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Chapter 6

Unquestionably, this terrestrial humanity has passed through diverse phases of development; this is something that we have to judiciously analyze.

Intellectuals speak frequently about the mechanical evolution of nature, the human being, and the cosmos. Gnostics have comprehended that from the anthropological point of view there are two types of evolution.

Obviously, the first type of anthropological evolution, through alchemical sexual cooperation, would initiate its development when it is duly comprehended in each and every aspect.

The second type of anthropological evolution is different.

Unquestionably, in the beginning the human race multiplied themselves as cells multiply. We know very well that within the living cell its nucleus is divided in two. The living cell specializes in issuing a determined quantity of cytoplasm and inherent material in order to form new cells. The two, in their time, divide into another two. Thus by means of the fissiparous process of cellular division the cells multiply and thus the organism develops, etc.

In the beginning, the androgynous humans divided themselves in two in order to reproduce themselves. Later on that changed. The human organism had to become prepared (through evolution) in order for it to reproduce by means of sexual cooperation.

Obviously, it was in Lemuria (the continent situated in a foretime in the Indian Ocean) where the principal events related with reproduction through sexual cooperation were verified.

In the beginning, the creative organs, the lingam-yoni, were not completely developed. It was necessary for these organs of the human species to be totally crystallized and developed, so that later on in time the reproduction of the human species by means of sexual cooperation could be concretely performed.

Thus, while the masculine-feminine sexual organs became completely developed, many extremely interesting events from the biological and psychosomatic point of view were verified. These biological events did not occur in the merely androgynous humans but instead they occurred within the hermaphroditic human being.

The cell-atom was detached from the father-mother’s organism in order to be developed and fully grown. Then as a consequence or corollary (by means of very delicate processes) a new creature developed.

The second aspect of this process of multiplication was remarkably peculiar. If it is true that in the beginning living human-seeds were detached as an atomic radiation in order to be externally developed and in order to become new creatures, then afterwards, in the second aspect, a certain favorable change was verified.

We know that noramlly each month the feminine sex eliminates an ovum from her ovaries; yet, in the hermaphroditic father-mother this ovum had a certain extraordinary consistency. It was already an egg in itself, in its intrinsic structure. It was an internally fecundated egg by the father-mother; it was an internally fecundated egg within the hermaphrodite. When the egg came out to the external world, it was developed or incubated until it finally opened and a new creature sprang forth from it. This new creature was nourished with the breasts of the father-mother; this is factually very important.

Much later in time, it was noticeable that certain creatures were coming into existence with one sexual organ more developed than the other. Finally, the moment arrived when humanity was divided into opposite sexes. When this occurred, sexual cooperation became necessary in order to create and to create anew.

The genealogies of Haeckel with respect to the possible origin of the human being and our three primordial races do not fit within materialistic anthropology which in this day and age is invading the world.

Regrettably, Haeckel’s genealogies are the motive for laughter for conventional anthropologists who are enemies of the divine. Generally, they even mock the genealogy of Haeckel as well as other kinds of genealogies, such as that mentioned by Homer. Let us remember Achilles, the illustrious warrior, son of Mars, and Agamemnon, son of Jupiter, the one who commands from afar, etc. These are phrases or poetic words of that man who in former times sang to ancient Troy and to the rage of Achilles the warrior.

We must speak clearly in this anthropological disquisition. It is obvious that the scientists of this epoch will have to decide if they are with Paracelsus, the father of chemistry, or if they follow the mythological folly of Haeckel. Anyhow, there is so much that we must acquire within the exclusively anthropological field.

If the division of the living cell as well as the primordial or primeval reproductive process would be denied, then as a fact the reproduction of Haeckel’s Monera or atom from the aqueous abyss that divided itself asunder in order to be multiplied must also be denied.

Indeed, science cannot in any way pronounce itself against the primeval fissiparous act of reproduction, which is the reproductive system by means of cellular division.

Nevertheless, we are aware that these two theories about the way in which the reproduction of human species started are very arguable and thorny, namely reproduction of the human species before initiating the possible sexual cooperation when the creative organs were still in the process of development, and the reproduction of human species through sexual cooperation.

