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Kundalini: The Sacred Fire of All Religions

A Book by Samael Aun Weor

Although the term Kundalini is associated with Indian mysticism, tantra, and yoga, the word refers to a living element in nature and is symbolized in all religions. In Judaism and Kabbalah, it is called Shekinah. In Christianity, it is the fire of the Pentecost that illuminated the apostles. In Buddhism it is known by many names, such as Candali.

For thousands of years, many have wondered at the tales of that mysterious force and the spiritual powers it gives, yet the method to awaken it has been hidden, misunderstood, or sometimes, intentionally sabotaged. Some say it is dangerous, or can be awakened accidentally, but the Kundalini is not a blind or mechanical force. It is the Divine Mother Herself, the power or energy of divinity in motion. She cannot be tricked, fooled, or accidentally awakened. The Kundalini can only be developed through purity and love. Divine power must be earned.

Now, like a refreshing spring breeze, Samael Aun Weor blows the obscurations and mistaken ideas away and reveals the sacred mysteries of our most ancient and holy science. With a firm foundation in scripture and practical knowledge, the method to awaken and develop the root energy of life is made clear and accessible to all. It is no longer necessary to theorize or debate: through the practice of the techniques in this book, one can know.

"You will find terrific secrets within this book, secrets that never in the history of life were published." - Samael Aun Weor

Formerly published in English as Kundalini Yoga, this new edition adds a prologue of four powerful lectures that prepare you to understand the main content: The Mysteries of the Fire by Samael Aun Weor. It also adds more than one hundred footnotes to explain important terms and concepts. It is richly illustrated, and includes a glossary and an index.

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  • Paper 5.5 x 8.5 inches
  • 240 pages
  • Illustrated
  • Includes four lectures and the book The Mysteries of the Fire
  • Glossary, index
  • ISBN 978-1-943358-20-5

Originally published in Spanish as Los Misterios del Fuego (1955).

Editor's Notes

As a response to Kundalini Yoga by his friend Swami Sivananda (1887–1963), Samael Aun Weor published Mysteries of the Fire in 1955. It was his fourteenth book in five years, and continued the themes of his most recent writings, notably Treatise of Sexual Alchemy (1954), a highly detailed and challenging book, especially for any reader not already well-versed in alchemical terms and symbolism. Samael Aun Weor did not spoon-feed the reader, or tiptoe into the waters of esotericism; instead, he plunged the reader right into the deepest waters, and kept going... He did the same with Mysteries of the Fire, except one needed to know the Sanskrit terms and structures of Yoga. The first page is packed with Sanskrit words; we can only imagine how the average reader in 1955 would have understood it, as Yoga was only just starting to enter the public eye.

Years ago, we published the first English edition of this book as it had been written, save for the title: in the internet age, we felt that the title Kundalini Yoga would attract more readers than Mysteries of the Fire would. Yet the content was simply too difficult for readers. That first page was really tough.

In his later writings, Samael Aun Weor developed a much more approachable style; he was still equal parts ferocious and insightful, but also personable, accessible, and deeply compassionate. He took more time to explain things to his readers, and guide them on towards deeper subjects. So, we have brought that gentler pace into this edition. We have added a Prologue of a few of his lectures, more than one hundred footnotes, and an extensive glossary. With all of this, you will be better prepared for the journey through The Mysteries of the Fire. In fact, by understanding it better, the journey will be even more powerful than it would have been otherwise.

We wish you Godspeed.

Chapters of "The Mysteries of the Fire"