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Flying Saucers and Little Green People

From Lima, Peru came news dated August 2nd that stated:

“A flying saucer with its crew, dwarves of greenish color, was seen by a young student last night on the roof of a house of this capital, according to statements that he gave today to ‘The Commerce’ newspaper.

“This visit is in addition to the one reported last week by a guardian of Chosica District, about forty kilometers from Lima, who claimed to see on the patio of a factory a flying saucer protruding a tube similar to an elephant trunk, which disappeared after ten minutes of observation.

“In regard to the flying saucer of last night, Alberto San Roman Núñez—of about fifteen years of age—affirmed to have seen a wrinkled greenish being of about ninety centimeters in stature [three feet] that slid on the roof.

“Shortly after, the ship projected a reddish light, in the middle of which it took off and flew, leaving tracks on the ground in which four landing marks are visible.”

Green skin color may surprise many people, but we Earthlings have races of black and yellow and red skinned people that could surprise the cosmic visitors. Indeed, not one of the eyewitnesses of flying saucers and extraterrestrial crews would dare to assert that these mysterious visitors have features that differ from those of us, the wretched Earthlings.

It is lamentable that science fiction has been dedicated to propagate false ideas or fantasies about the figure and form of the extraterrestrial visitors.

It is clear that skin color varies according to climate, atmosphere, etc., nevertheless, the human form—whether gigantic, medium, or small—is always the same.

Science fiction has been in charge of propagating everywhere—either through the radio, or through cinema or by means of television—tremendous lies that are detrimental for humanity.

Defamatory calumnies against the extraterrestrial visitors have arisen, since the minds of Earthlings judge in accordance with their perversities, thus wanting to see in our noble visitors all the hatred of the minds of Earthlings, i.e. all the atrocities of Hitler, all the monstrosities of the inventor of the hydrogen bomb, all the bloody purges of Stalin, etc.

Perverse Earthlings do not want to recognize the noble intention of our extraterrestrial friends. If they wanted to take the planet Earth and to enslave all of its inhabitants they could do it in matter of minutes, because they have sufficient elements to do it. If they wanted to destroy us, they would have already had done it, because they have atomic and scientific instruments with which they can scatter into pieces any planet in space.

Let us remember that long before we Earthlings knew mathematics, they were already navigating sidereal space.

Our extraterrestrial friends know the planet Earth better than us, and they do not have any interest in enslaving or destroying us, as “mysteriously” propagated by the science fiction of these times of rock ‘n’ roll and rebels without a cause.

Our extraterrestrial friends know the critical hour in which we live, and only want to help us. We need their aid with extreme urgency, because we Earthlings have totally failed.
If the barbarian hordes of Earthlings continue with their stupid intention—that is, to capture or to destroy the cosmic ships that visit us—then lamentably we will lose the shining opportunity that our brothers from space are offering to us.

They want to establish personal contact with us, but instead of welcoming them with true respect and love, instead of offering them hospitality, we send fighter jets to intercept them. Everybody wants to destroy them. Indeed, we are behaving like savages, very far from all type of civilization and culture.

The hour has arrived to change our militant attitude and to offer our friendship and affection to our brother visitors from space, since they come to help us, not to destroy us.

We, the Gnostic brothers and sisters, must begin to give the example by establishing friendly signals—circles with a point in the center—upon our properties and the roofs of our houses of our countries.

martian symbol fmt

Lines radiate from the central point, which go towards the periphery; from the periphery other small lines radiate that, although they do not arrive at the center, nonetheless indicate they are going towards the central point.

Draw the mentioned central point of the circle and paint it with a beautiful golden color to symbolize divinity. The lines that radiate from the periphery to the central point can be blue and short, in great quantity. The lines that radiate from center towards the circle are clearly connecting the central point with the circumference, and these can also be blue.

This is the symbol of divinity in Martian religion. We can use it by placing it upon the roofs of our houses, on our lands, doing it with luminous centers or simply painted, this, in order to establish friendly relations with the inhabitants of Mars and all of the inhabitants of the cosmos.

Such a symbol means that everything comes from Divinity and everything returns to Divinity.

Use this symbol in order to offer friendship to the inhabitants of space, even if intellectual-loafers laugh at us. All of you already know that the intellectual-loafers are one hundred percent skeptical, even though they boast of being super-civilized. They believe themselves to be very wise when using satire and fine irony against all of us and anyone who does not want to think like them.