All the religious theogonies starting with the very ancient Orphic up until the Christian Bible’s theogony, state a beginning by means of sexual cooperation, yet in a purely symbolic way. Those statements could be repeated by means of alchemy, but never in a scientific, anthropological way.

When the creative sexual organs have not yet been created, an evolving process cannot start through sexual cooperation. Obviously, in order to fecundate through sexual cooperation, there had to be a period of preparation. This had to have been a period through which the creative organs were developed and unfolded in the organic physiology of the human being.

The religious scriptures from the East as well as from the West have been adulterated, except the Vishnu Purana. For example, in this scripture it is stated that before human beings were endowed with the capacity of reproducing themselves through sexual cooperation or long before human beings could have that capacity, specifically before sexual cooperation between men and women existed, other ways of reproduction existed. This refers to former stages, previous to the formation of the creative organs in the human being.

We do not want to reach the point of affirming that those former systems previous to sexual cooperation did not have any relation with the sexual creative energy. We know that the sexual energy in itself has other forms of manifestation. Thus, before the creative organs were developed in the human species, the sexual energy had other ways of expression in order to create.

It is pitiful that the sacred scriptures of all religions have been adulterated. We understand that even the Edda generated a little alteration in the Pentateuch of the Hebraic Bible.

Anyhow, it is indispensable that we continue analyzing and meditating upon where the distinct races were developed.

We have stated many times before that the theory about the Pithecus-Noah is absurd, so is the cyanocephalus with a tail, the monkey without a tail, and the arboreal man. These are merely utopian matters that do not have any type of foundation.

We have already laughed about the silly theory of Haeckel that depicts a species of primate, something like a silly missing link between the ape and the human being, with the capacity of speaking.

However, it is necessary to know where these races were developed, in which scenario these evolutions and devolutions of humans unfolded. This is what we need to know because it would be impossible to disconnect the human races from their environment, from their distinct continents, from their islands, from their mountains, and from their natural scenarios.

It draws our attention to the fact that even though there were many varieties of animals during the Mesozoic Era and later became extinct, humanity is still very much alive. All of those animals have already disappeared from the face of the Earth; how is this possible? How is it that all the antediluvian monsters have disappeared, yet humanity continues to live on? We have made much emphasis on this statement, because it is indispensable to reflect a little about it.

It cannot be denied that the human being is related to his environment. It cannot be denied that there were other forms of reproduction distinct from those of sexual cooperation.

Therefore, it is convenient to know something about the environment in which all the different races were developed. It is urgent that we study the distinct scenarios of nature little by little.

We do not deny, in any way, that there are many facts that conventional anthropologists truly do not know. What do they know about the changes or modifications of the axis of the Earth in relation to the obliquity of the ecliptic?1

Laplace, the one who invented a famous theory that still exists in this day and age, affirmed that all worlds emerge from their correspondent nebulas, a theory that has never been proven. He even fanatically stated that the declination of the axis of the Earth in relation with the obliquity of the ecliptic is almost null. He stated that it has always been like that, always in a secular form.

Unquestionably, geology, up to a certain point, is against these former concepts of astronomy. Evidently, the deviation of the axis of the Earth within the obliquity of the ecliptic or to be more specific, the inclination, indicates glacial periods that always occur throughout the ages.

If we deny the glacial periods, then we are affirming incoherent things, because glaciations are completely proven. The cause of these glaciations is the deviation of the axis of the Earth on its inclination within the obliquity of the ecliptic.

The former deviation, which astronomers deny, is demonstrated with certainty by means of geological studies. Proof of tremendous glaciations exists. Already, Magellan wrote about certain epochs of heat or tropic within the Arctic, simultaneously accompanied by glaciations and intense cold. We will conclude by stating that, regarding this investigation, conventional geology and astronomy are now in disagreement.

We have arrived to a very special subject-matter, the glaciations. It seems incredible that at other times in the south of Europe and in the north of Africa there have been terrible glaciations. In Spain, for instance, they know through accounts of the Silurian Period that there were gigantic glaciations there. This is demonstrated by means of the studies of paleontology.

