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“The transfiguration occurs when he interprets the law of Moses with total intelligence, by teaching unto the people and unfolding in his works all of the marvelous zeal of Eliao אליהו.”  - Tarot and Kabbalah by Samael Aun Weor

The sixth sephirah Tiphereth תפארת relates to the sixth letter Vav ו (between Yesod VaDaath יסוד ודעת). So, Tiphereth תפארת, the human soul is the Vav ו of David דוד and Eliao אליהו. The three letters Vav ו of the letter Shin ש relate to the three pillars of the tree of life, likewise to Tiphereth תפארת, Abel הבל, the heart HaLeb הלב, the kingdom of the Son Yeshuah יהשוה, which relates to the letter Shin ש of Israel ישראל and Moshe משה.

Today, we are going to go deeper into this theme in order to understand the way in which we have to work in order to cultivate our relationship with our own divinity, to worship our own divinity. Remember that we always kabbalistically state that God in Hebrew is אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, that which is divine, is always within us, in different aspects, different levels, whether we are conscious of it or ignorant about it.

To begin, we have to speak about the first triangle of the Tree of Life, in order for us to comprehend the way in which God, אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, works physically within us. Remember that in Kabbalah we always study the Tree of Life and we always emphasize the first triangle or the upper three sephiroth of the first triangle which in Kabbalah are called Kether, Chokmah and Binah. When translated into English, the names of these three sephiroth mean, “crown,” “wisdom” and “understanding,” respectively. These three aspects of the world of Atziluth עולם האצילות, the world of archetypes, in our physical body relate to our head. We have stated that we possess an atom of each of these three principles, that in Christianity are called Father (Kether), Son (Chokmah), and Holy Spirit (Binah), in our head. The atom of the Father is a magnetic center; we place this magnetic center at the root of our nose, between the eyebrows. The atom of the Son is in the pituitary gland, and the atom of the Holy Spirit in the pineal gland. Everybody has them. We have also stated that these three primary forces also manifest through our three brains: the intellectual brain, the emotional brain, and the motor-instinctual-sexual brain.

We stated that the intellectual brain is related with the physical brain and spinal medulla, what we call the central nervous system. The heart, which is the center of the emotional brain, relates to the grand sympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system, also called vagus nervous system, relates to the third Force, the Holy Spirit, Binah and the motor-instinctual-sexual brain.

What we have to comprehend is that, even though these three primary forces are called Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each one of them in and of themselves are androgynous (Greek ανδρόγυνος). When we say Father, we understand that this Father is in actuality androgynous (man άνδρας - woman γυναίκα), that is masculine-feminine. When we say Son, we do so recognize that this force is masculine-feminine; likewise with the Holy Spirit. In India these three primary forces, Father, Son and Holy Spirit are called Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, respectively; these are the three primary forces represented in the Hindu Pantheon. However, in India, you find these beautiful symbols in the stories of Brahmanism represented in a different way to the manner in which they are represented in the West. Next to Brahma, you find Sarasvati, his wife; next to Vishnu (the Son) you find Lakshmi his wife; and next to Shiva, you find Parvati his wife.


Behold here these three primary forces represented in the feminine aspect as Sarasvati, Lakshmi and Parvati.

So, these are the three feminine aspects of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in Hinduism. We have to make use of them in order to comprehend this symbol from India, in order for us to understand that the wife of each aspect of the Trinity is part of our own Self, they are one, united. So, when we think about the Holy Trinity which is the first triangle, we have to comprehend that they have both forces, masculine and feminine, even though we call them Father Son and Holy Spirit.

Immediately, kabbalistically speaking, when we say Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we know that they are androgynous, even though the nouns are masculine in English. This is due to a problem with the English language, that lacks any way to specify the androgenicity of divinity, without resorting to the Greek name, which is ανδρόγυνος androgynous, in order to specify that it has the two forces. But in English, there is no word. Therefore, we have to emphasize the point that, those who think that God is masculine are halfway to atheism, without knowing it. Only those that understand that God is Goddess, male-female can be true theists.

There are many people that claim that they don't worship the Virgin Mary, especially amongst the evangelists, who are typically against Catholicism (Latin catholicus "universal" from Greek katholikos καθολικός, from phrase kath' holou "on the whole" from kata "about" + genitive of holos "whole" from solos - sun "whole").

Jesus did not found the Roman Catholic Church, but Jesus founded the Gnostic Church. The Gnostic Church existed in the times of Saint Augustine. This is the church that was known by Jerome, Empedocles, Saint Thomas, Marcion of Pontus, Clement of Alexandria, Tertulian, Saint Ambrose, Harpocrates, and all of the first fathers of the church. In that epoch, the church was named the Catholic Gnostic Church. The Roman Catholic Church in its present form was not founded by Jesus. This Roman Church is a deviation or corruption, a fallen branch of holy Gnosticism. The Roman Catholic Church is a cadaver. Humanity needs to return to the point of departure, it needs to return to the holy Gnosticism of the Hierophant Jesus. Humanity needs to return to the primeval Christianity, to Gnostic Christianity.” - Samael Aun Weor

So, such people are really half atheist, because you have to understand that these two polarities are "universal" (Latin catholicus). Unfortunately, in Kabbalah, which is mystical Judaism, the truth is revealed and spoken in a very cryptic manner, through the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. This why we always speak about the sacred name of (Elohim אלהים) Gods-Goddesses, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, that is the sacred name of (Elohim אלהים) Gods-Goddesses, which we call the Tetragrammaton.

The holy name Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה precisely demonstrates the reality of the two polarities of divinity, because Iod י and Vav ו are masculine, while the letter Hei ה is always feminine. So, that is why we find that the letter Hei ה is in the middle of Iod-Hei-Vav יהו and at the end of the word Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה; that is the feminine aspect. So, in the very name of God-Goddess, you'll find that.

Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה is translated as Jehovah, which correct prounciation we said is Iod-Havah. We have previously explained that the first triangle of the Tree of Life, Father Son and Holy Spirit, represent the three first letters Iod-Hei-Vav יהו, which when translated into English is IAO, they emanated from the second Hei ה of Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, the Prakriti, Asherah אשרה, the Ain Soph אין סוף.

Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie; ;MNK I-406;;fot. Pracownia Fotograficzna MNK

“The three aspects of the Prakriti (Asherah אשרה) during the manifestation are: first, the infinite space; second, her aspect in Nature; third, her aspect within any human being.

The Divine Mother in infinite space, the Divine Mother in Nature, and the Divine Mother in any human being are the three mothers, the three Marys of Christianity.” - Practical Astrology by Samael Aun Weor

When you study the Book of Genesis, the very beginning, we always mention the phrase:

בראשית ברא אלהים

Berasheeth Bera Elohim

We state that this word Berasheeth בראשית is translated as, “In the beginning.”

When we ask in Kabbalah, “Who is the one that created the universe?” We say, “Asher אשר, Who is the one that created the universe.” One is a question and the other is an answer: Who is? Who is the one. Because in Hebrew, the word “Asher אשר means Who” is formed by the letters Aleph א - Shin ש - Resh ר, which is read as Asher אשר, which is right in the middle of the first word of the Book of Genesis, Berasheeth בראשית.  If we move the letter Reish ר of Asher אשר to the front of the word, it becomes Rosh ראש, which means “head.” The rest of the letters, as we have explained in other lectures. Beth ב, Iod י and Tav ת together make the word “Baith בית which means house.”

The Baith בית, house of Elohim אלהים God-Goddess is the physical body. I remember that Paul of Tarsus in one of his letters in the New Testament states:

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God (or the house of God, אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה), and that the (Holy) Spirit of God (the Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים) dwelleth in you?” - 1 Corinthians 3: 16

This is a kabbalistic statement that only those that know about this mystery understand because, physically speaking, in order for us to imitate Elohim אלהים God-Goddess, to cultivate Elohim אלהים God-Goddess, we have to repeat within us exactly what the Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים did in the universe, because we are the microcosmos of the macrocosmos. So, we have to give to our inner Elohim אלהים God-Goddess, the opportunity to create, to do what the Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים did in the universe. The mystery is precisely in this word, Berasheeth בראשית which is where we find Asher אשר, Who said to Moses:

"Eheieh Asher Eheieh אהיה אשר אהיה, I will be who I will be" - Exodus 3:14

That “Asher אשר meaning Who” is precisely the Holy Spirit. “Asher אשר, Who, is the Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים” Whose atom is here in the pineal gland. So, “Asher אשר, Who, the Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים” can become an Elohim אלהים through the three primary forces, Father, Son and Holy Spirit Iod-Hei-Vav יהו, IAO. That is the meaning of the first words of Genesis:


בראשית ברא אלהים

Berasheeth Bera Elohim

The head (Rosh ראש) of the house (Baith בית) created Elohim.

