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Bhavachakra, the Wheel of Becoming

Revolutionary Teachings about Reincarnation, Evolution, Transmigration

Behold brothers and sisters, with great joy I address all of you with the obvious purpose of really helping you on the esoteric path of the intimate self-realization of the Being...

In the name of the truth, I must tell you that these teachings have been developed steadily, gradually. It is obvious, then, that we are delivering a message to humanity, a message for the new Aquarian age, a completely revolutionary message and totally different from anything that was publicly known in the past. I repeat, our teachings are gradual.

We have given several introductory books, namely Introduction to Gnosis, The Book of the Dead; and right now we are writing another introductory book, Gazing at the Mystery, which naturally brings many new revelations (even though it is an introductory book).

Beyond introductory education, we have what we could call secondary or intermediate education: The Perfect Matrimony, The Revolution of Beelzebub, Igneous Rose, The Mysteries of Fire, etc.

And finally, we have the teachings of a higher order. This is perfectly concretized, or specified, in the Christmas messages of each year. From this moment, from now on, such messages will not carry the title of Christmas Message on the cover (even though, it will be known that it is a Christmas Message, because we will write it inside the book, on any page of the text); only the specific title of the book will go on the cover. For example: Parsifal Unveiled. Now comes another book entitled The Mystery of the Golden Flower; later The Three Mountains will come; much later “The Golden Book,” etc. In any case, higher education will be developed in the Christmas Message of each year. Such messages are developed in a didactic, progressive manner; each message will represent a higher note, a higher octave on the path of transcendent and transcendental esotericism. When we reach the highest note, the summit, the synthesis note, let's say, then the message will have concluded. After that, it is obvious that I will go with my Divine Mother Kundalini to eternity.

As far as I'm leaving, there's a lot, a lot, a lot that I have to say. I am leaving and yet “I will be with you (as the Christ said), until the end of time;” you have to know how to understand these words...

Well, my dear brothers and sisters, leaving aside all that preamble, I just want to beg you for the need to study more thoroughly the Christmas messages of each year.

It is necessary that these messages be reproduced incessantly, because until now they have not been reproduced; editions are sold out and there is no one to reproduce them, and that is truly very unfortunate...

Our messages totally differ from any teaching known at the end of the last century or the beginning of this century, simply because these are revolutionaries. Let us therefore examine some specific cases so that we comprehend what that revolution consists of.


Let's see, for example, this thing about the reincarnation of souls. There have been, really, as journalists say, a lot of thorny points in this matter, and til now people have not been able to comprehend this thing about the reincarnation of souls.

First of all, I have to tell you that for me, the word "reincarnation" is very demanding. Incarnation, for example, is known to be the descent of the divinity into a human being; thus, reincarnation means that such a descent is repeated: the divinity returns and takes shape, reincorporates in another human organism. That is what I understand by "reincarnation."

In Tibet, for example, they speak of the "reincarnations of Vishnu;" I very much agree that this is a reincarnation, remember that, precisely in Tibet, reincarnations were celebrated with great parties: when a Dalai Lama was born, it was said that he was a reincarnation, and every reincarnation was celebrated in divine form. Thus, it seems to me that the term "reincarnation" has been abused... Krishna, for example, says that "only the gods, the devas", the Pitris or titans, etc., reincarnate. And that is obvious, brothers and sisters; because for there to be reincarnation, there needs to be a fully defined sacred individuality. If we were to say that Peter, Paul, or John, or Diego, Chucho, Jacinto, Joseph are reincarnated, it would be absurd.

Let's see, for example, the case of any John Smith, of any neighbor who lives around here (forgive me the terms a little, if you will, somewhat humorous at times). What is this guy deep down? The ego, right? And what is the ego, what is the ego, I repeat, what is the ego? You know what the ego is, right? Are the little brothers and sisters understanding me? Are you understanding me through this tape, this recorder? Are you listening to me? Attention please! Attention! The ego is a lot... a lot of what? Of demons. Oh, well, that's clear! A bunch of egos; then a sum of egos.

