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Prakriti, the Divine Mother, is the primordial substance of nature.

Several substances, different elements and sub-elements exist within the universe, but all of these are different manifestations of a single substance.

The Great Mother, the Prakriti, the primordial matter, is the pure Akasha contained within the entire space.

Mahamanvantara and Pralaya are two very important Sanskrit terms with which Gnostic students must become familiarized.

Mahamanvantara is the Great Cosmic Day. Pralaya is the Great Cosmic Night.  During the Great Day, the universe exists.  When the Great Night arrives, the universe ceases to exist and becomes dissolved within the bosom of the Prakriti.

The immeasurable infinite space is full of solar systems, which have their Mahamanvantaras and Pralayas.

While some are in their Maha-manvantara, others are in their Pralaya.

Millions and billions of universes are being born and dying within the bosom of the Prakriti.

Every cosmos is born from the Prakriti and is dissolved within the Prakriti.  Every world is a ball of fire that becomes ignited and extinguished in the bosom of Prakriti.

Everything is born from the Prakriti; everything returns to the Prakriti.  She is the Great Mother.

The Bhagavad-Gita states,

The Great Prakriti is my womb; in that I place the seed; thence, oh Bharata, is the birth of all beings!

Whatever forms are produced, oh Kountreya, in any womb whatsoever, the Prakriti is their womb and I am the seed-giving father.

Sattva, Rajas and Tamas these three Gunas (aspects or qualities) born of the Prakriti, oh mighty-armed one, bind fast the embodied to the body.

Of these Gunas, Sattva which from its stainlessness is luminous and good, binds by attachment to happiness and by attachment to knowledge, oh, impeccable one.

Know thou, oh, Kountreya, that Rajas is of the nature of passion, the source of desire and attachment; this Guna binds fast the embodied being to action.

But know thou, oh, Bharata, that Guna Tamas is born of ignorance, deluding all embodied beings; it binds fast the embodied being, by heedlessness, laziness, and sleep. [asleep consciousness, the sleep of consciousness]

During the Great Pralaya, these three Gunas are in perfect equilibrium on the great scales of justice; when imbalance of these three Gunas is produced, the aurora of the Mahamanvantara is initiated and the universe is born from within the bosom of the Prakriti.

During the Great Pralaya, the Prakriti is unitotal, integral.  In the manifestation, in the Mahamanvantara, the Prakriti is differentiated by the three cosmic aspects.

The three aspects of the Prakriti during the manifestation are: first, the infinite space; second, her aspect in Nature; third, her aspect within any human being.

The Divine Mother in infinite space, the Divine Mother in Nature, and the Divine Mother in any human being are the three mothers, the three Marys of Christianity.

Gnostic students must comprehend very well these three aspects of the Prakriti, since this is fundamental in the esoteric work.  Besides, it is urgent to know that the Prakriti has its own particularity within any human being.

Gnostic students must not find it strange if we affirm that the particular Prakriti of each human being even has her own individual name. This means that we also have a Divine Mother within each of us.  The comprehension of this is fundamental for the esoteric work.

The Second Birth is something different.  The Third Logos, the sacred fire, must first fecundate the sacred womb of the Divine Mother; then follows the Second Birth.

She, the Prakriti, is always a virgin, before childbirth, during childbirth, and after childbirth.

In the eighth chapter of this book we will talk in depth about the practical work related to the Second Birth.  Now, we only give a few guidelines.

Every Master of the White Lodge has his own particular Divine Mother, his Prakriti.

Every Master is the child of an immaculate virgin.  If we study comparative religions, we discover immaculate conceptions everywhere. Jesus was conceived by the deed and grace of the Holy Spirit; the mother of Jesus was an immaculate virgin. Religious scriptures state that Buddha, Jupiter, Zeus, Apollo, Quetzalcoatl, Fu-Ji, Lao-Tse, etc., etc. were children of immaculate virgins, virgins before childbirth, in childbirth, and after childbirth.

In the sacred land of the Vedas, Devaki, the Hindu virgin, conceived Krishna, and in Bethlehem, the Virgin Mary conceived Jesus.

In yellow China, on the banks of the Fu-Ji river, the virgin 姜嫄 Jiang Yuan steps on the footprint of the Great Man, covered by a marvelous brilliance, and her womb conceives 后稷 Hou Ji, the Chinese Christ, by the deed and grace of the Holy Spirit.

A basic condition for the Second Birth is for the Third Logos, the Holy Spirit, to first intervene, fecundating the virginal womb of the Divine Mother.

In Hindustan, the sexual fire of the Third Logos is known under the name of Kundalini, and is symbolized by a serpent of burning fire.

The Divine Mother is Isis, Tonantzin, Kali, or Parvati, the wife of Shiva, the Third Logos, and her most powerful symbol is the sacred cow.

The serpent must ascend along the spinal canal of the sacred cow; the serpent must fecundate the womb of the Divine Mother; it is only in this manner that the immaculate conception and the Second Birth arrive.

