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Cain and Abel by William Blake
Cain and Abel by William Blake

Kain and Abel Part 1: Our Divine, Human, and Animal Natures

This lecture relates to the spirit, the mind, the psyche, and even to the physical body.   In order to comprehend this lecture, it is necessary for us to read chapter four of the Book of Genesis, so that we can understand the relationship of this nature of ours with what is written in the Bible.

When we talk about our divine nature, we are directly indicating to that part of ourselves that we call the monad. Monad is a Greek word that is derived from the word, “Monas-Μονάς” which means, “Unity.”   Deep down in our own consciousness we have our own spirit, which is that unity, that monad, that belongs as a drop of water to the big ocean of life, that in Sanskrit is called Brahma. 

Brahma is the spirit of life, the ocean of life, from which all the drops, all of the monads emerge in the universe.  Each one of us, deep down in our consciousness is one drop, one monad.  Obviously, this relates with our divine nature. 

The monad has three particles within that related with the Ray of Creation. These three particles, in Sanskrit, are called Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; the Triamatzikamno, or the Law of Three,  the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That is within any monad. 

So, the monad has to exercise, to develop the power of creation, in different levels. 

That energetic unity needs matter, which is that other element that works together with the energy, in order for it to develop.  Both elements are intelligent.  These elements relate to the monad itself.   The energy is called, “the Father” and the matter is called, “the Mother.”  Indeed, in Latin, the word matters means, “Mother.”   This is what we have to understand, in relation to our divine nature.  

If we analyze the physical body, in accordance with the science that we learned in school, we are taught that our body is an organism formed by many atoms, and when those atoms are disintegrated, the energy is liberated.   So, in the last synthesis, our body is a condensed energy. 

That is why, when we die, that condensed energy leaves the body little by little in the tomb. 

That energy, which is in every atom of our physical body, is what we call the monad, or better said, the “small particles” of our own particular individual spirit, which give life to all the atoms that compose the physical body.

When we talk about divine nature, we also relate that to the physical body, to our matter. 

Of course, this divine nature that organizes the atoms of the physical body is polluted.   That is obvious. Ans this is because of our behavior, because of our level of being. 

In the universe, there exist different types of matter that refer to the purity of the development of our own particular monad.  Let us use for instance, the example of the Master Jesus of Nazareth, the Master Aberamentho, who is an Ascended Master of the White Lodge.  He is a being that belongs to the Ain, that we have spoken about in many lectures. He is a Paramarthasatya who has developed absolute consciousness.  Therefore, the matter of his physical body is immortal. 

Every single monad that animates every atom of his physical body is awakened, divine, pure.  His physical body does not belong to the three-dimensional world, because this three-dimensional world is a fallen world, esoterically and Kabbalistically speaking.  It is said that the world in which we live is a fallen sephirah.  However, the physical body of the Master Jesus belongs to the fourth dimension, which is not a fallen sephirah.  It is that dimension that the Bible calls Eden; thus, he has a body that belongs to Eden. 

Even within that dimension, the matter of the body has different levels, according to the development of the spirit of each one of those beings that abide in the fourth dimension. 

Regardless, we do not belong to the fourth dimension, but to the third, the dimension of physical matter.  The physical body that we have is a fallen sephirah; it is not in the state in which it should be. 

Master Samael Aun Weor called the divine particles of our own spirit which animate this physical:  “The spiritual particles of our father, which suffer within us, within our matter.”

When we refer to the particles of our own monad, which are trapped within our physical body, we need to understand that those particles suffer because of the pollution in which we live.   Those particles are not only related with our physicality, but also with our protoplasmic bodies, which we call the mind and the emotions, which are lunar, inferior, mechanical, bestial in nature.

The monad animates every single body, even the personality that we form in every incarnation, whenever we return. 

So, you see that these particles relate to the different inferior bodies, the inferior quaternary. 

The inferior quaternary is formed by the physical body, the vital body, the emotional body and the mental body.  All of these bodies need the activity of our own spirit in order to sustain themselves.  Without the divine, without the spiritual force, no matter can exist.   This is why we belong to the inferior kingdom, the inferior levels that are called in Hindu philosophy, “the Wheel of Samsara.” 

So, the divine monad enters into this lunar matter in order to learn about, and conquer, the mechanicity of nature. 

When we enter into meditation to be in contact with our own spirit, we need to pacify, to silence, to quieten this matter, so that, as consciousness, we can be liberated from this matter and reunite with that which is the monad, our innermost being. 

These particles are controlled by the law of karma and by our own particular monad, that acts under the law of cause and effect, and controls its own particles from the superior worlds, from the sixth dimension.  That is why, when we say that we are devolving or that we are suffering, we have to understand that our monad is also suffering, because we are part of it.

When we meditate, we relax all of these vehicles that we have, in order to come into contact with our own monad.   This is how Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, the spirit, our own particular monad, our own particular Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים will tell us what to do.  Our own particular monad knows, precisely, what it is that we need, because everything relates to it. 

As you know, when that which is divine nature entangles itself into matter which is not pure, regardless of whether the matter is physical, or internal, emotional or mental, it creates in the physical world, at the level in which we are, what is called a hasnamuss. A hasnamuss, or marut is a nature that is divine and an animal at the same time; superior and inferior.  Every single element in the universe is like that… this a topic that we have talked about in previous lectures.

Now, there exist individuals in the universe, maruts or hasnamussen, that are completely divorced from their particular individual monad in the sixth dimension, because they no longer have any longing for regeneration.  Individuals like that are completely, 100% demons.  They abide, of course, in the inferior worlds. 

We are demons too, just not 100%.  We are 97% demons, 97% conditioned consciousness, but that is OK, as that other 3% are the elements within us that do not want to remain as merely 3%, but 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, … until we are 100% united with the divine. 

That is why we come into this knowledge, why we search for, it in order to acquire, to attain that religare. Religare is a Latin word, that is formed by, Re, which means, “again,” and Ligare, which means, “to bind.”  So, religare means, “to bind again,” and from this word comes the word “religion.” To achieve religion is to re-binding the particles of the consciousness to the divine within.  That is why every individual that submits themselves to a discipline in order to acquire that union is called, “religious.” Now we understand this from the esoteric point of view.

The effort and accomplishment of the union of every particle of our being to our own particular monad, little by little, through a discipline is called, “religion.” 

All the orthodox organizations that exist that we call religions of the world preach that, in a very esoteric, cryptic manner. 

It is not a matter of believing in that, but to practice it; that is what it means to be religious.  It is not about memorizing what is written in certain books, or of accruing intellectual comprehension of the teachings…. it is to perform what other individuals taught in the past, and the main practice in order to acquire that is meditation.  That is why we are always insisting on meditation, because through meditation we delve within our own particular humanity, in order to attain that rebinding, little by little. 

The explanation of how the spirit, the monad started to unbind itself of the particles of itself, in order to organize the matter, in order to acquire knowledge about the development of its own particles, its own powers in matter, is what we call involution. 

Do not mistake or confuse this word involution with another, similar word, devolution. 

Involution is the name we give to the process in which the spirit descends from the superior dimensions into matter, in order to finally appear in the three-dimensional world, by acquiring experience of that development through the superior dimension. 

If we were to call that “evolution,” there might be a little truth to it, but in reality, these two processes or forces are quite different from one another. Involution is the process of the spirit’s descent into matter, and evolution is the process of the development of the monad once it has immersed itself in matter. In other words, involution represents the monad’s journey into matter, and evolution represents the development within matter.

Now, devolution is another thing entirely.  It is that degeneration, or the contrary of involution.  In involution, there is (listen carefully), evolution and devolution in every single dimension.  This is what we have to understand, when we apply the word, involution.  

epochs and planes

The Master Samael Aun Weor explains carefully and in detail in his book, “The Revolution of Beelzebub” how, in the beginning, in the mental dimension that he called the saturnian round, the physical matter that we are using now was only a mineral element in that far, far past cosmic day. 