Likewise, Elohim אלהים is related with the three primary forces. Elohim אלהים means Gods Goddesses. So, these three primary forces, as an atomic forces, are within the head of each one of us and relate to the three primary forces and with the three nervous systems. These three forces are like rays of energy going into the body. When you observe the nervous system, the central nervous is the spinal medulla with the brain, and from there the other nerves extend into all the parts of the body. That is Elohim אלהים God-Goddess, because Elohim אלהים God-Goddess is not a person; Elohim אלהים God-Goddess is a force, an energy that circulates in the universe. But, since we are studying this doctrine, we have to start physically, because this is where we are. So, thank goodness, Malkuth מלכות, our physical body collects, receives (kabbalah קבלה) all the energy of the universe, circulating it. However, our tendency is to squander that gathered energy, to waste it, and in doing so, creating suffering for ourselves. What we need, is to learn how to harness it, to handle it, to take advantage of it, for our spiritual benefit.

This is precisely the mystery that all the prophets and great avatars brought to this Humanity. Each one of us has his own monad. This word monad is monas μονάς in Greek, it means “unity.” Each of us have our own spirit. That monad or spirit also has three atoms within, just as we physically have these three atoms in our head, our own particular monad has them in the higher dimensions of the universe.

That spiritual force that is our Father in Heaven, our God, אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, also has within three atoms of the three primary forces, Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva; Father-Son-Holy Spirit; Kether-Chokmah-Binah. Every single monad has them.

So, these three forces are above and below, because these three primary forces create. That is why, when you read the book of Genesis in Hebrew, you find that the word “Va ו, meaning And,” is written several times:

“And (Va ו) the earth was without form, and (Va ו) void; and (Va ו) darkness was upon the face of the deep. And (Va ו) the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” - Genesis 1:2

“VaYomer Elohim ויאמר אלהים יהי אור, And (Va ו, the Iod י in Yesod יסוד and in) Elohim אלהים said let there be light: and (Va ו) there was light ויהי־אור.” - Genesis 1:3

Behold Vav ו is the sixth letter, and (Va ו) is written there specifying the sixth sephirah Tiphereth תפארת (splendor of light).

“And (Va ו) Elohim אלהים did this And (Va ו) Elohim אלהים did that…..” etc etc.

This is because in alchemy the letter “Vav ו” symbolizes the spinal medulla. Therefore “Vav ו meaning And” is profoundly significant.

When we say: “And the” you immediately understand that they are addressing the third and fourth letters of the holy name of God, אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה; meaning, that it is through these letters, namely, Vav ו which is masculine and Hei ה which is feminine that Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים creates and tempts. As it is written:

“And it came to pass after these things (Debarim דברים), and the Elohim (והאלהים) did tempt (Nase נסה) Ath-Abraham את־אברהם, and said unto (Chesed חסד) Elio Abraham אליו אברהם: and he said, Behold, here I am.” - Genesis 22:1

So, there is the word Elohim, after “VeHa וה, And the” which means “VeHaElohim והאלהים, And the Gods.”

In the Hebrew language it is says, Ve-Hei-Elohim והאלהים. Immediately after the Vav ו they put the Hei ה, like in English “And the” but in Hebrew it is the letters Vav ו and Hei ה. The letter Vav ו and Hei ה means “And the.”


ויאמר אלהים יהי אור ויהי־אור
And Elohim said, Let there be light: and there was light.

“Now the word Yehi יהי is composed of three letters, יהי, Iod י being the first and third letter and Hei ה coming between them. The Iod י, Latin I, represents the male and the female principle. The full word is therefore a symbol of the divine Father and Mother, the final Iod י being the same as the first Iod י, in order to show that all the three aspects or forms as stated, under which Ain Soph אין סוף operated in the creation and production of the universe, were only the manifestations of one and the same divine Being. The first Iod י also designates the Father, the engenderer of light; the second letter Hei ה denotes the Logos; the third letter Iod י, the primal light. Moses (Tiphereth תפארת) was so invested with this divine light that it seemed like a talith or garment about him. Wherever in the Scripture this word Yehi יהי (let there be) is used, it refers to or signifies this divine light, both in this world and the world to come.” - Zohar

In the Hebrew language it is says, VaYeHi ויהי. VaYeHiOr ויהי־אור, And there was light. Immediately after Va ו it is translated into English as “there was” but in Hebrew Yehi יהי it is “Iod י-Hei ה-Iod י.” The letters “Iod י-Hei ה- Iod י” means “there was” in English.

Behold, in every single paragraph, you find also Vav ו-Iod י-Hei ה-Iod י,” that is, “and there was, VaYeHi ויהי.”

If you do not know the actual translation and meaning of the letter Hei ה between two letters Iod י, Yehi יהי, you will believe that this translates as, “And Elohim אלהים created the light,” which is the Hei ה between two letters Iod י. But, since in alchemy we know that the letter Hei ה is feminine, and the letter Vav is masculine, we understand that Elohim אלהים is performing this through the masculine  force of the Iod י above and the feminine force of the Iod י below in the universe. So, the Vav between two letters Iod י, that is, the Aleph א, always works with the Hei הא of יהוה.

If you do not know the actual translation and meaning of the letters “Iod י-Hei ה- Iod י,”  you will believe that this translates as, “and Elohim created the light,” which would be “Hei Aur ה אור.” But, since we know that the letter Hei ה is feminine, and the letters Iod י and Vav ו are masculine, we understand that God, אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה is performing this through the masculine force within "את Ath 1+400=5, the fifth letter Hei ה" the feminine force, of the universe. So, the Iod יוד, the Father, and the Vav ו, the Son, which are in Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה always work within the Hei ה, who is את Ath 1+400=5 (the Schekinah שכינה).

Therefore: “To define the five aspects (of "1+400=5 Ath את," the fifth letter Hei ה) is indispensable for the good of all and each one of our students:

1 - The unmanifested Kundalini

2 - Ineffable ISIS, chaste Diana (wisdom, love, power).

3 - The Greek Hekate, the Egyptian Proserpine, the Aztec Coatlicue (the queen of the infernos and death, terror of love and law).

4 - The individual, particular Mother Nature (the one who created our physical body).

5 - The instinctive, elemental, female magi (the one who originated our instincts).” - The Three Mountains by Samael Aun Weor

You can study that in any Hebrew Bible and you will see how these two letters, “And the”, VeHa וה. Vav ו is masculine and Hei ה is feminine, they are always together, in every single paragraph of the Bible when specifying creation. Iod is the phallus; Hei is the uterus. Vav, is the man; Hei is the woman. Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה is always about the two polarities.

This is precisely the beauty of the Hebrew language, that reveals to you a lot, intuitively, when you know the meaning of each letter. So, when you are translating into English what the word means that is not enough because every letter contains some meaning, thus, each word has levels and levels of meaning; we have to not only understand what the word itself signifies, but how each of the letters and combinations of such add layers of depth to the hidden meaning of that word. The only way to accomplish this, is to intuit with your heart.

When in kabbalah we say “VaHa וה, And the” we immediately understand that we are addressing the third and fourth letters of the holy name of Elohim אלהים, Iod י-Hei ה-Vav ו-Hei ה; meaning, that it is through the letters “Vav ו within the Hei ה” that the God Jah יה creates.

But in “And there was light ויהי־אור,” there are other letters, after “Va ו And,” which are “Iod י-Hei ה- Iod י.”

Three Mother Letters2

So, Iod-Hei-Vav יהו, IAO is the trinity that emanates from the Hei הא, the Ain Soph אין סוף. On the Tree of Life you find that above the Trinity is the Ain Soph אין סוף, which is feminine. The Ain Soph אין סוף, the Hei הא, is that divine uterus from which the universe emerged. The Ain Soph אין סוף is the second Hei הא. That is why when we say Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה (Ha-Shem הא-שמם), we put the other Hei הא above the tree of life, because it is from that uterus, the Hei הא, which is the unmanifested aspect of את Ath 1+400=5= Hei הא (the Schekinah שכינה), from where that the Trinity, Iod-Hei-Vav יהו, IAO, represented in the letter Aleph א, the eternal breath, emerged.

