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Pure Science

The Lemurians of ancient times had developed objective reasoning. Likewise, many people in Atlantis possessed that type of reasoning. Obviously, the human beings from the Polar and the Hyperborean epochs also possessed objective reasoning. Yet, it is regrettable that in this current age of Kali Yuga very few have developed objective reasoning within their interior nature, since subjective rationalism is in fashion; it is what predominates in these times.

Subjective rationalism is the basis for Kalkian personalities. Let us understand by “Kalkian personalities” those pseudo-esotericist, pseudo-occultist, and pseudo-scientist people from this modern epoch, along with all of their know-it-all types of foolishness. Never has there been as much darkness as there is in this epoch of Kali Yuga.

In fact, only those few who have developed objective reasoning have access to pure science.

Let us distinguish between the pseudo-science of this epoch of Kali Yuga and pure science.

Kalkian personalities—the know-it-alls of the Tower of Babel, the studious ignoramuses of subjective rationalism—will never have access to the pure science.

As an example of what pure science is, in complete opposition to the ultramodern pseudo-science, let us observe the following examples: the scientists from the present “Tower of Babel” (NASA) launch rockets—shoddy scrap-heaps—into outer space, propelled by volatile combustion. Thus, after performing their circus feats, they finally land their famous so-called astronauts on the moon. Behold here the outcome of the merely subjective rationalism.

In opposition and as an example of pure science, there are interplanetary ships propelled by solar energy—within which liquid combustible is not necessary—ships that travel from galaxy to galaxy at velocities faster than the speed of light. The circus adventures of the famous astronauts nor anything of the sort are needed, since this belongs—as I already stated—to pure science, to objective reasoning.

Looking at this, therefore, in a completely logic confrontation, we see on the side of subjective rationalism the circus-like rockets, and on the side of pure science and objective reasoning are the extraterrestrial ships.

The skeptical and incredulous ones smile abundantly when we talk about extraterrestrial ships that travel from galaxy to galaxy, nonetheless, a doctor—a celebrity of NASA—was taken in one of those ships and wrote a book that is in circulation. Therefore, what we are stating here has complete confirmation.