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The Extraterrestrials’ Mission

Friends, I address all of you again in order to converse a little about the cosmic ships that navigate outer space. This very intriguing theme about flying discs has been propagated throughout the Earth; already, nobody can deny it. Unquestionably, today the one who dares to deny it is heard only because of his stubbornness.

The British themselves no longer deny it. In England a short time ago, they officially declared, “The flying saucers exist and are manned by extraterrestrials, who are people who supersede us by many millions of years of civilization. Since we, Earthlings, cannot comprehend them, we prefer not to think about it. We are going to see if we will be capable of making our own ships in order to conquer the infinite.” These are the words that the British gave to the world regarding flying saucers. Therefore, those who today deny it are presumed to be stubborn as described, since this has been demonstrated over and over again and with photographs, as much in the north as in the south, in the east as in the west of the world.

Obviously the Earth cannot be the only inhabited planet. It would be an absurdity to think that our world, a very small speck of sand within the infinite space, would be the only planet with the exclusivity of having people.

Indeed, truly, the plurality of inhabited worlds, maintained some time ago by Camille Flammarion, is a tremendous reality. Nevertheless, scientists, as usual, continue doubting.


An image from the NASA Phoenix mission. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University Arizona/Texas A&M University

Recently, a space probe was sent to Mars in order to know if there is life there. The scientists of NASA concluded emphatically affirming that there is no life on Mars. Yet, the photographs that they showed humanity are not of Mars; indeed, those photographs are of the Moon. This means that the Martians knew how to adjust the American photographic apparatuses towards our terrestrial satellite. Therefore, what those machines transmitted to the Earth were lunar images. This, that I know, is simply based—even if it seems incredible—on the information given to me by an extraterrestrial who laughs when commenting about the foolishness of the Americans and their NASA.

It would be an absurdity to suppose that people as cultured as the Martians would let Earthlings develop a detailed map of their planet; they know very well the intentions of the Earthlings. They do not ignore the destructive character of the inhabitants of the Earth. Yes, Earthlings are destructive; they have demonstrated it to satiation. Thus, nobody in the cosmos ignores this.

It is not irrelevant to remember the atrocities that the terrible Spaniard Hernán Cortes committed here in our beloved Mexico, or those that Pizarro committed in Peru. Therefore, if the Martians were invaded by Earthlings, such would be the fate they would experience, and thereafter their wonderful ships with which they navigate the infinite space would be used with Machiavellian intentions by the governments of Russia and the United States.

Such ships would be loaded with atomic bombs in order to destroy defenseless cities; they would be used in order to conquer other planets of the starry space, thus exporting all of the Earthlings atrocities across the cosmos; this is very well known by the Martians, thus, they are not so ingenuous as to let us make a map of their planet.

What I am affirming is based on trustworthy information; I am not trying to invent anything new. The Martians have orders to defend themselves, and they will do so if the Earthlings try to invade them.

On Mars there are cities like Tanio, for example, which is inhabited by pacific people who never prepare plans of war nor do they invent atomic bombs in order to destroy anybody. The inhabitants of Tanio are in no way willing to let themselves be invaded by hordes of Earthlings. This is the crude reality of the facts.

Multiple ships navigate the starry space. There are gigantic ones like the cargo ships that carry small ships within their belly. These cargo ships are used for trips not only within our galaxy, but also to navigate to different galaxies; they are properly prepared to travel throughout the unalterable infinite.

There also exist tiny ships—and this is something that will surprise you—of about twenty or thirty centimeters. Absurd, you might say, such tiny ships do not exist! Who could navigate in such small ships? They are navigated by cosmic lilliputians, Supermen with very tiny gelatinous bodies, humans who are no more than ten centimeters in size.

To what will one be exposed when affirming such a thing in this day and age, in this twentieth century, in the atomic age, an age of X-rays and laser rays? One is exposed to mockery, of course, since the scientists of our planet Earth believe that they own the entire wisdom of the universe, but they are deluded.

All of the rottenness of theories that abounds here, there, and everywhere and that forms the culture of this century is indeed vulnerable. That is not pure science. The scientists of the Earth do not know pure science, since in order to have access to the amphitheater of cosmic science, pure science, it is necessary to have opened the Inner Mind.