In simple terms, here in the physical plane we have Iod-Hei-Vav יהו, in our head, because Iod י is the Father, Hei ה is the son, and Vav ו is the Holy Spirit. So, where is the second Hei ה of Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה? This body emerged from the sexual feminine organ of our mother. That is the Hei ה. This physical body with three brains emerged from the fourth aspect of the Hei ה. Our Individual, particular את Ath 1+400=5= Hei ה (the Schekinah שכינה) creates the physical body in the womb of our physical mother for nine months; in the same way, the universe was in the womb of the unmanifested cosmic mother for 9 cosmic ages, in order to appear in the universe. This is how you explain that which is above and that which is below.

Now, of course, the Book of Genesis says:

בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

“Bar בר (Son in Aramaic) the beginning (of Berasheeth בראשית) created Elohim Ath the Hei ה of the Heavens.”

When it talks about Ath the Hei ה of the Heavens, this relates to the first triangle, the head, the world of Atziluth עולם האצילות. If we observe the physical body, we will see that the first thing that is created, when the sperm penetrates the ovum, when you start seeing that cell, what you see, is just the brain and a tail there, right? A bit like the sperm, that's the first thing.  Later, all the other parts of the body appear within the womb of the woman.

So, the first heaven, which is the head, is Atziluth אצילות. That is why in the Zohar, when they are talking about Atziluth אצילות, they represent it with a big head; Arik Anpin as it is called in Aramaic, which means “the huge face,” symbolically speaking. It would be ludicrous if we were to attempt to find that “big face” in space. This name is just a symbol, like we have in our body these forces.

So, “In the beginning, Elohim created the Heavens.” After that, Genesis says, “VeAth HaAretz ואת הארץ, And Ath the Earth.”

If you don't know how to read kabbalistically, you might say that Berasheeth בראשית created the three primary atoms which are Elohim Ath את (the Schekinah שכינה) HaShamayim השמים, the heavens. And, when you say “VeAth Ha-Aretz ואת הארץ, And Ath the earth,” you say “and created also the earth.” But no! what this is saying is that the letter Vav and Ath את (the Schekinah שכינה) created the earth, through the Hei ה, because it says VaAth Ha-Aretz ואת הארץ. VaAth Ha-Aretz signifies that the letter Vav ו and Ath את (the Schekinah שכינה) through the letter Hei ה created the earth; in the same way that Berasheeth בראשית created the heavens, Ath את (the Schekinah שכינה) through the letter Vav and the Hei ה created the Earth. That Earth is the other Hei ה, our physicality.

Adi Parashakti

The Hei ה of the Ain Soph אין סוף, which is there in the beginning, in the Abstract Absolute Space, although is abstract or unmanifested, it is represented in the Hindu pantheon as Adi-Parashakti  महादेवी, from where Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva or Kether, Chokmah, Binah, emanated. But there is another Hei ה that appears which is the Hei ה of Sarah שרה, which is the manifested Asherah אשרה in order to show the holy name of Shiva-Parvati शिव-पार्वती or Asher אשר - Asherah אשרה, that is, the androgenicity of Binah בינה, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei Elohim יהוה אלהים, which explains the Holy Trinity in the famous sephirah Daath דעת, which roots are in  Yesod יסוד, where the Earth is found deluded in that chaotic matter that exists in our sexual glands, where the fifth aspect of את Ath 1+400=5= Hei ה (the Schekinah שכינה) is found in the chakra Muladhara मूलाधार.

Of course, that Binah בינה, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei Elohim יהוה אלהים in the famous sephirah Daath דעת, that we are talking about, is our own Shiva-Shakti शिवशक्ति, the Father-Mother of our own monad, our Spirit, our own Angel, our own guru, our own master, our own Abraham אברהם inside, that in Hebrew is called El אל, Aleph א - Lamed ל. So, each one of us has his own particular El אל; thus, beyond that El אל, is Kether-Father, Son-Chokmah, and Binah-Holy Spirit.

El אל in the world of Atziluth עולם האצילות is Chesed חסד which is also called Gedulah גדלה, the fourth sephirah. We said in the previous lecture that when we pronounce, “Eli אלי! Eli אלי!” We are saying, “my God, my God.”

In order to speak the name ElYah, we only have to add the letter Hei ה at the end of Eli אליה.

Who is this ElYah or Elijah אליה? This is Jah יה, our own El אל, Spirit (Ruach רוח) in the sephirah Daath דעת, and our own particular individual feminine soul because in many lectures we state that the monad is its own trio, just as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is a trinity. Our own particular monad is also a trio of spirit, divine soul (which is either feminine or masculine), and the human soul (which is either feminine or masculine).

This trio is our own particular individual monad; this is precisely the way we need to think, in regards to our spiritual structure, in three forces or two trinities: the trinity above, which is the divine, and the trinity below, which is our own particular individual El אל, God, ElYah or Elijah אליה.

However, when we are speaking about the symbol of ElYah or Elijah אליה, it is referring to only the spirit and the divine soul, that is, Chesed חסד and Geburah גבורה. If you want to refer to the whole monad, the spirit, divine soul and human soul, then we say Eliao אליהו; we have to add the letter Vav ו at the end. The sixth letter Vav ו, as we have stated in many lectures, is, esoterically, the sixth sephirah Tiphereth תפארת.

So, we find in the second triangle of the Tree of Life, that Eli אלי is our own God, Chesed חסד; by adding the letter Hei ה, we have ElYah or Elijah אליה, which is the father (Chesed חסד) and the divine soul (Geburah גבורה), together; then, when we add the letter Vav ו, we are referring to Tiphereth תפארת, the human soul, alongside the other two parts of the monad.

So, Eliyahu or Eliao is how you say אליהו in Hebrew.  When Eliao אליהו appears on the Earth, it is because the Vav ו, Tiphereth תפארת, the human soul, has reached mastery. Tiphereth תפארת is related with the fifth initiation of the major mysteries. In other words, that individual work in the spinal column of Moses (Moshe משה), the body of willpower with its seven chakras or seven churches. Such an individual is putting into activity the seven churches in his/her own Vav ו, in his/her own spinal column. Therefore, such a person is no longer ElYah or Elijah אליה; ElYah or Elijah אליה is in heaven, but ElYah or Elijah אליה on Earth is Eliao אליהו. In the Bible, many prophets talks about ElYah or Elijah אליה, but others says Eliao אליהו. So, the letter Vav ו, Tiphereth תפארת, the human soul, is the difference between these two names.

Everybody here on this planet Earth has their own particular ElYah or Elijah אליה (Chesed-Abram חסד-אברם) in heaven. But, if you want that ElYah or Elijah אליה (Chesed-Abram חסד-אברם) to reincarnate then you have to generate within your Vav ו, within your own spinal column, then you will become Eliao אליהו. Of course this Eliao אליהו is El, God and Iod-Hei-Vav, IAO. That is why in Hebrews it says that Elijah, Eliao אליהו means, “My God is Jah יה” or, “My God is IAO יהו.”

In order for your El אל, God (Chesed חסד to become Abraham אברהם) you need another Hei ה, that is, you need to generate with Binah בינה, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei Elohim יהוה אלהים in Yesod יסוד. That Hei ה relates to your physical body, which together with Eliao אליהו, El, God, IAO, Iod-Hei-Vav unites heavens and earth, that is, Chesed חסד - Abraham אברהם, with Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei Elohim יהוה אלהים. As it is written:

“These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created (Behibaram בהבראם, meaning, in the Hei ה of Abram אברם), in the day that יהוה I Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei Elohim יהוה אלהים (Binah בינה in Yesod יסוד) made the earth and the heavens.” - Genesis 2:4

The Hei ה, your physical body, collects all of those elements needed in order for you to do that alchemical generation, because it is necessary for Eliao אליהו to come first in order for the Lord, the Messiah משיח to appear. That Lord or Messiah משיח is Jesus, Yeshuah יהשוה, which is translated as Savior.

Every soul that believes in Yeshuah יהשוה will be saved, that is, every human soul that reaches the level of Moses (Moshe משה), the body of willpower, so that his/her El אל, Chesed חסד, God, becomes Eliao אליהו.

What does the name Yeshuah יהשוה, which is translated into English as Jesus, mean? It means IAO or Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה is my savior, my assistant. When you read the Bible, It says, IAO or Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, Jehovah, but in English people say Jesus, and in doing so they ignore that that name is just a translation of Yeshuah יהשוה which means “Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה is my savior.” So, whether you are in the level of Eliao, Elias or Elijah, Eliyahu אליהו or in the level of Jesus, you are always working with Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה or IAO, with the holy name of Elohim. It is not a matter of what people believe, it is about working with the three primary forces in different levels, in order for the Savior to come into you.