Speaking simply in the style of the Hindustani or Buddhists, to be clearer, we say that it is a sum of psychological aggregates. Saying “aggregates” or saying egos is the same. Now, it is true that these aggregates personify certain errors. The aggregate of anger (or the aggregates of anger, because they are multiple), are really, to a certain extent, subjective creatures, or better to say demons, of a subjective type, within which consciousness is engulfed. Envy... You know what envy is, that there are many “I's” of envy, many aggregates of envy. Fornication! Scary, right? The fornicating egos are so innumerable that one is astounded.

So after death what continues are a bunch of devils. I repeat: after death what continues are a lot of devils.

Saying that bunch of devils reincarnate seems a bit absurd to me. Think about it, brothers and sisters, or better to say, put your right hand on your heart and ask yourselves if it would be correct to say that this bunch of demons (I's or aggregates that personify our errors) reincarnate.

Do the egos have perhaps a defined individuality in order to say that they reincarnate? Do you know what a sacred individuality is? If the egos are many, where is the individuality?

Now, if there is no individuality, who is the one who reincarnates? It is obvious that egos cannot be reincarnated; they reincorporate, that is, they return; that is another thing.

Yes, each of you has returned many times, that is true. You have had many bodies in the past, that is true. But that is not reincarnation. Reincarnation is for sacred individuals - listen carefully: for those who do not have egos, who do not have psychological aggregates, who are divine spirits, pure, immaculate...

To say that a divine spirit reincarnates, that is correct. But if there are egos, how can there be reincarnation? What there would be then would be a return or returns. Do you understand, my dear brothers and sisters? Are you listening to me well, are you comprehending me?

Let's differentiate, then, let's do a deep analysis; let us distinguish between what reincarnation is and what return is: the ego returns. Holy individuals reincarnate, comprehended? Understanding this is wonderful, because just by understanding this, there is already a revolution.


And what shall we say about what we might call evolution? We already know that evolution exists, I am not denying it. If you are refuted by saying that we are wrong, respond by saying that we never deny the law of evolution; that what indeed, in no way we can accept, is to put, let's say, to that law, psychological attributes that it does not have.

It is obvious that there is evolution in everything that is born, in everything that grows and develops. Let's look at any plant: there is evolution in the seed that germinates, in the stem that gradually unfolds, in the tree that bears fruit...

But there is devolution in the vegetable that withers, in those leaves that fall, in that bush, which finally becomes a pile of sticks. And that is obvious.

Could anyone really refute this for us? Certainly not, it is not possible. And if they refute us, they do it in a completely absurd way.

There is evolution in every organism that is born, grows and develops. There is devolution in every organism that decreases and withers and dies.

We deviate from the laws of evolution and devolution because they are completely mechanical, because they belong to the wheel of samsara. We tread the path of the revolution of the consciousness, which is what leads us to final liberation.

Jesus Christ himself, the great Kabir, taught this path when he said:

"Narrow is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life [the light], and very few are those who find it"...

That is obvious, my dear brothers and sisters. Such a path is difficult. It has three factors, it is true; which are: die, because you have to die, the ego must die, it must be reduced to dust. We have to be born, yes, we need to become true children of the light, masters of the temple of the twice born. And we have to sacrifice ourselves for humanity. Jesus defined that when he said,

"Whosoever wants to come after me, take up his cross, deny himself, and follow me."

Understood? To deny oneself is to die, elimination of the ego. Taking up the cross, it is already known that it is to work in the forge of the cyclops to reach the second birth. And to sacrifice yourself for humanity, my dear brothers, and sisters, is to follow Christ, to imitate Christ, to be willing to give your life for others, in the name of the supreme sacrifice for humanity. As you will see, these points are totally revolutionary.


Let us examine another aspect. The one they call metempsychosis or transmigration of souls. Many confuse reincarnation with the Pythagorean metempsychosis...

