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Flying Spheres

Extraterrestrial ships are not “flying saucers” but “flying spheres.” These metallic spheres mimic planetary rotation. Their rotating motion is from left to right, and when slow, makes them ascend or descend.

In the center of the sphere there is something that in shape and function resembles fins or trowels in the form of fan, that absorbs the cosmic ether, which, conducted by a tube, is then burned by means of a ray of light (this is not similar to the spark ignition system that we use). By clairvoyant observation, one sees that it resembles a small wheel similar to emery wheels that we use in order to sharpen steel objects. The ray that burns the ether is produced from this small stone that turns incessantly. This produces the inexhaustible fuel that drives the sphere.

The burning of the cosmic ether and its jet expulsion brings about two continuous movements of the ship: one revolving and one propelling. In addition, the jet expulsion has a third use: it serves as a rudder for the ship. With a slight downward movement the sphere begins to ascend; with the upward movement of the tail rudder the sphere inclines downward and descends. Likewise, in order to turn left or right, the jet expulsion allows the sphere to be maneuvered.

So, the cosmic ether—conducted by a tube, burned, and producing the external rotation of the sphere—also warms it, producing enough heat to protect the small pilots, thus providing the capability of traveling amidst great planetary cold without the accumulation of ice or other gases that are found in the firmament.

The sphere rotates upon its axis, and the cabin where the small pilots are accommodated is fixed to this axis, therefore it is stable regardless of rapid external maneuvers.

The cabin contains two small dials: one indicates direction and the other speed. They adjust the jet expulsion by means of a small handle, and the speed by means of a button or accelerator that they control with their foot; this accelerator goes in and out and can be maintained on a certain point in order to keep consistent speed.

In order to land on Earth, a fan opens underneath. This fan picks up from the landing field a very fine soil in the shape of a cone, and smoothly lands upon it. The resumption of the rotating motion is enough in order for it to quickly take off; when on land the sphere maintains a reserve of pressurized ether that brings about the movement when it takes off. Until that moment, the rotating movement is what prevents the sphere from falling over; otherwise the rotating ship would crash against the ground.

The speed of the craft is relative to the intensity of the jet expulsion.

Movement from right to left is similar to what is accomplished by helicopters; the sphere can remain fixed at a given point just like helicopters.

The most powerful fuel that exists in the universe is the ether. Ether is found everywhere. Therefore, these cosmic ships have discovered the secret of perpetual motion that our wise people have looked for. When the sphere turns upon its axis, it introduces the ether; when the ether is burned, it produces force, and with its jet expulsion it continuously gives movement to the sphere, or rather, it rotates and impels it at the same time, thus, this movement is continuous.

This indicates that airplanes propelled by gasoline will soon be obsolete, since gasoline as a fuel is very heavy, dangerous, and occupies much space; all of this will pass and will be in the museums of antiquities. Therefore, the little wings will soon be unfashionable; we will need to fly like the heavenly spheres.

The rotating motion, as we said, is controllable—that is to say, it increases or decreases according to the intensity of the jet expulsion.

There are small and big spheres, capable of transporting enormous crews.

The inhabitants of our planet Earth are not capable of traveling to other planets. However, the “men-children” from other planets will come to civilize us, because we are savages.

In order to conclude this study of “flying spheres,” I must say to the men of science that this is not a more or less pompous nor more or less vague theory. This is a palpitating reality.

The four collaborators who investigated these ships were inside of them and conversed with the small pilots, therefore, this study is neither a theory nor a hypothesis, nor is it an opinion. It is simply a reality. The scientists can perform the same experiment if they learn how to project themselves in their Astral Bodies.

In our world, many people believe that “flying saucers” are instruments of destruction or secret weapons invented by Russia, and that those machines are possibly moved by radar or other similar inventions, but there is nothing of the sort. These are not machines of destruction like those invented by Earthlings. These are perfect ships that will bring civilization to us, because we are not civilized: we are anthropophagi with tuxedos.

In Russia, there is a wise person who by means of radio waves has managed to communicate with these pilots. This wise person is helped by Uan Weor, the Weor of Russia, who is one of the seven Weors of the Holy Gnostic Church. Our brother Sir Weor of the United States does not ignore this either.

The scientists who want to investigate the flying spheres must study this book minutely. Let them work on the development of their own internal or occult powers, by means of which they will triumphantly and victoriously be able to enter into the amphitheater of cosmic science.

When the pilots of those flying spheres settle their dwelling on Earth, they will illuminate us, and then indeed there will be splendors and wisdom on the Earth. They are wise and holy at the same time. They are small in stature and have rosy faces like the aurora. Their mission will be to illuminate the future humanity of Aquarius.

The report given by Mr. Lapides, affirming that the “flying saucers” are a secret weapon of the United States is not true; these are mere suppositions or news in order to flatter certain readers. Also the information provided by Mr. Echeverria Márquez based on an English document of a British official’s property wanting to explain the mystery of the flying saucers is also a simple supposition. All of this information is just trying to claim an invention that is not from our planet, and in order to provide flattering news to thousands of readers.

If the flying saucers were secret weapons, why would they fly over cities of little importance, over the fields, and avoid encounters with other airplanes, causing unexpected movements among them, flying calmly and in short, in view of thousands of spectators?

Like it or not, the stubborn ones of the twentieth century are going to have to be convinced that the flying saucers are ships from other planets and piloted by human beings million times wiser than the jackasses with frockcoats, eyeglasses, and glass tumblers of our heartbroken Earth.