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Chapter 2

The theme of the origin of the human being is indeed very debatable and very thorny.

Charles Robert Darwin left certain principles in his work that must be remembered by the materialistic anthropologists. Darwin states that a species that evolves positively cannot in any way descend from another that evolves negatively. Darwin also affirms that two similar species, even though different, can refer to a common ancestor, but one can never come from the other.

Thus, as we advance through these disquisitions of scientific anthropology, we obviously find certain contradictions within materialism. How is it possible that Darwin’s former principles are ignored? How is it possible in this day and age that there are still people who think that the human being comes from the ape?

Unquestionably, the facts speak for themselves, and until now the famous “missing link” has not been found. Where is it?

Much has been stated against the existence of the father Manu,1 the “Dhyan Chohan,” yet indeed there are millions of people in the eastern and western world who accept it. Moreover, such a belief is more logical than Haeckel’s monkey-man, who indeed is nothing more than one of his fantasies.

Time is passing by and the famous simian-man has not yet been discovered anywhere on Earth. Where in the world is the ape that is capable of reasoning, thinking, and that has a language? Where is it? Hence, in depth these types of materialistic bookish fantasies are absolutely good for nothing.

Observe for instance the size of the brains: the cephalic mass of a gorilla is not even a third of the brain of any savage person from our terrestrial globe. A link that would connect the most evolved gorilla with the most uncivilized savage person from Australia is missing. Where is that link, what happened with it? Does it exist?

Undoubtedly, the first simians appeared on the Lemurian continent during the Mesozoic Epoch, but where was their origin? Gnostic anthropology emphatically affirms that certain degenerated groups of humans in Lemuria sexually mixed themselves with beasts in order to originate the simian species.

Haeckel never in any way was opposed to the concept that apes had their birth in Australia, in Lemuria. He always accepted the reality of the Lemurian continent. Yet, let us reflect a little. Where was Lemuria located? In the Pacific Ocean, this is obvious. It covered an extensive zone of that sea. Through ten thousand years of earthquakes, Lemuria was submerged little by little in the boisterous waves of that ocean. Yet, remnants of Lemuria were left, namely Oceania, Australia, Easter Island, etc.

pacific ocean satellite

The Pacific Ocean covers 1/3 of the Earth, and is larger than all the land area combined. It is also the least explored.

Lemuria was real; it had its place in a very ancient time. This assertion can upset the materialistic anthropologist partisans of Pangaea. These ladies and gentlemen have their minds bottled up within that dogma related to Pangaea; they do not even remotely accept the possibility of Lemuria.

There is absolutely nothing strange about the fact that the simians were born during the Mesozoic Era and evolved to the Miocene Epoch, yet others from the Eocene Epoch, during the Tertiary Period.

However, our assertions do not end here. Other species of apes had their origin in the Atlantis of Plato, a continent that is nothing more than a myth to the materialistic fanatic partisans of Pangaea. Nonetheless, even if they deny it, Atlantis existed. Even if they are opposed to it, Atlantis has already been discovered. Anyone who has studied the marine floor knows very well that between America and Europe there is a great marine platform.

It was precisely a few years ago when several scientists — those who had discovered Atlantis — proposed to explore the remains of Atlantis from the coasts of Spain. However, Spain was ruled by Franco’s regimen, therefore they were not allowed to perform their investigations. Therefore, Atlantis is not what it is believed to be, that is to say, it is not a fantastic legend, but rather a tremendous reality.

In other times, the map of the world was completely different.

Everything is changing; even the supporters of Alfred Wegener’s Pangaea have suffered great changes. We know very well that the floating continents experience some displacements; Mario Roso de Luna had already clearly explained this and therefore it should not surprise anybody. The materialistic fanatics of Pangaea agree with this, they do not deny it. However, they lack a lot of necessary information in order to know the causes of the displacements of these continental flotations. I think that if they would study Mario Roso de Luna, they would better complete their information.

If we compare our Earth to a cracked-open egg, then the yolk would be the continents floating over the egg white. There may be many substances, liquids, and elements between the continent-like yolk and the egg white, yet in this day and age materialistic science does not know anything about them.

There are some who believe that certain types of superior apes come from Lemuria, for example:

  • The gorilla, a genus of anthropomorphic ape that comes from Equatorial Africa, and has a stature of about two meters and a maximum weight of 250 kg.
  • The orangutan that comes from the Malayan language and means, “a man from the trees,” is also known as the great anthropomorphic ape from Sumatra and Borneo; it measures about 1.20 to 1.50 meters in stature; they are arboreal and easy to domesticate.
  • The chimpanzee is an anthropomorphic ape from Africa.

