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The Yogic Matrimony

1.     In our former chapter we studied the esotericism of Pranayama and we realized that it is a scientific system of transmutation for celibate people (singles).

2.     The Swara (breathing science) is totally sexual.

3.     The breathing science is reinforced by the sexual union of the spouses.

4.     There is an act of sexual magic by means of which we can totally awaken and develop Devi-Kundalini.

5.     The formula is the following: introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina and withdraw from the sexual act without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm).

6.     The refrained desire will transform the semen into light and fire.

7.     The seminal vapors open the inferior orifice of the spinal medulla which in common and ordinary people is found completely closed.

8.     This labor is developed under the direction of certain Devas who govern the elemental department of the cedars of the forest.

9.     Devi Kundalini enters through the orifice of the nadi Shushumna.

10.     Pranayama is totally reinforced with the practices of sexual magic.

11.     The Great Breath is totally sexual.

12.     Sexual Magic reinforces the Great Breath within us.

13.     This is how Devi-Kundalini evolves, develops, and progresses until attaining the union with the Lord Shiva.

14.     Gautama Buddha practiced his cult of sexual magic with his beautiful spouse Yasodhara.

15.     Only the one who has drank the juice of the plant of the moon (soma) can be a Brahman.

16.     This plant of the moon is sex, whose juice (soma) awakens the Kundalini in us.

17.     This is the secret of the Vedas.

18.     The Master Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was a great Yogini.

19.     This great Master, after having widowed, had to get married again in the last years of her life in order to attain her total realization and the development of all of her powers.

20.     A certain disciple once asked the Master Morya, “Master, you already arose the seven serpents upon the staff; then why do you have a spouse?"

The Master answered, “Because I got her before awakening my fires, and I need her to enliven my fires.”

21.     The refrained desire makes our sexual energies rise through Ida and Pingala; thus, finally, the lunar and solar atoms from Ida and Pingala join in the triveni to awaken Devi Kundalini.

22.     During the amorous caresses, the electricity and universal fire of life are accumulated in our atmosphere.

23.     If human beings ejaculate their semen, then, as electric batteries, they discharge themselves and totally fail in the Great Work of the Father.

24.     The refrained desire causes the transmutation of the seminal liquor into Christic energy that raises through the nadis Ida and Pingala.

25.     The Yogi/Yogini withdraws from their spouse before the spasm or orgasm to avoid the seminal ejaculation.

26.     The seminal fire ascends through the nadi Shushumna throughout the length of the Brahmanadi.

27.     This is how the Esotericist-Yogi/Yogini realizes their Self totally, in depth, as Masters of the Cosmic Day, as Masters of the Mahamanvantara.

28.     The Yogi/Yogini of the new Aquarian Era realize their Self through the sexual act.

29.     The times are gone in which Yogis needed to withdraw into the jungle to practice their esoteric exercises.

30.     Now Yogis realize their Self though the sexual act.

31.     The motto of the new Aquarian Era is human cooperation.

32.     Yogis must live within society, serving their brothers and sisters and living with happiness and optimism.

33.     The new Aquarian Era does not admit Hermit-Yogis.

34.     The Age of Maitreya is the age of association and confraternity among all human beings.

35.     Sex is terrifically divine, and therefore the Yogi/Yogini must clean their mind from all kind of desires and animal passions.

36.     The person who looks at sex with repugnance defiles the terrific secret of the Vedas and the science of the Great Breath, contained in the Vedas and the Shastras.

37.     The Yogi/Yogini who flees from the sacred mysteries of sex are still filled with desires and animal passions.

38.     Angels see sex with the eyes of an Angel; yet, demons see sex with the eyes of a demon, even when they dress themselves with the skin of sheep and disguise themselves as saints.

39.     The Yogi/Yogini form their home without the necessity of violating the Sixth Commandment of the Law of God: “Thou shall not fornicate.”

40.     A single sperm can escape during the act of sexual magic.  The lunar hierarchies can select that sperm to fecundate the womb without the necessity of spilling the semen.

41.     This is how the Lemurians engendered their children in the stony sacred patios of their temples.

42.     The tenebrous ones from the lunar path were the ones who taught human beings how to ejaculate their seminal liquor.  This is how human beings sank into the darkness.

43.     Now, we have to return into the sacred conception of the Holy Spirit.

44.     The children of the Yogi and Yogini are fragments of victory, children of chastity, children engendered by Kriya-Shakti.

45.     All Yogis and Yoginis must love their spouse and their children, and live amidst harmony, music, love, and beauty.

46.     Love dignifies; love exalts the soul.

47.     God shines upon the perfect couple.

48.     There is nothing greater than love.  Man and woman were born to love each other.  

49.     The true Yogi and Yogini convert their home into an Eden of ineffable joys.

50.     The divine priestess is the woman of the Yogi, and vice versa.

51.     Women convert men into ineffable Gods by means of the very sweet enchantment of love, and vice versa.

52.     Yogis and Yoginis realize their Self by means of love.  This is better than carrying out the life of a hermit.