We explained that in the previous lecture about Elijah or Eliao אליהו but this is necessary for you to comprehend. It is necessary that your monad, your own particular spirit reaches the level of mastery, the level of Elijah or Eliao אליהו, in order for the Savior to come. It is written like that. The savior cannot come if Elijah or Eliao אליהו is not there first. Remember: Elijah or Eliao or Eliyahu אליהו is your own particular individual monad, your own particular individual El אל, God that you need to give the mastery to. This is why in other lectures we told you that the sacred word of God in the Gospel of John is represented by Johannan, John, which symbolizes the seven vowels. IEOUAMS which relate to the seven chakras, to the 7 churches that are magnetic centers in your Vav ו, the spinal medulla.

That is why that IEOUAMS is Johannan, it is John that is the Reincarnation of Eliao אליהו, or Elijah. In the Gospel of John it says, “in the beginning was the word.”

When you talk about the word, you talk about Asher אשר who is within Berasheeth בראשית. Asher אשר is Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, which is the word that we are explaining here related with creation.

“In the beginning (Berasheeth בראשית) was the word (Asher אשר) and the Word (Asher אשר) was with (El אל) God and the Word (Asher אשר) was (El אל) God (in union with Iod Hei Vav Hei Elohim יהוה אלהים, Binah בינה). The same was in the beginning (Berasheeth בראשית) with (El אל) God. All things were made by him (Asher אשר in Yesod יסוד) and without him (Asher אשר) was not anything made that made.” - John 1:1-3

Now, when you read in English, “all things were made by him,” you might say, “oh yeah of course all the things that exist in the universe were made by the word.” But, in Hebrew, “things” is Debarim דברים and word is Dabar דבר; it is the same word for both. So, all things (debarim דברים, the Hebrew plural for “things, words”) were made by Dabar דבר; all words made by the word. With the holy alphabet, you make all words which is the name related with the 22 letters. And, of course while there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, there are five letters which are called final letters, these five final letters are a variation of the original letter, written in a different way and they are always found at the end of words, hence the name final letters. These five final letters are Kaf ך, Mem ם, Nun ן, Tsadi ץ and Peh ף. If you add those final letters to the 22, you have 27. The Sun (Christ, the Logos, Dabar דבר) rotates on its axis once in about 27 days.

27, when reduced kabbalistically, is the number 9, and that 9 is the ninth sephirah Yesod יסוד, precisely the mystery of initiation, 9 months of gestation, genesis. So, the word is made with those letters which we call things (debarim דברים).

When you record your word on a tape recorder and look with a microscope, you will see how your words are crystallized in geometrical forms: triangles, squares, circles, pentagons. All of these geometrical things (Debarim דברים) are made by the word (Dabar דבר). That is why Plutarch said: "Plato said god geometrizes continually." 

“The sexual organ of the future divine humanity will be the creative larynx. The throat is a uterus in which the word is created.” - Igneous Rose by Samael Aun Weor

So, “all things (Debarim דברים) were made by him and without him was not anything made that made,” because the word (Dabar דבר) is the foundation of everything.

The word Dabar דבר itself is formed by the letters Daleth ד, Beth ב and Resh ר. That is why in the Bible, there is a book called Deuteronomy, which in Hebrew is called Debarim דברים (“words, things”). Debarim דברים is the plural, and Dabar דבר is singular.

So, behold the mysterious letter Daleth ד in the word Dabar דבר. The word Daleth דלת means “Door.”

“Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I (Dabar דבר) am the door (Daleth דלת) of the sheep.” - John 10:7

The other two letters Beth and Resh together form that Aramaic word Bar בר, which means “Son.” In Gnosticism, we call that Son the Logos, the word. Bar בר is in the beginning of Barasheeth בראשית, so, the Solar Logos, is Bar בר, the Son.

But how do you explain that Dabar דבר, the Door, the letter Daleth דלת, the fourth letter of the Hebrew, alphabet which in ancient times is represented by a triangle?

The letter Daleth in Greek is represented also by a triangle. Why? The letter Daleth is a triangle, in other words a representation of the number three; three lines that together form one unity, which is the triangle. One, two, three, and four is the triangle and that is Daleth דלת. In other words, the Trinity within the unity is Daleth דלת.

That is why in Latin you say Deus, in Spanish Dios or in English is God but there you find the G of Gnosis, the letter Gimel, which itself is the third sephirah Binah בינה, represented by the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet among the Masons מאסו.


"The stone (Binah בינה) which the builders מאסו disallowed is become the head stone of the corner." - Psalm 118:22

We are the Daleth דלת of Adam ארם, which is the triangle or the three brains within the Aleph א, the unity of Adam ארם, who is formed within the womb, the Mem ם, waters of life within the Hei ה of Adamah אדמה (the Schekinah שכינה). Daleth דלת is the door of Daath דעת.

So, when we say Daleth דלת we imagine the Holy Trinity within the unity of אל El (1+30= 4), God. When we say: “In the beginning (Barasheeth בראשית) was the word (Dabar דבר), which first letter Daleth דלת, relates to the second triangle, represented by the mother letter Shin ש, fire, Esh אש, the Trinity of the mother letter Shin ש, the Son, Bar בר, within the unity of Aleph א. That is why the Gospel of John says: “In the beginning (Barasheeth בראשית) was the word (Bar בר, the Son, the Logos, Dabar דבר).

The mother letter Shin ש is in the middle of the word Yeshuah יהשוה. Not Jesus but Yeshuah יהשוה, since the word (Dabar דבר) “Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה is my (ישועה) salvation יהשוה,” which is the holy name of אל El (1+30= 4), God in the Sephirah Chokmah. The holy name of Chokmah, the Son, in the world of Atziluth עולם האצילות is the Holy Tetragrammaton Iod Hei Vav Hei יהוה. That is why it is the stated that through the name Yeshuah יהשוה everybody can be saved. But, for that to happen, it is necessary that Eliao אליהו comes first.

There are three witnesses in heaven: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which are called the Holy Trinity within the unity, which is Daleth, which is symbolized as the triangle. But that Daleth divides into two Daleths when the feminine is separated from the trinity. That is why we stated in many lectures that from the Holy Trinity (Iod-Hei-Vav יהו) emerges the letter Hei ה, which is the manifested aspect of את Ath 1+400=5= Hei ה (the Schekinah שכינה), that chaotic matter or manifested Cosmic Mother which is the other Daleth.

Indeed, if the Father is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, then the Mother is also Father Son and Holy Spirit, in the feminine pole, just as we spoke about in the Hindu pantheon.

Asher Asherah

So, there are two Daleths: one Daleth above and one Daleth below. In order to explain that kabbalistically, you just take both of the triangles of Daleth and together form the star of David. This is the two Daleths which means the Trinity within the Duality. The first triangle here is the trinity within the unity. But in Daath דעת it is the same Trinity within the duality, masculine-feminine, Asher-Asherah, which are expressing themselves as Binah בינה, the Holy Spirit. That is why we always state that from Binah בינה emerges the feminine aspect which is separated. This is how we are.

From the three brains of the male emerges the sperm that when in the womb of the mother becomes the fecundated feminine ovum, nourished by the three brains of the woman. That is why it says that from Adam emerges Eve, symbolically speaking.

The male places his three primary forces of creation, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in the womb. And the ovum is waiting for the sperm, but that ovum is the also the outcome of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit of the woman, because she is also the feminine aspect of that Holy Elohim or Trinity. These two triangles, the mystery of the Star of David, is precisely that and we explained that in many other lectures how those triangles refer always to the sexual force or to the Holy Spirit.

In order for you to work with the laws of divinity you have to do it through your spinal column, because the spinal column is the way through which God makes light, it is the way in which John (IEOUAMS) can come to be in you. When you become Yohannan, a prophet with the 7 bodies created within you, then your own monad, Elijah אליה, becomes Eliao אליהו within you and this is how John becomes the reincarnation of Elijah אליה. Remember, we're talking here in an alchemical kabbalistic manner. We're not talking about the historical John, or the historical Elijah, that is a topic for another lecture.