There are others who clearly affirm that the inferior types of apes, like the catarrhine or platyrrhine, etc., properly came from Atlantis. We cannot make objections about this, but indeed we must profoundly reflect upon it.

In this day and age materialistic science is making certain very silly statements; everyday they invent new hypotheses. So, a chain has been established that is very curious and ludicrous in content, a chain that is related with our possible ancestors. The shark appears to be the king of that chain, from which, according to those anthropologists, descended the alligators. Such a theory is ludicrous in itself; indeed it is only conceivable by alligator-like minds. They continue stating that the famous opossum comes after the alligator; they state that the opossum is a creature similar to a crocodile but a little more evolved (this is what they emphasize). And on they go, following the course of that great chain of marvels to a certain little animal. In this day and age they have given a lot of importance to that little animal; I am emphatically referring to the lemur. They grant unto the lemur a discoid placenta, a matter that is rejected by zoologists.

We find gigantic contradictions within these gorges of false science. They proceed by stating that from the lemur (which could have existed some 150 million years ago) descended the monkey, and finally the gorilla appears at the end of this chain. In this fantastic chain, the gorilla is our immediate ancestor, the forefather of the human being.

Darwinius masillae

Darwinius masillae, a type of lemur proposed by modern science as the “missing link” between prosimian and simian (“anthropoid”) primate lineages. This is the only fossil ever found of this animal, even though it is proposed as the origin of the entire human race.

As I have already stated in the first chapter, some anthropologists do not set aside the wretched mouse while talking about these themes; they even want to include it in their fancy chain. In which link of this ludicrous chain do they place the mouse? Between which animals should “Mr. Mouse” be? Who knows? Let them suffer with their theories. Based on the fact that the mouse is small, they affirm with a tone of extraordinary sapience that the human being was also so minute, so microscopic, that is to say, so tiny, that in this day and age we would be overwhelmed if we were to see such a human being. On what do they base their theories in order to asseverate such nonsense?

So, should we accept that according to them human beings are children of the mouse? I do not know in which link of that chain they include the mouse, perhaps before or after the lemur.

They sustain that we grew until we reached the present human height of this great civilization, and until we reached the “extraordinary perfection” that this civilization possesses now.

So in this day and age, the mouse is the priority in public anthropological conferences of this great civilization. Thus, if things continue in this way, then within a short time the governments should prohibit the killing of mice, since according to the materialistic anthropologists the mice are our forefathers.

Where are all the links of that chain? How is it possible that a shark turns into an alligator, from one night to the next, or throughout many centuries, just like that? Many millions of years have passed and the sharks continue to be sharks. Never has it been seen that from one species of sharks, whether from the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans, new alligators were born. To begin with, the crocodiles, alligators, or caimans — at least the ones we know — are not found in the seas, but rather in rivers and lakes, except the crocodile-like anthropologists who are very civilized and who are going around the world inventing silly theories.

Do you know of a species of alligators that has emerged from within the boisterous waves of the ocean? The world knows very well that the habitat for all types of alligators is the sweet waters.

We have seen alligators in great rivers and this is easily proven. We have visited the oceans and we have never seen or heard of any fisherman that has caught an alligator within his net in the middle of the ocean. They might catch sharks, but alligators? When?

We are asserting things based on clear, concrete, and definitive facts.

Where might the links be that bond the alligator to the opossum? Where might the links be that bond the opossum to that small animal the lemur, an animal which is deprived of a placenta and because of this Haeckel labeled it a creature with a discoid placenta? Continuing, where are the links that bond the lemur with the monkey? Where are the links that bond the monkey with the gorilla? And where are the links of the gorilla to the human being? Where are they? We have seen precise elements and we observe that the points of connection are missing.

To state things just like that is abundantly absurd. Much has been said about the Monera, an atom of the aqueous abyss, the first drop of salt within a silurian ocean which was filled with mud at its bottom and where the first bed of rocks was not yet deposited. However, what is the origin of the Monera? Could we perhaps conceive that something so extraordinary as the first atomic point of protoplasm which is so properly organized and with such a complex construction can be the outcome of fortuity, the outcome of chance?

We understand that when we deny the intelligent principles of nature, then the whole organization of protoplasm doesn’t make any sense.

Time is passing by and materialistic anthropology is going to be destroyed little by little. The materialistic anthropologists still cannot say when and how the first human being appeared. They state nothing more than ludicrous hypotheses, conjectures that lack serious foundations.

