesperides of the Atlantean continent.

Eden is sex itself, yet this will never be accepted by the materialistic anthropologists. Moreover, they will never accept the great sexual mysteries of Chaldea, India, Babylon, Mexico, and Egypt.

In Lemuria, the system of reproduction was by Kriyashakti. This was during the Mesozoic Era. The Kriyashakti system existed long before the human race ever fell into animal generation (orgasm). We know very well that the Lemurian root race fell into degeneration in the third part of the Eocene, that is, during the Miocene Epoch.

Indeed, the true human beings of the Mesozoic Epoch reproduced themselves by means of Kriyashakti; this word signifies willpower and intelligence. Lemurians were true human beings, and their system of reproduction would not be accepted in this day and age by the intellectual animals. This is because the system of reproduction of the true human beings, the Kriyashakti, is a sacred system that would cause laughter and rejection by the materialistic anthropologists. They would feel offended with such a system.

In Lemurian times, sex was considered sacred; the sacred sperm was never ejaculated.4 The sperm was considered a venerable matter. A spermatozoon escaped during intercourse without orgasm in order to fecundate the womb. Thus, the human race enjoyed wonderful powers, extrasensory faculties, that allowed them to know all of the marvels of the universe and the cosmos. This is why it is stated that they lived in a paradisaical state.

Nevertheless, when the human beings fell into animal generation (orgasm), that is to say, when they started to ejaculate the entity of semen, they then precipitated themselves into devolution. So, Lemurians sexually degenerated themselves in the third part of the Eocene Epoch. These sexually degenerated Lemurians were fallen humans who sexually mixed themselves with beasts of nature; thus, intellectual animals were born from this mixture.

Definitively, the intellectual animal will never accept this system of reproduction by Kriyashakti precisely because of his animal condition. The system of Kriyashakti is not for intellectual animals, it is a system for human beings, since animals and humans are two different kingdoms. Indeed, this is why we would not be surprised if the intellectual animals from materialistic anthropology reject the system of reproduction by Kriyashakti.

Nevertheless, in spite of everything, we have to state that the seeds of the human being are still within the endocrine glands of the intellectual animal. Therefore, it is obvious that if we work with the system of Kriyashakti, we can indeed regenerate the brain and develop within our physiologic, biologic, and psychosomatic nature the true human being, the authentic human. Yet, I restate, the intellectual animal does not like the Kriyashakti system.

Gnosis has diffused the mysteries of sex in many places. It is true that universal Gnosticism has accepted the system of reproduction by Kriyashakti, however it is also true that millions of intellectual animals have rejected it. We cannot blame them since they are indeed intellectual animals who are the outcome of sexual intercourse of various Lemurian humans (who sexually degenerated themselves in the Tertiary Period) who mixed themselves with beasts of nature. How could the outcome of humans and beasts accept a sexual system that does not belong to them? It is impossible! Thus, it is good that we reflect upon this.

Now let us consider another more important theme in order for us to reflect upon it in more depth. Let us see: from where did all the living species emerge? From where did this nature emerge? Why do we have to accept all of the materialistic utopias? Why do we have to accept the dogma of evolution? Why should we live within the world of hypotheses?

The moment has arrived to delve a little further into this subject-matter. In my second chapter I stated that the human species had developed in other dimensions. I also asserted that the materialistic ladies and gentlemen do not accept these superior dimensions. They want, by their own whim, to place us within Euclid’s tridimensional dogma. They are like the pigs that always want to remain in the pigsty and do not want to see anything that does not resemble it. Yet, we do not accept dogmas.

To begin, they have no proof regarding all of their beliefs. What they have affirmed, for instance, is that they believe that the human being comes from the ape.

Darwin never, ever stated that the human being came from the ape. Indeed, Darwin only affirmed that the human being and the ape have a common ancestor. Therefore, Darwin only opened a door, that is all.

Charles Robert Darwin always felt nonconformity with the Biblical narrative of creation because in the book of Genesis God appears as an executioner for the nonbelievers. Nonetheless, Darwin rejected Karl Marx’s offer. Karl Marx offered Darwin the dedication of his book, Das Kapital, first English edition. Darwin rejected Karl Marx’s offer because he did not want to have his name associated with attacks against religion. Even while in states of extreme doubt, Darwin remained with a speck of faith in divinity. In the complete sense of the word, Darwin was never an atheist because he never denied the existence of a God. He stated in his autobiography that he always felt horror to all of that which can cause suffering. He never agreed with the suffering inflicted upon a slave by his ruler or the suffering inflicted upon an animal by any man; for him such horror was one of the reasons to abandon religion.