We are going now into the alchemical aspect of that which humanity needs to know. So this John is the spinal medulla with the 7 chakras, with the 7 churches that we need to activate and that is why if you place that Vav ו in the middle of the two triangles man-woman, what name is formed by this? If you put that Vav ו in the middle of the two Daleth דד, Daleth ד - Vav ו -Daleth ד, we find the name David דוד, right? So, you have to become King David מלך דוד, another Malachim מלכים. You have to reach the level of Tiphereth תפארת, because that is the Vav ו, the human soul, Moses (Moshe משה), the body of willpower. That is David דוד. King David מלך דוד, existed. But we have to take care of our own particular David דוד, and if we work with Alchemy that archetype will become a king of Israel מלך ישראל in Tiphereth תפארת.

From the sexual waters of Yesod יסוד, that force has to rise to Tiphereth תפארת, and become Moses (Moshe משה), the body of willpower. Then King David מלך דוד appears within you. That King David מלך דוד manifests his own Eliao אליהו. Now, you understand why it is stated that Christ the Savior is the son of David.

People are so identified about the genealogy of Jesus of Nazareth, the master that came 2,000 years ago in the Holy Land; how he was the descendant of the King David that also was a master, a king that existed in ancient times. But we the Gnostics, we don't waste our time in levities because we don't care about it, we care about our own particular David. Since, we alchemically understand why Christ is the son of David.  That is why the Lord Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew he asked the Jews:

 “What think ye of Christ? whose son is he?

They say unto him, The son of David דוד.”

Alchemically, it is a correct answer; nonetheless, Jesus understood that they were talking about David the king of ancient times.

“Jesus saith unto them, How then doth David דוד in spirit call him my Lord (Adonai אדני), saying:

“Iod-Havah יהוה said unto my Lord (Adonai אדני), Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool? (Psalm 110:1)

If David then call him my Lord (Adonai אדני), how is he his son?” - Matthew 22:42-45

Of course, King David is a symbol referring to his own particular savior, because the word David דוד in Hebrew, among the many different interpretations, means “Dud דוד boiler.”

If you go on the internet and write the name David דוד in Hebrew, on translation you will find is “boiler.” And where is that boiler within you? It Is that water (Mem מים) element which contains a lot of substances that you need to boil and to rise like steam (אד) in your (Vav ו) spinal column. Of course, the spinal column is your own “Dud דוד boiler,” boiler. During the sexual act you have to boil, to sublimate those substances in order for David דוד to appear. The two Daleths of David are the one above (the first triangle) and the Daleth below (the lower triangle, man-woman) but in your own particular individual psychosomatic force.

The Daleth above is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Daleth below is your own physicality, your three primary forces in your three brains. You have to work with the three brains: head, heart and sex relate to the spinal medulla.

The central nervous system connects the other nervous system to the central nervous system.

If the brain is connected to the central nervous system, the Son, the heart is connected to the grand sympathetic nervous system, and the sexual organs to the parasympathetic or vagus nervous system.

Those are the three witnesses in the earth. There are three witnesses in heaven: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There are three witnesses in our physicality. As above, so below.

The first witness is the breath. The second is the blood. And the third is the semen.

There you have God, as life, in your three parts. When you breathe, you inhale the breath of God into your lungs and the lungs purify the impure blood that the heart pumps, in order for the Father, the breath and the blood (which is the Son) to be together, to become one. In turn. that blood is synthesized and descends into the sexual organs to become semen, sexual energy, the Holy Spirit. Those are the three witnesses. That is why anything that you do here in the Earth has to be under the auspicious of the 3 witnesses.  As it is written:

 “At the mouth of two witnesses, or three witnesses, shall he that is worthy of death be put to death; but at the mouth of one witness, he shall not be put to death.” - Deuteronomy 17:6

When people read these things in Debarim דברים (Deuteronomy) that you need three witnesses, they think that it's just for physical death, but it is spiritual or psychological death. Remember:

“In the beginning (Berasheeth בראשית) was the word (Bar בר, the Son, which is Dabar דבר of the mouth, Pi פי) and (Vav ו) the Word (Dabar דבר in Tiphereth תפארת) was with (Bar בר, the Son) God and the Word (Bar בר, the Son) was (El אל) God (in union with Iod Hei Vav Hei Elohim יהוה אלהים, Binah בינה).” - John 1:1

So, you need these three witnesses in you to be put into activity, because it is through the breath, the blood and semen that the three witnesses in heaven will eventually incarnate in us, in different steps. That is David דוד. The Lord is the son of David דוד, and that is you; your own alchemical Dud דוד, boiler.

You don't have to believe in the king David דוד that came thousands of years ago.  You can believe in what whatever you want, but it doesn't matter.  What matters is your own boiler, your own David that you have to work with in order to reach the level of Malachim; the three wisemen, the three kings that is the name of Tiphereth תפארת in the world of Yetzirah עולם יצירה.

Can you see how the Bible is really imbibed with Alchemy and Kabbalah? Only by knowing the meaning of the letters is how you understand the depth of the hidden teachings contained in the Bible.

When we talk about the duality of divinity, this is something that needs to be understood, because there are some Gnostic students that enter into confusion when they talk about the duality. The duality of the Trinity is what we previously explained: it is Brahma with Sarasvati, Vishnu with Lakshmi, Shiva with Parvati. These dualities are hidden, but they appear only when the fifth feminine aspect of the Hei ה, the earth which is formless, and void goes out from our sexual glands. This fifth feminine aspect of the Hei ה, needs the activity of the sexual force in Daath in order to create because Daath is below the Trinity which is the world of Atziluth אצילות. Daath belongs to the world of Briah בריאה, which means “creation.”

In us, this relates to the level of the throat, because “in the beginning was the word” and the word is pronounced through the throat. This duality or trinity of Daath is different from that of Atziluth אצילות, because there is also another Trinity there that we call Father, Mother and Son. The first Trinity is Father, Son, Holy Spirit, but in Daath it is another Trinity, which is Father, Mother and Son. Do not fall into the error of confusing these Trinities; they are unfoldment of divinity. The second Trinity, Mother-Father-Son manifest when the divine feminine, the Hei ה, descends from above.

Here you find the Father, the Mother, and the Son which in Egypt are Osiris, Isis and Horus. In Christianity, this second trinity is called Joseph, Mary and Jesus; this trinity, as we said, is in Daath.

Do not make the mistake of placing the second Trinity in the first triangle. That is an error which many instructors make: they place Isis, Osiris Horus in the first triangle and this Trinity does not belong there. Osiris Isis, Horus represent the second Trinity in Daath דעת.

So, this second Trinity as you see there in the graphic relates to Daath דעת, to Iod י - Hei ה. Iod י is the Father. Hei ה is the Mother and Vav ו is the Son. This is how you represent it in the physical body. This duality and this Trinity of Daath דעת relates to the atoms that we have in the head. But then in Daath דעת which is the world of Briah בריאה, the Father relates to the grand sympathetic nervous system and that fire/force which is positive, and that descends to the right side. The mother, who is the Hei ה, which is feminine, is the Holy Spirit in the pineal gland that descends to the left side. That is the Mother and the Son is in the middle, the central nervous system. This is in relation with the second Trinity.

However, within the second Trinity, you find the upper Trinity. Within the Father is Father, Son and Holy Spirit; within the Mother is Father. Son and Holy Spirit; and within the Son is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is the unfoldment of the light, of the energy of creation within us.

That is why, when we talk about the world of Briah בריאה, we say that the Sun is the right, the Moon is the left; Father and Mother, Abba אב and Aima אימא, or the two nervous systems; the positive and the feminine (the negative) and the neutral becomes the Vav ו or spinal medulla, in which the Son has to rise. because the Son Yeshuah יהשוה, the savior is the son of David.

You have to intuit that because indeed, the left is always Hei ה, feminine, but between the Father or Iod י and the Son or Vav ו, which are masculine, they change pillars when they descend from Atziluth אצילות into Briah בריאה, because the son has to descend into the mother letter Shin ש, in order to save, to help Tiphereth תפארת, the soul, in order for us to reach the level of salvation.


When you enter into Gnosticism, we study two trinities which are divine. That second Trinity is represented in India also by the Lord Shiva with his wife, but also other wives. This is because this is an unfoldment of the feminine force in the alchemical work that we have to do. From that unfoldment comes this marvelous element within us, which is called Ganesh गणेश, the son of Binah בינה, Shiva and Parvati. Ganesh गणेश is Chesed חסד, the 4 arms God, אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, with a face of an elephant, whose serpentine trunk is a letter Vav ו, a symbol of chastity.

The white elephant is the symbol of chastity. That is why in India they cultivate and worship that symbol. I do not think that all the Hindus know the meaning of Ganesh गणेश. But when I say this, it comes into my mind, the symbol of the Holy Spirit in Kabbalah.