It is that the people are not well informed, brothers and sisters, they are not well informed; that's a problem we have. It is up to us to refute many errors. And it is clear that those who are, let's say, totally fanaticized with these errors, react furiously against us; but the truth is the truth, and it must be said, whatever the cost: the Pythagorean metempsychosis is not the reincarnation of souls; do not confuse one thing with another.

Metempsychosis is the same doctrine of transmigration, taught by Lord Krishna in India, around 1,000 years before Jesus Christ.

It is understood by "metempsychosis" or "transmigration", all the evolutionary and devolutionary processes of the wheel of samsara.

Undoubtedly, every soul is assigned 108 existences for self-realization. It is unquestionable that if during those 108 existences a soul does not achieve self-realization, then it enters into the submerged mineral devolution: it descends within the interior of the planetary organism recapitulating humanoid, animaloid, vegetaloid and mineraloid processes.

When such a recapitulation of a rather devolutionary, regressive, descending type has been made, then comes the second death (of which the "apocalypse" of Saint John speaks about along with the gospel of our Lord, the Christ), through devolution the ego is reduced to ashes and the essence (that which humanoids have of soul within them), is liberated, emancipated, comes out again to the surface, under the light of the sun. It starts a new ascending, evolutionary processes that begins from the hard stone, that continue through the plant state, that continue in the animal state, and that finally reach the humanoid state. Thus, the essence or the liberated souls reconquer the humanoid state that they once lost.

Upon achieving such a reconquest, another 108 lives are again assigned to the soul that has entered humanoid organisms; and if they self-realizes during that process, well, great, but if during that time they don't achieve self-realization, then the process is repeated: the devolutions and evolutions return again, etc. That is the wheel of samsara, that is the Pythagorean metempsychosis that many confuse with the theory of the reincarnation of souls, that is the doctrine of our Lord Krishna, the great Hindu avatar. (doctrine that he preconized, about 1,000 years before Jesus, the Christ).

I think you have now understood what metempsychosis or transmigration is.

This is a definitely revolutionary point of gnosis. An important point, my dear brothers and sisters; a point that you must understand thoroughly, deeply...

I want you to be truly studious, to be serious, to study this message that is being delivered to humanity for the new age of the Aquarius.

There are many little brothers who try to mix this doctrine with outdated messages, with teachings from the end of the last century and the beginning of this century, that is, there are those who try to mix one thing with another, and it is not possible; I don't think it's convenient to put “new wine in an old bag” (the wine must go in a new bag, because if it is put in an old bag, the old bag can be destroyed and the wine lost).

With this I want to tell you not to mix the doctrine, the message that we are delivering, with outdated, extemporaneous teachings.

Many, in their eagerness to study, really want to mix up this doctrine, this message, with extemporaneous, outdated doctrines and teachings, and the result is error.

Questions and Answers

Well, now I want the brothers here to ask me some questions, so I can answer them with the greatest pleasure...

Student: Master, if a person upon reaching his 108 lives, by the fact of getting on the path of the revolution of the consciousness, would this person be given more opportunity to live new existences, if in this life he did not reach fulfillment?

Samael Aun Weor: Of course, my dear brother, if a person has run out of time, but before abandoning his 108 lives, that is, before disincarnating, he decides to follow the path of the razor's edge, the lords of the law, for this reason, assign that person new existences. That person manages, then, to be saved from entering the infernal worlds.

It is not very "tasty", really, to enter the submerged devolution within the infernal worlds, understood?

Student: Master, is it true that a fraction of a soul or an essence can be divided into two physical vehicles?

Samael Aun Weor: There are very special cases, my dear brother, in which an essence is divided between two different personalities. A very interesting case was the case of our brother P. L. L. He felt himself living in two different places; and it was that his essence was divided between two personalities (like a perfume between two bottles). Well, fortunately, one of those two personalities died, and the essence returned to our brother P. L. L. These are rare cases, but there are...

