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The Naked Truth about UFOs

The following news appeared with a large headline on the front page of a very well-known newspaper in Mexico City: “Flying Saucers in France and United States Detected by Radar.” Here we transcribed the text of this alarming news:

“Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. August 2nd (AP): Flying saucers reappeared last night in the Midwest of the United States.

“The highway police of Oklahoma indicated that radar at the military base of Tinker, near Oklahoma City, registered the presence of four unidentified flying objects that flew at an altitude of about seven thousand meters, but the military base refused to confirm or deny the news.” [They hide it].

“On the other hand, three police patrols affirmed sighting the objects that flew in perfect formation for about thirty minutes. The color of these objects was first red, then transformed gradually into white and greenish blue.

“The sheriff’s office in Wichita, Kansas announced that several unidentified flying objects were observed last night in the sky during some hours, at a height of some two to three thousand meters.”

“Marmande, France. August 2nd (AP): A flying saucer was seen last night by a student near the city of Marmande in southwest France. According to the witness, it was an enormous luminous disc that landed in a cultivated field and soon took off and moved away at a vertiginous speed.

“From all the corners of the Earth arrives alarming news about unidentified flying objects. According to an eyewitness, one of those spaceships landed in France, and the crew of medium stature came from its interior. In that place, authorities found tracks of an unknown ship.”

“In Argentina another ship landed on a mountain of difficult access. A farmer reported it to the authorities, who could observe the ship, but did not manage to reach it due to the steep landscape.”

“In Australia, a cosmic ship flew over a control tower for space rockets at the moment in which the experts of the tower were following the trajectory of the rocket that photographed Mars.”

The naked truth of this matter about flying saucers is that they really exist, and that they have been registered by radar and properly photographed. It is impossible for radar and photographic devices to hallucinate.

This subject-matter about flying saucers is already overwhelming, and even if intellectual-loafers and skeptics mock with irony those of us who affirm the existence of cosmic ships, whether they like it or not, the flying saucers are a concrete fact, properly registered by radar.

We are absolutely sure that intellectual-loafers do not like to face this thorny subject, due to that which is called self-love. Nobody likes for his self-love to be hurt, and since they love themselves too much, they are not willing to give up their beloved theories just because…

Intellectual-loafers think that human beings exist only on Earth. Their presumption is such that they firmly believe that only they have the right to live in this wonderful and infinite cosmos. Thus, this is how they are, and there is no way to convince them that they are mistaken.

Before the concrete facts, before the overwhelming news about flying saucers, the Gnostic movements remain firm, demanding that the “scientists” speak with frankness and stop hiding the truth about flying saucers or cosmic ships.

In the desert of Nevada, United States, the great North American scientist Adamski came into contact with Venusians who landed close to the place where he was making his investigations. This widely known scientist of world-wide prestige conversed with the Venusians.

In a South American country whose name we cannot mention exists a scientific society composed of ninety-eight wise men, disciples of Marconi. These wise people coexist with a group of Martians who regularly land in that region.

What bothers the intellectual-loafers the most is that this subject-matter does not become public, and that everything is made in secrecy. We ask the intellectual-loafers if they are so unconscious as to give a stick of dynamite to a three year old boy. What would happen to a boy who plays with a stick of dynamite? If these flying saucers were given to earthly humanity, we can be absolutely sure that the flying saucers would be utilized for war, and nobody upon the face of the Earth would be safe with their life. Let us remember the speed of these ships, their power of vertically ascending or descending, the power of apparently remain still in the air, etc. So, to give these ships to humanity would be like giving a stick of dynamite to a boy so he can play with it. Therefore, to the gentlemen intellectual-loafers who are abundantly displeased with the secrecy of this matter, we advise three things:

  • First: to regenerate themselves
  • Second: a good dose of patience
  • Third: to abandon the mistaken concept of considering themselves the only inhabitants of the cosmos

The rocket that photographed Mars is not a wonder of science. From their terrible photographs taken from seventeen thousand kilometers away, it is impossible to retrieve information about whether life can or cannot exist on Mars. It is extremely stupid to deduce the vital reality of the planet Mars based upon a terrible photograph.

The innumerable craters on Mars do not signify that this planet is a dead world like the Moon. If the Earth were to be photographed from a distance of seventeen thousand kilometers, it is logical that such a photograph would be similar to that one which was obtained from Mars; in those photographs we would see something foggy, full of innumerable “craters.” No cosmic photograph can inform us about the oxygen that a determined planet does or does not have.

Even though the gentlemen intellectual-loafers feel very annoyed and send against us all their defamatory dribble, the reality is that at different places on the Earth there already exist select groups of people who are in direct contact with the inhabitants of Mars, Mercury, Venus, etc.