However, our own monad was activating that physical seed, in order to acquire knowledge of that development, little by little, through the involution of life from the superior dimensions to the three-dimensional world.  We have that knowledge.  We have that wisdom in our body. 

We can read about these matters in the book, “The Revolution of Beelzebub.” But, if we sit down and meditate, and start navigating into our own particular matter, in a retrospective manner, we eventually will reach those states. 

The physical body that we have comes from that age, a very ancient time, physically speaking.  Do not think that our spirit made our physical body, or the particles of our own divine spirit animates our physical body and that we learned how to do so only in this life…. No.  That knowledge, we acquired through the ages, through many rounds.  That is precisely the development of that element, that the Bible calls, Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים. 

Our own particular monad, our spirit, has three atoms:  the atom of the Father, the atom of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. In Kabbalah, these three are called, Kether-כתר, Chokmah-חכמה and Binah-בינה. 

In India, they are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.  Shiva-Shakti, Binah-בינה, the Holy Spirit, is that intelligence that develops its own element (intelligence) through the rounds, the development of matter.  It does it through the matter.  I repeat, the Bible synthesizes the name, Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, as the Lord Jehovah.  This Lord Jehovah, or Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, as we call him, is Binah-בינה, the Holy Spirit.  Every single individual monad has that within.  So, that means each one of us has Shiva-Shakti within, Iod-Havah-יהוה within, the Holy Spirit within.  It is all the same, just different titles for the same creative force. This force is always divided into two: which are, the two polarities of the sexual energy.  This is how the monad acts through the matter, through the sexual energy. 

Master Morya called this energy, “determinant energy” and it exists everywhere in the universe.

Every planet, every sun and every kingdom of planets that exist has this determinant energy, which always polarizes as positive and negative. 

The negative aspect or passive aspect of that sexual energy relates with the multiplication or generation of the matter.  And the positive, the active, belongs to the development of knowledge the intelligence within that mater. 

This is precisely the objective of the universe, to assist with knowledge.  To know about ourselves. 

Here enters that axiom written in the Temple of Delphi: 

“Man know thyself and you will know the universe and the gods, Elohim-אלהים.”

Everything relates to us.  If our own particular spirit, our own particular monad is a drop in the great ocean of life, then if we know that drop we will know the ocean. To know that drop is to know our selves, and all our particles, because that drop unfolds into many particles in order to manifest its own powers, its own creation, its own development.  If we do not meditate, if we do not sink into meditation, how are we going to acquire the knowledge of Brahma, or the Universe that we are a part of? 

Through the ages, in the different rounds in the superior dimensions, matter began to crystallize, until finally reaching the 3-dimensional world in the present cosmic day in which we are right now.  This is what the Bible calls, “Adam,” which you read about in the beginning; Adam, who is that human being created from the dust of the earth. 

The earth is the matter that was developing from the superior dimensions.  It finally crystallized in the 3-dimensional world, and from that emerged Adam.  We are talking in physical terms here; we are referring to the physical body that we have. 

The Bible colds that Adam was male and female.  In Greek terms, we will say, androgynous- ανδρόγυνος, from Andro-ανδρό (meaning, “man”) and Gynos-γυνος (“woman”); both together in one body. 

At that time, when this new physical body appeared in the 3-dimensional world on the continent of Lemuria, that Adam was androgynous, physically speaking.  But that physical body that appeared in Lemuria was the outcome of previous developments of the matter that the monad had acquired in previous cosmic days, previous cosmic rounds, in the fourth and fifth dimensions.  This is how it develops. 

Finally, the body was divided into two sexes.  Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, as we read in the Bible, took Eve, the sexual organ, out of Adam.  In other words, the Lord took the sexual organ, the female aspect from that androgynous being and divided the sexes, that is, made a woman out of that androgynous being. 

So now, of course, our sexes are divided.   The one that did that, was intelligence Binah-בינה, the Holy Spirit, under the direction of great Masters or Cosmos-Creators who already did that in the past, because we are learning, we are students. 

So, when you meditate, if you concentrate on your own matter, you will find it.  You will also find that this matter is always organized thanks to the determinate energy that Master Morya called the sexual energy.  It is easy to comprehend, because the physical body, before being what it is, was a sperm and an ovum.  

Remember that when the sperm fecundates the ovum, the sperm mingles with the ovum and from that mixture comes the physical body; first as a single cell, which then divides into two cells, four cells, eight cells, etc etc etc.  The Fetus is formed in the womb and eventually that emerges out from the womb of the woman.  In that seed within the woman, we see the recapitulation of these statements that we are explaining here, that development of the monad from the past.  In the womb of the woman nature repeats, again, the same processes, in order for the physical body that we have to finally appear.  This is truly wonderful. 

Just by analyzing this, even intellectually, is good.  But it is far better if we do so consciously, in meditation, in order to verify that, in order to know our human nature.  We have a human nature, but the only thing that we have of humanity is our physical body; it has the shape of a human being.  However, the spirit still needs to develop, in order to create the rest of that humanity within us. 

Let us not fall into the mistake of thinking that when we talk about a human, we are referring only to the physical body.  The human being, as it is described in the Book of Genesis, relates not only to the physical world, but also to the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions.  

When we reach the sixth dimension, when we re-gain religare, when we again bind our monad in that process, it is then that we reach the real level of human being.  That is the goal of our human nature.  

At present we have the shape of a human in the physical world, but internally we are still animals; in other words, the animal nature, which is the lower aspect of ourselves, still exists inside of us. 

Even the physical body is not 100% human, because a true human body is immortal.  Not only the shape, but all the attributes of the physical body called human being relates to the fourth dimension.  This is precisely what we need to develop. 

The monad within us also develops the mind and the emotions, according to our own nature.  The emotional and mental aspects that we use in this day and age are not human, but animal.  

Yes, we think, we analyze, we use the intellect.   However, in Gnosticism we know that there are two types of intellect:  one is the illuminated intellect, that is an intellect that is under the direction of the monad;  the other is an ordinary intellect not under the command of the monad, which is the intellect that billions of people on this planet earth use.  That why it is said that we are intellectual animals (anima in Latin means soul). 

An illuminated intellect is something that we have to acquire through meditation, through comprehension and deep analysis.

Genesis states:

“And Adam (the Iod-י, the brain) knew Eve-הוה (Hovah, passion) his wife (the sexual energy); and she conceived, and bare Kain-קין, and said, I have bought a male-fire (in the brain) from Ath Iod-He-Vav-Hei-איש את יהוה.” - Genesis 4:1  

The Bibles says, “Thanks to the Lord, who is Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה.”  All of this implies deep knowledge. 

It literally states: “And Adam (the Iod-י, the brain) knew Eve-הוה (Hovah, passion, the sexual organ), his wife”.  And she, through fornication, conceived and bore Kain-קין (the sensual mind in the brain).  And said, “I (the sexual organ) have gotten a man (a sensual mind in the brain) from the creative energy or the determinant energy again from the Lord,” or from Iod-Havah-יהוה. This is something that we have to explain. 

As you know, the Lord, Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, Binah-בינה, created the physical body that we have, but it was divided.  Every single body has two forces or two polaries:  Adam and Eve.  Adam is the Iod-י, the active or positive energy and Eve-הוה is the passive or negative energy; they become polarized in our body in order to multiply the species and it settles down in the sexual organs, which esoterically are called Eve-הוה (Hovah, passion), whether in the male or female body.  Meanwhile, the positive aspect of that determinate energy settles down in the brain as Iod-י, in order to develop knowledge, intelligence, Binah-בינה. 