The Kundalini, in itself, is a solar fire that is enclosed inside a magnetic center located in the coccygeal bone, at the base of the spinal column.

When the sacred fire awakens, it ascends through the spinal canal along the spinal column, opening up the seven centers of the spinal column and fecundating the Prakriti.

The fire of the Kundalini has seven degrees of power and it is necessary to ascend this septenary ladder of fire in order to achieve the Second Birth. When the Prakriti is fecundated with the flaming fire, it then has formidable powers to help us.

To be born again is equivalent to entering the Kingdom.  It is very rare to find a Twice-born. Rare is the one who is born a second time.

Whosoever wants to be born again, whosoever wants to achieve Final Liberation, must eliminate the three Gunas of the Prakriti from their nature.

The one who does not eliminate the Guna Sattva becomes lost within the labyrinth of theories and abandons the esoteric work.

The one who does not eliminate Rajas fortifies the lunar ego by means of anger, covetousness, and lust. We must not forget that Rajas is the very root of animal desire and the most violent passions. Rajas is the root of all concupiscence.  The latter, in itself, is the origin of every desire. The one who wants to eliminate desire must first eliminate the Guna Rajas.

The one who does not eliminate the Guna Tamas will always have the consciousness asleep. He will be lazy. He will abandon the esoteric work due to slacking, inertia, laziness, lack of willpower, lack of warmth, lack of spiritual enthusiasm. He will be a victim of the foolish illusions of this world and he will succumb to ignorance.

It has been stated that after death, the people of Sattvic temperament go on vacation to the paradises (or molecular and electronic kingdoms) where they enjoy infinite bliss before returning into a new womb.

Initiates know very well by direct experience that the people of Rajasic temperament re-embody or return into this world immediately, or remain at the threshold awaiting the opportunity to enter a new womb, but without having had the bliss of some vacation within the different kingdoms of happiness.

Every enlightened one knows with total certainty that, after death, people of a Tamasic temperament join the Infernal Worlds situated by Dante in his Divine Comedy, beneath the crust of the Earth within the entrails of the subterranean world.

It is urgent to eliminate the three Gunas from our inner nature if we truly want to accomplish the esoteric work successfully.

The Bhagavad-Gita states,

When the seer beholds no agent other than the Gunas, and knows the One who is higher than the Gunas, he attains to my Being.

Many would like a technique to eliminate the three Gunas but we affirm that it is only by dissolving the lunar ego that one can successfully eliminate the three Gunas.  The one who remains indifferent and is not perturbed by the Gunas, the one who realizes that the Gunas are only performing a function, and remains firm without vacillating, is the one who has already dissolved the lunar ego.

The one who feels equally in pleasure or in pain, who dwells in his own Being, who gives equal value to a piece of clay, to a small pebble or to a gold nugget, who remains impartial before the pleasant and the unpleasant, before censure and praise, in honor or dishonor, before a friend or an enemy, and who has renounced every egotistical and earthly enterprise, is the one who has already eliminated the three Gunas and dissolved the lunar ego.

The one who no longer has concupiscence, who has extinguished the fire of lust in all forty-nine subconscious departments of the mind, has eliminated the three Gunas and has dissolved the lunar ego.

The earth, water, fire, air, space, mind, intellect, and the ego are the eight categories into which my Prakriti is divided.

This is how it is written; these are the words of the Blessed One.

At the dawning of a Great Cosmic Day, all beings manifest, proceeding from within the unmanifested Prakriti, and at dusk, when the Great Cosmic day sets, they disappear within the same unmanifested Prakriti.

Behind the unmanifested Prakriti is the unmanifested Absolute.  It is necessary to first enter within the unmanifested Prakriti before submerging ourselves within the bosom of the unmanifested Absolute.

The blessed Goddess Mother of the world is that which is called love.  She is Isis, whom no mortal has ever unveiled; in the flame of the serpent we adore her.

All the great religions worshipped the Cosmic Mother; she is Adonia, Insobertha, Rhea, Cybele, Tonantzin, etc., etc., etc.

The devotee of the Virgin Mother can ask; the sacred scriptures state, “Ask and thou shalt be given, knock and it shalt be opened.”

Worlds are gestated in the great womb of the Divine Mother.  Virgo governs the womb.

Virgo is very intimately related with the intestines and especially with the pancreas and the islets of langerhans, which secrete insulin, so important for sugar digestion.

When they arrive at the belly, the forces that ascend from the earth become charged with adrenal hormones that prepare them for their ascent to the heart.

During this sign of Virgo (the Celestial Virgin), lying on our backs with the body relaxed, we must move the belly with small “jumps,” so that the energies which ascend from the Earth can become charged in the belly with the adrenal hormones.

The Gnostic student must comprehend the importance of that cauldron called the stomach and put an end to the vice of gluttony forever.

The disciples of Lord Buddha sustained themselves with only one meal a day.