Do you remember what the symbol of Binah בינה is, in relation with the four creatures, Chaioth HaKadosh חייות הקדוש? These four creatures are the eagle, the lion the bull and the human being. Now, which of those four creatures is the symbol of the Holy Spirit? It is the bull. The bull is the symbol of Binah בינה. The lion is the symbol of Chokmah חכמה. So, when we talk about the lion of Judah אריה יהודה, this is Chokmah חכמה. In ancient Egypt, that bull, the symbol of Binah בינה, represented the force of the Holy Spirit in the pineal gland. That is why in Egypt, they worshiped the sacred bull Apis, husband of the divine cow.

The Holy Spirit is represented by a bull and the Divine Mother is represented by a cow. The bull is in the pineal gland and the cow is in the sexual organ because the Holy Spirit is the duality of Daath דעת. That is why in India, they worship the cow.

I am not saying that all of the Hindus understand that the cow is symbol of Mother Nature or the creative forces that we have in the sexual organs; maybe some of them know it. Most of them just follow traditions.

That is why the cult, the worship of those animals that symbolize the Holy Spirit is very intense in India. But, of course, in Kabbalah they only mention that the outcome of that Binah בינה, Holy Spirit in the Book of Ezekiel is a calf; the symbol of the Cherub of Ezekiel has legs of a calf.

Of course, in English, we also have the calves of our legs; this is a symbol of the physicality, because the calves, the part of the legs below to the feet symbolizes the physical body of all that divinity which appears in the Book of Ezekiel.

So, from Binah בינה to Malkuth מלכות, this is a symbol of the bull in Kabbalah.

Of course, that bull is also masculine and feminine. Now, you understand why, even in Greek mythology, it is stated that Zeus was in love with the goddess IO.

The goddess IO was transformed into a cow in order to escape the wrath of Hera, the wife of Zeus, as Zeus had fallen for IO. When Zeus saw that IO was transformed into a cow, he became a bull and he possessed her sexually. That is the mystery of the Holy Spirit.

Through that connubium appears the inner divinity within us. That is why in the Bible it talks about the bull or sometimes the red heifer or cow, which like the scapegoat, is an expiatory symbol. When we talk about cults, people claim they do not worship idols, but we have to understand that when the Bible talks about this symbol, it is referring to something inside of us, something internal, something spiritual. In India, they worship the cow; well, in Kabbalah, they worship the bull, the red heifer or cow, as in ancient Egypt: the bull Apis, the husband of the Divine Red Heifer and their child, the Kabir, the calf, which in this case represents us, the essence, that we should work with.  

Ignorant people always dismiss other religions, saying they are sacrilegious, idolatrous, because they worship the cow. But, if they go deep down into the meaning of the source of Christianity and Judaism you find those symbols there too.

The only difference is that Jews, Christians do not make statues in order to represent those symbols physically, as they do in India. In ancient Greece they made beautiful symbols, statues and great sculptures in order to represent these symbols physically.

The ignoramuses say they are idols... but, the idols that we have to be against are inside of us. The idols that we have to work against are within not without, they are our own defects, vices, errors; these beasts are our own egos. And for that we have to learn alchemy, that is, to learn not to carve idols with any of your three brains.

“I am Iod-Havah יהיה thy Elohim אלהים (Binah בינה), which have brought thee out of the land of (Mitzarimah מצרימה) Egypt, out of the house of bondage (to the orgasm of the beasts). Thou shalt have no other Elohim אלהים, gods before me (Binah בינה). Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above (in your head, Rosh ראש), or that is in the earth beneath (Klipoth קליפות), or that is in the (orgasmic sexual) water (of demons) under the earth (Klipoth קליפות): Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I Iod-Havah יהיה thy Elohim אלהים (Binah בינה) am a jealous God, אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, visiting the iniquity of the fathers (Abram אברם) upon their children (soul essences) unto the third (Hod - emotion) and fourth (Netzach - mind) generation of them (egos) that hate me; And shewing mercy (Chesed  חסד - Abraham אברהם) unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.” - Exodus 20:2-6

We have to respect the Elohim or Gods; we have to worship the Elohim or Gods or the Angels. In Hebrew Elohim means “gods and goddesses.” Of course, we have to love only one God, אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, above all of them, which is our own divinity, our own Lord inside not outside of us.

We respect all the masters, all the Elohim or Gods, all the Angels, all divinity, we render cult to them; But, before of those divinities, we render cult to our own particular individual God, אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, our own particular Eliao אליהו /Elijah אליה (Chesed חסד - Abraham אברהם).

We work on this path in order to reach mastery, the level of King David, in order for the Lord to come, because in order to reach the level of King David, you have to reach the level of Tiphereth תפארת. When you reach that level the Lord comes, because the Lord is the son of David. This is how it is written.

How many Davids do we find alchemically, kabbalistically speaking in this earth? People say the Lord is my savior. But are you David? Are you at that level of Malachim? Is the savior with you? Remember: the savior is the son of David. It means that only a king, a Malachim who reaches that level can rise can release or loosen the seven seals.

The seven seals that the Book of Revelation talks about are the seven lights that we have to awaken. Only the Lord is capable of opening those seals, as the Book of Revelation states. When the human being was created there appears a book with seven seals.

“And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon…. And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.” - Revelation 5:3,5

That lion of Judah is Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, Chokmah חכמה, that can only descend to incarnate within, because the King David is already there.

Yeshuah יהשוה, the Savior or Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, Chokmah חכמה, who is the savior, can descend when David is a king, within. This symbol does not mean he's a king of some physical country, but is instead a master that has reached the level of Tiphereth תפארת.

The savior, the Lord enters into the initiate as a child, as a baby, that has attained the level of Tiphereth תפארת, and the Lord has to loosen each one of the seven seals, one after the other.

Those seven seals are the seven bodies:

The physical body, Malkuth מלכות.

The vital body, Yesod יסוד.

The astral body, Hod הוד.

The mental body, Netzach נצח.

The human soul or causal body, Tiphereth תפארת.

The divine soul, the divine consciousness, Geburah גבורה.

And our own spirit, Chesed חסד which is also called Gedulah גדלה.

These seven are developed as bodies when somebody reaches the level of Malachim, like King David.

In order to open the seventh seal, as the Book of Revelation states, one must reach the level of Chesed, from Malkuth. Then, the only one that is capable of breaking those seals is Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, Chokmah as savior by entering into that king, because that Chokmah, the savior is the son of David. And, Elijah is already there prophesizing, preaching. Eliao אליהו is there and also John with the seven vowels. Here are John, Eliao אליהו and king David. Therefore the Son can be there. The Son, Chokmah enters and becomes the third aspect of the second Trinity.

Chokmah חכמה enters through Daath דעת to the Father-Mother. But that Father-Mother is already a Malachim, a brilliant master, a self-realized master; then Chokmah חכמה enters into that David, symbolically speaking, and loosens the seven seals. When the seventh seal is broken, there is silence in heaven for the space of half an hour, but that happens within king David, within that master. When we say “space of half an hour,” if you do not know Kabbalah, you will not understand what is being spoken about.

This means half of the hour, which is this hour, because when you add together all of the aspects of the Tree of Life, including the three aspects of the Absolute, you find the 13 hours. We usually talk about the 12 hours of Apollonius: counting from the bottom, Malkuth מלכות, to Chesed חסד is the 7th hour. This is the 7th Eon, which, when you read the book of Genesis relates to the seventh day. And what happened on the seventh day? It is when God takes the feminine aspect out of Adam; it relates with the creation of Eve. So of course, at that level, the initiate is receiving extra help from the world of Malkuth מלכות.

IAO, Iod-Hei-Vav cannot do anything without the last Hei, which is the physical body, which is always the symbol of the spouse that we need. That is why it is written “half of the hour.” You are the half, your wife is the other half’ in other words, the wife is one half and the husband is the other. These two halves together make one hour. What hour? The seventh hour; the androgynism that you need to practice. This means that the individual that reached that level, that opened the seventh seal, has to go deep down into his own subconsciousness in order to release the power of the seven lights that are already standing within himself.

There are seven lights or what the Book of Revelation calls the “seven angels before the throne of God.” Who are the seven spirits or seven angels before the Throne of God? Master Samael Aun Weor states; Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel Michael, Samael, Zachariel and Orifiel. Those are the seven logos of the solar system.

This is true, but we want to know about that in depth, internally, because that is reflected in us too, because we are the microcosmos.