Student: Master, why is the work in sexual magic called "The Forge of the Cyclopes"? If he would be kind enough to explain to us, what does this "forge of the cyclops" mean...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, you have to study the Greek classics, the Latin classics, and already having one, well, enough information on ancient classicism, you can intuit, my dear brother. If we were to explain everything from a rigorously logical point of view, it would be like "emasculating the teachings."

And it is obvious, then, that the Cyclopes existed, and that is what Homer tells us perfectly about in his “Odyssey”. Let us remember the case of Ulysses, then, driving the terrible stake into the third eye of one of those Cyclopes. interesting, right?

That eye of the Cyclops is nothing but the eye of divine clairvoyance, the third eye. The Cyclopes were the Lemurians, the men who thoroughly understood the mysteries of sex; the cyclops were human beings who had not yet fallen. The forge of them, is not another thing but that of sex. When it is said “that one must work in the forge of the Cyclopes”, it is simply meant “that one must work in that forge where, truly, the Titans, the gods, are made”.

The forge is nothing but sex, because from sex the gods, the heroes, emerge, right? understood?

Student: Master, would you be kind enough to explain to me, what is the relationship between your message and Master Krishnamurti's message?

Samael Aun Weor: With great pleasure, my dear brother, I am going to answer his question: really, Krishnamurti is the precursor of the avatar of the new age of the Aquarius. Every avatar has a precursor. Jesus had his precursor and this was John, the Baptist. That my real intimate being (my secret master or my real being) had a precursor called Krishnamurti. That is within the norm, understood?

Student: Master, would you be so kind as to explain to me what the word Rosicrucian means?

Samael Aun Weor: Oh, you ask me for a word that is also too demanding, my dear brother L. C.! In the world there are many schools that call themselves “Rosicrucian” and that only have the name of Rosicrucian. There are also many individuals who call themselves “Rosicrucian masters” or “Rosicrucian brothers”, “Rosicrucian initiates”, etc.

First of all, comprehend what the rose is and what the cross is, my brother. If you examine the cross carefully you will see that it consists of two lines, or two sticks: the vertical one is masculine, right? The horizontal is feminine. At the intersection of both lies the key to all power...

Now, the rose is the spirit, the Logos, to be more clear. Do you know what it means to open the rose on the cross, let the rose blossom on the cross, that is, in sex, in the center of the vertical and horizontal sticks? How and in what way is the rose going to blossom in sex? The cross is sex, listen to it well; and for the rose to bloom in sex, what is needed? The rose is the Logos, I repeat, and in what way is it going to flourish in sex, on the cross? Only through sexual magic, right? That's obvious...

Of course, many may be scandalized by this, especially the fanatics of the different schools of the pseudo-Rosicrucian type. But in the name of truth, I have to say that a true Rosicrucian is only the Logos. Speaking in plural form: Rosicrucians are the Logoi. Only those who have reached the Logoic state become a Rosicrucian.

A Rosicrucian is a buddha. A Rosicrucian is a Jesus of Nazareth. A Rosicrucian is a Hermes Trismegistus, etc. It is obvious that many aspire to be a Rosicrucian, but to be a Rosicrucian one needs to be a Gnostic. It is not possible to become a Rosicrucian if we have not previously been Gnostics: we must first have worked in the flaming forge of Vulcan. Only then will the rose bloom on the cross, understood?

Student: Master, at the end of the seventh great race of this fourth round, will the Earth then turn into a new moon?

Samael Aun Weor: It is clear, my dear brother, that after the seventh great root race of our planet Earth, our world will become a new moon. Worlds are born, grow, age and die...

The Moon that illuminates us, for example, was a world that had rich life in abundance, in the past Mahamanvantara of Padma or Golden Lotus. But that world, after its seventh human root race, became a corpse, and now, it is what it is: a moon. So, too, it will happen here, with the planet Earth, understood?

Student: Master, in the case of the fallen bodhisattvas, how could their existence be called, would it be a return or would it be a reincarnation?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, regarding the case of the fallen bodhisattvas, I must answer that there is reincarnation in them, since they already possess the golden embryo (which I speak about in my work entitled The Mystery of the Golden Flower), however, there is something of return in them too; that such return in them is simply due to the fact that they possess egos (they possess them because they are fallen). They may have been radically eliminated in the past, but when they fall, the egos are resurrected.