Allow me to remind you again that there are three minds in the human being. The first one is the Sensual Mind, where the leaven of the materialistic Sadducees is deposited. This type of mind develops its basic concepts via external sensory perceptions; this mind knows nothing about reality, nothing about that which is beyond simple external perceptions.

The second mind is the Intermediate Mind, where all types of beliefs are deposited. Obviously, to believe is not to know. We have entered into the age of knowledge, in the Age of Aquarius; beliefs are beliefs, yet they do not imply wisdom. The leaven of the Pharisees is deposited in the second mind; Jesus the Christ warns us against the leaven of the materialistic Sadducees and the leaven of the believer Pharisees.

If in fact we want to penetrate in the amphitheater of pure science, a third mind is necessary. This third mind exists but it is closed. We need to open it. This is the Inner Mind. This mind is opened when one finishes with one’s psychological defects: when anger, greed, the frightful lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, vanity, etc. are eliminated in oneself.

Indeed, truthfully, those who eliminate their psychological defects will awaken their consciousness. The awakening of the consciousness opens the Inner Mind. When the Inner Mind is opened, true faith arises, which is not the run-of-the-mill faith, but the conscious faith of the one who knows, of the one who can see, hear, touch, and feel the great realities of the amphitheater of cosmic science.

The extraterrestrials are people who have opened their Inner Mind: Superhuman in the most complete sense of the word, as those of “El Desierto de los Leones,” a wonderful contact that I recently had and that I narrated to you, because for the good of humanity one must give testimony of what one has seen and experienced. So, I will never be ashamed of having given such a testimony before the solemn verdict of the public consciousness.

Regarding the promise of being taken to other planets that the captain of that intergalactic ship gave me, “Along the way we will see,” that promise was convincing for me, because I know that they never deceive anybody and they always fulfill their word, no matter what the cost might be. They speak little but they say much, and when they utter it they fulfill it, since they are not Earthlings.

So, I comprehended that such a way is the path of wisdom, the path of perfection. I will fight, yes, in order to eliminate my psychological defects.

These extraterrestrials, I understood, are intergalactic travelers. The small ship that I saw and within which they descended, obviously returned to a cargo ship that had been in orbit around the Earth. Supermen navigate in those cargo ships, from galaxy to galaxy; they are infinitely perfect and are beyond good and evil.

Earthlings abhor them. A short time ago, when two of those ships soared over the United States, jet fighters left in order to destroy them. One of the ships flew away and vanished into space; the other descended, settled smoothly on a tower of electrical energy, then the blackout of New York took place and not only affected the American nation but also Canada.

Generals of the American army exclaimed, “Behold, the Achilles’ heel of the United States of North America.” Indeed, the powerful titans of the north can do nothing without electrical force, thus just a handful of extraterrestrials manning a ship paralyzed the powerful nation of the American states.

Therefore, if the extraterrestrials had wanted to destroy that country they would have done it in a matter of seconds. Likewise, if they wanted to make the planet Earth explode asunder into pieces, they would already have done it. But they are not destructive. They love us and come to us in order to help us, yet instead of welcoming them with our open arms like our saviors, like our redeemers, instead we receive them with cannon shots, or we flee desperately, as the cannibals in the mountains flee when they see an airplane. Yes, this is the lamentable state in which we are. The extraterrestrials are cultured people who do not kill anybody, not even a small bird, and Earthlings fear them.

Many ask, “Why don’t the extraterrestrials land in cities like New York or Paris and show themselves in public in order to dictate lectures?” To such a question I would respond the following: If somebody found himself in a deep jungle surrounded by cannibals, what would he do? Indubitably, he would flee, he would have no other alternative.

The extraterrestrials could defend themselves, who can deny it? Nevertheless, they do not have the desire to destroy anybody; they are not assassins. Earthlings are mistaken when thinking that they come to assassinate people; such a thought is not true.

We do not deny that on some occasions they have taken some people into their ships, then to space, and thereafter they have brought them back, returning them to the place where they took them; yes, that is true. However, this has an explanation: it so happens that Earthlings are very strange; they have their consciousness asleep. They seem like somnambulists who walk the streets with their tremendous perversity; indeed, Earthlings are somehow a source of curiosity, therefore some are taken in order to be studied in laboratories that exist in space. These laboratories are located within some cosmic ships. So, beings as rare as sleepy, unconscious, and destructive as Earthlings are a cause for curiosity, and for such a reason Earthlings are taken in order to be placed in laboratories for study. That is the crude reality. However, no type of harm is ever inflicted upon them, and they are brought back to the place from where they have been taken. It is clear that there are some exceptions, about which I will speak to you tonight.