That is what we call, Adam and Eve, who are Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה esoterically speaking; they are energetic polarities.

These two forces, positive and negative, active and passive, manifest on different levels.  Physically, as sexes, the man is active, and woman is passive.  However, in both bodies, in women and men, we also have the two polarities, as we have explained. 

The passive is the sexual organ, and the active is the brain.  This is something that we have to understand when we speak about the determinant energy, which is the sexual creative force that manifests in different levels and in different aspects, not only in the physical world, but also in the internal worlds. 

So, when we talk about Adam and Eve, it is something very deep.  We have to not fall into the mistake of thinking of these archetypes in the way that those with infantile minds still do, that these symbols simply represent one man and one woman, in the past, in the garden of Eden.   This is written symbolically.  We have to dig, to delve into that through meditation, in order to uncover the secrets of the knowledge.

The objective of the spirit inside of us, through the humanoid vehicle that we already possess, is to create within ourselves the other elements that belong to the human being. 

Draupadi and Pandavas

Now, let us talk about the second element inside of us, in relation with the Mahabharata, which speaks about this subject beautifully in what is called the Pandavas-पाण्डव. 

The lower aspect of the physical body among the Pandavas-पाण्डव the five brothers, is called, Bhima who is physically very strong, and wears a mask and fights with it; that is the physical body.

The second, the internal aspect is called Yudhishtira, who represents the Bodhichitta that we have to acquire, which is the dharma, the knowledge.  This is why it is said that Yudhishthira was the son of Dharma; that Dharma is the doctrine, it is the knowledge that we have to develop, not intellectually, but consciously, alive inside of us.  In that place that is always in the vital body, because that is the place of the Bodhichitta, the aspect of the fourth dimension. 

“From the Glossary: Bodhichitta

(Sanskrit बोधिचित्त; often spelled bodhicitta, but pronounced "boh-dee-cheeta.") Literally, Bodhi means "enlightenment, wisdom." Chitta means "mind, heart, aim." In synthesis, bodhichitta means the enlightened psyche or the psyche of wisdom. This term has many levels of application.

In Sutrayana (introductory form), bodhichitta is used to describe the altruistic intention to attain enlightenment for the benefit of suffering beings.
In Mahayana teachings, bodhichitta is an elevated state of awareness (prajna) which directly perceives Emptiness (the Absolute).

In Tantrayana, bodhichitta refers to the seminal fluids of the body. The Tibetan version, byan-sems, can be translated either as “enlightenment mind” or “semen.” It must be understood that "semen" (literally "seed") is found in both males and females, and can only create life when combined; the seed-essence (the energy) creates Bodhichitta only in very specific circumstances. Read The Perfect Matrimony.

Samael Aun Weor often expresses the synthesis, which combines all of these meanings.”

After that comes the twin brothers, Nakula and Sahadeva who represent the astral and mental solar bodies. 

Finally, the top is reached which is Arjuna, who represents the causal solar body. 

These are the five aspects, the five brothers.  They must exist within us, yet they do not exist.  So, we have to create them. 

The Bible explains that in order to create that we need the activity of the two polarities: Adam and Eve.  The Book of Genesis further explains that when the monad finally acquired the physical body that we have, it said, “Now is the moment to start.  We need the knowledge of Daath-דעת (gnosis), let us create that with the two polarities, with Adam and Eve,” which are the brain and the sexual organ in each one of us. 

So, we have to acquire control of our brain and our sexual force.  For that, we have to remember Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים.  We always say that the one who does that is the Holy Spirit, Shiva-Shakti.

Intelligence, which is our monad, acts through our pineal gland, which is our physicality.  The pineal gland is the main organ through which we have to work in order to accomplish the goal of our monad.  The pineal gland is the seat of the Holy Spirit. Indeed, we have stated many times that the pineal gland contains the atoms of the Holy Spirit.  Astrologically we say that Neptune-Poseidon, controls the pineal gland, that is, the Holy Spirit, the forces of the water or fluids, namely, cerebral-spinal fluid and genital fluid are controlled by the pineal gland.   

By concentrating on our own pineal gland and our own Holy Spirit is how we connect to the monad.  This is why the main work that the Master Samael Aun Weor taught to us was to remember your being: remember yourself.  When he says, “remember yourself, remember your being” he is not talking about remembering your lust, your ego, he means for you to remember your monad, because that is the reality in us, the real self.  And the way to do that is through the pineal gland.  This why meditation is important. 

When we are concentrated in meditation, and we are remembering our Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, then the pineal gland, the chakra Sahasrara, crown chakra, Kether-כתר chakra enters into activity.  This is how Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, from above, enters and begins controlling these particles, which are related to our own humanity, physically speaking; because he has to transform the other parts of himself into the true human being through alchemy, as he needs to create that humanity.

If we continue fornicating, how then could our own Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים control the sexual forces with which he has to work from the pineal gland, in order to create the rest of humanity in us?  It is impossible.  Through the spasm, orgasm, fornication, we continue multiplying and fortifying the animal elements that we already have developed inside of us.  We have to stop doing that in order to create the other type of humanity.  That implies, of course, the use of willpower and willpower is always related to the pineal gland.  Remember: our motto is Thelema-Τελημα, willpower. 

anatomy adam eveThat Thelema-Τελημα, willpower needs to be active, to work with the pineal gland.  It relates to the human consciousness, to the human soul, because the seat of the human soul is the pineal gland.  Descartes stated that and it is true.  In the pineal gland we have the human soul, we have the Holy Spirit and we have our Thelema-Τελημα, willpower. 

The pineal gland is what we call in Kabbalah, Ratzon La-Kabel-רצון לקבל.  Ratzon-רצון, means “willpower.”  Do not mistake Ratzon-רצון “willpower”  with animal desire-Ratzon Az-רצון עז, which is different.  Animal desire-Ratzon Az-רצון עז is below the pineal gland, in the mind; in the brain in other words, but not in the pineal gland.  The pineal gland is always related with Ratzon La-Kabel-רצון לקבל.  Ratzon La-Kabel-רצון לקבל means, “the will to receive.” In Hebrew, Kabel- קבל means “to receive.” Obviously, this is the root of the word Kabbalah, and it is there, in the pineal gland where you receive the true Kabbalah from the Holy Spirit, Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים.

The mind (Kain-קין) also receives, but as Ratzon Az-רצון עז which means animal desire, which is different.  

Master Samael explained that there are two types of kabbalists, namely: Ratzon La-Kabel-רצון לקבל, “the will to receive from Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים” which is in the pineal gland; and, those whose knowledge remains intellectual, this is, Ratzon Az-רצון עז the animal desire Kain-קין, who receives from Klipoth, which is also in the brain.  It is important to make this distinction, otherwise one can become very confused.  

Of course, in the beginning we receive Ratzon Az-רצון עז, the animal desire to receive in the brain, but we then have to learn Ratzon La-Kabel-רצון לקבל, the will to receive directly from Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, because Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים is the one who teaches the human soul, Abel-הבל.

In this world, I am teaching you in your brain, but you need to learn from your Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, because what I know and what I am teaching you I have acquired through my Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, through my meditation, through my pineal gland, through my Abel-הבל, which is my antennae.  From there, in my physical body, I receive the information that I give, that I enjoy, that I develop in me in order to develop the human being.  You need to do the same, since in order to do Ratzon La-KAbel-רצון לקהבל requires meditation.


The doctrine of the Buddha is that which we have to learn in order to acquire that technique.   Buddha teaches how to control the brain, the mind through the pineal gland.  That is the doctrine of Shakyamuni and many other Buddhists of that tradition.