Materialistic anthropology points to Australia a lot. The position of conventional anthropology is highly supported when they state that the tribes that live in Australia descended from apes. Scientifically, the former statement falls to the floor when we measure the size of the brains and confront the facts. We see that the size of the brain of a highly developed gorilla does not even reach half of the mass of the brain of an uncivilized native of Australia. Therefore, a point of union between the two is missing.

So, where is that link? Let them show it to us, for we are all here to see it. In my first lecture (the first chapter) I said that the ladies and gentlemen of materialistic anthropology affirm in an extremely grandiloquent way that they only believe in what they can see, yet the facts are showing us their falsity. They firmly believe in absurd hypotheses which they have never witnessed. The fact of attributing or stating that human beings come from sharks, to establish a whimsical chain just based on morphologic resemblance, shows us in the depth a superficiality taken to extremes. If what they write about is nonsense, they are indeed abusing the readers’ intelligence a lot. If what they talk and teach about is nonsense, then they are indeed terribly comic and even ludicrous.

Human beings were sexually mixed with beasts in Lemuria and this is something we have no doubt about at all. Apes were not the only outcome of this mixture, so were various monstrous forms that even in this day and age have documentation in the Eastern part of the world as well as in the Western part.

We will cite as an example certain estranged Lemurian simians that could serve as a mockery for the superficial materialists of this epoch. Yet, one has to affirm the truth with valor. These Lemurian simians were a certain species that existed; they were soon walking using their hands and feet as any simian would; before long they were standing on their two feet. They had blue and also red faces. These simians were the outcome of certain human beings who crossed themselves with subhuman beasts of the Miocene Epoch, especially from the Mesozoic Era. We find everything that we formerly stated within reference materials such as on papyrus, codices, bricks, ancient monuments, and archaic manuscripts. Thus, there were multiple simian forms that emerged on the ancient continent of Mu.

Nevertheless, how did the human being first appear? In which way did it occur? Until now, all of these interrogatives have been a puzzle, a true enigma for the materialistic partisans of Darwin, Haeckel, and even for modern anthropologists.

Where can we find the origin of the human being? Unquestionably, we can find it within the human being himself. Where else could it be?

Let us now focus our attention on Australia. What do materialistic anthropologists asseverate? They affirm that the Australian Aboriginal tribes have the anthropoids as their ascendants. Of course, they cannot prove this, yet they affirm it, they believe in this. See for yourselves how paradoxical these ladies and gentlemen truly are.

The Australian clans are the most primitive that presently exist in the world. What could the origin of such families be? We must first begin with the origin of Australia. Australia is a fragment of Lemuria, which was located in the Pacific Ocean. It is an old land.

Where are the ancestors of those tribes? Let us talk about their physical bodies. We will obviously find such osseous remnants at the very bottom of the Pacific Ocean. There we can find skeletons of beasts, since the Australian clans that presently exist are a mixture of certain animal humanoids that passed through many transformations. Such families should be observed, thus we can understand that they are the outcome of the sexual crossing of the inhabitants of ancient Lemuria with the beasts of nature.

The bodies of some of the native people from many parts of Australia are so abundantly hairy that it seems that they have the skin of beasts. The former statement is the apparent foundation for those materialistic ladies and gentlemen to asseverate: “Lo and behold…these are children of anthropoids… our theory is proven!” Those materialistic anthropologists are extremely superficial; they do not have any maturity in their understanding. Regrettably, their minds are degenerated, in a state of decrepitude.

If we want to search for the origin of the human being we must know ontogeny in depth. It is not possible to know phylogeny if we exclude ontogeny.

Observe the recapitulative processes of the human being inside the maternal womb.

Nature always makes recapitulations. Observe a seed, the germ of a tree: inside it is a potential tree. All it needs is to be developed. So, in order for it to develop, it needs soil, water, air, and sunlight. All of the processes passed on by the tree that served as a parent are recapitulated by nature within the seed that must be developed. Using other terms, we will state that all the processes through which the whole family of that tree endured over time are recapitulated by nature within the seed that must be developed. The whole species of that tree developed slowly and grew at the same pace of the other trees; likewise, so did the tree from which that seed was detached. In itself that seed repeats that process of recapitulation, leaf by leaf, until the tree finally bears its fruits and seeds so that the other trees that will eventually be born from them will make the same recapitulations.