An unusual but wonderful case happened in Ecuador. One day among many, a man who had studied in some Eastern schools saw a cosmic ship that hovered over the garden of his house. Certain extraterrestrials opened the hatchway of their ship, descended by a staircase, and approached him; they invited him to board the ship, and he accepted. He was a cultured and spiritual man in the most complete sense of the word. He was willing to go, so that when he was invited to take a stroll in space, he accepted.

He was taken to a satellite of Jupiter, to Ganymede, where he witnessed a powerful civilization.


Ganymede is the largest moon in our solar system, and is bigger than Mercury and Pluto. Scientists have found evidence of an atmosphere and an underground ocean. This image of Ganymede was obtained by the JunoCam imager during Juno’s June 7, 2021, flyby of the icy moon. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS

The inhabitants of Ganymede have a brain that is little more voluminous than those of the Earth. Their pineal gland is connected to their pituitary gland by means of certain nervous threads, and their pituitary gland in turn is connected to their optical nerve by other nervous threads. Consequently, the inhabitants of that satellite have a sixth sense with which they can see the fourth dimension and even more: the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions of nature and the cosmos.

They build their houses underground, they have rich agriculture, and they do not have animals because the atmosphere there is not favorable for the inferior species. Water is removed from certain volcanoes and with it they satisfy their needs.

All the inhabitants work in their factories. There is no money, it is unknown there. Thus, in exchange for work, all the inhabitants have bread, shelter, and refuge. The cosmic ships are the property of all. They lack nothing. No, they do not need that element called money that has inflicted so much damage upon the inhabitants of the Earth. Thus this is how the inhabitants of Ganymede are.

Since they possess a sixth sense, they have studied medicine in a perfect manner, not only in its physical-chemical and biological aspects, but also in its psychic and vital aspects. They know interior and exterior anatomy, which unfortunately the scientists of Earth do not know.

The hour has arrived to understand that Ganymede is a satellite that rotates around the titan of the heavens called Jupiter. Jupiter has twelve satellites; it is as if it has a new solar system for itself.

Often I have personally observed Jupiter through a telescope; I have seen its two belts at the equatorial center of that wonderful world; those belts with their satellites rotate around that planet. Jupiter is extraordinary, in the most complete sense of the word, a jewel of the heavens.

Previously, the inhabitants of Ganymede lived in a world that was called the “Yellow Planet.” It is good to know that in our solar system a planet once existed on which its people devoted themselves to atomic experiments. They performed multiple experiments; they made bombs that were successively more destructive, and they finally manage to burst that planet asunder into pieces. Some fragments still rotate around our solar system—asteroids, we would say, or loose earth—and this is known by the astronomers.

But before that catastrophe happened to the Yellow Planet, the inhabitants of that world had been facing the philosophical dilemma of “to be or not to be.” A great avatar or messenger warned them about the catastrophe that waited for them. Most of the people, as always, did not believe, yet others accepted it; then they were affiliated to the teachings of that wise man. They were sufficiently prepared by him, and finally they were psychologically corrected, and ready to investigate Ganymede. Before the catastrophe happened, that wise man took them to Ganymede and they settled there.

Well, the friend of whom I am speaking was taken to Ganymede, and was some days there. His diseases disappeared; he revitalized himself. He was placed under special scientific treatments. They invited him to live among them, and he accepted on the condition that they allowed him to return to the planet Earth in order to give his goods to his brother. He returned and gave his entire fortune to his brother and his brother’s wife. He determined a certain date to say farewell to them, since he was going to make a long trip. On that date, where he was preparing himself to leave, a gorgeous ship landed, which illuminated the center of the garden.

“I am leaving,” he said to them. His brother and sister-in-law were astonished.

“Ah! I had a feeling about this,” his brother said.

He boarded the ship, and at that moment exclaimed, “I am leaving by my own will, far away from this planet Earth!” Thus, the ship took off.

Nevertheless, a small camera in the form of television was left for his terrestrial brother on Earth. It was enough to move some buttons and it worked. The solar energy animates that apparatus; it is enough to concentrate on certain antennas that it has, in order to establish contact with Ganymede. They communicated with the inhabitants of Ganymede and their brother, hoping to be taken away someday; thus, finally such a longed for day arrived and they were taken away.