Adam knew his wife, meaning that humanity or that individual knew about this knowledge, Daath-דעת (gnosis), and with that knowledge knew his wife.  However, in the beginning, as you know, was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  When that determinant energy which was symbolized by the serpent, which was an instructor, came to teach the brain and the sex, the consciousness could not do what was right, could not overcome the temptation from its instructor, and fornicated.  As a human being with a physical body, fornication is wrong. 

So, the human being, physically speaking, fornicated, using the Tree of Knowledge in the wrong way; not in the heavenly way, because from the pineal gland Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים was ready to help us.  But Adam was tempted by Eve-הוה (Hovah, passion), the sexual force and could not control the spasm, the orgasm of animals.  Why? Our nature within is animal. We have to learn.  He tried to learn, but he could not.  Therefore, he created another nature that should not have been created. 

Eve-הוה (Hovah, passion), who was the sexual force that created that nature, as this is a creative force, created that nature with fornication and placed it in the brain.  So, Adam (the brain) knew his wife in that way, sexually, and created Kain-קין.  That Kain-קין, of course, relates to the brain; it is an element that was developed within the brain. 

“And Adam (the Iod-י, the brain) knew Eve-הוה (Hovah, passion) his wife (the sexual energy); and she conceived, and bare Kain-קין, and said, I have bought a male-fire (in the brain) from Ath Iod-He-Vav-Hei-איש את יהוה.” - Genesis 4:1  

So, Adam, the brain, saw that now he had a mind (Kain-קין) because of the sexual energy, which said, “I have created a male-fire (in the brain), thanks to Ath Iod-He-Vav-Hei-את יהוה.”

What is Ath Iod-He-Vav-Hei-את יהוה?

Ath Iod-He-Vav-Hei-את יהוה is Ath-את the Schekinah-שכינה, the creative feminine energy in the genitalia of Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, Binah-בינה, the Holy Spirit, Shiva, the sexual energy, the Iod-י in the pineal gland. 

“I have created this mind (Manu, Man) thanks to Ath Iod-He-Vav-Hei-את יהוה,” says the Bible. 

Yes, unfortunately, through fornication.  That is why it is written, that mind which we created was not heavenly, not human.  That mind became identified with the physical world. 

The brain, as you know, works through the five senses, and this is how we enter in contact with the physical world.  So, we became identified with the physical world. Instead of controlling the physical world, transforming the impressions of the physical world in the right way, we just started eating impressions without digesting them.  The outcome was an indigestion called Kain-קין, who started identifying with the physical world, trying to develop in this physical world through the “tilling of the earth.”  This is what we are.

The mind we have is not human, it is inhuman, animal.  Only an inhuman mind kills. 

Now, after that, through this type of knowledge, through the Tree of Good and Evil (Daath-דעת gnosis), it is written:

“And she (Eve-הוה, Hovah, passion), the genitalia, became pregnant) again and engendered her sibling Ath-Abel את־הבל. And Ath-Abel את־הבל was a keeper of sheep, but Kain-קין was a tiller of the ground.” - Genesis 4:2

Tree Of Lives 4

Where upon the Tree of Life do we place Abel-הבל? 

Abel-הבל is related with the consciousness, within the heart (HaLeb-הלב) and the pineal gland, because the pineal gland is the seat of the soul.   

Abel-הבל, the human soul in the heart, was very weak, because the mind (Kain-קין) was so strongly identified with the physical world, that the consciousness in the heart became a slave to that, even though Ath-Abel את־הבל still was having experiences and knowledge related with the world.  

That is how we are now: we are weak.  In these teachings we say that we are 97% Kain-קין (mind, conditioned consciousness) and 3% Ath-Abel את־הבל (free consciousness).  

“The struggle is terrible: brain against sex, sex against brain, and that which is most terrible, that which is most grave and painful: heart against heart.” - The Perfect Matrimony by Samael Aun Weor  

That is the reality of our psyche.  The mind is ego and the ego is mind; the mind identifies with this physicality, at the expense of our divinity.

“And Kain-קין (the mind) talked with Abel-הבל his brother (the soul in the pineal gland): and it came to pass, when they were in the field (Shaddah-שדה, related with the sexual organ, Abel twin sister), that Kain-קין rose up against Ath-Abel את־הבל his brother (in the heart, HaLeb-הלב), and slew him.” - Genesis 4:8

The Zohar states:

Beatrice Addressing Dante from the Car 1824-7 William Blake 1757-1827 Purchased with the assistance of a special grant from the National Gallery and donations from the Art Fund, Lord Duveen and others, and presented through the Art Fund 1919

“From other words in scripture  we infer that a quarrel arose between them respecting Abel's twin sister, which is further confirmed by the traditional rendering of the words: (ותסף ללדת את־אחיו את־הבל), 'And she brought forth again with her sibling Ath-Abel את־הבל,' showing that Ath-Abel את־הבל was born with a twin sister.” - Zohar

So, Kain-קין and Ath-Abel את־הבל were in the field (Shaddah-שדה, Abel twin sister, the sexual organ, which receives the sexual strength from the blood of the heart) without the presence of Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, the Holy Spirit… here enters again the necessity to remember one’s monad during the sexual act. 

When you go into this knowledge without taking care of your inner Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, without remembering that we, as soul, work on behalf of the spirit, trying to do things by yourself, with your mind, even with your consciousness being weak as we are, the outcome is that the mind will kill the consciousness.

The mind (Kain-קין) is very strong; he has a lot of strength.  Abel-הבל is trying to do his own good through Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים. 

Remember, it is written that before Kain-קין slew Abel-הבל, Kain-קין was offering the outcome of his work with the ground (Malkuth-מלכות), his physical body: 

“And in process of time it came to pass, that Kain-קין brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto Iod-Havah-יהוה. And Abel-הבל, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And Iod-Havah-יהוה had respect unto Abel-הבל and to his offering. But unto Kain-קין and to his offering he had not respect. And Kain-קין was very angry, and his countenance fell. And Iod-Havah-יהוה said unto Kain-קין, Why art thou angry? and why is thy countenance fallen?  If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin crouches at the door. And unto thee shall be its desire, and thou should rule over it.” - Genesis 4:3-7


We want to please Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים with our physicality, that is why it is laughable to see on TV people that think that, because you give a lot of money in the physical world for Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, that Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים is pleased.  No, Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים does not like that type of offering from Kain-קין. 

Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, the Holy Spirit is only interested in the work of your monad, to free the monad, the Ruach-רוח from its prison in your mind; it is like if you offer a sheep, a lamb of Aries, from the particles that we have trapped in our mind.   If you meditate and you liberate even a single sheep out of all the sheep that are trapped in your mind, then your Ruach-רוח, your monad is pleased, as they are parts of him.

So, in this sense, the sacrificing of the sheep represents the blood being spilled, aka, the fire, the light being released from the “animal” form.

That can only be acquired through meditation, and that is why the monad was pleased with Abel-הבל.    This is what he wants. 

Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, the Holy Spirit does not want anything in this physical world.  Why?  We are already slaves of this physicality; we are profoundly attached to the effort to conquer this physical world, to creating, building in this physical world. We are attached to groups, to belonging; when we see a lot of people gathered in once place, under one cause, we feel that they are strong, or right. 

Well, strong how? Like Kain-קין? 

It does not matter if the group is many, or just a single person, the main thing is to understand, to comprehend that we have to be strong in Abel-הבל, because this is what Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים likes.  That is why we need to meditate, to increase our humanity.  The only one who can increase your humanity is you.  I cannot do it for you. 

I remember once when I was with the Master Samael Aun Weor, and we were going to meditate.  One of my friends at that time asked the Master:

“Master, I always have difficulty with my own Kain-קין, my own mind.  To comprehend that and to liberate Abel-הבל, my consciousness. 

Can you give me a hand, in order to comprehend and to annihilate my Kain-קין?” 