Let us observe how nature recapitulates all of her marvels within the cosmos. Each year spring, summer, fall, and winter return; these are perfect recapitulations.

Thus, within the maternal womb is a correct recapitulation of the whole human species. All the steps the human being passed through since its most remote origins are repeated inside the maternal womb.

First of all, no one can deny that inside the maternal womb the fetus passes through the four kingdoms of nature. First it is a stone, second a plant, third an animal, and fourth a human being.

As a human embryo or corpuscle it is inorganic; it is the ovum that detaches itself from the ovary and goes to join the organic matter. Thus, circulation carries the ovum to the very bottom of the matter for its own development.

In its second aspect we see how the human embryo assumes a vegetal state. The human fetus looks like a carrot, rounded at its base and pointed in its superior part. When this is clinically studied, it seems much more like an onion with distinct layers; between the layers there is a marvelous liquid. The possibility of the fetus depends upon the umbilical cord of this apparent onion (just like the fruit of any plant). Behold here the vegetal state.

Later on the animal form appears, then the fetus takes the form of a tadpole, and this is already completely proven.

Finally, it will assume the human form.

So, the four phases — one mineral, one vegetal, one animal, and the last one human — get their recapitulation.

After knowing and analyzing all of the former phases, we conclude by stating the following: no physician has ever seen the form of the anthropoid in any of the four phases of the fetus. During the process of fetal recapitulation, which scientist has ever observed the fetus taking the form of a catarrhine or platyrrhine monkey or the shape of an orangutan or a gorilla? Therefore, what materialistic science affirms is absurd.

Therefore, the origin of the human being has to be found within the very womb of the woman. The origin of the human being is hidden within the processes of recapitulation; these are the stages though which human beings have passed.

So within a human mother’s womb, in which process of recapitulation can we see the appearance of the shape of a shark or that of a lemur? Where does all that Haeckel mentioned so passionately appear? At which stage of the pregnancy does it appear? Why do these materialistic ladies and gentlemen want to stray from what is correct? Why don’t they search for the origin of the human being within the human being itself? Why are they searching for the human being’s origin outside of it? All the laws of nature are inside of us, and if we do not find them within, we will never find them without.

We have then arrived to a very delicate and extremely difficult point. To state that we were a stone, a plant, an animal, and finally a human has all been very well settled. But when and how did it happen? Which primary or secondary causes are governed by all of those processes? These are enigmas. If the ladies and gentlemen of materialistic anthropology were not so mesmerized by the dogma of Euclid’s three-dimensional geometry, then these processes could be easily clarified and everything would be different. Unfortunately, on their own whim they want all of us to accept what they state as a dogma of faith. They want to have all of us bottled up within that foundation. This is absurd, as absurd as to want to bottle universal life or as absurd as to want to pour an ocean into a glass.

The fourth coordinate, the fourth vertical, exists, this is undeniable, yet this statement upsets the materialists. Nonetheless, Einstein, who cooperated with the manufacturing of the atomic bomb, accepted the fourth dimension. Nobody can deny the fourth dimension in mathematics. Yet, the materialistic people of this day and age cannot accept the fourth dimension, not even when it has been mathematically proven that other superior dimensions exist within nature. They want to be forcefully enclosed within Euclid’s tridimensional world. This is why physics is totally stagnant in its advancement due to their absurd disposition. This is the time in which there should be cosmic ships capable of traveling throughout the infinite, yet that longing is not possible while physics continues to be bottled up in Euclid’s three dimensional dogma.

These ladies and gentlemen have not been capable of answering the question of how and when — on which date — the origin of the human being occurred. So, if they would accept the possibility of the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions, then everything would be different. Yet, we are sure that they will never accept this. Why? It is because their minds are in the process of complete degeneration, due to abuse of sex. Therefore, under these conditions it is not possible for them to comprehend the thesis that we are stating here. If they want to understand it, they need to begin to regenerate their brain; thus, this will be the way for them to accept our Gnostic postulations.

Stone, plant, animal, and human being: behold here the foundation for serious anthropology. Now, let us think about the former state of the human, about our legitimate ancestors. Unquestionably, we will find them in animal life in nature but located in the fourth dimension. This statement is distressing for the materialists. Nonetheless, they are the same materialists who were laughing at Louis Pasteur and his theories, who mocked him when he was disinfecting surgical utensils. They never believed in microorganisms because they were not able to see them, yet now they accept them.

Can there be animal life within the fourth coordinate? Yes, of course there is. Could there be a system of corroboration? Obviously yes, yet the methods are very different from those of false science, which is found in a retarded state. Who has those processes and systems? We have them and will we gladly teach them to everyone who truly wants to investigate the field of pure science.

