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Open Letter to World Leaders about Space Travel (1965)

Eminencies, President of the United States of America, and Prime Minister of the Soviet Union,

Please excuse us for not mentioning your full names; we do not know in what year this letter will arrive to your hands, and as it is clearly logical, times change and we do not know who at that date will occupy the top position of your respective countries.

The intention of this open letter is to inform you that the conquest of space has already been reached in Latin America. It is clearly natural that you will smile with skepticism before such impudent information, or possibly you will consider it as “insolent.” We just want to fulfill our duty, thus we advise you not to spend more money on space rockets; such money must be utilized better. Space rockets are good for nothing, since they are a true failure.

At this moment, in a secret place of South America within the deep heart of the jungle, there is a scientific society of ninety-eight eminent scientists from different European countries. This society follows the footsteps of the great wise scientist Guillermo Marconi, who with great mastery learned how to use the powerful solar energy.

At this moment, under the guidance of Martian wise men, this society is building wonderful interplanetary ships with which they have not only thoroughly studied all of your territories, but moreover they have managed to travel to the Moon and Mars.

It is not irrelevant to clarify unto you that said scientific society has enough money in order to continue its works, thanks to the economic support of the Martians.

I clarify: it would not be strange to us if you indignantly discard this letter, since your pride and skepticism are very well known on the planet Earth. Nevertheless, within a few years you will have concrete proof of our affirmations.

Listen, the liquid fuel that you use for your space rockets is ineffective for interplanetary navigation. The spaceships designed by the Martians and built by the wise people of the mentioned scientific society—under the direction of Martian wise men—are propelled by solar energy.

The scientists of this society are eminently religious people; there is even a priest among them (it does not matter which religion). We are absolutely convinced that the conquest of outer space is absolutely impossible if we exclude religiousness.

All of the inhabitants of the cosmos are profoundly religious. All of them know very well that the divine is latently and immanently found in every atom of the infinite.

The mentioned scientific society has constructed a great underground laboratory in the heart of the jungle. This laboratory has all that is necessary for the investigation.

The contact with Martians was achieved December 16 of the year 1955 at five o’clock in the afternoon. At that hour, five Martian space machines flew over the jungle, and one landed. Four Martian people descended; the Martian head of the expedition among them. Since then, contact has been established, and the Martian spaceships continue to land in that region.

The ninety-eight scientists who reside within that deep jungle of South America coexist with the Martians and are learning the science of interplanetary navigation from them.

The mentioned scientists have received from the hands of the Martian captain—His Eminence Mr. Tage—a gold sheet with the following inscription:

Loga (Mars), universal brother of the immense outer space, pays homage and friendship to Dogue (the Earth), with a strong longing to unite all beings, who live in one single Spirit.

In the infinite Spirit,

For glory and peace eternal.

We congratulate the Martian Captain Mr. Tage for his four word speech. These four words are “Sundi, Dogue, Loga, Eba,” which means, “God, Earth, Mars, Alliance.” With this speech and the gold sheet, the alliance between Martians and Earthlings has been sealed.

We also send our congratulations to Mr. Martinelli for the beautiful and significant ring given to Mr. Tage on October 12 of the year of 1956.

The most important cosmic event of all the centuries upon the face of the Earth—after the coming of our Lord the Christ—was performed at twelve noon. One of the most illustrious members of the mentioned scientific society, the very illustrious Mr. Narciso Genovese, stated that at that precise hour the “Columbus Expedition” left for the planet Mars.

We owe very much to Mr. Narciso Genovese regarding this subject, that is, the scientific expedition to the planet Mars. Thus, if this letter arrives to him, let him receive our congratulations.

As Columbus arrived at America with three ships, likewise three cosmic ships were constructed by the terrestrial scientists under the direction of the Martians.

The names of the three cosmic ships are “Loga,” “Dogue,” “Eba” (Mars, Earth, Alliance).

The interior of the ships was adorned with the image of the Christ, thus, the trip was performed with total success.

The convoy was formed by the three terrestrial cosmic ships, and six Martians who accomplished the mission of escorting the terrestrial ships. Nine people formed the crew of the terrestrial ships, three for each of the terrestrial ships.

The first stage of the cosmic flight reached the Moon, thus it was absolutely verified over and over again that the moon is a dead world. The expeditionaries rested on the Moon and soon continued their trip to Mars. Ten more ships of Martian origin joined the expedition Aries on the Moon.

All the inhabitants of the city of Tanio, capital of the planet Mars, went to the port to welcome the inhabitants of the Earth.

The expeditionaries remained five days on the planet Mars, dedicated to observation and study. They learned plenty on Mars, and after their victorious return they continued in the heart of the South American jungle with their studies and investigations.

The ninety-eight European scientists dedicated to these investigations and studies under the direction of the Martian wise men, want to share their knowledge with all the inhabitants of the Earth. They want all of humanity to participate in the interplanetary navigation. Regrettably, Russia and the United States—with their atomic experiments and nuclear blasts—are hindering, impeding the members of such an august scientific society, from making us, all of the inhabitants of the Earth, participants in these cosmic trips.

The two great World Wars that filled the world with pain, and now the Cold War with all its possibilities of becoming hot, filling the world again with blood and destruction, are the main factors that impede the cultural exchange with the Martians and cosmic trips.

Space rockets are no longer necessary; the contact with the Martians is already established. Now what is necessary in order to participate in the cosmic trips is the dissolution of the “I.”

As long as the “I” continues to exist, there will be no peace; and while there is no peace, interplanetary trips are impossible. In these precise moments in which we live, we do not need space rockets, but the study of the ’I’ and its total death; thus and only thus, the trips to Mars will become possible.

It is impossible to take to Mars assassins, the greedy, drunkards, gluttons, materialists, Marxists, enemies of the Eternal One, thieves, prostitutes, etc.

On Mars, peace reigns; governments, nationalities, armies, and police are not even necessary there. There are no delinquents on Mars, and if someone were born like that, he would be considered ill and would be taken to an isolated sanatorium.

Gentlemen, think about this, on what this means. Think about a world like this, a world where the “I” no longer exists. Imagine for a moment an army of the Earth invading Mars. Comprehend what such a horror, such barbarism, signifies.

The author of this letter begs you gentlemen, in the name of the truth, to end your atomic explosions, to finish with the Cold War, and to initiate a time of universal religiousness.

In a very special manner I ask the comrades of the Soviet Union to suspend the public and private diffusion of materialist dialectics, and to intensify the propaganda in favor of religion.

You must know, sirs, that all of the inhabitants of the cosmos render cult to the divinity, and that the conquest of outer space is impossible without religiousness.

Please gentlemen, I beg you in the name of the inhabitants of the Earth, do not harm us anymore with your wars, hatred of divinity, nuclear blasts, etc.

Signed in Mexico, April 29, after the third year of Aquarius (1965), by the president and founder of the Gnostic Movement,

Samael Aun Weor