Then the Master said, “I do not understand your question. I am giving you a hand!  Did I not write “Revolutionary Psychology”?  Did I not write, “The Great Rebellion?” 

“I gave you a hand already.  Now, if you want me to go inside of you and to comprehend your ego, in order for you to annihilate it? That is impossible.  You have to comprehend your ego.  I cannot do that for you.  And if I do that for you, it will be my consciousness, not yours.”  

“So, I am sorry, I cannot give you a hand.  It is an effort that you must do, and you have to do It.” 

“The Lord Christ, if you incarnate him eventually, he will have to help you in that way.  But here and now, if you were to want me to go into your mind and help you to comprehend, that is impossible.  That is black magic.  So, you have to do it.  You have to put forth your own effort.”

“If you want help, read my books, “Revolutionary Psychology”, “The Great Rebellion.”  

At that time the book, “The Revolution of the Dialectic” was not written yet.  He was writing it.  So, that is the point, we have to give our own effort. 

Remember, Kain-קין and Abel-הבל are within us, here in the head.  Kain-קין is in the brain, and Abel-הבל is in the pineal gland, together with Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, because Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים likes his offering.  The Holy Spirit, and Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים is in the pineal gland too, and all the parts which are above him and relates to the chakra Sahasrara, crown chakra. 

So, I said in the beginning, in that field Kain-קין went against Abel-הבל and killed him.  How did he kill him?   Through fornication.  This is how the Bible explains it: through fornication.  Obviously this is showing us that the mind was stronger than the soul.

From that moment, the consciousness sank more into the sub-consciousness, the inferior consciousness.  So, within us, Abel-הבל is dead and Kain-קין is alive, very strong in the seven levels of the mind. Seven multiplied by seven is 49.  That is why anybody who wants to acquire that humanity has to avenge Abel-הבל by killing Kain-קין; in other words, by transforming Kain-קין, that mind that we have there, little by little.  That is what is within us. 

So, when the Bible talks about Kain-קין and Abel-הבל, understand that these are symbols related to the psyche, to the mind. 

When the Bible speaks about Adam and Eve, this is a symbol of the two polarities, the sexual force, related to all of this. 

The mind and the sexual force always utilizes the two polarities, in order to devolve more, to regress more into the animality, or to create that which is divine.  It is up to us, because all of us are Adam within. 

Through this knowledge is how we develop that divine nature.  However, first, we have to develop the human nature: first there is the human, then the divine. 

The development that we have to do is through meditation, as it is only through meditation that we know ourselves.   To meditate is to comprehend ourselves, to understand ourselves; this is always in concert with our own spirit. 

To meditate is not to mechanically repeat certain mantras or to sit in certain oriental positions… people in this day and age are so identified with the East, with India where they sit down with their certain asanas, certain postures since childhood.  Buddhists also do that since they were children.  In Japan for instance, they call it Zazen, which is to sit down, but by crossing your calves and sitting on your heels. That is another way. 

 A long time ago, when I was practicing martial arts, I remember a teacher from Japan.  He was calmly sitting and talking on his heels like it was nothing.  I, of course, had to imitate the master as he was teaching the martial art, and I was in pain.  My feet were numb, and I was not even listening to what he was talking about, waiting for the moment to release. 

When that moment finally arrived, I was not capable of standing on my feet.  I laid down on the floor in order for that sleepy affect on my legs to go away so I could stand.  Meanwhile, the little Japanese master, just stood up like it was nothing!  Of course, he has been doing that since childhood.  

Therefore, meditation is a discipline that is started early in the East, and is very common, but in the West it is not. 

So, when we teach this, people immediately think that they have to imitate the physical posture of those masters.  No. We are not from India, or Japan, or China and we do not have the custom of sitting in that way. So, sit down in a chair and be comfortable in order to relax and meditate, because meditation is a discipline of the consciousness.  The consciousness is trying to discipline your mind; it is not trying to discipline the mind of someone else.  When you do this, it is the way of knowing yourself.  This is how you know the divine, the human and the animal.

Elemental of black cat

Master Samael Aun Weor explains in the book, Gazing at the Mystery how the black cat is capable of taking you out of your physical body, consciously.  Did you ever read that Chapter in the book?  Buy the book and read it.  The Chapter is called Black Nahual.  It is a cat, very powerful. 

The Nahual is the monad of the cat. Obviously, that monad animates all the atoms of that cat’s physicality.  However, the appearance of that monad is not like the cat, but rather has a kind of human like shape; the only difference is that instead of human feet, he has the feet of a cat.  And, instead of human hands, the paws of a cat, and instead of the head of a human being, the head of a cat, because that monad is a cat.  It is simple. 

I know this, not because I read the book (although I have read the book, and read what the Master said) but because I have performed this practice many times.  I meditated, in other words. 

In order to meditate you need to concentrate.  You concentrate on the animal, meaning you are meditating on the animal.  Part of yourself is part of the animal too, because everything is united in the universe.  We are not separated.  That is why the animal can help you, in that sense; not to comprehend your ego, but to take you out of the body consciously. 

I remember when I was in Canada, Toronto, teaching this doctrine, somebody gave me a beautiful black cat.  It was a kitten.  I would protect him, and he was my friend, a very close friend of mine.  He grew very strong, because those cats are always very strong.  And he would always talk to me, of course, I never understood what he said physically, but internally I understood because communication with animals is easy to understand. 

I was waiting for him to grow to the right size and age, in order for me to work with him, as the Master Samael explained. 

So, I concentrated on him, I was meditating, putting remembrance in my being; my pineal gland was active in order to not forget my being, concentrating in him. I was talking to the cat telepathically. All of a sudden, I saw how he transformed himself into a gigantic animal.  That was the monad. 

Animal is a word that comes from the Latin Anima, meaning, “Soul.” 

So, that anima, that soul, became huge.   I remember, it was about the size of a pine tree.  Huge!  And he appeared as I described before: he had the face of a cat, paws and feet of a cat, all black. 

Then, since I had read the book of the Master already, I knew that was the way that he was going to transform. I asked, “Can you please take me out of my body?” 

I thought that he was going to do it in the way that the Master described in the book.  He did it, of course, but before that he was invoking certain forces from the galaxy.  I remember, that the anima, the nahual, said “I invoke the forces of the galaxy in order to come down, to do this that I am going to do…” words to that effect.

I thought, “What is that? The forces of the galaxy?”  For me that was something new. 

Then he came down and with his paws he took me out of my house and out of my body, as a giant might take a puppet.  Really, in relation to me he was a giant. 

This was all done consciously.  Of course, I understood that through that concentration, that meditation, I got in contact with the monad of that creature, that, on the physical plane, was an animal, a cat. 

When you place your concentration in the body of that animal, and the particles of the monad that animate that body, you immediately enter in contact with the divine.   It is like that with other elements of nature: you concentrate, you analyze and eventually you go and discover a part of the divine. 

Similarly, when you meditate on a plant, as we explained in other lectures, you discover its anima, its soul, that divine element that is within everything.  This is how you discover that all of nature is related with the divine. 

The problem is that the humanity of this planet has forgotten about these things, because we are not in contact with it, even though animals, plants and minerals are in contact with their own monad. 

You see, we believe in that, because we believe it is necessary to believe.  However, I do not believe in that.  I do not need to believe it that, because I have had direct, conscious experiences regarding these matters; I know. 

I have seen many elementals, many monads of plants, of animals and have had experiences with other monads that are more evolved, that we call masters. Therefore, I know that they exist because I have direct experience with this consciously, through my meditations and practices. I do not need to believe. 

People that never had any experience of that kind, need to believe in something.  Or not to believe, as you can deny it as well.  When you acquire that type of experience, to deny it, or to accept it is really irrelevant, because it is there, you remember it.