No one can deny in this day and age that mummified cadavers of antediluvian animals have been discovered in Siberia and especially at the mouth of certain rivers like the Obi or Ub and others. This signifies that Siberia, which is so cold, was in other times a tropic with great heat; this is also true for Greenland, the peninsula of Scandinavia, Suez, Norway, Iceland, and all those horseshoe shaped lands that totally surround the North Pole. What? There was great heat in those regions? Impossible, everybody would say, yet paleontology has confirmed it.

Precisely, very interesting creatures have been discovered at the mouth of the river Obi. This invites us to reflect.

During the times of Atlantis, the North and South Poles were not located where they are now. The North Pole (the Arctic) was located over the equatorial zone on the most eastern point of Africa and Antarctica.

The South Pole was exactly located over the same equatorial line, on the opposite side, in a specific place in the Pacific Ocean.

Therefore, there were great changes in the terrestrial globe’s physiognomy. True ancient maps are known by the sages of this present epoch. Maps of the ancient Earth, geographic charts that demonstrate that our world had another physiognomy in the past, are in the secret crypts of the Lamas in the Himalayan mountains.

Let us think about Lemuria, about that gigantic continent located long ago in the Indian Ocean. It was united to Australia, because Australia was part of Lemuria, and likewise so was Oceania.

The Arctic was located in the most eastern point, over the equatorial line of Africa; then everything was different, distinct. A gigantic glaciation occurred during that epoch. That glaciation was projected precisely from the Arctic pole (located in Africa) towards Arabia, that is to say, towards the southeast of Asia. Moreover, it almost covered Lemuria completely; that entire zone was covered by ice, but it did not manage to pass into the Mediterranean.

It is intriguing to know that there are epochs in which our planet Earth passed through glaciations, epochs in which the ice invaded certain zones; epochs in which millions of creatures died. All of this, indeed, happens because of the inclination of the axis of the Earth in relation to the obliquity of the ecliptic.

The human being has had to develop himself in different scenarios, and we must deeply know what those scenarios are. How did America emerge? How did Europe appear? How did Lemuria sink? How did Atlantis disappear?

Lemuria was accepted by Darwin. Lemuria still exists at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

Obviously, the organisms have passed through different morphological changes, in these or those environments.

If we were to state (as the present materialistic anthropologists abundantly state) namely that the intellectual animal mistakenly called a human being has the famous mouse (or better said, the “runcho,” or mouse which is cited by the South American people) as his ancestor, then frankly we would adulterate the truth. We know very well that such an enormous mouse or runcho from South America comes from the Atlantis of Plato. We also know that before Atlantis came into existence, the human being already existed. Therefore, the existence of the human being predates the famous Atlantean runcho.

If we would affirm that the human being originally came from certain primates and later on from certain hominids from the ancient land of Lemuria (which was so accepted by Darwin) then we would also adulterate reality. Because before the simians came into existence and a long time before the so-boasted primates and hominids appeared on the Earth, the human being already existed.

The human being already existed long before the reproduction of human species was developed through sexual cooperation.

So the human being is very much prior to Lemuria itself, before the Lemuria that was so accepted by Darwin.

We have to recognize that materialistic anthropologists have been studying this human race in a very superficial way, because this human race that has passed from Monolithic times through the Eocene, Miocene, and Pliocene epochs is more ancient than the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Yet, it is necessary to continue studying the scenarios of our world in order to better comprehend the diverse processes of evolution and devolution of the different human races.

Meanwhile, I just want to state that the Gnostics are firm in their concepts. Therefore, if they have to choose between Paracelsus the father of modern chemistry and Haeckel as the famous creator of the silly mythic-anthropoid, frankly they will resolve themselves to the great sage Paracelsus.

  1. Obliquity of the ecliptic: “The angle between the plane of the ecliptic (or the plane of the earth’s orbit) and the plane of the earth’s equator; the “tilt” of the earth,” represented by ε.