If somebody reaches that level, then those seven Logoi become active within him. Remember, it is stated that when the seven seals are going to be broken, it will be by the lamb; that lamb is the symbol of the ram of Aries, your head. That is why it says, I saw in heaven a lamb, a baby ram. What Heaven? your head, because the Lord enters and activates the seven bodies from the bottom to the top. The top is the pineal gland; the abode of the Holy Spirit. That lamb/ram has seven horns.

The Book of Revelation says which are the seven spirits. Those seven horns are seven lights that emerge on the head. One horn then another horn and so on, from the bottom, from Yesod through the head, another horn. When finally the lamb has seven horns, it means that master has awoken the seven lights of Yeshuah יהשוה, the seven lights of the savior, which are the lamb with seven horns and seven eyes. These seven eyes are: the Muladhara chakra, the Swadisthana chakra, the Manipura chakra, the Anahata chakra, the Vishuddha chakra, the Ajna chakra and the Sahasrara chakra. Those are the seven eyes and the seven horns.

Once those seven horns and eyes are open within the master, Jesus, the Savior, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה is there, completely awakened and active, because Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, Chokmah חכמה is my savior; but, that savior comes to you when Eliao אליהו appears. The Lord will not enter within you simply because you raised your hand. Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה will come into you on the day of the Lord, but you have to cultivate these three forces through the law of seven, because the law of three creates and the law of seven organizes: seven days of Genesis, the seven bodies that we have, the seven chakras, etc. When the seventh seal is broken that master is ready to confront his own karma. His own individual lamb, the lion of Judah, the fire of Chokmah חכמה within him is going to save him because the ego is very deep. In order to reach the level of King David you have to annihilate a lot of egos, but there are certain egos related with karma, kamaduro and kamasaya. There are some egos related with the law, that the master requires the help of the Lord to overcome.

Remember that the Lord stated, “I came not to break the law, but to fulfill the law.” What law? To synthesize the law of karma, cause and effect. Nobody mocks the law. So, the Lord enters into you, in order to negotiate your karma and to help to annihilate the causes of your ego that relate to the law of karma that make you suffer.

The Lord does this through the seven angels. The seven angels are the seven lights which are standing in the seven medullas, because every internal body from the physical body to the spirit has 7 medullas, seven lights. The 1st light is Gabriel; the second light is Rafael; the third light is Uriel; the fourth is Michael; the fifth is Samael within you; Zachariel the sixth; and the 7th is Orifiel.  We know that the 5th logos who is delivering this doctrine in this day and age is Samael, who gave his doctrine to Samael Aun Weor, His Bodhisattva, which is the mystery of the fifth seal.

Samael is the one that will help us in this day and age. because he is the fifth horn, which is working, which is the logos, the lamb, the lion Christ, which is light in us. One thing is Samael in Mexico that physically existed, and another is your own, individual particular Samael that you have to liberate. In chapter 8 of the book of Revelation it talks about 4 angels, which are related to the inferior quaternary.

So, the Book of Revelation just goes into the four seals reaching the level of Michael in Netzach. If you do not know Kabbalah you will fall into many mistakes, because according to the Tree of Life, Michael is in Tiphereth תפארת. But, according to Alchemy, Michael is precisely the solar mind, the objective reasoning, because you take the lower triangle of the Tree of Life and you place Yesod in your sex, Hod in your heart, Netzach in your head, and Malkuth is your physical body. That's the inferior quaternary. The Son is the head.

So, these four Angels that the Book of Revelation in the chapter 8 talks about are these four aspects of the inferior quaternary that always relate to the head because remember that the horns of the Lamb appears in the head,

So, from the head when those lights are open, when those seals are broken then the Lord, the Christ, the savior can act. First, he asks to the Angel Gabriel, which is the first Angel of the Moon and stays there. We have a moon in the head and nobody can deny that. Can you deny it? Everyone on this planet is a lunatic. When somebody is behaving crazy, it is said they are lunatics, and they point to the head. So, we have a lunar mind. When we enter that level, we start fighting against our own particular Moon and we stop being lunatics.

Behold this planet, the way that we behave. When the extraterrestrials come here and ask, what is this? There are dying in this part of the planet and here there are gluttons throwing food in the garbage. What is this? Why are they behaving like that? Well, they are lunatics. They don't have solar mind. And because of the way that they think they create a lot of karma.

The trumpet that the Book of Revelation talks about is the throat; Dabar, the Word is a thunder when  accusing the karma. The law from above delivers the warning: “You did this in past lives related with the goddess moon, the goddess of fertility. Did you commit hideous crimes against the goddess of life? What did you do with your sexual organs? Did you use contraceptives? Did you commit abortions?”

So, we create a lot of karma because of our past lives, even if maybe not in this life. Then the Lord gives you light, but you have to meditate in that, you have to comprehend that. Meditation is the science, the technique of the head.

In the space of half an hour when you are doing the transmutation in meditation, you are penetrating within your own particular individual universe. There is no way you can enter into your universe if you are not meditating.

The science of Buddha teaches you how to enter within yourself, in order for you to know your own subconsciousness. But, in order to cleanse ourselves of that karma that we have built, the savior helps us through the heart. That is why th Bible says that our own particular Innermost, our own particular God, Eli is acting through the heart, through the smoke of generosity, which is the smoke of incense because incense is the perfume of the heart.

So, you have to help humanity with your own perfume, the incense that comes from your Being; that is the real sacrifice. That is compassion. That is, of course, very open for the Innermost, because the Lord, in the heart (Chokmah חכמה), already opened the seven seals. And his own perfume, which is sacrificed through generosity and compassion, like a smoke of incense coming out to help the soul.

So, the Innermost follows this direction, following the guidance of his own particular Yeshuah יהשוה, the son of David, in order to wash away the sins of the world. This does not mean that if you believe in Jesus your sins are forgiven. No. It is not that easy. First, we must deal with the sins of the Moon, then the sins of Mercury, which is the second ray; Mercury/Hermes always relates to the mind, this is related with the negative aspect of intellectualism.

And of course, you read how the Lord gives you the warnings and helps you to negotiate your karma, because without the help of the Lord, you cannot reach self-realization. He is willing because he comes from the first triangle, he's willing to do all those negotiations through the seven lights because there is always an organization in the path of self-realization. The law of seven organizes and the law of three creates.

For instance, you are not going to be forgiven your sins related with the higher sephiroth while your sins of Malkuth remain unforgiven. You have to meditate in order to annihilate, to liberate certain levels of subconsciousness before you can reach other levels of consciousness.

Gnostic students often ask, “How do I understand an ego in my 49 levels?”

When you awake your consciousness in the first level, the second level, and the third level. In each level is seven lights, seven eyes. If you want to comprehend an ego in all of the other 49 higher levels, you first to have all that consciousness in the previous levels liberated, in order to penetrate there. For that you need to meditate. You need to saturate your physical, vital, astral, mental, causal, buddhic spiritual bodies because the man is seven-fold. This in order to be able to annihilate that karma, in order for your sins to be forgiven.

If you confess with your throat, with your trumpet of any other angel, or the seven angels, you have to confess that Yeshuah יהשוה is your savior but if you have not awakened the seven seals, the seven lights in your seven bodies how are you going to confess that Jesus is your savior, in truth? If you are fornicator and you say, “Jesus is my Savior,” yet Jesus is not there because you have to reach the level of Elijah, the Malachim, David, what truth are you speaking? Indeed, Jesus comes into you in order to be the son of David and to grow up because Jesus is always born within you as a child, but for that son of David to be born in you, you must first be a king David. Jesus has to grow up to the 7 levels, that is, from Malkuth to Chesed, to organize your psyche through initiation, and then that adult Jesus can do marvels inside of you in order to annihilate the roots of those karmas from this life and previous lives.

Only he can do it because he is light. This is how every soul, every Tiphereth תפארת can be saved, if we confess that Jesus is the savior; but that confession can only be true when that light, the Christ is born within us.

What is the name of the savior? Yeshuah יהשוה means, “Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה is my Savior”; that is the force that you have to work with. Then you can be saved, but this is a process of Alchemy and initiation. It is a long process because the seven organizes and the three creates.

The Christian denominations fell into the mistake of thinking that merely speaking the right words, that we can be saved (not unlike the Hare Krishnas). This comes from the mistaken comprehension of reading certain scripture in the New Testament, Romans 10:9 which states, if you confess that Jesus is your savior, you will be saved.

The master Hilarion, Paul of Tarsus, who was a great kabbalist said, if you confess with your mouth (with that mouth that ate the forbidden fruit, but that is not eating that food any more), that Christ is your savior, it is because you already have those lights within you and then you will be saved.