That is precisely the point of Gnosticism. 

Your own Gnosis is developed through meditation, experience, through your consciousness.  This is how you go into the Bible, read the Bible and understand its kabbalistic symbols, according to your development. When you learn to consciously penetrate into the mysteries of the sacred texts, you do not fall into the mistake of interpreting scripture literally, because everything is symbolic, and contains meaning in different degrees.  

In your development, you discover the different levels of that development within you.  But, if you do not care about that, you may become creative and develop that which we called in the other lecture, “The ugly nature.”  The ugly nature is the nature that we create artificially, in which we live and that we call “civilization.”   In this civilization, you find chairs, tables, buildings, cars, neighborhoods and restaurants; all of that is built, created by Kain-קין, not by Abel-הבל.  Kain-קין utilizes Abel-הבל as his slave in order to do that.

The humanity of this day and age that we have on the planet earth is very identified with this artificial nature that we created, this ugly nature. 

If you compare this artificial, ugly nature that we have here with the nature that has intelligence, consciousness, in the gardens, the forests, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, you will find here that this artificial nature created by Kain-קין, by this subjective intellectuality.  Instead of fresh air, prana, we find smog. Indeed, people are dying because of smog. 

Kain-קין invented different ways to gratify the desires of the mind.  You find in cities, people, after working very hard, and who believe themselves to be very intelligent, they leave their places of work and in order to relax themselves, they smoke tobacco, or marijuana.  In other words, they pollute their divine nature, or their physicality, with something artificial created by Kain-קין.  

Masses of this humanity worship that artificial ugly nature created by Kain-קין.  I do not mean that there are not civilizations that can be aligned according to the great divine force, because they exist, but not upon this planet earth. 

Other individuals from other planets, or in the past, other civilizations developed technology, other artificial natures, but they were not separated from the monad, from the spirit.  They built civilizations that developed according to the monad, to the Spirit in order to develop themselves positively.  In this day and age, we do not have that type of civilization. 

This is an ugly civilization.  An ugly, artificial nature that we created.  And yet you find that people worship this kind of civilization.  There is no Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים.  Atheism is worshiped.   Most people want to explain the origin of the universe through Kain-קין, through subjective reasoning.  They think that the only universe that exist is this physical universe; they merely theorize about other dimensions.  They theorize that maybe the fourth dimension exists, and try to penetrate the fourth dimension. 

Here, however, we do not believe in the fourth dimension, or the fifth, sixth or seventh... we experience that, directly, consciously.

Personally, I have experienced this, so I do not need to believe it.  It is not that I am theorizing; I am talking about my experience.  Maybe you have experienced that, maybe not, but within you lies the possibility, the capacity of experiencing these things, directly.

Those individuals who identify with their physicality, with the physical three-dimensional world, have created this ugliness in which we live, where we only talk about food and clothing, according to the fashion.  About how to lose weight, how we should dress, etc. etc.  Everything focuses on one’s physicality.  And, of course, money…. that’s the main thing in this day and age. 

Unfortunately, on this planet earth, the law of karma, the divine law, utilizes money to punish or reward (when you live in the city).  Here, when you live in the city, you have to pay bills, of electricity, water and all that in order to survive.  This is precisely the organization of Kain-קין on the planet earth, which we call the Black Lodge, which organizes everything in order to make money, and to make the few rich and to exploit the others.  It is an ugly organization, really, that is based on Kain-קין. 

Kain-קין continues to not only kill the soul, like in ancient times, but he is also killing nature.  Now we are destroying nature.  We are destroying the beautiful divine nature of this world for the sake of this ugliness that we have in these cities.  Is that not really sad?  But this is what we are. 

People are so identified that they go to college and study in order to keep building, keep spreading this ugliness.  This ugliness, however, comes from within, as this society is the outcome of the individual.  Without the individual, society would not exist at all.  Ugliness manifests on this planet earth as wars, hunger, assassinations, robberies, and that is all possible because of the ugliness that we carry within; this society is the outcome, the reflection of us.  We created that. 

As it was stated in other lectures, if you want to comprehend who made that table, you should concentrate on that table, and you will discover that table is part of nature, from the wood of nature.  Who took that wood from nature in order to make that table?    Well, somebody else did it; somebody went into the forest and cut the tree. 

After that, the tree went to the lumber yard and other employees were there shaping the wood.  Finally, the carpenter brought the wood and started to make the table.  This is the way we comprehend and understand that the making of that table needed intelligence; evil intelligence, we might say, because sometimes we do not need to cut the tree, but it is done for the sake of making business.

The evil intelligence not only cuts the tree, but it turns it into lumber and many intelligences were necessary in order to accomplish that. 

The table also needs to be varnished and decorated, so that it can finally be the table that we have in a room.

Obviously, before all of that, someone had to have the idea to design and build that table. When such a person invented that, he concentrated and eventually brought that from his mind, from his Kain-קין, in order to make it physical.  He probably thought that he had a good invention, and the table would make a lot of money, and that if he spoke with the necessary people, they would bring all the elements in order to realize this idea, to make a lot of money, regardless of whether the beautiful divine nature outside is killed. 

Making money is the primary concern.  This is how this type of society develops.  We, then, arrive at the conclusion that in order to have the chair that we have, the dresser that we have or the car that we have, everything requires intelligence.

People use their brain to assemble all of those elements in order to make this ugly nature.  You cannot think that you will bring all the elements together to make a simple table, a wood one, for example, and leave it there in a room, leave the room and say, “Okay, in half an hour I will come back and that wood will become that table.”  You know very well that is not how it works; you know that that you need a carpenter.  Indeed, there are many processes that have to be passed in order for that wood to become a table. 

Well, the same thing happens with divine nature.  It just does not appear like the ignoramuses think, that nature came from an explosion, like the Big Bang.  Or, that everything in nature, the trees, plants, animals, all emerged out of mechanical evolution, just by chance.  If that is true, let us take the elements necessary to build a car and leave them in a shop for one week, or better, one year and see whether a car would be built in that time... 

You will need intelligence, even with our stupid intelligence, at least some type of intelligence is still needed to create that.  But yet, there are some people that believe that nature or the universe is not intelligent.  

In order to destroy an atom, we needed the intelligence of great scientists to build the atomic bomb.  That was intelligence, evil intelligence, to destroy the atom.  However, in order to build an atom…. How is it already built?  “Oh, it is by chance.” This is the psychology and the wisdom of this day and age: to destroy you need intelligence, but to build you do not.  

This is what materialistic science expounds: that everything that exists in nature does so by chance, that evolution created everything, without intelligence.  But in order to destroy that, you need intelligence...  Is that really congruent?  Is that the way that we think?

This is precisely the way that many people think on this planet.  Why?  Because they do not meditate.  They just think, and think, and think and think… Kain-קין. 

They are trying to find the origins of the universe by thinking.  That is not the way.  The only part of ourselves that can know the origins of the universe is the consciousness, united with the being.  This is how we develop.  This is how we enter into the comprehension our divine, human and animal natures.

Do you have any questions?

Audience:    What is the root meaning of the term “volution”; as in, evolution, devolution?

Instructor:  To “volute” is to spin.  That is because the creative force, with the solar force, spins, whether clockwise or counterclockwise.  Evolution is clockwise and also spirals, like the quantum phenomenon. It evolves or revolves.  From that comes the words, devolution and revolution, evolution.  We have to understand the meaning of that, the precise way in which the energy can either revolve and ascend, or devolve and go down; or up, backwards or ahead.  It all depends on the consciousness.

Audience: What is the mark of Kain-קין and why does Jehovah protect him after killing Abel-הבל?