Those angels who worked in the past Mahamanvantara of Padma or Golden Lotus fell in Lemuria. When they fell (because they entered the purely animalistic and brutal generation), their egos were resurrected. It is clear, that when these bodhisattvas come into the world, they reincarnate due to the fact that they have the golden embryo, but since they have egos, there is also a return in them, the return of their egos. There is, then, in them, a mixture of reincarnation with return, understood?

Student: Yes master, thank you very much. Master, would you be kind enough to explain to me, why do you say... ... in his works, or have you made it clear to us that Lucifer is God in reverse?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the question is interesting, my dear L. O., international Gnostic missionary and I am going to answer: Blavatsky says “daemonium est deus inversus,” (“the devil is god in reverse”). And so it is, my dear brother...

It is said that Lucifer (and I agree with that) is the guardian of the seven mansions, who only allows the passage of the initiates, those who possess the lamp of Hermes, those who have been anointed with the oil of wisdom.

The devil is god in reverse; he becomes the jealous guardian of the mysteries. But this is a little "difficult" to understand at first glance, due to the prejudices that we have in the mind: we have become accustomed to thinking that Lucifer is nothing more than a demon and nothing more than that. That Lucifer is the devil and nothing more than that. And when a different explanation is given to us, we are horrified, right? Well, let's comprehend that Lucifer is the divinity in reverse, so what? Why are you scandalized by that? I agree with Blavatsky:

“Daemonium est deus inversus.”

But let's go a little further. Let us think of Lucifer as that terrible being who has the scale in one hand and the sword of cosmic justice in the other. This may scare you a little bit; I'm afraid it will scare you, but I'm going to explain: Lucifer is the universal fire. And if the universal fire is lucifer, then why are you scared?

Do not get scared! It would be better to think that Shiva, the third logos, the firstborn of creation or our divine monad, within the field of action of the universal world, personifies Lucifer.

That there is a Lucifer modus operandi in our own monad, this also horrifies many. It is that we have so many prejudices against the word that we have learned, and we must free ourselves from prejudices...

Think, for a moment, of the third Logos, that is, of our individual monad, if the guardian of the threshold emanates from it, (that terrible guardian that none other than Bulwer-Lytton, the author of Zanoni, speaks of), then , "daemonium est deus inversus", right? understood?

The guardian of the threshold becomes the unfolding of the divine monad, a "mirror" where we can see ourselves in full, just as we are or as we are. Because that guardian assumes, for our good, the figure that our errors personify.

Many initiates, when they want to know how they are doing, invoke the guardian of the threshold and according to the form and figure that he shows, they deduce, then, the conditions in which they find themselves; and they work and work incessantly to eliminate their psychological defects; and from that point of view, we could say that Lucifer is the third Logos.

The conception is daring; but Blavatsky herself says so; the best esotericists do not deny it and I want you to comprehend it...

Now, that fire has two aspects, I do not deny it either, my dear brothers and sisters: we would call one “Christic” and the other we would call “tenebrous”. It is clear that fire is fire, and it can be used for light or for darkness...

In any case, Lucifer is nothing other than the third Logos itself. Comprehended?

Student: Yes, master.  Thus, according to your explanation (so clear and so simple that you have just given us), if the guardian of the threshold becomes a split of our divine monad, then, does the Innermost also become a split of our divine monad? Same divine monad?

Samael Aun Weor: That is clear; different sunderable parts arise from the divine monad; that's clear. In any case, the divine monad is the Shiva of Eastern wisdom, the third Logos, the first-born of creation, different sunderable parts arise from him, comprehended?

Student: If the master wants to add something else to this recording, he has it at his disposal...

Samael Aun Weor: For now, all that remains is for me to say goodbye to all our dear Gnostic brothers and sisters: Inverential peace!