In order to confess that, you have to be a Witness. In other words. your three witnesses have to be awakened within you. But people always raise their arms and say, “Jesus is my savior” and believe that by confessing that their egos will disappear. Meanwhile those people that call themselves twice-born, saved live with the ego very alive within themselves. It is the devil believing that he is saved. The devil has to die.  Salvation is promised to us, but it is a process, an alchemical work that we have to do.

First, we have to study. For instance: the angel of Venus, Uriel relates to the sexual force. Uriel-Venus is called Lucifer, the morning star, and he preaches against fornication and adultery which we committed in previous lives. Jesus says that it is enough to look on another with lust to commit adultery in your heart. Everybody is an adulterer and fornicator. Even if you learned recently how to transmute your sexual energy, lust still exists in other levels. To reach chastity, the innocence of a child, that is, to be free from lust, is very difficult. But with the help of the Lord it is easy, but we have to follow the steps. We cannot jump into Eden; it can only be entered through door called chastity, through upright sex.


Audience: The one that reaches Tiphereth תפארת is the only one capable of controlling the superior centers which are the emotional superior center and the intellectual superior center, which are related of course with Elijah?

Instructor: Elijah has the two aspects of the monad related with those two centers. The one that reaches the level of Tiphereth תפארת is willing to connect his inferior centers with those two superior centers and they receive help of Christ, through the monad and that is the human Soul because the human soul is the consciousness.

What do we have of human soul? We have an embryo of soul, the Buddhadatu. We have to build that embryo, create soul and when that soul reaches Tiphereth תפארת and then Jesus, Chokmah can come to you. The Father reflects his power in the liver; his kingdom is in the head. The power of the Son is in the pituitary gland and reflects his kingdom in the heart. That is why when the Lord incarnates, He works through the heart, compassion, generosity because he is already developed.

That is why Chokmah needs Tiphereth תפארת, in order to incarnate. But, if Tiphereth תפארת is fallen, and has not reached the 5th initiation, Chokmah cannot enter there because Chokmah can enter into his kingdom.

The son says, “I will help you if you organize my kingdom,” which is the heart.

So, once you reach the 5th initiation of the Major Mysteries, Tiphereth תפארת, the kingdom is ready and your Lord says, “I already reached the level of Eliao אליהו. I am John, the word, IEOUAMS. Can you come into me? I promise you to help humanity with your perfume of generosity.” And the lord says, “If you are willing to help my children, I will come into you and save you.” Then he enters and saves your soul.

This is how Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, Chokmah enters into Tiphereth תפארת and that is why Tiphereth תפארת is called Eloah Va Daath Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה.

Audience: Are the three gunas related to the three nervous systems?

Instructor: Yes, the three gunas are related with the three nervous systems. Unfortunately, we have a very disorganized nervous system. The three gunas are the guna sattva, guna rajas and guna tamas. You can read the lecture on the website about these three gunas that we have to balance to equilibrate, in order to reach the level of equilibrated man. But, that is a long path. When the gunas are disequilibrated, the universe appears.

Only those who equilibrate the three gunas are capable of entering into the Ain. Jesus, better said, the Master Aberamentho is one example, he equilibrated the three gunas. But all of us are disordered; we are a disorganized house.

If you reach that level, Yeshuah יהשוה can come and take the whip and take all the merchants out of our body, out of our house and that will be good. But we have to start preparing the day of the Lord.

Audience: What is the meaning of David killing Goliath with a stone and becoming a king?

Instructor: Goliath is the ego that we have within. Goliath is defeated with a stone; the stone is sex, the sexual force, chastity. Of course, the power of Goliath is in the mind; remember that the mind is a den, a maze of defects and vices.

Theseus Minotaur Ramey Tuileries

There is where we have Goliath and the Minotaur which is the son of a bull with the female physicality of us, Minos's wife Pasiphae, in the wrong way. When we fornicate, then the Holy Spirit, the bull which is beautiful, creates the son of Minos.

Who is Minos? It is the one that waits for us in the second sphere of Hell with the big Kundabuffer organ. That is the king of Hell, also called Mina. So the Minotaur is the Son of that Minos. The femininity or the wife of Minos, which is the female body. Neptune creates that bull in order for that bull to be sacrificed in his honor. Who is Neptune? Neptune relates to the pineal gland, the Holy Spirit. It creates that bull, but Minos says that this bull is so beautiful that I will not sacrifice it.

And then Minos's wife Pasiphae, his physicality falls in love with that bull and then wants to possess that bull sexually. They say that Daedalus makes a cow of wood and hides the queen inside of that cow in order for that bull to have sex with the queen, and because of that act, the Minotaur is born, which is the ego. Indeed, the ego is born when we make illicit action of our sexual force. And that ego, that Minotaur, which each one of us lives in the center of the labyrinth has 49 different aspects, 49 levels.


 "For Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה thy Elohim אלהים is a consuming fire, even a jealous God (אל El - 1+30= 4 - Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה)." - Deuteronomy 4:24  

Thus, in order to kill the Minotaur that we created because we used the sexual force of the goddess IO, the red heifer in the wrong way, that is, we used the instinctual, elemental power of our female magi, the fifth aspect of our divine Schekinah שכינה, the one who originated our instincts;  now, we have to appeal to the sexual force of Kali, Mother Death, the Greek Hekate, the Egyptian Proserpine, the Aztec Coatlicue (the queen of the infernos and death, terror of love and law), the third aspect of the "הא Hei"  (5+1 = 6, the lovers), in their correct tantric way. Therefore, if we sacrifice that bestial lustful force, the Minotaur, in the right way, then Neptune, Shiva, Binah בינה, in the pineal gland will be happy.

These supernatural powers looked like an apocalyptic hecatomb. It felt as if those forces could make the Earth jump into pieces.

When I wanted to explore, investigate, inquire, about the origin of such sexual powers and forces, I found myself face to face with the elemental female magi, with my Divine Mother Kundalini in her fifth aspect.

Certainly, I had seen her. She was the size of a gnome or pygmy, very small, and very beautiful...

She was dressed with a white tunic and a long black cape that she was dragging on the floor. Her head was covered with a very special magical cornet.

Beside one of the two symbolic columns of occult masonry, the Beloved One had commanded me to a new descent into the “Ninth Sphere” (sex).

Disgracefully, I had believed that it was related with some ordeal, therefore I continued in disobedience. Certainly, I was slow in comprehension and this was stagnating me.

While struggling for some time in mortal fights against a certain very infrahuman psychic aggregate that violently resisted its elimination, I appealed to the lance of Longinus.

I did not have another solution. I appealed to the sexual transcendental electricity. I beseeched my Divine Mother Kundalini during the metaphysical copulation. I eagerly begged her to grasp the lance of Eros.

The result was extraordinary. My sacred Mother, armed with the holy pike, with the divine spear, with the sexual, electric power, could then reduce the horrifying monster, the psychic aggregate which I was in vain trying to dissolve without the chemical coitus, to cosmic dust." - Samael Aun Weor

Audience: What is the meaning of worshiping your inner God?


“Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love (Binah בינה) Iod-Havah יהוה thy Elohim אלהים with all thy heart (Neshamah נשמה, spiritual soul), and with all thy soul (Nephesh Chaiah נפש חיה, Binah בינה, in Yesod יסוד), and with all thy mind (Ruach רוח, the thinking soul). This is the first and great commandment.

And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor (Binah בינה) as thy Self (Iod-Havah יהוה Elohim אלהים). On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” - Matthew 22:36-40

This means that you have to activate the holy forces which relate to three souls (Nephesh נפש, Ruach רוח and Neshamah נשמה) that you have in your body; that is to render a cult. To cultivate, to worship those forces is to work with the three brains: the Father in the head, the Son in your heart and the Holy Spirit in the sex. To cultivate and worship those forces is to put them in activity in order to awaken, and to reach the level of human being, king David. This, in order for the Lord to come and to transform you into a solar human.

On the contrary, the satanic way is the way in which this humanity utilizes these three primary forces, such as in the example of the Minotaur.

Who is the god of the Earth? The god of the Earth is either the Holy Spirit or Satan, the sexual force, that is the god of the earth, of this physicality. Binah בינה controls it. But, if we utilize that force of the Holy Spirit in the Satanic way as the queen, the wife of Minos, then the outcome will be a monster and that is precisely what we have within. This is also sometimes represented as a centaur: four legs of a beast and the other half of a human being, or a human being with a face of a bull and this is what we are, minotaurs.