Instructor: Why did Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים protect Kain-קין?  He protected him in order to not lose his particles, because the particles of the being are trapped within the mind of Kain-קין and those particles cannot be annihilated.  They only need to be liberated. 

In order to be liberated, we have to remove the seal or the mark, which is a stamp on the forehead of Kain-קין, the mind.  Master Samael says, the mind has 49 levels; to remove the seal from all of those levels implies a lot of concentration, meditation and alchemical work.  

Remember, the Book of Revelation explains that the Lord (the Lamb), takes the first Seal and the second Seal …there are seven Seals.  Those seven Seals, obviously relate to that mark Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים put on the forehead, in the mind, of Kain-קין.  

We are Kain-קין, so we have the opportunity to regenerate ourselves.  That is why he forgave us, to a certain level.  If he would condemn us completely because of our transgressions, we would be lost.  However, we still received this knowledge, because the gods, Elohim-אלהים, that represent Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים has given this knowledge in order for us, as Kain-קין, to die within ourselves and to be reborn a superior being.  But, for that, we have to take the Seal of Kain-קין from the forehead.  I believe that Seal is, 666.  That is the synthesis of the seal, the Beast. 

Audience: Will we devolve faster than others who are not doing the work at all, if do the work without the help of our real being?

Instructor: It is not possible to do the Great Work without the help of our real being, because the one who does the work is the real being. 

If you think that you can, it means that you are thinking you are doing the work by yourself and you are not remembering your inner being, which means, that you are not doing the work, you are doing something else.  If you think in that manner, you are not doing the Great Work…. you might be doing simoniac work. 

A simoniac is somebody that thinks that he is self-sufficient, that he can do what the being can do without the help of the being.  That is not possible.  Those individuals that think in that way, become demons; “simoniacs” is what Dante Alighieri called them.  They deny the Christ. 

Simon the Magician said in his time, “If Jesus, of Nazareth, did what he did by his own will, I Simon the Magician will do the same thing, without the help of Jesus.”  Jesus Christ, Master Aberamentho, was the avatar and the way through which the Lord of Cosmic Rites worked at that time.  By denying him and pushing him aside, he pushed the forces of Lord outside, thinking that he would do the work only by himself.  That is called, Simonianism.

People know this knowledge through Kabbalah, and many Kabbalists think that they can do this without the help of the Lord.  In fact, they deny the Lord, the Christ….  Without divinity it is not possible to do the work. 

It is written in Genesis:

Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie ;;;fot.


And Elohim-אלהים said, “Let there be light. And there was light.”

And Elohim-אלהים said, “Let us divide the waters from the waters.”

And Elohim-אלהים said, “Let us create Adam.”  

You see? Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים is the one who is doing it, through Adam (the Iod-י, the brain) and Eve-הוה (the genitalia), his wife.  Therefore, we have to remember that Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים inside our physicality is in the pineal gland as Iod-י, as an atom.  It has to develop completely and become huge, great.    The only way to do that is by concentrating on him and by meditating,  not by acting mechanically, because mechanicity belongs to the mind.  It belongs to Kain-קין and Kain-קין needs to be avenged seven times.   This is how our intellectuality will, from chastity, Eve-הוה (the genitalia) in her animal state, become divine.

Audience: Can the human soul be self-realized without the help of the monad?

Instructor: This is the same question as the previous one.  Can the human soul be self-realized without the help of the monad?  That is not possible. 

It is like saying, for instance, can my shoes walk without my feet being inside?  They cannot.  For my shoes to walk, I have to put my feet inside of them, then they walk with me.  But the shoes cannot walk without the help of the real being; so, the human soul cannot self-realize without the monad.  That is why it is called the self-realization of the being.

Audience: Why is the monad are necessary?  Is the ego related to Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים?

Instructor: The monad is Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים himself.  The ego is not Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים.  The ego is something ugly, totally created by us through our ignorance.  The ego is Kain-קין.  The monad is Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, above in the sixth dimension, connected to the pineal gland.  That is the divine nature in us. 

Now, the ego is something that should not exist, but yet does within us.  The ego only exists below, here in this three-dimensional world and in Klipoth, Hell.  Above, in the superior dimensions the ego does not exist.

In order to experience that, you have to enter into meditation.  If you meditate, and you concentrate, and leave the physical body.  Not with the mind, but with your consciousness, with your soul, then you will experience what it is to be without ego.  Personally, I do it and I know it in my consciousness.  And I know what the ego is, and what the being is; but, intellectually, we can argue here and have a debate about that, but that would be the intellect, as we are inclined to justify ourselves.  Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים has no ego. While we have ego, we are down here in Hell, trying to explain creation in our own way. 

Audience: Does the monad know how to or is it able to regenerate, to make an intellectual animal if it was to, let us say, devolve into the mineral kingdom?  Does the monad forget how to create an intellectual animal?

Instructor: No.  The one, for instance, who fails in their turn at involution and must disintegrate their matter which is animal in Hell, that monad never loses its knowledge.  That knowledge is already there, and that essence, through the process of evolving again from the mineral into a plant, animal and humanoid again, that monad will acquire more experiences related with those processes.  But, it will stagnate again, if we don’t then take that leap to a higher level, because we have to go beyond that.  However, in order to go beyond that, we have to act with knowledge, superior knowledge. 

Of course, the monad can acquire that type of knowledge, knowledge of evolution and devolution, three thousand times.  After three thousand times of acquiring knowledge of the mineral, plant, animal and humanoid kingdoms, they develop very strong knowledge about those processes.  Beyond that, they are like nothing. 

The same happens with a master, for instance, a fallen bodhisattva.   The fallen bodhisattva falls again into animal generation and starts doing the same stupidities that they were doing before being self-realized.  He can even become a demon.  But the monad never, ever loses the mastery.  There are many demons, fallen angels there in Hell, who have monads up there that are masters, and they are just waiting for those demons to disintegrate in order to continue their development. 

The monad never loses the experience or the knowledge it acquires.  Never, at any level. 

No more questions.  Then, I invite you to meditate.  Without meditation, there is no knowledge to be developed.  But it must be real meditation, not mechanical.  Real meditation goes directly within; it is to know yourself in relation to anything, especially with the ego.  

Audience: If Chavah-חוה, Eve-הוה represents the physical body, and both genitals, sexual organs, how does one retain and the sublimate the fire in order to awaken the Schekinah-שכינה within the Vav-ו?

Instructor: It is written:

Shiva Shakti5


And the angel of Iod-Havah-יהוה appeared unto him (Moses) in the heart of fire, Belabath Esh-בלבת־אש.” - Exodus 3:2

“And Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent-שרף, and set it upon a pole (the Vav-ו or womb of the Schekinah-שכינה): and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he beholds-שראה (Sarah-שרה) upon it, shall live (Chai-חי).” - Numbers 21:8

The Hebrew word for life is Chai-חי. The letter Chet-ח contains the letters Vav-ו and Zayin-ז sexually united; and Iod-י is the Tzalem-צלם.

And in the conjuration of the seven of the wise Solomon is written:

“By the divine and human name of Shaddai-שדי, and by the sign of the pentagram that I hold in my right hand, in the name of the angel Anael-מלאך חניאל, by the power of Adam and Eve who are Iod-י- Chavah-חוה, begone Lilith-לילית! Let us rest in peace, Nahemah-נחמה!”

And the Zohar states:

"Why the letter Hei-ה was added to the name ' Abram-אברם?

Had Sarah only attained this Hei-ה or degree, the posterity of Abram-אברם would then have been only children of the lower degree (Vav-Hei-וה) of divine life and knowledge or merely proselytes, here designated by the name of Col-כל, “all.”

