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Where Can I Get Ebooks or PDFs?

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We have made ebook editions you can get on any device. But honestly, we don't like them much.

As Samael Aun Weor said, we should be reading a sentence or paragraph, then reflecting on it, studying it, meditating on it. We find that reading printed editions is the best way to do this. 

It is scientifically demonstrated that reading printed editions leads to deeper comprehension and an emotional connection with the book. Studies show that readers retain more when they read from print. Of everything we read and study in our daily lives, this is the knowledge we most need to retain; we should study it in the way that is proven to be most effective: by reading print editions.

Plus, printed books are beautiful objects, and bring a nice quality to your altar or shelf. In our experience, we value printed books more. We appreciate them more. We study them more. They have more meaning, and bring more fulfillment into our lives.

They also work when the power is out, or the internet is unavailable.

About PDFs: not only are they hard to read, they cannot be trusted. There have been many cases of people changing ebooks or PDFs to suit their agendas. PDFs are easily manipulated by foolish people, therefore we do not and will not ever distribute PDFs, and only offer ebooks through major app stores. If you insist on using ebooks, be sure to get them from a reliable store. And if your reliance on ebooks and pdfs is because they are cheap or free, consider reading the books for free on our website. This way you avoid unreliable editions of the books.

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