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Cosmic Ships

It was around the year 1950 when we spoke for the first time about flying discs [in The Perfect Matrimony]. In that year we emphatically affirmed that such flying discs are indeed spaceships maneuvered by inhabitants of other planets.

In that year many laughed at our affirmations, yet now many events have provided evidence to support us, since in the United States there is a scientific department solely dedicated to the investigation of these spaceships.

The law of accidents also affects those ships; thus, several have clashed or violently exploded in the air. The United States has in their hands fragments of some of those ships.

In this book we do not intend to demonstrate the reality of the interplanetary ships, since that reality is already totally demonstrated. Now we only want to extend the information that we gave to humanity in the year 1950 in the first edition of our book The Perfect Matrimony.

The spaceships have their history and their traditions. Indeed those ships were created by Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, etc., who have their own bodies of flesh and bone.

Many cosmic traditions mention Saint Venoma and his cosmic navigation system. Saint Venoma is an Angel with a body of flesh and bone. Saint Venoma was born on the planet Soort where he dedicated himself to investigate the Law of Falling. Lo and behold, beloved reader, the formulation that Saint Venoma gave to this cosmic law:

Everything existing in the world falls to the bottom. The bottom for any part of the universe is its nearest “stability.” This “stability” is the place or point upon which all the lines of force arriving from all directions converge.

The centers of all suns and of all the planets of our universe are such points of “stability.” They are the lowest points of those regions of space upon which forces from all directions of that part of the universe definitely tend towards, and where they are concentrated. In these points is also concentrated the equilibrium that enables suns and planets to maintain their position.

In this formulation of his, Saint Venoma said further:

Everything dropped into space, wherever it may be, tends to fall on one sun or another, or on one planet or another, in accordance to the sun or planet belonging to that part of space. Each sun or planet is the “stability” or bottom for that space.

Having verified his deep investigations, Saint Venoma knew how to use that cosmic particularity for the locomotion of spaceships. The spaceships designed by Saint Venoma were based on the principle of the Law of Falling.

The only serious problem was related to planetary atmospheres, since they do not allow objects in space to fall straight. Saint Venoma managed to solve that problem easily, thus constructing wonderful spaceships. We do not intend in this book to thoroughly explain all the mechanisms of those ships because, besides being too complicated, it would be too tiring for the reader.

Under the direction of Archangel Adossia, the inspection approved and blessed the works of Saint Venoma.

The ships of Saint Venoma were moved by the magnetic force of the planets, and were very fast. Nevertheless, the most serious problem appeared when the ships approached any planet or sun in space, since a great deal of complicated maneuvering was necessary to avoid a catastrophe. Few were the Human-Angels who could drive those ships. It was very difficult to steer the ships of Saint Venoma, thus, everyday great demands were made upon the technicians who had to drive these ships. Nevertheless, the system of Saint Venoma was a technical revolution for its time, and gradually completely displaced all the previous systems.

After many years of cosmic activity, the system of Saint Venoma was entirely superseded by the revolutionary system of the Archangel Hariton. This Archangel is a true Man in the most complete sense of the word, and has a body of flesh and bones like any person.

The wonderful experiments of Mr. Hariton began under the supervision of a great wise man known in all the cosmos with the name of Adossia. This wise man is also a gentleman who already acquired the Archangel degree.

Modern spaceships are based on the works of Archangel Hariton. All the technical functionalism of these ships is performed upon the basis of perpetual motion. However, since this it is not a mechanical text and we are not mechanics either, we abstain from describing the mechanism of these spaceships.

Millions of spaceships—as numerous as sands of the sea—travel throughout the infinite outer space. Cargo spaceships are gigantic and carry within their gigantic bellies small spaceships that they use in order to descend to the planets. This is similar to the great cargo boats that carry on board small boats that are used in order to disembark on the shores.

Any mature humanity of the cosmos has the absolute right to receive these spaceships. Normally, the elder brothers help the younger ones, thus when a given humanity reaches an age similar to ours, they receive a visit from other planetary humanities. Then the elder brothers initiate the younger ones in cosmic travel, give them some of their spaceships, and teach how to construct them.

In the times of Atlantis, spaceships normally landed in the airports of the city of Samlios. At that time, the inhabitants of other planets visited the Atlantean kings and coexisted with them in their palaces.

When humanity became morally corrupted, then the elder brother humanities from other planets stopped visiting us.

In these times of the bankruptcy of all spiritual values, we are again to be helped by our elder brothers from other planets. Now, we need extra help, because we have failed and are on the brink of a great cataclysm.

This terrestrial humanity has reached the maximum of corruption, thus the aid of our elder brethren is urgently needed. Already, several inhabitants of the Earth have been taken on a promenade to other planets of the infinite space.

In the Republic of Mexico, two men were taken to Venus; one is a resident of Jalisco and the other lives in the capital city of Mexico. In the next chapter we will talk about the latter. We know that in Brazil is another gentleman who was taken to Mars. There is not the slightest doubt that all of us can visit other planets of outer space.

We are on the eve of a great cosmic cataclysm and will be warned before the great catastrophe.

The elder brother humanities from other planets will try to save us and will officially enter our major cities to announce the danger that awaits us. However, if we continue with atomic explosions and vices and all types of perversities and wars, the catastrophe will be inevitable.

It is good to know that a group of Tibetan Lamas already have some of those spaceships. They received them from our brothers from other planets and have them very well stored in certain secret places in the Himalayas.

Some citizens from other planets already walk the streets of our cities; they dress as any fellow countryman and nobody recognizes them. They study our languages, traditions, and customs, in order to help us.

We are going to be helped on a great scale. We urgently need such help, because we have totally failed.

Many spaceships now land in the jungles of Brazil, southern Argentina, etc. and in other places where they have secret airports. Some of their cosmic crew remain with us.

Those who think that the visitors from those humanities from other planets are trying to destroy us are mistaken. Those who suspect perversity from our visitor brethren are mistaken.

It is clear that they have weapons with which they can paralyze men and machines. It is logical that they are invulnerable because they are very well armed and protected.

If they wanted to dominate this planet, they could do it in seconds, since they have special weapons in order to do it. Likewise, they could destroy this planet, to scatter it into pieces, but indeed this is not what they want. They are not destructive, they respect life. They are not like the perverse Earthlings.

Our brethren visitors only want to help us. Thus, each and every one of us, inhabitants of the Earth, must prepare to receive them. At this moment, inhabitants of Mars, Venus, Mercury, etc., live in all the great cities of the world. They study our languages and customs in order to help us.

Spaceships land in isolated places and sometimes they leave some of their crew from other planets, who dress as anyone else walking on the streets of New York, Paris, London, etc. without anybody knowing about them, since they are very similar to us in their physical appearance, even though many of them are much more beautiful and perfect.

The fantasies of many authors who imagine that the inhabitants of other planets have different features from the human beings of the Earth are absurd. The physical features and forms of the physical body of all humans of the cosmos are always similar.