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Answers about Extraterrestrials

Audience: An Earthling had the opportunity to see an extraterrestrial. Thus, he asked, “How many planets does our solar system have?” The extraterrestrial answered that there are twelve planets. I want to know if this is true or not.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, indeed, this time they did not gave you the exact number of planets, because there are thirteen planets in our solar system. Let us count them in sequence so that this will be understood: Earth, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Vulcan, Persephone, and Clarion: a total of thirteen worlds in our solar system! There were fourteen, but it so happened that the inhabitants of that Yellow Planet or planet fourteen dedicated themselves, as I already said, to atomic experiments, thus they totally destroyed their world. Now, loose earth or asteroids rotate around the sun, and are remnants of that destroyed planet; this is known by the scientists.

Audience: You mentioned a city on Mars named Tanio; is this a personal experience that you had, that is to say, that you saw with your own eyes?

Samael Aun Weor: Certainly, Tanio is a city that exists, and when I mention Tanio, it relates to a direct report received by a man who belongs to a group of people who travelled to Mars.

It is good for you to know that at this moment the disciples of Marconi continue with their scientific research within the jungles of the Amazon. They were performing their experiments when a group of planetary ships came from Mars and visited their installations in the Amazon. Ever since, they have been in contact with the inhabitants of Mars. They do not have contact with modern civilization anymore. Indubitably, they learned from the Martians how to utilize solar energy. The last exploration that they did was to the city of Tanio.

Since I have been in contact with the scientist who went to Mars and who visited Tanio, I do not have any inconvenience to declare it here before the audience, in order for you all to know that in detail. Likewise, I know one of the scientists of the Amazon, who nowadays is on Mars and is married with a Martian woman.

The inhabitants of Mars want friendly relations with Earthlings; they want a Mars-Earth alliance, which would be beneficial. But they are waiting for the big wave of destruction of the inhabitants of the Earth to pass by, because I repeat, at these moments the Earthlings are very dangerous. Human beings from Mars know that after the catastrophe, they will be able to establish the Mars-Earth alliance with the new race.

Mars is our neighboring planet and has a great civilization that want good relations with the Earthlings. Mr. Tage, an inhabitant of Mars who always descends in the jungles of the Amazon, has become a paladin of that great alliance; I am sure that it will be realized. But first of all, it is necessary to select the inhabitants of the planet Earth.

Audience: Why are the Blue Men waiting for the catastrophe to happen? Why are they waiting, and do not begin once and for all to help people? Why are they going to do it in an absurd manner? I think that if they are going to mix themselves with the people and take them one by one, and since they have much power, why do not they do it in intelligent manner? But only helping one, two, or three people who find in their way, seeing that they can help more. What are they waiting for?

Samael Aun Weor: The question is quite interesting; obviously it is the best question that has come today from this great audience; the one who asked reflects much intelligence and great courage.

Indeed, truly, if the blue race appeared now in cities like New York, Paris, or London, I am sure that they would not be very well treated. What fate would await the extraterrestrials if they became visible and tangible in the great capitals of the world? What would become of their ships? Are you sure that the multitudes would respect their ships? Are you sure that the multitudes would respect the lives of the inhabitants of other planets? Until now, the facts have demonstrated the opposite.

When two ships flew through the skies of the United States of North America, they wanted indeed what the gentleman has mentioned: contact with humanity. But, the North American government prepared to welcome them with bullets, machine guns, and missiles. Yes, that is the type of reception that we give to the humanities of other worlds.

If Earthlings could capture the extraterrestrials alive, they would take them to the laboratories in order to study them and to know of what are they made of, if they are made of paste or starch. And if their ships could be captured, they would be loaded with atomic weapons in order to destroy defenseless cities, and to dominate other planetary humanities by force.

Indeed, we are not meek sheep. I have known people who say, “Well, why are those inhabitants of other worlds, those extraterrestrials, flying around… it would be good if we shoot them down first, and clear our doubts once and for all.”

The extraterrestrials know very well the fate that awaits them, that is, the Earthlings would assassinate them. Many prophets have been sent to the Earth, and Earthlings have assassinated them; many Avatars were sent in the old times, and some of them were poisoned, others stabbed, others sent to exile, others were hanged. Earthlings poisoned Buddha himself. Other wise men were sent to the Earth, and the Earthlings terminated them also. Finally, the Rabbi, the divine Rabbi of Galilee, was sent to the Earth, and the Earthlings also crucified him… Thus, this is how Earthlings are.

The Antichrist of false science performs inconceivable efforts in order to hide anything that in one way or another tries to eclipse him. Such is the extraordinary case that happened on the hill of the Three Crosses, in the town of Cruz Alta and Villa Real, state of Puebla, Mexico—a place that in order to reach it, one needs to walk several hours, given the complicated state of the land.

Due to certain mechanical faults, a spaceship twenty-five meters in diameter needed to descend in the mentioned geographic place. The ship was manned by four extraterrestrials. One of them died and one was wounded, who was properly taken care of by medical science. The other two, who were unharmed, were captured and taken to the United States.

It is not irrelevant to emphatically affirm that the precious ship was taken to the United States with shameful goals and intentions. For several days the Army mounted a ring of security around the ship. The two crew members who were unharmed were seen by the people; they had an average stature of 2.5 meters [8.2 feet], their suits were of an immaculate whiteness and their silence absolute, since they did not talk with any person who approached them.

We are talking about concrete, clear, and definitive facts. Obviously, the Antichristic forces fight to gag the people; they do not want people to know the truth. They mortally hate anything that in one or any other way demonstrates the falsity of materialistic science.

I declare that at these moments we do not know the fate that the two survivors had in the hands of the Earthlings. Likewise, we do not know more about the fate of the wounded one, and we are unaware if the corpse of the one who died was buried or taken to a special laboratory.

With this unfortunate accident, it has been demonstrated again to satiation the true existence of the cosmic ships, a theme that your friend, the author of these writings, initiated in the year 1950, and that since then was rejected by the learned ignoramuses of all times. I have the high honor of being the first person to speak about the extraterrestrials and their ships. Today, with this unusual and tragic event, everything that I have said from the year 1950 is properly verified.

I do not care about the retaliation that may be unleashed against my persona, because what is of interest to me is to present the truth to the world no matter what the cost might be…