The inhabitants of Ganymede have an extraordinary wisdom, and they are willing to help the Earthlings; they know the state in which Earthlings are. They do not ignore that a great catastrophe approaches them, that a giant of the heavens called “Hercolubus” is traveling at vertiginous speeds through the starry space.

When Hercolubus appears and all of you can see it in plain sight, you will then be convinced about what I am stating to you. Then, that planetary mass—which is enormous—will magnetically attract the fire of the interior of the Earth, which will bring forth volcanoes everywhere, and terrible tsunamis and great earthquakes will be originated. The entire crust of the Earth will be destroyed, burned, and incinerated, and a revolution of the axes of the world will be produced at the height of the approach of Hercolubus; the poles will become equator, and the equator will become poles. Then, the waters of the oceans will sink these continents.

This is how this perverse humanity will end, a humanity that gave themselves to all the vices, that degenerated with homosexuality and lesbianism, a destructive humanity, where each country rose against the other, where each human being raised his hand against his brother.This is how this humanity will soon end.

There will be survivors, yes, there will be. This is very well known by the inhabitants of Ganymede. They will continue—little by little—taking the more select people to their world. There, they will cross them with people who live on their planet, and from such crossings a very special type of humanity will be born that will be returned to Earth. Wonders will be made with that type of humanity, because they will develop the faculties that the inhabitants of Ganymede possess.

A lovely opportunity will be given to some survivors who will remain on our planet Earth on an island of the Pacific, and there the sixth great root race will be born. I say sixth because there have been five root races on the face of the Earth, and all of them have ended with great cataclysms.

Let us remember the Atlanteans; they perished within the waters of that great universal deluge produced by the revolution of the axes of the Earth, where the seas swallowed Atlantis with its millions of inhabitants. That was, I repeat, the universal flood. Thus, this is how the fourth great root race perished.

We are the fifth root race. It is obvious that the people of this root race will perish by strong earthquakes and great tsunamis. This is why it is written in the Aztec Calendar: “The children of the Fifth Sun will perish by the fire and earthquakes.”

Friends, at this moment in which we talk about very interesting aspects related with the extraterrestrials, another case comes to my memory about a man named Mr. Salvador Villanueva Medina, who went to Venus. I know him; he is my personal friend.

This friend of mine was driving a car towards the United States of North America. The car was damaged. He went underneath the car in order to discover what happened to it. Then he heard steps on the sand… when coming out from beneath the car he saw two men of average stature. They invited him to follow them. He did, and when arriving at a place where a cosmic ship was standing, the two enigmatic personages invited him to come inside the ship. Thus, once inside the ship, the hatchway closed and soon they departed to the planet Venus. He was there for five days, he saw that powerful civilization, and thereafter they brought him back to the planet Earth.

In the republic of Ecuador, another unusual case happened. An incredulous, skeptical, and materialistic man was seated at the end of his garden. A ship landed a short distance away; they invited him to board the ship, and he was taken to the planet Jupiter. There he remained for several days. He witnessed an extraordinary civilization. They invited him to stay, yet he said to them, “I must return to speak with the Earthlings, and give testimony about what I have seen and heard here.” He returned to Ecuador and since then, that man dedicated himself to study Gnosis.

The extraterrestrials exist and will always exist. Before the inhabitants of the Earth learned the first foundations of mathematics, the space travelers had already come through the unalterable infinite. Thus, if they wanted, they could have destroyed us and made the Earth explode asunder into pieces, but they are not destructive. They come with the intention of helping us on the eve of the great cataclysm that is approaching. They come to help us; some of them have remained hidden in diverse places of the Earth, and only wait for the opportune moment in order to enter into activity.

For example: in the Antarctic in an underground city lives a group of extraterrestrials. They are humans who came from the Blue Galaxy, humans of blue skin. Obviously, they have built that city under the ice; they have all manners of comfort, an atomic lighting system, etc. They enjoy beauty, are wise by nature, and a very wise king governs them.

Soon they will come; when the catastrophe approaches, these humans of the Blue Galaxy will walk on the streets of the cities trying to aid those who remain. Before the great universal fire devours the face of the Earth, these humans of the Blue Galaxy will appear in order to teach the path of uprightness to this humanity. Those who listen to them in those days will be totally saved.