Fish and fruits constitute the principal food of the inhabitants of the planet Venus.

Marvelous vital principles exist in grains and vegetables of all types.

The sacrifice of cattle, cows, bulls, is a horrible crime befitting of these people and of this lunar race.

The two races, the solar and the lunar, have always existed in eternal conflict within the world.

Abraham, Ia-Sac, Ia-Cab, Io-Sep, were always worshippers of the sacred cow, “IO,” or of the Egyptian Goddess Isis; yet Moses already, or better said, Ezra (the reformer, who altered the teachings of Moses), demanded the sacrifice of the cow and the calf.  Thus, let the blood fall upon everyone’s head, especially their children’s.

The sacred cow is the symbol of the Divine Mother, Isis, whom no mortal has ever yet unveiled.

The Twice-born form the solar race, the solar nation; the people of the solar race would never assassinate a sacred cow.  The Twice-born are children of the sacred cow.

Chapter 29 of Exodus is pure and legitimate black magic.  In that chapter, unjustly attributed to Moses, the ritualistic ceremony of cattle sacrifice is minutely described.

The lunar race mortally hates the sacred cow.  The solar race adores the sacred cow.

H.P.B. really saw a five-legged cow.  The fifth leg came out of the back; with it the cow scratched herself, scared away the flies, etc.  That cow was led by a young man of the Sadhu sect, in the land of Hindustan.

The five-legged cow is the guardian of the lands and temples of the Jinn.  The Prakriti, the Divine Mother, develops within the Solar Man the power which permits him to enter into the lands of the Jinn, into their palaces, temples, into the gardens of the Gods.

The only thing that separates us from the land of Jinn enchantments and marvels is a great stone that we must learn how to move.

Kabbalah is the science of the cow (vaca); by reading the three syllables of the word Kabbalah in reverse, we have (la baka) la va-ca. [Editor: Spanish for “cow]

The stone of Kaaba at Mecca, read in reverse, is (baka) vaca (Cow) or the stone of the cow. The great sanctuary of Kaaba is really the sanctuary of the cow.

The Prakriti in man is fecundated with the sacred fire and becomes the five-legged sacred cow.

Sura 2:73 of the Koran is marvelous; it talks about the members of the cow as something extraordinary, capable of even resurrecting the dead, or in other words, lunar men (intellectual animals), in order to lead them to the primeval light of the solar religion.

We, Gnostics, adore the sacred cow: we worship the Divine Mother.

With the help of the sacred five-legged cow, we can enter the temples of the Gods with the physical body in the Jinn state.

If the student meditates profoundly on the five-legged cow, on the Divine Mother, and implores her to place his physical body in the Jinn state, he can succeed.  The important thing is to arise from bed without losing drowsiness, like a somnambulist.

The placing of the physical body in the fourth dimension is something extraordinary, something marvelous, and this is only possible with the help of the sacred five-legged cow.

We need to totally develop the sacred cow within ourselves in order to accomplish the marvels and the prodigies of the Jinn science.

The Divine Mother is very close to her child. She is within the very Innermost of each of us, and it is of Her, precisely of Her, that we must ask for help during the difficult moments of existence.

There are three types of food: Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic.

Sattvic foods are constituted of flowers, grains, fruits, and that which is called Love.

Rajasic foods are strong, passionate, excessively hot, too salty, exaggeratedly sweet, etc.

Really, Tamasic foods are constituted by blood and red meat. They do not have love; they are bought and sold, or are offered with vanity, pride, and haughtiness.

Eat what is necessary in order to live: neither too little, nor in excess. Drink pure water, blessed foods.

Virgo is the zodiacal sign of the Virgin Mother of the World. It is in the house of Mercury. Its minerals are jasper and emerald.

In practice we have been able to verify that Virgo natives are unfortunately quite excessive in their reasoning, beyond the norm, and skeptical by nature.

Reason and the intellect are very necessary, but when they come off track they are then very harmful.

The natives of Virgo are good in science, psychiatry, medicine, the study of nature, the laboratory, pedagogy, etc.

The natives of Virgo cannot get along with Piscean people and that is why we advise them to avoid marriages with people of Pisces.

The most lamentable thing of Virgo people is the inertia and skepticism that characterizes them.  However, it is interesting to know that tense inertia tends to go from the material to the spiritual, up to where it is accessible through experience.

The critical-analytical talent of Virgo is formidable, and among the great geniuses of this sign is Goethe, who succeeded in transcending the material, the inertia, and entered into high scientific spirituality.

Nonetheless, all Virgo natives are not Goethe. Ordinarily, the materialists, atheists, and enemies of everything that hints of spirituality abounds among the mediocre of this sign.

The egotism of the mediocre people of Virgo is something too grotesque and repugnant, but the “Goethes” of Virgo are genial, highly altruistic, and profoundly disinterested.

The natives of Virgo suffer in love and undergo great deceptions, due to the fact that in Virgo, Venus (the star of love) is in exile.