Did animal life exist within the fourth coordinate? Yes, it logically did. Did plant life exist in the fifth coordinate? Yes, naturally it did. Did mineral life exist in the sixth coordinate? Yes, it did. Yet, I clarify that the mineral life of the sixth coordinate, the plant life of the fifth, and the animal life of the fourth were not in any way similar to the animal, plant, and mineral life of this merely physical world. The animal, plant, and mineral life of the fourth, fifth, and sixth coordinates condensed here in this tridimensional terrestrial globe, we do not deny it, yet this happened over the course of millions of years.

How can we in any way define the evolving processes if we eliminate from nature that subject-matter stated by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz? We are referring to the Monads or Jivas, intelligent principles of nature. Certainly, a whole abyss interposes between the atomic Monera of Haeckel and the Zaristripa of Manu, the Jiva of the Hindustani or the Monad of Leibniz. This is because the atomic Monera of Haeckel is very far from the true Monad or principle of life.

It is true, no lie, for certain, that the virginal sparks or, simply put, Leibniz’s Monads, evolved within the mineral kingdom during the epoch of great activity of the sixth dimension. These Monads evolved likewise within the vegetal kingdom in the fifth dimension, and finally they advanced to the animal state in the fourth dimension. This is unquestionable.

These dimensions from nature will be seen in the future through the use of some devices of high optical pressure. Yet, until that day arrives, we can be sure that we, the Gnostic anthropologists, must tolerate the same mockery Pasteur endured when he was talking about microbes. However, the moment will arrive in which those dimensions will be perceptible by means of televisions; then the satires will end.

Meanwhile, as we speak experiments are being performed in order to try to transform sound waves into images. When this occurs, all of the evolving and devolving processes of nature will be seen. Then the Antichrist of false science will be exposed to the solemn verdict of public consciousness.

In regards to the human organism, we see that in the beginning it is invisible; that is, when the process of gestation begins, when the primeval cell begins to germinate, the ovum and sperm cannot be seen with a simple glance. Who would suppose that a creature could emerge from one spermatozoon and one fertilized cell? Can this be seen by a simple glance? Thanks to the microscope we know that it is so; this is obvious.

Thus, by establishing facts we can state that the Monads who passed through the mineral kingdom in the sixth dimension are the same ones who passed through the plant kingdom in the fifth dimension, and through the animal kingdom in the fourth dimension. It was precisely at the end of the fourth dimension when a certain creature similar to an anthropoid (from the Greek anthropoeides: “with a human shape”) appeared. Nonetheless, this creature was not a gorilla, a chimpanzee, or anything of the sort.

When the epoch of activity for this three dimensional world started, that creature — as well as the planet Earth — suffered some changes and various metamorphoses. Finally, the human figure crystallized.

We have to take into account that with the passing of the centuries the morphology of all human creatures (as well as of nature) is changing. Unquestionably, human morphology emerged in accordance with the Protoplasmic Age of our Earth in order to really come into existence. Then, afterwards it passed through the Hyperborean, Lemurian, and Atlantean periods, alternating itself a little until reaching our present day.

The creatures, the human beings, the ancient human races that preceded us, were giants who slowly over time lessened in stature until becoming what we presently are; this is all stated by traditions of ancient Mexico and by other countries on Earth.

We will continue by explaining about the four steps — mineral, plant, animal, and human — exclusively within the tridimensional zone of Euclid on this physical planet Earth.

So, materialistic anthropology failed to give us the how, when, and why the first human being appeared. After having delved very deeply into these matters, I know for sure, I am absolutely positive that for the materialistic anthropologists all of these statements will become new enigmas without any solution.

Therefore, at the present time, the scientists have no other choice but to accept the crude reality of the superior dimensions of nature and the cosmos. They may deny them, since they have the right to deny them. They might laugh, however we have already stated many times, “The one who laughs at what he does not know is an ignoramus who walks on the path of idiocy.”

So, as time passes, materialistic science will become exposed by new discoveries, and each day it will sink more and more in the pit of its own ignorance.

Indeed, the theory of Pithecus-Noah with his three bastard sons, namely the cyanocephalus with a tail, the monkey without a tail, and the arboreal man, are very good material for Molière and his caricatures. Indeed, in our blood we do not have anything of pithecoids. For us, the facts speak for themselves.


1. From Hindu mythology, the progenitor and lawgiver of the human race.