Owing, however, to the addition of the higher Hei-ה (of Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה) symbolizing the divine life (Chai-חי of Jah-יה), to Abram, and the lower Hei-ה to the name of Sarai-שרי, it became possible to engender and bring forth offspring who would be able to attain to the same degree of initiation in divine life as their ancestors, Abraham and Sarah-אברהם ושרה. The union of the two Hei-ה’s  produced the Iod-י, the first letter in the name of Isaac-יצחק emblem of (Geburah-גבורה) the male principle (within the Vav-ו or womb of Sarah-שרה, the Schekinah-שכינה, the Divine Mother Kundalini), which from the time of his birth, began to increase upon the earth; that is to say, from the time of the birth of Isaac-יצחק, humans began to be born and come into the world who lived the higher and diviner life (Chai-חי), and therefore it is written:

“And Elohim-אלהים said unto (Chesed-חסד) Abraham-אברהם, Let it not be grievous in thy sight because of the lad, and because of thy bondwoman; in Col-כל, “all” that Sarah-שרה (the Schekinah-שכינה, the Divine Mother Kundalini) hath said unto thee, hearken unto her voice; for in Isaac-יצחק shall thy seed be called.” Genesis 21:12 - Zohar

As we have stated many times before we have three hands or three Iods (Iodaim-ידיים): So, "the sign of the pentagram that I hold in my right hand," is Adam Kadmon-אדם קדמון, represented by the letter Iod-יד of the Holy Name of Elohim-אלהים, that is Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה. This Iod-יד when descending becomes the Iod-יד of Yesod-יסוד, sex. So, the Iod-יד of Yesod-יסוד, sex contains the Tzalem-צלם or image of Elohim-אלהים. This Iod-יד of Yesod-יסוד, sex will develop Adam Ha-Rishon-אדם הראשון unto the image and likeness of Elohim-אלהים within the Vav-ו, or womb of the Schekinah-שכינה, Chavah-חוה, aka Eve (Hovah-הוה, passion, to experience in the Iod-יד of Yesod-יסוד, sex).

Within the name Chavah is hidden (חוה: to experience) the secrets of the path.


adam heva letter chet

Because, in the sexual act the letter Hei-ה is transformed into a Cheth-ח when we transmute the sexual force.


Because the letters of the holy name of God above in Daath is Iod-Hei יה, Jah, and Vav-Hei וה Adam-Eve sexually crossed themselves in Yesod-יסוד below in Malkuth-מלכות, transform into the letter Cheth-ח.

Why is Adam represented by the letter Vav-ו?

It is because Adam is made male-female in the sixth day within the womb of Eve-הוה, the Schekinah-שכינה, which is the Vav-ו, the central nervous system.

Central Nervous System1

The value of Iod-י is 10, the value of Hei-ה is 5, the value of Vav-ו is 6, and the value of Hei-ה is 5, so יהוה is 26, 2 plus 6 = 8, and the value of the letter Cheth-ח is 8.


 Zayin-ז and Vav-ו joint together make the letter Cheth-ח

Moreover, Vav-ו is 6 and Zayin-ז is 7 = 13, 1 plus 3 = 4, the Tetragrammaton, יהוה.

We know very well that Iod-י always represents that which is in potential, the archetype within the seed. In this case, this Iod-י is the sexual potential, the shakti potential, within which the archetypal image of our own inner God is hidden. In order to take that image, that Tzalem-צלם, and turn it from potentiality into reality, requires us to know how to handle that force in an intelligent and upright manner.

That shakti potential is spiritual fire, and the vessel or womb for that fire is the Vav-ו of Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה, which is the spinal column of any one of us. Those who are wise with their Iod-י, and who learn to retain and sublimate that force, that shakti potential, regenerate themselves, spiritually and physically. However, in order to fully awaken the fire of IO-יו, of "Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה, requires us to unite the two Hei’s of Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה.

Hei-ה is the 5th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and this is significant, as the Divine Mother possesses 5 aspects, one of which is the Kundalini which lies asleep in the coccyx of each of us, waiting to be awoken. The only way to awaken this force, the Schekinah-שכינה, is by entering into Alchemy; in other words, it is to unite the two Hei-ה of "Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה," that is, the man and the woman, because Hei-ה represents the sexual organs. It is only through sexual alchemy that a force powerful enough to awaken IO-יו, of "Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה," the Divine Mother Kundalini exists.


"The sacrifice of cattle, cows, bulls, is a horrible crime befitting of these people and of this lunar race.

The two races, the solar and the lunar, have always existed in eternal conflict within the world.

Abraham, Ia-Sac, Ia-Cab, Io-Sep, were always worshippers of the sacred cow, “IO,” or of the Egyptian Goddess Isis; yet Moses already, or better said, Ezra (the reformer, who altered the teachings of Moses), demanded the sacrifice of the cow and the calf.  Thus, let the blood fall upon everyone’s head, especially their children’s.

The sacred cow is the symbol of the Divine Mother, Isis, whom no mortal has ever yet unveiled.

The Twice-born form the solar race, the solar nation; the people of the solar race would never assassinate a sacred cow.  The Twice-born are children of the sacred cow.

Chapter 29 of Exodus is pure and legitimate black magic.  In that chapter, unjustly attributed to Moses, the ritualistic ceremony of cattle sacrifice is minutely described.

The lunar race mortally hates the sacred cow.  The solar race adores the sacred cow.

H.P.B. really saw a five-legged cow.  The fifth leg came out of the back; with it the cow scratched herself, scared away the flies, etc.  That cow was led by a young man of the Sadhu sect, in the land of Hindustan.

The five-legged cow is the guardian of the lands and temples of the Jinn.  The Prakriti, the Divine Mother, develops within the Solar Man the power which permits him to enter into the lands of the Jinn, into their palaces, temples, into the gardens of the Gods.

The only thing that separates us from the land of Jinn enchantments and marvels is a great stone that we must learn how to move.

Kabbalah is the science of the cow (vaca); by reading the three syllables of the word Kabbalah in reverse, we have (la baka) la va-ca. [Editor: Spanish for “cow]

The stone of Kaaba at Mecca, read in reverse, is (baka) vaca (Cow) or the stone of the cow. The great sanctuary of Kaaba is really the sanctuary of the cow.

The Prakriti in man is fecundated with the sacred fire and becomes the five-legged sacred cow.

Sura 2:73 of the Koran is marvelous; it talks about the members of the cow as something extraordinary, capable of even resurrecting the dead, or in other words, lunar men (intellectual animals), in order to lead them to the primeval light of the solar religion.

We, Gnostics, adore the sacred cow: we worship the Divine Mother." - Practical Astrology by Samael Aun Weor

The fire in the Vav-ו, which is the womb of the Schekinah-שכינה, the impelling force in nature; fire is the will to action. Fire is the energy that permits, sustains and renews life; God is fire. Fire is energetic potentiality. Fire is temptation. When we burn the chaff of temptation within the fires of the Schekinah-שכינה, that fire grows, and the outcome is more light; when we allow ourselves to be overcome by temptation, that fire instead consumes us, destroys us.

“Everything in its place”: the fire in the fireplace provides light, warmth, comfort; the fire outside of the fireplace destroys the house. Every moment of temptation is an opportunity for more light, or for more suffering. Lucifer (Latin for "light-bringer," which reminds us that fire is the "light-bringer"), Christus-Lucifer is the great instructor of humanity.

Remember that the word for fire in Hebrew is Esh-אש, Aleph-Shin. When kabbalistically investigated, we find that Esh-אש has a value of 301 (Shin is 300, Aleph is 1), which when reduced is 4, the tetragrammaton:

“For Iod-Havah-יהוה (the tetragrammaton) thy Elohim-אלהים (Binah-בינה) is a consuming fire, (and as Chesed-חסד) a jealous El-אל, God.” - Deuteronomy 4:24

Thank you very much.