Darwin was not a materialist, he was an investigator. He opened a door, that is all. We have to take advantage of that door and delve into the mystery, since until now everything has been hypotheses, as when Haeckel stated — and who indeed emphatically asseverated — that neither geology nor phylogeny would ever be exact sciences.

If theories that are invented one day disappear the next day, if those ladies and gentlemen are affirming what they have never seen, if they are lying is such a way, then we must not and cannot give them any credit. Therefore, we must appeal to what Gnosticism teaches, which is to appeal to the wisdom of the ancient sages.

The fact that the human race developed within other dimensions is something impossible for materialistic science to accept, yet for the Gnostics it is a reality.

The reason ancient sages could tell us about plesiosaurs and reveal to us the different beasts that existed during the epoch of primitive reptiles and periods even beyond that, such as the Carboniferous Period, without ever having studied paleontology and paleontography, without having such jargon within their heads, is because they possessed extraordinary faculties that can be developed; these are dormant within the human brain.

Can materialistic anthropologists affirm that they totally know the human brain already? Obviously, they cannot. Moreover, I affirm that medical science still does not know the human body. They might believe that they know it, but they do not.

Conclusion, what is the origin of this humanity on planet Earth? What is the origin of all of the races of nature, of all which has been, is and shall be? This is the theme upon which we need to reflect in this chapter.

What do the ancient Nahuas tell us about the Omeyocan? What is the Omeyocan? It is stated that within the Omeyocan “there is only wind and darkness”; this is how the Nahuas affirm it. The Omeyocan is also named “Yoalli Ehecatl” because of the wind and darkness. This invites us to reflect.

What would the erudites from Mexico and those in the Eastern world, in Asia, tell us about the Omeyocan?

I once stated what “matter” is, in itself. I said that any form of matter can be destroyed, yet the substance (or seed) of the matter continues in other dimensions. Thus, the Earth-substance or the Earth-seed is deposited in the profound space of the universe, within the unknowable zero dimension. I also affirmed that such an Earth-substance was the Iliaster. Eventually the Earth would remain deposited as a seed within the profundity of the infinite space, awaiting a new cosmic manifestation.

Let us remember that when a tree dies, its seeds remain. Within each seed there is the possibility of the development of a new tree. Likewise, when a planet dies, then its seed or its homogenous, insipid, insubstantial, colorless, odorless matter remains deposited within the bosom of the eternal Mother Space.

Such a seed in relation with the one is two. We must not forget that in order to be one, there is the necessity of being two. The one feels itself to be two. Thus, the primeval chaotic Earth, that seed-world deposited in Mother Space, is the Omeyocan. It is a true paradise that during the time of inactivity vibrates with happiness.

The Omeyocan is also named Yoalli Ehecatl due to the wind and darkness and because Ehecatl is the god of cosmic movement, the god of wind. Yoalli Ehecatl, the great cosmic movement of the Omeyocan, is the place where the authentic happiness of the world reigns, profound inexhaustible joy.

There are cosmic days and cosmic nights. When the Earth is in a germinal state, when any given planet is found deposited in a germinal state within the bosom of profound space, it slumbers; yet while being two, they are found to be one. After a certain period of activity, the electrical impulse, the electrical hurricane, makes all of the positive and negative aspects enter into activity. This is why it is stated that within the Omeyocan there is wind and darkness. We do not want to state darkness in the complete sense of the word; this is only an allegorical way of speaking.

Let us remember in the Egyptian mysteries when the priests would approach the neophytes. They would whisper in their ears, “Osiris is a dark God.” Yet, Osiris was not dark. The fact of the matter is that the light of the pure Spirit, the light of the great Reality, is darkness to the intellect. This is why it is stated that within the Omeyocan there is only darkness and wind — that is to say, cosmic movement. This is where the uncreated light emerges from and where the universal movement represented by Ehecatl is developed.

Before the manifestation of the Solar Logos, that is, the Multiple Perfect Unity, the infinite quietude whirls about within the Omeyocan. In the sacred land of Anahuac,8 the Solar Logos was always named Quetzalcoatl. Indubitably, Quetzalcoatl as Logos exists long before any cosmic manifestation.

The Omeyocan is the navel of the universe that intensely vibrates and palpitates within reciprocal whirls, where the infinitely large bursts into the infinitely small, where the large encounters the small, where the macrocosm encounters the microcosm.

With the dawn of any universe, the electrical hurricane makes all of the atoms palpitate in the form of whirls within the Omeyocan, within the navel of the universe, within the cosmic womb, while being two.

In the Omeyocan, the Tloque Nahuaque is the nocturnal tempest of all possibilities. Because when the electric movement, the electric hurricane, the electric whirl, makes all of those atoms spin within the chaotic matter, all the possibilities of universal life persist. This is how the best authors of cosmogenesis have described it.

The Omeyocan is the lord of the night, the black Tezcatlipoca who, when denying himself, bursts into light and the universe is born that fecundates, that drives Quetzalcoatl, the Solar Logos.

Tezcatlipoca in its feminine aspect represents the moon and God Mother who is precisely the womb of the world. This is why it is stated that Tezcatlipoca bursts into light; the Mother, which as a matter of fact, was fecundated by the Logos, swells like a lotus flower and thus finally this universe is born. It is stated in Nahuatl that Quetzalcoatl then directs and drives the universe that emerged into existence.

The Logos, the Multiple Perfect Unity, is radical. Yet, he turns himself asunder into the forty-nine fires in order to work with this rising universe. Unquestionably, the one who directs the universe is precisely the Logos, Quetzalcoatl. It is the cosmic consciousness governing, directing that which is, has been, and shall be…

I am perfectly sure that conventional anthropology would not accept this conception of Quetzalcoatl. We do not ignore that materialistic anthropology rejects the Logos and that it is against the sacred Anahuac tradition, that it does not want anything to do with the wisdom of the sacred land of Anahuac.

When rejecting Quetzalcoatl as the true monarch of the universe, materialistic anthropology actually declares itself against the wisdom of the sacred land of Anahuac. Thus, my dear friends, it is worthwhile that we reflect upon this.

Nevertheless, it is not convenient that we Gnostics have an anthropomorphic conception of our Lord Quetzalcoatl either, no! Therefore, I repeat, Quetzalcoatl is a Perfect Multiple Unity; it is the Greek Demiurge, the Platonic Logos. Quetzalcoatl is the prodigious principle of nature that makes every atom vibrate, that makes every sun shake; it is the creative fire of the first instant.

Never could the partisans of materialistic anthropology asseverate that they know the fire; they do not know it, much less the electricity. We are interested in the fire of the fire and in the profound knowledge of electricity.

They pass judgment on the fire and they consider that it is an element of combustion, yet they are mistaken. Indeed, they might state, “If we strike a match, we will see that fire emerges; so this is the outcome of combustion.” Yet, it is not so. Rather, combustion is the outcome of fire, because the hand that strikes the match has its own fire (energy) in order to move, and within the match itself there is latent fire. By means of striking the matchbox, we remove the particles within which the chemical matter of that match is trapped, so that the fire can emerge. The fire exists before striking the match; this is unknown in chemistry. The fire in itself is the Logos, the fundamental intelligent principle of nature.

Let it be clear that we are not defending that anthropomorphic god who upsets the materialists so very much, no! We are only making a great emphasis here in order to state that nature has intelligent principles and that the sum of all of them is Quetzalcoatl, the Greek Demiurge, the Platonic Logos, the Multiple Perfect Unity that is latent in every atom, within every corpuscle that comes into life and within every creature that exists under the sun.

There is no doubt, my dear friends, that monotheism caused a great deal of harm to humanity, because materialism, atheism, was the outcome of it, the consequence of it.

In addition, when polytheism was taken to its extremes, it caused a great deal of harm because from it emerged monotheism, and likewise from monotheism emerged materialistic atheism.

Thus, with polytheism degenerated, it gave origin to anthropomorphic monotheism, and due to the abuses carried out by the diverse religious clergies this as a result brought materialism.

If we accept the intelligent principles within the depths of nature and within the cosmos as the foundation of the whole machinery of relativity, then we will not ignore that “variety is unity.”

I understand that in the not so distant future, humanity must return to polytheism, yet in a transcendental monistic way. This must be equilibrated from the spiritual point of view, meaning from the spiritual monotheistic and polytheistic points of view. Only in this manner, indeed, can a renovation of principles and a complete revolution of the consciousness be initiated.

  1. There is also the case of when the first pterosaur fossils were discovered in Germany in 1784, scientists thought they were aquatic animals. It took them 100 years to finally recognize they were flying reptiles!
  2. A real human being has discarded the animal mind, and created the soul. The real human being is not controlled by nature, whether internal or external.
  3. An intellectual animal has a human shape but psychologically is just an animal with an intellect. That is, it is ruled by instinct, passion, desire, etc.
  4. Moses wrote: “A man from whom there is a discharge of semen, shall immerse all his flesh in water, and he shall remain unclean until evening. And any garment or any leather [object] which has semen on it, shall be immersed in water, and shall remain unclean until evening. A woman with whom a man cohabits, whereby there was [a discharge of] semen, they shall immerse in water, and they shall remain unclean until evening.” - Leviticus 15:16-18. Compare with: “Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed [semen] remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.” - 1 John 3:9